Football: Muir, Rosemead bow out of Top 10 rankings

Bold move? Perhaps. But after unimpressive performances last week Muir (0-4) and Rosemead (1-3) had to go. It was only a matter of time until the “We play a tough schedule” excuse ran out of gas. At some point the “We were in the Mid-Valley Division finals” reason lost its rationalization. Sorry, Matt Koffler. It used to be that those excuses had substance, but after Muir lost 9-6 to Burroughs last week and Rosemead dropped only 13 points against Temple City, it’s becoming clear these teams are in rebuilding stages. It’s hard to admit, especially since both schools are known as football powers, not just in the San Gabriel Valley but in their respective divisions as well. Aside from Monrovia and St. Francis, I can think of four other teams that can push Muir and Rosemead to the limit, and probably win, too — La Caada, San Marino, Temple City and Alhambra. Sure, it’s subjective to say any of those four teams can hang with Muir and Rosemead, but looking at each team’s personnel and comparing it with that of Muir and Rosemead you can see why the Mustangs and Panthers would struggle. An uninspiring 9-6 loss to Burroughs? How do you give up nine points in the last two minutes?!? There seemingly was little improvement by Rosemead from the time they lost to Monrovia, then Harvard-Westlake and now Temple City. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a reflection of the coaching staff. Koffler and Ken Howard have impressive credentials. But it’s now fair to say both teams — once considered long-standing powers — are in rebuilding mode. So, with Muir and Rosemead out of the top 10, which teams deserve to fill the spots? Speak now or forever hold your peace.

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  • ?

    Ah man, does this mean no more Stangfan?

  • the Sleeper

    even if this is a bad year for muir and rosemead they still have more natural athletes than any other team. With that being said there are two teams that deserve the spot over the other two. San Marino is winning but against weak teams unless they beef up their schedule they don’t warrant a spot in the top ten. Alhambra has yet to play to their full potential when they do it could be scary they have a right to a spot. Temple City had a good win last week but it took them the first couple of weeks to get the gears moving we will have to wait and see what happens in the following weeks. La Canada is the last team the should be entitled to a position on that list they have been playing phenomenal football. Rocky is a solid quarterback with receivers that can make plays happen after the catch.

    My vote LC and Alhambra (wish they could have played that first week)

  • curiousgoerge


    AHS and TC are already on the top 10 list.
    I do agree that LC belongs on the list and we were
    very disappointed not to play you guys due to the fires.
    It would have been a great game. I do believe that MUIR will always have the most athletes but I would not put the MEAD in that category with the most natural athletes year in and year out.
    Good luck to you guys LC keep playing good football!

  • Philly B

    You cant get rid of Stangfan, I know hes not going nowhere. I think T.C. deserves a spot in the top ten, their starting to roll on all cylinders. I dont know what Alhambra or LC is doing. Ive heard about LC’s QB, is he for real, or does he have potential???

    I could only vote in T.C. right now.

  • new guy

    Muir will be ok soon. The will lose 1 league game and do ok in the playoffs. Then miguel yull be a stang fan again. Rosemead is goin 2 pull it 2gether also.

  • Philly B.

    I hope ur right new guy. Id love for the cats to beat rosemead at full strength, with Diaz 100% healthy


    The Mead just needs to get healthy meaning Joey Diaz #2 & Luis Diaz #84 both playing at or near 100% and I think they will be aight.

    !!!FEAR THE MEAD!!!

  • Philly B.

    I hope thats all you need.,… for rosemead to get to the playoffs and compete

  • Hot Rod

    Congrats to Mark Keppel finally winning a game, of course its against the likes of Mountain View who is bad too. It has to be the biggest win since they won a CIF Football championship against Pasadena High back in the old days. They play an 0-4 team friday against South Pas, so they might get a good streak going.

  • random fact

    the division 3 (western division) poll rankings were released yesterday and st. francis is now number 1!

  • The Donk

    Hey Goldenarm you reading up on this blog???…Got a suggestion for you this Friday night…

  • sfhs92

    SF #1 in the western that wont last for to much longer. As I predicted earlier SF would start off 5-0. They have playeed a soft schedule so far. Im interested to see how they fair against Loyola and ND and after that league play. I wouldnt be surprised if they went 2-3 or 3-2 in the the last five. Ill be extremely happy though if they knock off either Notre Dame or Loyola. It’s time for our boys in the brown and gold to finally beat one of these top teams. Im tired of keeping games close and moral victories. Lets go out and notch a W.

  • Goldenarm


    Lay it on me man. Hopefully it is not the usual suggestion I take a long walk on a short pier.

  • Desert Rat

    I think the now mighty Bulldogs are going to take it to Muir.

    Btw, what it up with their 0-4 start? Do they lack depth, a go-to star athlete…what is it?

  • Hal Lamaster

    I know the Pasadena faithful are barking up a storm with Muir starting off the season 0-4, but with a narrow 21-13 win over Hoover, I’d still favor Muir over Pasadena in the Tussle at this point.


    Beware of PHS BullDog.
    Defense has allow just 13 point per game.
    That Defense will give them a chance every game this year!!!
    Hoover is a better team this year then last year!!!
    Look-out Burroughs,Burbank,Glendale,CV,AHS,Muir!!!
    This Year the BELL come back HOME!!!
    GO DOG!!! WIN,WIN!!

  • RHP83

    If the Kares win this weekend, they will be 5-0.
    That should at least earn them a 9 or 10 spot in the rankings. And they did it while playing some far away road games.

  • goteamgo


    In today’s paper the Kares are ranked #10. From today’s Star News (Miguel – is there aa reason you are not posting the top 10 in the blog?):

    1. Monrovia
    2. St. Francis
    3. San Marino
    4. Alhambra
    5. Temple City
    6. San Gabriel
    7. La Canada
    8. Bosco Tech
    9. La Salle
    10. Rio Hondo Prep

  • !stang!

    Hey bloggers and Mm, I know it looks real ugly for tmy stangs.But can someone refresh my memory about what happen last year.Diamond ranch lost 7 games and still ended going all the way to thechampionship.I went the last game a see the promise of the stang going on a deep run. Last week the dfense was a beast they give up last ten 100 yards up until burroughs final drive. The offense struggled but not because burroughs defense , it was because of droppedballs and minor mistaks. The qb and wr didn’t connect on 3 td passes. I seen a compely different team this compared to other weeks. The boys over on 1905 will get it together ths week. I think it is time for muir to be in the shallows and out of the media. Muir is still a top team in the area. I talked to a couple players and they have a chip on there shoulder and they are going to take it out on burroughs cousin Burbank this week. Stang Nation is back !

  • Philly B.

    Whoa whoa whoa, We got the nod above St. Francis???!!! Oh I cant wait to read all the SF faithful blogs about that one LOL. Just cuz Im gonna go see it for myself.

  • Goldenarm

    I don’t think any Pac Leaguers or most anyone else for that matter, would be sitting San Marino undefeated right now, had they the first 3 games Muir played. DR, OC and Venice. Against Venice, the Stangs looked real flat, almost disinterested. If Howard plans on scheduling powerhouse competition – he best explain he wants to see top effort from each and every player…every single Friday night.
    Against Venice he did not get it. From some he did, others, particularly on that highly rated line, were not lite up at 100%. Against that level of competition….they are not going to ease up on you, in fact will make you hurt worse for lack of effort.

    I say again, the sideline was bumper to bumper with Stangs in street clothes, some looked to be dickin around, others injured. With a short crew anyway, these kids have got to find a mouthpiece and go run into somebody real soon. If there is a rally left on Lincoln Ave -somebody best crank it up. I don’t see the Stangs getting ground up and spit this year…but it seems all the predators are at the last waterhole…and they all remember who kicked their ass last time.

  • Goldenarm

    La Salle,

    if you guys swing out big #70 for that funky-ass double pass you TD’d on us last year, I swear GA is coming out of from his hiding place behind the goal posts and picking it off myself.
    You will know it is me, because it will look exactly
    like an old 4 Horseman photo, with the straightarm out and the exaggerated knee lift…I will get at least 6 steps upfield before full blown cardiac arrest sets in, hopefully then my last act on earth will be a lateral to Max.
    We have only 4 home games this season, so the Lancers are most welcome at North Field. I truly hope it IS NOT the ambulance figure 8 it was last time you guys were at TC, may both teams leave in good health.
    Go Rams!

    I am bringing my harp just in case Muddy Waters shows, after we can swing up to the Arcadia Blues Club and do a little “I’m a Man”….No B!

  • The Donk


    Well, I know you have a very respected opinion on the blogs…So, I was wondering if you could do me a favor and take a good look at #1 Mike Alexander…I want your true evalutation on him…I really like this kids style of play. Not related as I am sure many people think, but I am very close to his Family. While you are at it take a look at #70 Andrew Pankow. Both kids are getting some good looks from colleges from what I hear. I really look forward to your unbiased opinion, because as you can imagine, I am very biased. Take care and I will see you at the game. Ohhh and go take a long walk off a short pier. hahahah

  • Observantcat


    Just some scouting notes from the Monrovia/LaSalle game. The QB from La Salle has a very good arm and can be very accurate if left in the pocket too long. He seemed to get a little soft as the game went on. Too many hits caused him to start to see double. #1 should have started because he seemed to have the momentum running his way later in the game, I dont know if thats because Maddox called off the Dogs or what but this kid seemed to have a lot of heart even with the score at the beginning of the third quarter being 41-7. Kishon Sanders didn’t seem to be a real threat at receiver. La Salle’s Defense needs a lot of work especially at the D end positions. They may even come out with the reverse on the kick off against you guys. If they get their passing game on track it could be a good match-up but I think TC is too strong up front on the offense for them to control the game with their offensive strategies. They are a very pass happy team. that wont fly with the RHL teams. Good Luck.

  • King

    TC v La Salle should be another classic matchup. GA I hope it isn’t anything like the game a few years back, two very ugly injuries. I was standing on the sideline for both of those and they were not pretty by any means. I’ll be interested to see your take on the players mentioned by the Donk.

    Donk – what schools are looking at Mike and Pancake?

  • Anonymous


    Weird you ask, because I put together a stat package last night and reviewed some things. It should be no problem eyeballing Alexander, because obviously Novell has him as target #1. Kishon looks to be a threat as well, but it is Alexander who finds the endzone more frequently.
    O-cat is correct judging by stats, La Salle looks to have tried to push a run game, but has come to rely on air travel for it’s success. Nonetheless, TC should look to stop run first, then get super aggressive on pass plays and not allow time for pocket comfort.

    At 6’3 270 Pankow should be a load for our banged up line to handle. Does he normally go head up on the tackle or play nose? Our O-line is all under 6ft this year and we have been outsized every game, since the El Monte scrimmage. I have not seen this group get the “push” we had last year, where our opponents were drove backward or stood up. We are not “neutralizing” defenders and knocking them off balance and out of their comfort zone. We have some work yet to do, and the coahes know it.
    Tonight is a big game for the Rams. Last year it was the game where R U C K L E first became a familiar name
    on the varsity level. A night our line found some pride and dominated the La Salle line, which respectfully said, was shorthanded due to a rash of injuries.
    Good luck Friday.

  • Goldenarm

    sorry, that was GA

  • MVF

    Desert Rat,
    Word on the street is that tough pre-season has taken its toll.Paraclete has lost several starters to injury. I was at ST. Paul game and #51 look like he had a cast on his hand, and several other players in street clothes.You might still take your league but I don’t think Paraclete will able to compete with the Mid-Valley this year. What is your take?

  • Philly B

    After Looking at monrovia’s remaining schedule. the schools that will give the cats their all, are all on the road. @la canada, @T.C. and even though the cats go to SM. I’ve never known monrovia struggling against the titans. We’re just too fast every year!!! But I just hope monrovia will travel well on the road. Because I think they’ll need it, in order to win league out-right and get home field for the playoffs. As far as whose team is better in a weak league and division Im not worried but the home-field advantge and the fact that monrovia is ranked No.1 in the division and in the area, puts a big ol’ target on the cats back. Again talent wise, their shouldnt be a problem, but I hope the fans come through on those big road games

  • Desert Rat


    Sorry I missed this post. Yeah we’re a lil banged up. We will see come playoff time. We got six weeks to fine tune our club. Definitely a different team but weapons galore.

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