This year, it’s Monrovia, St. Francis and then the rest?

It used to be that every year (at least since I’ve been here, which is what, all of 14 months) people were lamenting there wasn’t a Muir-St. Francis showdown. Everybody wanted it and I called on it too in a column early last season. To think of Muir-St. Francis would have played this season. Holy cow! St. Francis probably would have run away with a win. Sure, the game itself would have appeased the masses, but what’s the point? All anyone talks about now is who can beat who if Monrovia and St. Francis squared off. My money would be on Monrovia, but that’s just me. St. Francis coach Jim Bonds said Monday after practice that quarterback Justin Posthuma is one of the best in the Valley. You can make the argument, sure. Posthuma had an off night last week against El Rancho, but otherwise has posted impressive numbers, on the ground and over the air. Is he better than Nick Bueno? No way. Bueno’s much too fast on the ground. I’m sure Dietrich Riley and Christopher Cabrera would like a piece of Bueno charging up the field. There’s no argument: a Monrovia-St. Francis matchup is coveted given both teams are the top-ranked team in the Mid-Valley and Western Division, respectively. When putting together the top 10 every week there’s no argument Monrovia and St. Francis belong in the top two spots. Where exactly is an argument both teams can make. Still, it’s becoming more clear every week that this season it’s all about Monrovia and St. Francis, and then the rest follow. Weak football season in the WSGV? Not so, but it’s not all that far off. Temple City is 2-2-1 but you can’t forget they advanced all the way to the semifinals of last year’s playoffs with pretty much the same team. Rosemead and Muir have fallen off the face of the Earth, their absence perhaps weakening the top 10 rankings. There’s yet to be a dominant week by the top 10 corp, and if there’s a week to get it done it has to be this week to proof this season is not a down year for high school football in the West. Otherwise, the sentiment resonates:


St. Francis.

Then the rest.

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  • Gunny

    Sure it would be a great match up between Monrovia and St.Francis but don’t compare QBs. Bueno has speed but like bonds said Postuma is the best in the valley right now, he runs well and has a good arm. Postuma is listed at 6’2 he’s more like 6’0 he’ll play a the next level probablly not D1 but he’ll play. Bueno has no shot at the next level being 5’9. Bonds is in a great position with his QBs’ he has the transfer from Loyola that is a junior and probablly has the best arm in the valley. He has shown he can easily run the offense if Postuma struggles or goes down. Not sure what monrovia has to back a Bueno. I’d like to see both St. Francis and Monrovia play tougher preseason schedules to see how they really match up agaist quality teams. Monrovia should steamroll through the RHL, St. Francis now gets to play with the big boys the rest of the season.

  • Dan

    What is it with people under-estimating Bueno because of his height? He is probably the best all around athlete in the valley. I have seen him play both football and baseball for many years now, and he continous to amaze me every year. If you haven’t seen him play, think of Jacquizz Rogers who can throw. He may not make it on the next level as a QB, but he could make it as a RB or slot, without a doubt. Also, at 5’8, he can dunk. How’s that for explosiveness?

  • MHS fan

    Bueno will play on the next level. Probably at runningback, slot and/or corner. He is that talented. He is only playing QB, because that gives M-town the best chance to win.

  • New York

    I would have to say that’s pretty darn explosive.

  • M-town dad

    Monrovia has adequate back up for Bueno. However, they probably won’t be asked to throw much with the kind of horses they have at RB. They have speedsters Ramirez (4.3), Bouligny (4.3) and DelaNuez (4.5) and then they have power backs in Blanco (210 lbs), Caldera (220 lbs) and Johnson (235 lbs). Then throw in one of the best O-lines in the valley.

  • Gunny

    I guess I wasn’t clear Bueno won’t play QB at the next level bottom line he’s to small for that position in college. I agree he’s a great athelte and he runs the offense with great command, no doubt he is a very good high school QB. I hope he plays at the next level where ever that is. I agree with you it will be as a running back or slot.

  • King

    M-Town dad – those are some gaudy 40 times for the running backs. Are those actual times or times that have been estimated in game film? With those types of numbers those kids should be getting some serious looks. I think bueno has the speed and athletic ability at the next level, maybe not FBS but FCS and Div. II for sure.

  • Philly B,.

    I dont like that people are doubting bueno either. Got the dumb SF fans saying because Riley’s got D1 letters that hes better than Bueno. I also agree, he could be a slot receiver or a return specialist. Cuz the boy got speed for sure. No matter what his height is. But as far as you saying her can dunk???????? Im gonna say thats gotta be a lil far fetched at 5’8….but on the field, that young man is a true athlete

    I think monrovia should beef up their preseason schedule as well. You think we like braggin bout whoppin on La Salle and Duarte???? Well we dont!!!

  • Goldenarm

    I saw Cierre Woods run a 4.35 40 at a Nike combine a couple years back – and it looked like he was shot out of a cannon with his ass on fire.

    I think they ended up calling it “wind aided”.

    Even for the Monrovia speed factory, those 40 times of 4.3 and 4.3 are on the generous side. That is electrifying, explosive speed.



    Alemany principal Frank Ferry confirmed he has received a letter of reprimand from the Southern Section for taking out a paid advertisement promoting Alemany sports — a Southern Section violation.

    The school is slated to be sanctioned for one year beginning this past Tuesday, which means all Alemany transfers over the next year will be “scrutinized by the Southern Section,” Ferry said. Ferry said no Alemany team will be ineligible for the playoffs.

  • Apache Joe

    Absolutely no shot those kids run 4.3’s. That is pure speed. If they were truly running that, they would be like Robert Woods out of Serra or Cierre Wood and just truly dominate the competition in HS. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bueno runs a 4.5 and Ramirez as well.

    I think SF would beat Monrovia 28-14.

  • Monrovia?


  • sfhs92

    Philly B,
    St Francis fans are not stupid some might be blinded by the Glare of the brown and gold but we are not stupid. Fact of the matter is Riley is getting D1 offers not letters. There is a huge difference. When was the last time pete carroll was at a monrovia game to watch Bueno? Im gonna guess never. Riley has offers from the best college programs in the country and that is a fact that you cannot argue. Bueno is a great high school player and if he wants to Im sure that he will end up in college playing, but to say he is as good as Riley at this point in their careers is ludacris. Oh by the way philly b arent you the guy who said sf would lose to el rancho. At this point I think your credibility is shot and maybe you should think about what you write before you write it, because some of the stuff that comes from your computer is downright crazy.

    Stangfan where are you bro! you have been to quiet for to long. Your stangs still have a chance at the playoffs. I miss your manifestos dont let huckster ramble on on here without anyone to silence him.

    Oh and I do predict SF to go down this friday to ND. I do think though that they have a legit shot at beating Loyola now that Loyola has lost their coach and their best player.

  • whoa

    nick bueno is a running back not a qb all he does is run he is a good player but not a true qb he is just lined up back there!

  • Huckster!!!!!

    I personally think that Monrovia & St. Francis would be a great game. St. Francis has two good athletes the QB and the Player of the Year (Dietrich Riley) the rest of the team is average at best with absolutely no team speed! I too, do not believe Monrovia has any players that are running 4.3s or even 4.4s, but I bet that got a couple of mid 4.5s. They have more playmakers than St. Francis too, but the trenches are where M-town would probably have some trouble. I would love to see that game though!

  • football Fan

    Lets look at consistency between SF and Monrovia. SF has been top team every year for the past few years. Monrovia???? Where did they come from. In reality SF has been here before and now that Monrovia has a good season we get all these people talking about how they would run over St. Francis.

    St. Francis > Monrovia


  • Huckster!!!!!

    Stang Fan!!!!! Im begging you!!!! To come out of that 0 5 shell!!!!! Ive been down these roads before, so dont have your head down like a clown! Come out with all that fake a$$ Muir confidence! Yawl should have been in this position 3 years ago!

  • CuriousGoerge

    What brand of stop watches are they using over @ Monrovia to time them 4.3’s and 4.4’s???
    That is totally fiction in my opinion.
    Unless maybe there running 30 yd dash then that would be more believable!
    Nick Bueno D1? No!
    Just to give a good example, Marquis Williams is playing over @ East L.A. JUNIOR college and he doesn’t even start.
    Maybe if he can tear it up at the J.C. level, and trust me it won’t be at Qb, then he’ll have a slim shot.
    The kid is a GREAT high school player, D1?
    in my opinion, maybe after two years JC at CB or slot wr!

  • Monrovia?

    Why does everyone think that St. Francis only has two good players.
    They have great players all over the field, not to mention they have 4 sophmores that start this year.
    Their O and D lines would wreck all the other schools in the area, they are to stong and big for Monrovia.

  • New York

    Consistency? We look to be consistently excellent going forward. The future looks great in Monrovia.

    Next Level does not always mean D1. I truly hope all the local guys who love football will open their minds and consider the many college football opportunities that don’t make it onto TV (unless it is closed circuit at one of the snooty clubs downtown)…

    4.3…Unlikely but still great field speed. I don’t think people truly grasp how fast a legite 4.5 is!

    SF-Monrovia–we won’t see it this season but hopefully soon.

  • Observantcat

    To All the SGV Fans:

    No, Monrovia would not get Beat by St. Francis. it would be a good game but in the end Morovia would prevail. This level, that level whatever level. St. Francis still has to prove that they can play at the level they claim to be at. The PROBLEM too SLOW. The other teams that you compete against have similar speed to Monrovia and that always been the problem over at St. Francis. I think that Monrovia will have 2 preseason games available next season, Monrovia’s Overall history is just as great or better record wise than St. Francis. let’s get Bonds to step up to the plate and get this thing in motion. I dare HIM. As far as the 4.3 40’s it is what it is. Back in the day Morovia had a player by the name of Dennis Brown University of Washington ran a hand time of 4.18 a year out of high school. DeShawn Ramirez has definitely ran a sub-4.4 40 yd dash Nick Bueno is right behind him. Unfortunately Apache Joe you have not had the privilege of seeing Monrovia playing at full strength. Arcadia’s starting Running back would be the 4 or 5th string running back at Monrovia this year. Not knocking the kid but if you get a chance to see DeShawn in action then you would know who the future STAR in the SGV will be for the next 2 years. Maddox has been very consrervitive in using him in pre-season but I think that he will see more action in League and CIF. And last but not least, We have the Best Defense in the Area BAR NONE. So even if you let Riley carry the Ball on every down dont expect to win. Sfhs92, Riley getting a scholarship to SC is a good thing, SC scouts were looming around at the MHS games in the 90’s & early 2000’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start knocking this year and next.

  • The Stang Fan

    What’s going on everyone! Look, you all know me. I’m not hiding or ducking under any shell. Rather, I’m simply gathering my thoughts. No one likes a loser, and at 0-5 there is no bigger loser (record-wise) than the Stangs.

    So please, pile it on…I know I did in the past. I can take it…BELIEVE ME! So, here I am, Huckster, PLEASE be the first!

    The truth is this. Muir hasn’t won a game. Period. Yet, if anyone had seen both games in Burbank everyone knows who the better team was. Obviously, on both of those nights it wasn’t Muir. But REAL football minds know. I know I do. Youth and a lack of a passing game cost us vs. Burroughs. We get A BEAST of a player the next week in #17 vs. Burbank and he almost single-handedly won the game that night. Coaching cost us that game. Up 21-7 and you on-side??? Terrible. Burbank “nutted” up down the stretch and made some BIG plays to pull the W out. BIG props to them. They appear to be a much better team than years past.

    But, it’s cool. The young guys are taking their lumps…..BUT…they’re growing. They’re learning. They’re getting better week by week. The WSGV has thrown in the towel when it comes to the Stangs. Please, oh please, leave that towel there. Please!

    Like I’ve said before, we went 9-1 last year and lost in the 1st round. Those guys were running away from teams….EARLY in games. WHen they got punched in the mouth vs. DR in the playoffs, they didn’t know how to respond. They didn’t know who to look to or count on. This team is like that kid who gets his ass whooped as a youngster on the block. Slowly but surely, he becomes more surly and pugnacious as the weeks, months, and years go by….till next thing you know the block is terrified. Muir is that kid. Trust me. And they haven’t had to be that before….and suffered for it in the playoffs. I understand Lombardi’s philosophy about winning being everything. But you’ve got to walk before you crawl. And no first place team in the SE wants to see a bullied Muir in the first round that’s ready to FIGHT BACK tooth and nail. Not one! And that’s what’s going to happen. Please, oh PLEASE don’t be surprised at the result. And yes, I am not even CLOSE to being worried about ANY team who beats Hoover…..HOOVER HS by a TD. Are you kidding me?!?!?!

    Miguel, don’t rank us. That’s fine. 0-5 doesn’t deserve it. But you know, and you know WELL, that if Muir had ANY TEAM’S schedule (especially M-town’s, SM’s, SF’s, LC, etc.) they would EASILY be 4-1 or 5-0. EASILY!!!! That’s fine. I like our new role. And NO this aint like other teams like the Dogs. This team is growing, and scratching, and building, and fighting, and working, and clawing, and punching, and getting hit, and swinging, and falling, and climbing, and biting……TOOTH and m’effin NAIL!!!

    Man, I love this role….intense….exciting….new….

    LET’S GO STANGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stang?

    Stangfan, that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard, you “love the new role” of being 0-5, having an undisciplined team that can’t finish and doesn’t care, oh and btw, you seem so excited about that first round playoff game, you have to get there first.

  • Goldenarm

    Time to put a GPS locator in the Stang Fan’s scalp. Week 6….
    0 – 5 looks real ugly. It is hard to remember that 0-3 was written in stone – pretty much before a ball was even snapped for Muir. So, they are looking at two losses, two games where they should have learned something from the first 3 butt beatins they took and applied it toward their own success. It is a good formula, I like the formula….but it will never, never give you a San Marino like start out of the gate.
    Every season has it’s challenges – some more than others. I guess if you want to bomb on the Stangs, now is the time.

    Back in spring GA stated we would be fortunate to start 1-3 and could easily end up 0-4. Rolling in a spread offense on top of 50 years of hard nosed ground game with coaches unfamiliar with the inner workings of TC football, and the stair steps needed to make it work…confusion and misfirings were guaranteed. Old school TC’ers are just not used to watching 1000 unplanned events occur during a football game…we like to see our players fine tuned and well prepared….even if they lack the athleticism of our opponents…they prevail through steady coached in good habits and by the teammates around them doing the same thing for the same cause. Right now, the above is not part of the equation we are seeing on the field. In some aspects of the game – we are “winging” it.
    Therein lies the “unplanned events” that can turn a W to an L, and a close game into a late 4th quarter heartbreaker.
    Maybe time and a couple offseasons will change this as people have said. The promise made to Ram football – made loud and clear – was THIS YEAR. There would be no rebuilding, no losses solely because a new system was not learned fast enough or taught correctly. THIS YEAR the Rams would win, no drop off, no let down.

    That is the promise that serves as my yardstick for judging our new leadership. And It begins tonight.
    GO RAMS!!!

  • Goldenarm

    SM – Monrovia

    Over the last 13 years, San Marino has beaten the Wildcats once (2003).
    2004 saw M-town revenge 61-21.

    Good luck to the BMW boys. I am going and want to see how the SM fans have adopted to Mr Do, cheering for his son Kwame. His Go RAAAAAAAAAAAAAMS!!!! yells are missed at TC, somehow Go Titans just doesn’t ring the same. Little dude – big voice. Not sure those stuffy mansion-dwellers are ready for Mr Do out dancing with their cheerleader daughters and leading the cheers.

  • curiousgoerge

    The fastest kid I ever seen in person was Zion Babb.
    He was 6’2 185 lbs and was second in the state in the 100 mtr high hurdles with a time of 13.75!
    He also got a scholarship to the University of Michigan.
    Zion was in the low 4.5’s(electronic time)
    I’m quite sure Monrovia’s got some speedster’s and I know Bueno is very quick, but there’s a big difference in being quick and FAST.
    Who cares? M-Town is 5-0 so none of this matters.
    Just stop talking about make believe 40x!

  • Coach C

    Calpreps has it:
    #20 in D2 St Francis 34
    #43 in D2 Monrovia 17

    Sorry Miguel, gotta go with a higher authority.

  • Observantcat

    Well Coach C.

    Cal Preps had the identical score with Rosemead and Monrovia this year. The higher must have fallen asleep with his hands on the keyboard!

  • The Stang Fan


    Stupidest thing ever, hunh? Yeah, I can see how you’d feel that way. Hell, no one thinks the Raiders or Washington State will come back to do much of ANYTHING, right?

    But, this aint the League. And we are not talking about the BCS. This is HS football bro. A much different monster. A place where SEASONS can change in one game…one half….one play. Time and again, we have seen teams do COMPLETE u-turns. La Salle can tell you about it. TC can tell you about it. Diamond Ranch can tell you about it. So can a number of other teams. Muir’s 0-5 is MUCH different than a Keppel 0-5 or a Gabrielino 0-5. MUCH different.

    But hey, these only words. Time will tell. Undisciplined? At times. Can’t finish games? Not yet. Don’t care? One game vs. Venice. If we get there???? LMAO! Uh…don’t worry buddy. We’ll be there. And yes. By that time, some first place team will be more than a little concerned when they draw a group of hardened guys, who went through a lot of sh** just to get there.

    Yeah…I love this new role.

  • Anne Onimus

    Theres so many haters on this blog its not even funny. Myself, I dont know if any of those 40 times are accurate(stop posting 40 times whoever you are). What I do know is that not too many people are going to be catching Bueno and Ramirez from behind. For those of you that havent seen these kids run, they are fast, really fast. Apache J. ask any of those kids at Arcadia if they think they can keep up with Bueno or Ramirez. If they say yes, slap them, cause theyre lying. And what if those times are accurate? Why do so many of you find it so hard to believe? You spit out names of former players that ran that fast but for some reason theres no way THESE kids are that fast. Is it simply because theyre not playing for your school? I bet if they were on your team you guys would be saying stuff like he can jump so high he can touch the sun. Philly B. Spud Webb was only 56. Curious G. Ill trust YOU he wont be a QB at the college level. Really Captain Obvious? Everybody and their mother knows this. Next thing youre going to tell us is that broccoli is good for you. Everybody knows that hell most likely play DB or slot at the next level. And he has a better chance than slim.

    Next year, Monrovia totally overhauls their preseason schedule.

  • Coach C

    Must you respond to EVERYTHING I blog on? Thanks for being a loyal fan though.

  • Shyne

    Monrovia is so overhyped this year…

    Arcadia – had some injuries and are very young… not one of the greatest teams in recent years for the apaches…
    Duarte – when have they been good? this season they have 10 points for and 300 points against…
    Rosemead – Don’t know much about their program..
    San Dimas – Never heard of them being a good, prove me wrong?
    La Salle – Has always been overrated and a bunch of fairies with pads…

    If this monrovia team would play St. Francis, just call 911 it wouldn’t be good for the wildcats.

  • Apache Joe

    Anne Onimus,

    Absolutely not can any Arcadia kid keep up with Bueno or Ramirez. That wasn’t in anywhere implied in my post. Pure speed in the 4.3 range is dominant. Bueno has absolutely incredible quickness, but flat out speed he doesn’t have. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t run a 4.5 40 or isn’t a relatively fast kid. (When I say flat out speed I mean never getting caught from behind types of kids) I haven’t seen Ramirez but if was running a 4.3 he would be playing like Cierre Wood (who as a sophomore was an absolute beast, running for over 1000 yards and scoring 20 touchdowns or so). A kid who runs a 4.3 has the ability to just run by people at ease. You can see the burst and the kid is breaking off 30+ yard runs every 4-8 touches, especially if Monrovia has a good of a line as people give them credit for (deservedly so, they are 5-0).

    Go watch Cierre Wood’s highlight film and you will see what I’m talking about. He is a legitimate 4.35 kid and it shows. When he runs, it doesn’t appear as if he is trying, he is so smooth and fluid in his stride.

    As for Arcadia, Golper at best ran a 4.6, Walker (Oregon St.) at best ran a low 4.5. These are documented. Ahmaz I’m sure ran a 4.7. Bailey ran a legitimate 4.4 and it showed on his play: 3 consecutive 1000 yard seasons, 15+touchdowns 2 out of 3 seasons. Handy in 2001 ran a 4.5 legitimately – ask the University of Washington.

    The fasted Arcadia kid this year is probably Lagace or Arnett and they run at BEST a mid 4.6 to 4.7. Mind you they are sophomores, but Ramirez is as well.

    I’m not a homer like you accused me of.

    I won’t deny a kid his cards unless people are throwing out ridiculous numbers like 4.3 40’s . Reggie Bush, Maurice Jones Drew, those are the type of guys who run 4.3’s. They are burners and it shows in their play. Although different breed of backs, they both have flat out speed in straight line running.

  • observantcat

    Apache Joe:

    I think you should come out and check out Ramirez, He is by far the fastest guy on the team. And everything that you described about his speed is evident. His yards per carry is 13.65 and his ypg is 111, He has only carried the ball 33 times this year, had he carried the ball as many times as say Ruckle at TC my guess is that he would have had over 1,500 yards by this point of the season, you do the math. This year is not paved for him to be the Super Star that he can be but the next 2 years you will probably watch him go for 2’000 plus yards a season. After watching him muffle a kick-off return last week and finally get his hands on it he just plain and simply out ran the entire LaSalle defense leaving a margin of about 20+ yards between his closest defender. Had he played running back against Arcadia in the first game of the season and took the ball as much as our 6th string running back Craig Brown he probably would have had 300 plus yards and that would not be an exaggeration. So for what it’s worth just sit back and enjoy the rest of this season and watch the Cats utilize 5 good running backs all the WAY TO THE CIF CHAMPIONSHIP!

  • Observantcat

    SHYNE: I can see you watch a lot of Reno 911. What a joke

  • Anne Onimus

    Apache Joe, I apologize, I didn’t mean to imply that you were a homer. I on the other hand, am a complete homer, I admit it. But I do closely follow most of the surrounding teams. And I do understand what you are saying about flat out speed. Cierre Woods is impressive, and I honestly believe that when you see Ramirez in person, you will find that he is very comparable to Woods. In fact Ramirez might even have a slight edge(I’m sure a Wildcat fan will post his highlights soon enough). He already has 447 yards on only 33 touches, and he has had two runs over 50 yards called back due to penalties (Bueno; 616 yards on 45 carries. He’ll throw the ball when they need to).

    At Arcadia, your kicker, Gavin Carpenter is the fastest kid on the team(seen him play soccer). Ask around about Carpenter. I’m a little confused why they’re only using him as a kicker. I would have kept him on the JV team to get more experience at other skill positions. And then the next fastest are Arnett, Maldonado and Lagace(all underclassmen, future looks good for AHS). All you need is to shore up the line after this year. Good luck with Muir tonight.

  • Shyne


    Actually I’ve never watch Reno 911, I’m sorry…but can you honestly say that this team is as good as everyone is making them seem? In past years, Monrovia has had better teams then what they have now…Their schedule is a cakewalk this year..Sure, they seem to have a good team this year but when you look at the teams they are playing they’re either rebuilding or just never good…Muir I guarantee you will beat them if they played tonight…I know Muir is 0-5 but when you look at the teams they have played they have all been great teams, unlike Monrovia…and to say that Monrovia will could be St. Francis is just a silly joke…

  • Shyne


    Actually I’ve never watch Reno 911, I’m sorry…but can you honestly say that this team is as good as everyone is making them seem? In past years, Monrovia has had better teams then what they have now…Their schedule is a cakewalk this year..Sure, they seem to have a good team this year but when you look at the teams they are playing they’re either rebuilding or just never good…Muir I guarantee you will beat them if they played tonight…I know Muir is 0-5 but when you look at the teams they have played they have all been great teams, unlike Monrovia…and to say that Monrovia will could be St. Francis is just a silly joke…

  • Shyne


    Actually I’ve never watch Reno 911, I’m sorry…but can you honestly say that this team is as good as everyone is making them seem? In past years, Monrovia has had better teams then what they have now…Their schedule is a cakewalk this year..Sure, they seem to have a good team this year but when you look at the teams they are playing they’re either rebuilding or just never good…Muir I guarantee you will beat them if they played tonight…I know Muir is 0-5 but when you look at the teams they have played they have all been great teams, unlike Monrovia…and to say that Monrovia will could be St. Francis is just a silly joke…

  • Shyne


    Actually I’ve never watch Reno 911, I’m sorry…but can you honestly say that this team is as good as everyone is making them seem? In past years, Monrovia has had better teams then what they have now…Their schedule is a cakewalk this year..Sure, they seem to have a good team this year but when you look at the teams they are playing they’re either rebuilding or just never good…Muir I guarantee you will beat them if they played tonight…I know Muir is 0-5 but when you look at the teams they have played they have all been great teams, unlike Monrovia…and to say that Monrovia will could be St. Francis is just a silly joke…

  • Observantcat


    Let’s not go there!!! Sure Muir is having a down year and are at the bottom of Pacific league and all but to say that they could Win over the Cats right now would be a JOKE! Maybe you should come to a Monrovia Game and see why all of hype surrounds this team. I’m sure Cat Fans would love to see matches with much greater teams such as Oaks Christian, St. Bonny, BA and so fourth But Muir? I dont think you are making any good sense here. I’s admirable of Muir to think that they are representing the SGV but so far it’s been an embarrassment. I’m sure coach Howard would have rather had much different results by now and I believe that playing teams right here in this area would have rendered much better overall results including his goal to create a team worthy and confident of dominance in the WSGV. I will agree with you on the fact that Monrovia should be playing much better competition but for what it’s worth this is 11 man high school football and there are far more teams that are equal than are not. I will say this with confidence though, Monrovia would do the same in the Pacific league this year than in the Rio Hondo league, it’s a matter of pick you ballpark because these kids come out to play wherever they have too. Muir is in a critical building year and the most important thing to build on is one’s confidence that they can win the big game. Trying to win the Power-ball lottery is sometimes unrealistic but it does happen to the most obscure players in the game, although most go broke trying. Muir still has its work cut out starting from the Coaching to the demise of some of this areas greatest players who have now long gone into other areas such as the IE to spread their seeds of GLORY. I wouldn’t be surprised if Coach Howard does end up putting a few area teams on his pre-season schedule in the coming years that would be great for the area by far than to continue seeing the complete inhalations from other area schools. Keep you Head Up and in time things will change hopefully for the better.

  • The Stang Fan

    Yup. That’s exactly why I stopped responding to dude’s comments a LONG time ago. Ignorance.


  • Observantcat

    Hype & Non factual BS doesn’t win games!!!!!!! The truth will set you free!

  • Apache Joe

    Anne Onimus,

    I really want to see Ramirez play, just gotta find the time. I’ll be sure to see him in the playoffs though, or at least make the effort.

  • Philly B.

    My point is to say Riley is better because he is getting letters from top schools is ludacris. Im not taking away from him, I think he is a great player, and is going to do some damage at the next level. But to say that Bueno, isnt, is being dumb. He is a great talent. Will he be a Qb more than likely no, but he will make a great receiver or return man. Yeah I made the prediction of an upset against el rancho, it didnt happen, but I predicted pasadena would be an arcadia team that is rebuliding this year. So with all the things sf fans were talking about monrovia, and I have ties at el rancho, yeah I went out on a limb with that one, So what! The point is, you cant judge how good a player is by the letters he gets!!!!! sfhs 92 you’re done!!! stop worrying bout monrovia, and focus on who you got next year when riley leaves to some big time school!!!

  • Todd

    Any team that has La Salle or San Marino on their schedule should not be compared to St. Francis. None of those teams would be able to even book a game against SF.

  • Observantcat

    Well big Todd, you take CV off of your schedule and put Monrovia on it then I will be silent until game time. Until then We’ll really never know.

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