NLCS: One down, two more to go for our Boys in Blue

I have the Dodgers winning in six. Then it’s on to beat the hated Yankees in 5 (I mean, really, who in the heck would want a Freeway Series. East vs. West, New York vs. L.A. C’mon, the West Coast is the best and L.A. is the greatest city in the world). The bigger question is will I call in sick to attend the Dodgers parade and what will I wear that day? My Dodgers jersey. Hmmmm … decisions, decisions, decisions. A lot of my friends wanted to play the Rockies. Even one guy in our newsroom said we’d have an easier time facing Jim Tracy & Co., but I say bring on the Phillies. It’s time to exact revenge for what they did last year. I’m not a fan of Shane Victorino, not because he’s not a good player, but because of how he took the sword and twisted it on the back of every Dodger fan last year. Game 1 is tonight at 5. Hmmm … Phillies-Dodgers or Temple City-La Caada? Decisions, decisions, decisions. Just kidding. I just turned down an offer for four tix in the lodge section for $110 each. So, yes, I’m banking on the TC-LC game being just as exciting.

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