Top 10: Monrovia’s win enough to return atop rankings?

Taking a closer look at how the Top 10 fared in Week 3. New poll released Tuesday.

1. ST. FRANCIS (3-0) — With so much talk and attention focused on Dietrich Riley, opponents are forgetting another stud: Justin Posthuma. He had a huge game over the air and on the ground in leading the Knights offense to a 35-20 win over Burroughs. The only question is, with so much talent on this team is a 35-20 win good enough?

2. MONROVIA (4-0) — Are the Wildcats the No. 1 team in the area? That’s up for debate, but after Monrovia’s 36-17 win over San Dimas, the No. 2 ranked team in the Mid-Valley Division, it’s clear the Wildcats are for real and poised to make a serious run in the playoffs. Really, who can stop Nick Bueno, De’Shawn Ramirez, Derrick Johnson and Justin De La Nuez? They each bring an added element that equates to an explosive offense. It’s a thing of beauty to see how it’s all so well executed. Then you have Josh Lowden and Ellis McCarthy, a 6-foot-5 beast pancaking a poor offensive linemen at a high school near you. Wildcats are a quite the machine, but should they be No. 1?

3. MUIR (0-3) — The bye week couldn’t have come at a better time for the Mustangs. Lets see if they are well rested and ready to defend their Pacific League title. Like I said in the Star Picks thread: Muir is 0-3 heading into Pacific League action, and like many of you it’s hard to gauge where the Mustangs stand against their counterparts. But we’ll get an early indication and depending on how Muir fares Friday night against Burroughs, we’ll know if this truly will be a rebuilding year.

4. ALHAMBRA (2-1) — The Moors prevailed, 21-17, over L.A. Wilson. That’s a respectable showing. Joseph Becerra is lighting it up for the Moors. Opposing defense are so focused on Mitchell Crockom they’re forgetting the Darrian Cazarin-Becerra connection. Lets see if this kick starts the momentum Alhambra needs with one game left in nonleague (South Pas, Fri.) before the Almont League opener at Schurr.

5. SAN MARINO (3-0) — De ja vu? The Titans could go 5-0 heading into the Rio Hondo League opener vs. Monrovia, though San Gabriel (Oct. 9) will have something to say about that. San Marino’s smash-mouth football is providing effective results, and you can bet Benny Hung (355 yards, five TD’s) is thus far having quite the ride.

6. ROSEMEAD (1-2) — OK, so we knew this was going to be a tough year for the Panthers, what with a sub-par performance against Monrovia. But to lose 42 zip? Ouch. Not what you’d expect from the Mid-Valley Division runner-up. Nevertheless, that’s what nonleague is for, to find out what wrinkles need to be ironed. We can agree, however, there are more than just a few wrinkles. Rosemead plains out needs a trip to the dry cleaners. Matt Fregoso was the one bright spot for the Panthers last week.

7. TEMPLE CITY (0-2-1) — Well, what can I say that I haven’t already. Ah, yes. The spread offense has become a thorn in the side of the TC fanbase. If nothing else the spread offense has created a deception the Rams exploited against Arcadia. Fake handoff to Max Ruckle and Justin Smith runs for a 6 yard gain. Then 7, 14, 11 and 35 yards, the last coming in a TD. Ruckle carried the ball 24 times for 158 yards rushing. Smith went 19 for 27 with 178 yards passing. Don’t get blinded by the fact you long for a running game: The Rams are improving, they’re still dangerous, but work is still needed. Goldenarm says La Caada is the only team who has a legitimate shot at knocking off Monrovia. It’s time to look in your back yard, Mr. Mayor. The Monrovia-Temple City game will be a showdown I wouldn’t want to miss.

8. SAN GABRIEL (2-2) — Matadors recorded a solid 28-2 win over Contreras. But lets keep it real: It was Contreras. Nevertheless, this was a much-needed win for a seemingly struggling San Gabriel team. The bye is here. Time to nurse those injuries back to health, give San Marino all it can handle before heading into the Alhambra game with a 2-0 league record.

9. BOSCO TECH (3-0) — Tigers had a bye last week, and with a slated Saturday afternoon game, that means I get a chance to watch them play, then head to the mall to buy a new suit for my b-day party that night.

10. LA SALLE (3-1) — Lancers will more than likely be 3-2 after Friday night, but this will be a quality loss. I know. It’s not PC to write La Salle off with a loss, but that’s the edumacated guess here. Then comes Temple City (Oct. 9) before the Lancers meet Bosco Tech for a shot at the Camino Real League championship. Quite the turnaround, eh?

OTHERS TO CONSIDER: La Caada (1-1); Rio Hondo Prep (4-0); Arcadia (0-2-1); Maranatha (1-2).

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  • Observantcat

    As for now I’ll just take Monrovia being Monrovia. Number 1 doesn’t have the significance it once had on these polls. If you were an honest fan and seen Monrovia play this year, then Yes Monrovia deserves to be number 1.
    Probable reasons why?

    Defense: fewest Point scored on the stingiest defense in the Whole SGV.
    Offense: Most points Scored against their opponents in the Whole SGV.
    Special teams: Most turnovers recovered in the Whole SGV.
    The list could go on.

    I personally cant see ANYONE in this area beating them. Not even in a close game.
    but thats my biased opinion.

    Our closest competitor is St. Francis, whom might gage their Arcadia Blowout as their stance on why they should be number one in the area. I would imagine that other teams that will possibly beat Arcadia this year would have the same claim as well.

    The true emergence of a number one team is a team that continues to play together and accomplish every teams goal and that is to continue winning no matter what.

    As I recall one of the St. Francis fans earlier this year stated that they are so far more superior than the teams in our area that the only team that could remotely give them a problem is John Muir. Well he may be right! Having yet to play them, we may never know! Well who knows maybe next season Bonds may want to check out his #1 fans theory and schedule Muir & Monrovia.

    But Miguel since you have seen most of the top teams play, I would like to know your real assessment of WHO YOU WOULD TAKE AS YOUR #1 TEAM OVERALL? I can live with that.

    Every true and loyal fan will always have their true #1 pick (Their own alma mater) even if they remain anonymous.

  • Goldenarm


    No love for the Mayor lately?
    Oh well, join the bandwagon….but why even question where my gut and heart lie. Venting is one thing – desertion – ain’t never gonna happen! I’m down as TC supporter win lose or DRAW (as in last Friday).

    Right now, today, La Canada is playing better football than we are. Thus, I state the fact. This by no means translates to me losing faith with the kids who play football for the Temple City Rams, or the fact by the time league starts, Coach White and staff will field a team capable of beating La Canada or yes, even Monrovia. When it comes to the Rams, I don’t lose faith….
    At this point I would put us at underdog to either team, based on performance thus far. If by league we shore up our defense, we have a good shot and will hang tough.

  • New York

    I don’t care about Monrovia’s local ranking, but I do love the way this kid is holding the football. This picture is worth a thousand words. It shows that Monrovia is able to do the little things correctly. That’s always important, and should be a given. Combine this with a load of talen and it translates to a special season. Too bad we don’t have any heavyweights on our schedule this season.

  • MOORS!


  • tcchamps


    I hear the Ramrodders are putting on a better spread than the Coaching Staff???

  • curiousgoerge

    I don’t really care for pre-season rankings and I agree
    the Moors should be scoring more points but then again,
    they’ve played some pretty tough teams in my opinion,
    and a “W” is a “W” in my book. It’s more impressive to me to see the boys battle through adversity in the 4th qtr
    and hang tough as a TEAM to make the plays that count.
    I do believe that come league the Moor offence will be clicking on all cylinder’s and the points will not be a problem. Defense is meshing together just at the right time coach Rudy does a great job getting those kids ready.
    As long as we can stay healthy for the most part we will be a good solid football team and will earn us a play-off birth!

  • Goldenarm

    gonna need some clarification from you on that one…
    remember I am still in recovery mode from the THC cloud

  • tcchamps

    I’ve heard the food before and after the game has been good.

  • Rio fan

    What’s going on with the ‘we don’t do overtime’ referees?

  • Nervo

    true that TCchamps, those Ramrodder moms can cook! mmhm bbq chicken anyone?

  • JAB

    RHP should be in the top 10. They do it every year, and get no play.

  • Manic Hispanic

    Yes Miguel, please splain your reasoning for placing RHP in the ‘others’ category and not in the top 10.

    Have you attended one of their games yet? Do you intend on doing so?

  • RHP83

    I agree JAB,
    The KARES are 4-0 and ranked #1 in Northeast Division and have beaten:
    Brentwood (East Valley #4)
    Boron (Northeast #4)
    Mission Prep (Division 5 #5, Central Section)
    also have been the only PSN area team to win a CIF football title in the last 10 years (hope I am wrong on that part).
    And get it done with far less players than any school playing 11 man football.

  • Miguel Melendez

    For the record: This is a thread about how the top 10 fared in last week’s games. The new rankings will run in Wednesday’s paper and on the blog tomorrow afternoon. As you were …

  • RHP Fan

    Not only has Rio Hondo Prep beaten some top teams, they beat two of them on the road (2 1/2 hours away for Boron & 3 hours away for Mission Prep)) and are winning with only about 22 guys on their team. Also about 10 guys play both offense and defense which is unlike most of their opponents. What does it take to get a little respect?? I think that RIO should definitely be in the top 10 of the area teams.

  • Big Football Fanatic

    The Kid in the picture is “Jordan Trujillo” who also happens to play Outfield on Varsity Baseball.

    As a matter of fact the Football Team SNAGGED (5) five

    starting Varsity players from Baseball.

    Nick Bueno – 2nd base

    Justin De La Nuez – Center Field

    Chris Calver – Pitcher

    Adrian Velaso – Catcher

    The way Cats are playing Football they might get a shot at a Championship Ring.

    Baseball Team is looking great also it is not impossible those (5) might get (2) Championship Rings this year.

  • tcchamps

    Big FF

    Way too early for Baseball blasts, Band smack yes, but no RHL Baseball yet. Let’s just pray all get out of football healthy.

  • Goldenarm

    is chris calver matt’s brother?

    what is with m-town and brothers?
    we definitely have our share at TC (including twin bros cory and calvin this year on varsity) but you guys take the cake…

    the o’malley bros at tc (all 3) have done their share

    who are some of the recent brothers at M-town
    Haggard comes to mind…any 3 brother show in the mix?

  • RHP83

    Golden Arm,
    Did you not know that everyone in Monrovia is related (brother, cousin, uncle, nephew).
    I would not be surprised if you were some how related to Observant Cat.
    You both are die hard fans of your schools and you guy have the same writng style.

  • New York


    Monrovia has always been a great family town. In addition to brothers in sports programs we have a tremendous number of cousins.

  • Observantcat

    RHP 83:

    Were are Long time blog brothers, sometimes we get along other times we are arguing our way to a League title.

    Who are you related too?

  • Anonymous

    Question Miguel. TC and Arcadia tied last week, yet TC is ranked 7 and Arcadia is being considered. How do you base your rankings?

  • anonymous

    miguel the matadors got robbed for 3 touchdowns by the refs. the officiating in the city section is horrible
    they should of had 42 points or more cuz they ran the ball most of the second half i never seen so many flags in my life! 4th quarter all starters were done

  • dAViE

    Dont forget Duncan and Kenny Machi
    they’re brothers…

  • Reno Hightower

    Rating the RHL QBs

    Bueno (M-Town), the # 1 gun on the #1 team. Nick is the engine of the Wildcat Nation. Moore (LC), has a hand in 8 TDs in two games. Rocky makes Frave type plays 3-4x per game. Scary. Bodnarski (SP), big, strong, “Polish” Rifle. South Pas: protection please. Forgatch (SM) run game gives the Titans QB play action/single coverage. Smith (TC) one game vs. a sorry Arcadia does not make a QB. He can’t win w/o Max protection. Blair, whoever they throw to the Lions this week. Reno knows the QB position.

  • Goldenarm

    With the exception of one throw in 3 games (pick against AHS)Smith for TC has made excellent decisions, run hard and hit the open man. He is a good QB and getting better.

  • Goldenarm

    San Marino travels to the land of bad attitude and good carne asada
    SM 31
    Cantwell 14

    La Salle plays better than most expect, stays close early but loses as the green monster blows it open.
    M-town 35
    La Salle 14

    Calpreps, Robledo and most others pick the Mead, Melendez keeps the faith and is rewarded as TC defense begins to emerge from hibernation and advanced case of too many rookies.
    Rams 21
    Mead 10

    La Canada dismembers Firebaugh, leaving only smoke and ashes behind.
    LC – 48
    Firebaugh 6

    Muir, PHS and Arcadia open Pac league with victories.

  • Big Football Fanatic

    Golden Arm

    You called it Chris is Matt Calvers brother.

  • New York

    Mid-Valley Division
    1. Monrovia, 2. San Marino, 3. Pomona, 4. San Dimas, 5, Azusa, 6. Paraclete, 7. Arroyo, 8. Baldwin Park, 9. Bassett, 10. Rosemead, Others: Workman, Gladstone, La Puente, Village Christian, Sierra Vista, Temple City.

    Has San Marino finally filled the void left from Maloney’s departure (among other factors)? Only time will tell. Good thing Maloney’s Offensive Coordinator is now Moreland’s Offensive Coordinator…

  • Reno Hightower

    According to my sources, the TC qb’s 1st pass of the game could have been 6 the other way and a sack/strip was ruled in the Ram’s favor. Easy 14 point swing Apache way. Rule #1: protect the Rock!. Rule #2: See Rule #1. I like New York’s keen observation of M-Town ball security and O-Cat’s “Earn Your Play Time” hunger competition. When you know that someone wants your spot, it makes for self motivation. New York: notice the same socks; not the “look @ me socks look.” Unity vs. individuality.

  • burbanksports

    Is it October 9th yet?

  • burbanksports

    With all do respect for your knowledge and class….Burroughs over Muir.

  • Goldenarm


    you could easily be correct.

    Burroughs will need to contain QB Williams, who is a creative and natural athlete and difficult to sack – without opening up the potential for big scramble yards if the D lineman lose pass rush lanes and/or the backers are not playing heads up football.

    I have not had a chance to see Burroughs play. How would you describe their style of football?

  • Philly B.

    The Rankings are pretty much right. But Ima say that bosco tech is undefeated and T.C. couldnt pull out that win against an inferior team in arcadia, yeah they tied up. but I think they should of got that win. So I cant believe im saying this but I would switch Bosco tech and T.C. But thats just for this week. Monrovia like Miguel so elequently put is going to hand it to La Salle. So by the time T.C. gets a piece of the Lancers, they should or they better be able to beat La Salle if they even think that should have a fighting chance against monrovia.

    Muir Should have no problem defendinf their title. But either burbank, burroughs, or both always gives muir a run for their money. And I hope Pasadena isnt getting better by the week, cuz if then the mustangs wont have a cake walk to another pacific league title.

    San Marino once again is looking nice on paper, but if you look closer you’ll see the truth. I think it will be a good battle between them and T.C. for 2nd place in RHL. Sounds cocky for me to say that, but The cats took down a very very good San Dimas team. I dont think anyone in the RHL could pull off with a win. M-town represented for the WSGV well.

    St. Francis better not look over El Rancho. I know that doesnt sound right. but the dons are not the same team that the knights whooped on last year. Their putting up points on the ground. If They get upset by the dons, they should go down at least 2-3 ranks. I doubt they will lose, because they have thier Running Back taking care of business, but any given friday. I know it wont be easy in the 1st half, but they should come on top

  • goteamgo

    My main concern in the Monrovia/La Salle game is that no one gets hurt. From the blog and newspaper stories playing Monrovia appears to be like having a wrestling match with someone holding chainsaws. Monrovia has amazing depth (a varsity roster of over 50); La Salle not so much (varsity roster of 31). The Lancers need to keep everyone healthy for league

    Rumor has it that this is last year Monrovia will play La Salle; Monrovia wants to upgrade their schedule, and move on. The Lancers can take comfort that their record against Monrovia for the prior three seasons is 2-2 (including a playoff win) – not many schools can say that. Maybe La Salle will meet an overconfident Monrovia on Friday, and have some luck go thier way.

  • Philly B.


    Im sorry to say that Monrovia, will not come overconfident for fridays game against Lancers! I hope the rumors you heard about Monrovia not playing La Salle is true. I mean it was an even record, and a couple seasons ago, La Salle had a squad, and monrovia was on a slight drop-off which really isnt alot because. I think we had the talent, but we had poor execution, and La Salle played good sound football. But now that maddox has taken over, the talent has increased, and the execution as a team effort is all there and more. So I think monrovia should be beef up its pre-league schedule, which will only make the cats stronger.

  • The Truth

    Dietrich riley could stop nick bueno…

  • The Truth

    Dietrich riley could stop nick bueno…

  • Goldenarm

    the truth

    For arguments sake, let say you are correct.

    Any plan on containing the remaining 6 or so offensive weapons M-town will now bring to bear?

    You truly believe Maddox is not a step ahead on what defenses will throw at Bueno and M-town?

    The best offensive coach I ever played for was a defensive coach.

  • Philly B.

    Well put and well said.

    The Truth,
    you better be thinking about routing for your team taking down El rancho 1st. Tell you rite now, it wont be a cakewalk for riley and the knights. The Dons are gonna put up a fight, but I wont blog on here and say upset. Im not that convinced, but I am enough to say, that St. Francis better not overlook el rancho. Riley might slow down bueno, Ive actually seen him play, and hes got speed on both sides of the ball. But he wouldnt shut him down, I’ll say that with conviction.
    The question is when riley leaves, who does st. francis have??

  • Football Fan

    When Nick Bueno gets 22 offers like Riley than people can talk. It wouldn’t even be a competition for Riley. Lets be honest. SF will win on friday by 2 touchdowns. SF is no lie and would take down monrovia without a doubt.

  • MHS fan

    How exactly is Riley going to stop Bueno? Is he going to play both DE positions? You’re going to need 2 DE that are as quick as Bueno to even have a chance of stopping him. And if you somewhat slow him down, be prepared for Ramirez, Johnson and De la Nuez. Actually, the CATS wouldn’t mind if Bueno cut down on some of his rushing attempts and utilize some of his weapons more.

  • M-town dad

    Football Fan: Are You really that naive? What does having 22 offers have anything to do with Riley and Bueno? Bueno doesn’t have any yet, because he is a 5’8″ QB, but there are may inquiries for him about possibly playing slot and KR/PR on the next level. If Riley was 5’8″, would he be getting the attention? Don’t think so. By the way, good luck to you guys in league.

  • Observantcat


    When it’s all said and done, I believe that Lowden, Johnson, Ramirez, McCarthy, Bueno, Haggard, will all receive full ride D1 scholarships. Monrovia has always had D1 talent on the team or transfers that have ended up on D1 scholarships. I’m glad that you are a SC fan but it looks very likely that there will be a changing of he guard in the Pac 10 as early as this year! Good luck to Riley, he deserves it, he at least keeps St. Francis in the news. As far as anyone stopping Nick and the Cats offense, You’re dreaming. I would say that Lowden, Johnson, McCarthy would have a much easier time stopping Riley than Riley stopping Bueno!

  • Coach C

    I think 22 offers means that D-1 college coaches think Riley is a better football player than Bueno. And I’m pretty sure they know a thing or two about high school talent.

  • Anne Onimus

    I wouldn’t say they think he’s better, all it means is that Riley is a senior this year and he’s really good, and that Bueno is just a junior who pretty much just came into the scene this year. That’s all it means. Let’s not start pitting these kids against each other. Let’s stick to how the teams as a whole would match up.

  • New York

    Scholarship offers are typically based on a player’s projected upside POTENTIAL a couple years AFTER high school, once the college coaches have trained the raw talent for a couple years and the kid has matured more physically.

    If a player does not pass the eye-ball test and check all of the off-field boxes (height is one of the boxes) then he really does not get recruited. This does not mean that the player is not just as dominant of a high school player as somebody who is heavily recruited. It just means that college coaches make an assessment that in two years one guy will be a more dominant 20-year old than the other guy. This happens all the time. Think about the many league and CIF players of the year who never play major college ball, but the number of 6’5-6’6 offensive guards who may have seemed clumbsy (growing/coordination issues) in high school end up getting scholarships. You can not teach height, which is why it amazes me that more basketball players do not learn how to catch a football and increase their chances of getting a college scholarship.

    The NFL, more than major college teams, seems to be more receptive to guys who can make plays, as proven on the field, but that is only after a guy from a small school gets onto a team as a free agent and proves himself on the field.

  • ex college coach

    Coach C: Sorry, but it doesn’t translate that way. Riley has prototypical size to be a safety in college. Bueno is an under sized QB. that doesn’t mean Riley is better. In fact, I would put Bueno at the slot, over Riley.

  • Observantcat

    Don’t be surprised if Bueno is wearing a Major League Baseball uniform after he graduates. One way or other Nick will make the best of what God given talents he has and truly outshine any of his doubters. As for these other CATS they are all over 6ft.

  • What?

    Coach c, that was an ignorant comment

  • are you serious?

    i just love how people overlook all of st. francis’ other weapons simply because they have a division 1 player in dietrich riley. miguel said it himself, one of the top returning defenders in chris cabrera who had 102 tackles last year, and finished last week with 17 tackles. they have a number of top knotch sophomores and juniors on the team. their offensive line is nothing short of spectacular giving HIGHLY underrated quarterback, justin posthuma more time to throw than he needs. give it time and you’ll start learning about them more.

  • Billy Jacobs

    MHS FAN, your comment about how sf couldnt stop bueno is just foolish. Sf has played Qbs like bueno. Saugus is what comes to mind. Thier former qb, desi rodriguez is much better than bueno and plays way better competition. Remember the teams that MHS is playing compared to sf. its a whole different level of competition

  • Apache Joe

    I’m not really sure what to say other than I don’t see anyone other than Lowden getting a division one offer. Lowden has prototypical size and strength of a linebacker. 6’1 235 pounds with a wide frame. He needs to play lower and with a better point of attack but he can play regardless. I don’t know about Haggard playing defensive end at the Div-1 level but hey, I’m not going to sell him short and give him the shot without shooting him down.

    Colleges recruit based on potential but sometimes schools do recruit players. Bueno has excellent quickness, regardless of what level of competition he is playing but the level of dominance would be different.

    It’s a really hard subject to blog about because of the fact that we DON’T know what is going on with these kids in the recruiting world unless we know them personally. I don’t know if Bueno will get recruited at a high 1-A level but i could definitely seem him AT LEAST playing 1-AA or div. 2.

  • SGV fan

    Desi rodriguez was not better than Bueno. I’ve seen both of them play.

  • What?

    Billy Jacobs,

    What was your point? You guys got spanked by desi. That was a foolish comment.

  • football Fan

    What i want to know is why does everyone hate on sf? Do you guys think they are just spoiled kids that play in the best stadium in the best city in the san gabriel valley?? Put that aside and give them some credit. Monrovia is good, I’m not saying they aren’t.

    And people are talking about how half of these boys don’t go on and play college ball. Yes that is true, but I will tell you the kids from SF that don’t play college ball are a lot better off than the kids from Monrovia. (Concerning College)

  • observantcat

    Apache Joe:

    Let’s break it down to you on Monrovia’s D1 recruitment, the reason that I said that these players will recieve D1 scholarships is because all of them do meet most or all of the requirements that a lot of the D1 schools expect. (Derrick Johnson) 6’0 235 Jr. pure athlete. great mobility, strength, speed can and does line up on both sides of the ball, very aggressive at the Linebacker position and can play Fullback with ease, This Kid is every bit of D1. (Ellis McCarthy) 6’4 250 SO. Very agile and quick to the ball, very little body fat. plays way ahead of his years, very high football IQ naturally gifted athlete. By the time this guy is a senior he will have several letters of intent from D1 schools. (DeShawn Ramirez) 5’10 175 probably the fastest Player on the team. Very good running back skills, can change directions on a dime, always moving forward, low center of gravity although a sophomore he will be sought after by several D1 schools especially if given a CIF crown this year. (Grant Haggard) SR 6’2 230 Extremely confident linebacker, very hard to defend against, his aggressive style makes him more attractive to scouts this kid is very good football savvy and his teammates compliment his style making the Cats an overwhelming favorite to take the RHL and have a great shot at winning the CIF crown. (Nick Bueno) 5’9 170 JR. Very elusive, two sport athlete, Most feel that he has Major league baseball potential and/or D1 football potential at the slotback position or perhaps special teams. Until you see him play he is nothing short of amazing. Very smart, fearless and determined to give his all on every play. These are the quality’s that make these kids subject to D1 Scouts having a field day at the Monrovia games. Their are also a few others who could as well have a very good chance of getting some looks from several college recruits. Dujaun Jones/Craig Brown exceptional SR DB’s both have great hands and great speed and are not afraid to finish plays. I know for a lot of fans looking from the outside in, it is rare that this many players have this kind of potential but if you look back teams like John Muir had these same kind of players in the 80’s and as quiet as it may be kept Duarte has graduated more Pac 10 players than many of the so=call premiere SGV schools in the past 5 years. One of the biggest recruiting methods is to make the playoffs and let your athletic abilities show when it counts.

  • Observantcat

    Football Fan:

    What do you qualify as Best? Yes St. Francis has a nice football field but what does that have to do with the price of tea in La Canada? Monrovia is in the process of developing one of the best sport faccilties in the SGV but i wouldn’t classify them as being better in any other way than to be fortunate of doing that. Speaking of scholars, Monrovia has had it’s share of gifted student athletes who have gone on to become great in whatever endevours that they have chosen. Sure theirs money in La Canada, San Marino, Arcadia Pasadena, and Monrovia, what does that have to do with football? No one hates St. Francis because of some of the kids are privileged, their just kids. Sounds like you feel as though that is more important to discuss than what this blog is really about and thats to give credit to the teams that play the game every friday for their community’s, You never here the kids from San Marino bragging about being spoiled little rich kids they want to be respected as just good athletes. Respect your community and leave the arrogance to the rose queens! It’s not pretty.

  • Billy Jacobs

    What?: what i meant to say is that saugus squad surrounding desi rodriguez was a great team that makes this MHS team look like a pop warner team. ok they have a quick quarter back. So what? the guys surrounding bueno are good in the sorry division they play in but, put them against some real competition and they would get pimp slapped. wow. comparing Monrovia to a santa clarita valley team. shame

  • dayne black

    Observant cat, i think the reason why sf gets so much hate is because they are the smallest school out of any in the 10, yet they are still number 1. sf has about 120-130 kids per class. not too big a crowd to draw great athletes from, yet they succeed in almost all of thier sports. all of these public schools have 2000 plus kids and still cant get good enough athletes to get them in a bigger better division. Now if sf expanded and let in lets say 300 kids per class, then you have yourselves the oaks christian of the sgv.

  • Goldenarm

    Monrovia has a very good football team. Taking odds, I would guess they run the RHL and end their regular schedule undefeated.

    However, a football is not round and history does confirm that top seeds do not always finish on top. It is barely October and I would bet Maddox is busy telling his crew, NOT to get caught up in the hype, or forget the work that must be done first.

    I say again, Monrovia has ALWAYS had the talent and we could name names all day long, of those that both left and stayed. The ace in the hole is the head coach – and the staff he has assembled (including the former SD coach and others). Maddox is a teacher who paints player’s responsibilities in simple understandable terms, making it obvious to the kid what actions define his performance. At the end of the day, little confrontation or major review is needed – the player already knows how he did.
    Maddox is clearly the kind of coach, that builds a kid from the inside, and later is able reap the benefit of the hard work and discipline he made clear was non-negotiable from the get-go.
    In a short period of time he has the Wildcats believing that whatever gets thrown in their path, “our coach will know how to get past it, around it or simply tell us how to smash it and keep moving forward.
    It is these and other “intangibles” that make Monrovia a long term scary monster, not just a team that is getting noticed valley wide in 2009.
    The Cats could stumble and even waver, but with the right guy leading the show, it seems very unlikely they could unravel and suddenly begin to play bad football.

  • What?


    Still not getting your point across. What I’m getting is that Desi played on a team that put up 30+ points against SF.. and then you lose me. Maybe if SF would have beaten Saugus when Desi played QB your comparison would make more sense. And YOU’RE the one comparing Monrovia to a Santa Clarity school.

  • Philly B.

    football fan and Billy Jacobs

    Lets set the record straight. No one is hating on St. Francis at all. The fact is, Monrovia like usual always has depth in all the skilled positions. St. Francis usually has thier one really good running back. As far as comparing Bueno and Riley…..Because Riley has more letters from D1 than Bueno that makes him better???? That makes no sense at all. And because kids from sf that dont play ball after hs are better off than the kids at Monrovia?????? Wow Ive havent heard ignornant blogs in a couple of years…!!! Also, U talk down about Bueno becuz of the competition he’s played this year. thats not his fault. I promise you this, Im pretty sure the level of competition will get better next season. But I saw some of the San Dimas/M-town game. San Dimas has a squad. Some hard hitters on that defense. and their running game is pretty good. Do most people think that st. francis has a bunch of spoiled kids???/ Of course, I do, Im not hating st. francis they always produce a good squad. But this year, I think monrovia could battle with alot of teams in the east(Not CO or Amat) and I think because of Buenos Height he would use that to his advantage if he were to ever play riley. Do we need to pass??? Umm no but Bueno can if it serves him best. And dont forget the rest of the backs that Monrovia has. The Advantage of that, is you never get back that doesnt go hard full speed!!! Your Defense would get tired by the 4th qtr. It would be a great matchup, but I think Monrovia’s depth would take a toll on st. francis. Understand because you whoop on the likes of Arcadia and crsecenta valley, you think you would just take care of everyone in the WSGV???? Wow thats funny. If Pasadena were disciplined and well coached, all that speed could get after you, Muir would beat you with ease I believe. The last two years the only two schools that have any credibility is Notre Dame and Bishop Amat, other than that who have you played worth talkin about when u say St. Francis has WAY better competition???? One Good Program a year isnt cutting it to me. Yeah Monrovia’s schedule isnt much to talk about at all. But I knew that San Dimas was gonna be the big test. The Cats passed that and it should be smooth sailings thru-out league and into the playoffs if we stay number one get homefield advantage. Love to play Rosemead, San Dimas, and Paraclete all in the playoffs!!! St. Francis Fans Fall back and think about who are you gonna recruit after riley leaves….that should be your only concern, not thinking about “Oh monrovia’s not that good, we would beat them”

  • Coach C

    Philly B,

    Talking about an ignorant and pompous blog. You take the cake.

  • ???

    Nick Bueno is 5’9”, How many D1 football players are 5’9” 170?

  • Monrovia???

    Nick Bueno would get destoyed by Dietrich Riley, do not even compare them, By the end of Riley’s sophmore year he already had offers from UCLA and USC, he now has around 20 from the top programs in the nation. How many does 5’9” Bueno have??
    St. Francis would beat Monrovia. They have plenty of great players beside Riley that would overpower Monrovia.

  • Billy Jacobs

    Philly B. I will respect your opinions, but saying that the only creditable teams sf has played in the past 2 years is just a dumb comment. Notre Dame, B. Amat are very good teams. But you are saying that Loyola and Crespi arent creditable teams? WOW. yea ok crespi stommped on sf but thats a whole different level of competition. thats pac 5 ball, thats 1 of the top divisions in the country. Also dont count out the mission league teams either. Umm lets see, Alemany is a very good team now, St. Paul won cif 2 years ago (that year sf lost 7-3 in the last 5 mins of the game btw) and chaminade is always a good team. lets see who else sf has played. Oh yea quartz hill (D3 CIF champs of 2008). sf controlled that game. they lost in the 4th quarter. Oh yea they also played at quartz hill. dont say the pac5 teams sf plays are the only good competiton. the mission league teams are all better than what monrovia plays. even a team like rio mesa would be a tough game for MHS. lets remember now Philly MHS gave let ARCADIA score 13 on them, and MHS couldnt break 30. No disrespect to Arcadia, but come on, if sf played the starters even the 2nd string the whole game against AHS, arcadia wouldnt score 13. from the look of their schedule and scores so far it actually looks like Arcadia is the best team they have played. And about the sf vs Mhs competition, it is evident that SF DOES in fact have WAY better competition than MHS. i have seen both cv and MHS play, and if those 2 teams played each other i would bet my money on CV. So the worst team sf has played is the best team MHS has played. The soft parts of SFs schedule(ahs, cv, burroughs, rio mesa and el rancho), those teams are all better than what monrovia sees all year. SF would beat MHS something like 30-17. And one more thing about how you said ” If Pasadena were disciplined and well coached, all that speed could get after you, Muir would beat you with ease I believe”, if the detroit lions werent so bad they would be good.

  • Coach C

    Billy Jacobs,

    True, true!

  • Billy Jacobs

    Thanks Coach C. Its nice to see someone on this blog with some brains.

  • RHL fan

    You sf fans are so ignorant. Your comments are very telling of your intelligence. I hope you people are just teenagers and just don’t know any better, right?

  • CatsFan

    To St. Francis fans: Why are you guys so obsessed with Bueno? Don’t worry, you don’t have to deal with him this season. Possibly next year though, so good luck!!!

  • Coach C

    Good comeback, please don’t have kids!!!!

  • lawrence

    As a SF alum, I am disappointed to read some of the comments being written about Mr. Bueno. I had the privilege of meeting this fine gentleman about 2 years ago and came away very impressed with his character. I actually tried to get him to consider St. Francis, but he was happy at Monrovia. He would have been a great addition to our school.

  • Philly B.

    Billy jacobs,
    Thanks for repspecting my opinion, and I’ll admit I didnt do as much research on the teams that sf has played. I still say the you shouldnt be comparing Bueno and riley, two different types of athletes simple as that. Arcadia isnt the best team mhs has played. I’ll say San Dimas is the best team the cats have played. Arcadia cant6 match Monrovia’s speed, and they never will. Yeah they put 13pts on the cats, but its the first game give em a break you make it seem as if Sf shuts everybody out and i know they dont.

    Good luck to Sf, dont get surprised by El rancho, thats all I’ll say to that.

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