Is this the year PHS wins the Turkey Tussle? Hmmm …

Muir has won 10 of the last 13 Turkey Tussles, but is this the year PHS breaks that dreaded 10-game losing streak and brings home The Bell? It may be too early to tell. Spoke with Muir coach Ken Howard yesterday and he said the Mustangs are still a top 10 team despite an 0-4 start. I beg to differ, at lest for now. But lets get one thing straight here: Just because the Bulldogs beat a tough Long Beach Jordan and scored a sound win vs. Hoover doesn’t mean PHS is a top 10 team. Far from it. This isn’t to say the Bulldogs can’t be good. Hell, I saw an awesome defense play strong against Saugus before penalties and turnovers doomed PHS. Nevertheless, they are mistakes that can be overcome by good coaching, and we all know the ‘Dogs finally got a no-nonsense guy in Mike McFarland. So will PHS finally break that streak? If nothing else, this is as close as the Bulldogs will get in the last decade.

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  • I think that it will be a huge victory for PHS..and Muir…provided that alumni’s of both, from all years, attend and make it the biggest ticket selling crowd in Turkey Tussle history – a throw back to the glory days i.e. 1977-79 when there was standing room only.

    Laurence Todd

  • Anonymous

    Last year Muir’s Defense only gave up a total of 110 points for the 08-09 season a total of 11 GAMES. This year it has only been 4 games and Muir has giving up 144 points so far. So I think the problems is mostly with the offense but the defense is not playing well also they still have 6 games to go during the season.Maybe its not only the coaches but the players. The seniors from last year held this team with a lot of leadership and that is one thing they lack this year. You have no leadership with these kids and the coaching staff. If you look at PHS they have a new coach and staff that are providing a lot of leadership for there players. So yes I think the BULLDOGS will win the TUSSLE this year.

  • Goldenarm

    McFarland is another among the “new direction” newbies who promise to make SGV football and the kids who play it, a notch better.

    Not all new hires from the new direction epidemic are experiencing the same success, or in fact, any success.

    Hernandez from So El Monte comes to mind. He interviewed for the Ram job.

  • JAB

    An 8-point win over perennially terrible Hoover is not a”sound win.” Pasadena beat them 51-6 last year and Hoover has gone 2-32 since 2006. That reflects poorly on Pasadena, or at best, means nothing at all.

  • Hal Lamaster

    Standing room only at the Turkey Tussle 77-79, not likely. The Rose Bowl held 100,000 back then, they may have had 15 or 20,000 tops.

  • The Stang Fan

    A few notes….

    (a) Muir has won 12 of the last 13 games (tied in ’98)

    (b) the 10-year streak is only “dreaded” to PHS

    (c) Muir is DEFINITELY a Top-10 team in the WSGV….and always will be (in terms of talent and difficulty of schedule, not their 0-4 record)

    (d) A win vs. Hoover is NOT “sound”

    (e) PHS is DEFINITELY a WSGV Top-10…EASILY…and yes, because one of their W’s was AT LBJ

    (f) The game in ’07 was 13-9, with PHS driving in for the win before a failed 4th down conversion with less than 1:30 to go. Idk about you…but that’s DAMN close….AND it occurred in the last decade.

    (g) This topic comes up EVERY year about this time (except last year) and come November the Stangs bring it to an abrupt halt. Time will tell.

  • Hot Rod

    Yes- PHS have a good new coach/staff and there is a sense of pride and optimism not felt since the 70’s & 80’s.

    Yes- The new home field has helped lots too in re-building a football sense of community.
    There’s still 5 weeks til the tussle and the trash talk has started (Why? cause both teams aren’t so good this year).
    PHS should be more concerned about friday’s game at “The Mall” – a team PHS hasn’t beat since the 90’s. Lets instead try to end streaks we have in front of us.

  • Goldenarm



  • BB

    Thank you miguel for finally making this blog it allows me to restate everything i have been saying since week 0
    A.PHS will win this years Tussel
    B.Muir Talent level in players has went down trust i been to there games
    C.proves to everyone that the reason muir was good last year were because of the players not the Coaches
    D.No number#2,#3,#4,#7,#21,#55, BINGO and of course no #24

    Prediction Muir 6 PHS 28

  • Hal Lamaster

    Pasadena High fans are excited by their team’s 21-13 win over Hoover. I know a win is a win, but seriously, it was only Hoover.

  • Bob Anon

    It is nice to see Pasadena get an on-campus stadium.
    They also seemed to have improved since last year.

    However, Muir will be in rhythm by the end of the year.
    (Good for the Burbank schools that they play Muir now…)

    I have no team in the Turkey Tussle but I’d expect Muir to win like always.
    PHS, please try to prove me wrong.
    I would like to see Muir and PHS retain the talent in the city.

  • MoneyTalks

    Hal Lamaster,

    Hoover is no longer the doormat of the pacific. They are going to put up at fight until the end. That’s the way they are coached to play. They gave a good pasadena team a surprise.

  • MoneyTalk

    Hal Lamaster,

    Hoover is no longer the doormat of the pacific. They are going to put up at fight until the end. That’s the way they are coached to play. They gave a good pasadena team a surprise.

  • JAB


    Hoover not a doormat anymore? Looked like one in a 40-7 loss to San Marino… Hoover has been terrible for as long as I can remember and will continue to be for a long time…

  • doggalum

    The graduating class of 1980, plan on making this years game one to remember..

  • L dudek

    Class of 86 alumni here. The game is still at the bowl right?

  • Art Bell KFI

    New direction this, new direction that.

    Its gettin to dat time the Tussle went in a new direction….towards PHS.

    All winds are pointing to’wds it…

  • Senia Jasper

    Well don’t know about the alumni from Muir but we the alumni from PHS especially the Class of 1980 are planning on showing up in large numbers and we are actively recruiting the other classes to show up and show out at the game on 11-13-09. I definitely believe that this is the year of the BULLDOGS in the tussle.
    So to all of the PHS alumni come on to the game and let’s make it a game to remember both on the field and in the stands.

  • Time is ticking. Let’s go Muir and PHS alumni. Get out your red/white or blue/gold and let’s support our teams. PHS aluumni of 1985…..especially you, Cleo Bates Sr., I better see you there.

    Laurence Todd (PHS – Class 1985)

  • one more note…..isn’t it time that the Turkey Tussle had a Hall of Fame. It would be a great half time or before the game event…Anthony Miller, Chad Brown, Chris McCalister, Marcus Robeson, Michael Sanford, Ricky Ervins, Darick Holmes….are just a few of the many names that come to mind.

    Laurence Todd

  • ….Vaughn Simmons, Stacey Harvey..Richard Williams..all of the Kitchen Family, Bo me out..

    Laurence Todd

  • itzell gutierrez

    this year im a senior at PHS and i KNOW we’re bringing back the bell!
    whooo i can just feel it and im sure past PHS alumni are too.
    so to muir BRING IT ON!

  • stangstudent

    this is nothing… PHS might think they have their stufff together but MUIR is and always be the proper owners of the VICTORY BELL and yes PHS can go sobb about it…. we dont plan on changing it… and even after i gaduate my kids will be around 2 stomp on those ugly A** BULLFROGS!!!!!! GO JOHN MUIR HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


    MUIR 20
    PHS 7

  • pasadena bulldog

    Hey we might win his time. I am not a football player. This is going to be my first turkey tussle game. I’ve been considered lucky based on the fact that I have been receiving lump sums of money by an accident/glitch.


    ohhhhh sucks for those who go for PHS!




    ohhhhh sucks for those who go for PHS!



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  • Leslie Keitt

    It’s decision time Dawgs of 2010. It’s time to start your own 10 year winning streak….it starts November 12th. So… what you gonna do about it HS???? Show them who you are!!!

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