“You just can’t pay me enough to work overtime”

Joe Conte, the San Gabriel Valley Football Officials Association liaison to the CIF-Southern Section, met Tuesday night with the officiating crew working last week’s Temple City-Arcadia game. I’ll have a much more detailed story in Thursday’s paper, but here’s the gist and some noteworthy quotes.

Conte said he asked each official if they made a comment about overtime pay. The first four officials asked answered “no” and the fifth official (the fellow working the Temple City sidelines) got up and said: Yes, I did say that. The exact quote was “You just can’t pay me enough to work overtime.” That quote was relayed to someone who asked about overtime.

“The officials just made a bad decision,” Conte said. “There was a miscommunication between the schools and officials. The school should have told them (the officials) before the game, halftime, or in the third quarter and it was never asked.

“It was their (the officials’) impression we don’t do overtime. But it was a mistake on the officials part. They should have asked about overtime. They could have said, ‘Hey, it’s 14-14, at halftime. Are we going to have overtime?’ What’s the situation? None of that was done. The officials just made a bad decision. That’s all I can say. They were not informed properly. I don’t know where they got that we don’t do overtimes because there must have been six overtimes this weekend.”

Conte said a board meeting next Tuesday will decide if the officiating crew will be reprimanded even further.

As of now, the five officials will not work any Temple City or Arcadia games the rest of the year and possibly into next year. Conte said the officials association will send a letter of apology to both schools.

“I don’t know what what I can tell you,” Conte said. “It’s going to take us a long time to live through this. I was in disbelief. I could not believed it happened.

“It’ll take years to get over this. This will hang with our unit for years and years and years.”

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  • Big Football Fanatic

    First off let me say up front the Refs blew this one.

    That being said I would like to point out that there was no loss of life! So move on already.

    People make mistakes starting with Adam and Eve right on thru to anyone that voted for George Bush.

    If it matters that much to the Coaches “Flip a coin”

  • Enough already!

    In the end, all parties should have learned from this game and hopefully will be better for it. The refs blew one and they apparently have admitted it. The coaches should have asked or at least inquired when the score was 21-21. This is what happens when you assume, but are they not also to blame? The fact that this was a tie took a lot of the blame away from what really happened between the sidelines. I could go on forever on how this game should never have ended in a tie but I think most people already know. In the end, like always, the kids lose and that’s what sucks.

  • JAB

    I echo the sentiment of the previous two commenters on this post… ENOUGH!

    It was an unfortunate situation and it’s a shame the game ended in a tie. There is nothing to remedy this situation any further.

    Enough complaining about how the “kids lost.” Cry me a river.

    No one lost, it was a tie. Maybe one of the teams should have played better, so their team could have won in regulation. I hate to say it, but sometimes you have to take accountability for your own actions.

  • tcchamps

    Not Not Enough Already.

    Yes, I did say that. The exact quote was “You just can’t pay me enough to work overtime.”

    Ok Lets give the guy some credit for his honesty. He gets to keep his Integrity and I actually like people who tell the truth when asked on the spot.
    Lets see – $75.00 a game, figure 5 hours work, including travel time, hour each way, and being there 55 minutes early to hang at the watering hole with the other Zebras, 5 minutes for the Jessie Owens impression to the car, ($75.00/5=$15.00/hour). Not a great wage, but not a bad wage either.

    The real difference goes right back to the Integrity issue. These Zebras only cared about themselves and not the Ramrodders that feed them. A selfish act is a selfish act. Based on my calculations, they lost their Integrity and should be banned to the Owens Valley. Send them up to Bishop to contemplate overtime.

  • FB Einstein

    I heard Backus and White are going to settle this Friday night…Mid-night…50 yardline

  • Goldenarm

    Last Friday from 10pm until Sunday around noon, I was ready to 12 gauge anything with stripes on it. I advised both my neighbors to stick with solid colored t-shirts for a couple days. I think Linda (big-breasted waitress) may have even sewn a sweater for her cat, who went from a striped tabby to a dark blue whiskered, meowing machine in just minutes. The cat later walked by, looking jumpy and disapointed Linda had not used Kevlar when sewing up the sweater. Apparently Linda thought the camo would’nt work in an urban setting.

    By Monday I was pretty much done- Rosemead was all I was thinking. The neighborhood had returned to Defcon 2, standard level in situations where TC has not yet recorded a victory. The truth is, I am more troubled by the fact we were up 14-0, gagged the lead and played weak in the secondary…those things can carry over.

    Nonetheless, I take my Odd Job hat off to Miquel for his excellent coverage and follow through on the issue and at least on the outside, it seems the refs and the governing body have taken the “blow it” seriously.
    Panthers on Friday.

  • Goldenarm

    South Pas

    The Tigers should get a ground game in a hurry if you have hopes of beating Alhambra. If you throw, throw throw on them, they will sit back and pick, pick, pick on you.
    Crockom is their name threat, but it is Peko and Becarra that are doing all the work, along with Cazzarin, who if given adequate time, will find the right guy and move the team down the field. You need a pass rush and a blanket on Peko, and you MUST TACKLE.

    If you get into a score war, the Moors will come out on top. If you are lucky, Alhambra will be dreaming of league play and you can grab a lead, get some first downs and keep their defense on the field. Otherwise, it could be a rough night on 6th street, if so hit the Belly Buster for a sandwich, Lee’s Liquor for a shot of Jack, or ol’ reliable – the Hat for a dbl dip Pastrami.

  • BigFatFan

    Goldenarm: thanks for the tips on the eateries near Moor Field. It may be a long night indeed if we can not shut down the passing game, and if we can not tackle. I heard that Becerra was actually working out with SP in spring ball, then jumped to Alhambra this summer. He would have been our best WR if he had stayed at SP. Oh well, no crying over spilled milk.

  • BigFatFan

    CIF should flat out fire the ref that admitted to making the comment about “can’t pay me enough to ref overtime”. why put up with that kind of attitude? granted these guys are making a few bucks to ref the games, but come on now fellas, have some pride in what you are doing. No one is forcing you to be a CIF ref, and if you dont enjoy refing, don’t do it. afterall, the refs and coaches are parents are out there to support the kids. plain and simple.

  • Willie Ellison

    Big Football Fanatic- Yeah Adam and Eve right on through anyone that voted for Obama you mean. As soon as Obama was elected all the terrorists starting licking thier chops!

  • Goldenarm

    Oh no…I smell the dreaded political football about to be tossed
    somebody intercept!!

  • troubled

    The Two Rules of Life. Rule#1- Life is not fair. Rule#2-See Rule #1. Get over it and move on…

  • T

    Its something small but important in this giant mess. Ive been told by reliable sources, that Temple City’s sideline was very difficult to work for the linesman and that TC repeatedly violated sideline guidelines. The official working that sideline according to sources, agonized over whether he should or should not throw a flag on them late in the game (sideline violation flag is best thrown in the first half). He should of thrown the flag and got the sideline problem taken care of. He’s trying to be a “good guy” and not interfere with this type of penalty in a hotly contested game and instead it came out in a poorly timed, off the cuff comment.


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