Football: What to do with San Gabriel in the Top 10?

Monrovia, St. Francis and San Marino are not likely to move from their current standing, and even though the Titans barely got past San Gabriel last week, a win is a win, right? Nevertheless, places 4-10 are still up in the air. It’s unlikely a new team will jump into the top 10. No, not Muir. Not Rosemead. Not Pasadena. Who else is really out there? Exactly. This means Alhambra, Temple City, San Gabriel, La Canada, Bosco Tech, La Salle and Rio Hondo Prep will remain in the top 10. The question is, where? Should San Gabriel drop a few spots? Should the stay at No. 6? If not for that fumble the Matadors probably win. They definitely shouldn’t move up, right? I’m putting together the top 10 right now, so have your input. I turn in my rankings at 5 p.m. today.

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  • burbanksports

    2 Burbank photos in one season on the blog. Way to go kid.

  • Miguel Melendez

    Anytime Burbanksports. I was thinking of starting a Pacific League thread that can include Burbank, Burroughs, Glendale and CV in our blog coverage. Spread the word and let me know what you think.

  • Sam32


    What do you mean SG should have won so they should move up? I think SM should move up if anything. They fought to the end and never gave up. SG should be moved down because they couldn’t finish. A win is a win and loss is a loss. Rank the teams based on the outcome of the game not by what should have or could have happened.

    1. ST. FRANCIS
    5. ARROYO
    9. LA CANADA

  • Sam32


    My bad I misread your write up. Your right SG definitely shouldn’t move up.

  • burbanksports

    Might not be the best year to focus on the Pacific, but your coverage and everything you do for the High Schools is far superior to what the Leader and Daily News fishwraps do or don’t do.
    Now if we could get Monrovia and Temple City into the Pacific and put Glendale and Hoover into the RHL that would create a dominant blog thread.

  • RHL Fan

    Miguel, idk what you are talking about, but San Gabriel was on the 50 yardline with 50 seconds left so in no way shape or form were they “probably going to win”. Give credit to SM for the 2-minute drive, but give them your prayers cause this week they are gonna get destroyed by them cats. I’ve got M-Town by 28

  • Illesy

    Maranatha should be ranked if they handle business friday and get the”upset” aganist Brentwood

  • Anonymous


    Brentwood is picked to beat Maranatha? RIO HONDO PREP beat Brentwood and deserves to stay ahead of you, especially if you all lose!

    Come on Miguel, when are you going to check out a RIO game?

  • RHL Fan

    Hey Miguel – As a RHL fan I enjoy seeing how all these teams compete. I happen to go to the San Marino vs. San Gabriel game and the San Marino team took care of business. They delivered in the clutch and SG didn’t. San Marino held San Gabriel scoreless in the first half and SG didn’t even get past SM’s 30 yard line until the third quarter. San Gabriel had the ball and a six point lead with 5 minutes to play. Get a first down and game over, but SM’s defense held and forced SG to punt three and out with 3 minutes left. SM then drove 50+ yards to score. SM then forced a SG fumble on a hit. Sure seemed to one spectator that SM beat SG, although it is being reported that SG fumbled away the game. And that was reported to be a SG team that was back to full health. No one is saying SM is going to beat Monrovia, but SM deserves some credit. And come next Monday don’t crucify the San Marino team just because they got beat by this especially talented Monrovia team.

  • Goldenarm

    SM fan, you want credit, you want to hear praise, well….my first suggestion is DON’T GIVE UP BEFORE IT STARTS! From your post:

    “And come next Monday don’t crucify the San Marino team just because they got beat by this especially talented Monrovia team.”

    Dude…without believing, hope is nil. The Titans better at least believe they have a shot to beat Monrovia. You might leave the field with a loss – but don’t walk on the field as a loser. As far as credit, have you checked the Mid Valley CIF rankings? San Marino was ranked above Paraclete! That should constitute “credit” deserved or not.

    You have a great coaching staff who will get the best from their kids. I really hope Benny Hung is 100%, he has been a stud since freshman year and the Titans need him. Kwame Do out of the backfield might work, but I would suggest he button up his chin strap, because he does not have the TC line out in front of him…Max will tell you, it does make a difference!

  • New York

    Monrovia would be foolish to overlook San Marino or any other opponent. I beleive our highly talented 1997 team relied on a broken play for an Akil Harris scoring run to beat them during some sloppy conditions…was Mooney SM’s head coach that year?

    SM clearly plays with heart. San Gabriel is not a giant, but they typically field a competive team. Plus, there is always a strange vibe over at San Marino’s field.

    When Monrovia plays focused, we will crush these guys.

    Also, if Monrovia destroys San Marino that will not prove that San Marino is overrated. Monrovia would shred most teams in the WSGV top 10.

  • RHL Fan

    To be clear – I am not a fan of San Marino or any other team although I have to admit I am rooting for South Pasadena to turn things around and surprise someone – besides Blair. So I am not writing off “my team” however unlikely it may be they win this week.

  • Philly B,.

    New york
    You dont have to always be politcally correct all the team. Be blunt…try it. SM is overrated. San Dimas would beat them with ease.

    how are not gonna give phs just a lil props for being 2-0 in their league, i mean i dont know the last time they beat arcadia??? plus other than m-town and st. francis, can you tell me a team that could go to long beach jordan…..and win???? dont worry ill wait…you cant. So no one is askin you to write an article on a 2-0 league start. and no one is asking you to put them in the top 5. but you could of put them up over rio hondo prep!!! “COME ON MAN!!!”

    Sam 32
    you didnt get the memo
    but monrovia is ranked over SF, get it right.

  • Anonymous

    who is kwame Do?? Is the Will Do’s brother?? Any relations??? Why did he leave T.C.??

    RHL fan
    Im glad you know the minimum victory margin that monrovia is goin to do against SM, AT THEIR HOUSE!!!

    lETS talk bout something else, I think everyone is on one accord bout SM appointment with a wildcat whoppin as usual.

    Lets talk about PHS not in the top 10???
    Still dont believe that one. I mean they should be placed at the No.10 Spot at least

  • Anonymous

    Mike Mooney who was the Coach at TC a while back, also coached his older brother RECRUITED his younger brother to play for San Marino. He lives across the street from TCHS.

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