Thursday Night Postgame: Temple City routs La Caada, 40-20; Pasadena falls to Burroughs in Pac League, 35-12.

Temple City 40, La Caada 20 — What a game. Temple City soon will right the ship, and Thursday night was as good as start as ever. Max Ruckle rushed for 95 yards on 21 carries, but more importantly he went nuts and wandered into happy grass four times with scores from 9, 4, 7, and 5 yards to propel the Rams (3-2-1, 1-0) to a 40-20 win. Senior quarterback Justin Smith was just as spectacular in completing 14 of 18 passes for 313 yards and two touchdowns. He threw for a 23-yard touchdown pass to Brandon Pultz and rushed for a 2-yard score. The unsung hero of the night has to go to senior wide receiver Andrew Anda. He caught 4 passes for 130 yards, and though he didn’t have a touchdown he did help set up two of the Rams’ six scores. He caught a 52-yard pass and a 56-yard pass to help set up Ruckle from 5 yards out in the fourth quarter and Pultz with 7:32 left in the fourth quarter. La Caada (2-3, 0-1) played sloppy and dug itself a hole from the beginning. It was tough already playing without stout wide receiver Josh Hanson, but to help Temple City score its first three touchdowns just wasn’t called for. The Spartans turned the ball over twice and a personal foul (late hit to Max Ruckle) kept a Rams drive alive that was eventually capped on an 8-yard run by Ruckle to give Temple City a 20-0 lead with 6:15 left in the second quarter. Spartans quarterback Rocky Moore completed 14 of 30 passes for 259 yards and one touchdown and one interception. It was Moore’s first interception of the season, courtesy of Temple City sophomore Andrew Gibson. This is also Moore’s fifth straight game in which he throws for at least 250 yards. My favorite play of the night, which had me jumping and hooting and hollering, was Ruckle’s leaping over a Spartans defender (photo below). I’ve seen that on TV and live when covering USC football a few years back, but never in person at a high school game. Someone should tell the Temple City band to play the “Pretty Fly for a White Guy” song next week when TC plays Monrovia.

Burroughs 35, Pasadena 12 — Huckster, who let you out of your cage? Relax, dude. Mike McFarland is not 100 times worse than Kevin Mills. Everybody knew Pasadena was up against a tall task facing Burroughs. I still commend McFarland and what he’s done thus far this season. Take it all in perspective. The Bulldogs are still 2-1 in the Pacific League and have a very good shot at making a playoff appearance. This loss to Burroughs will be growing pains for the young Bulldogs. Burroughs scored 21 points in the first quarter. That right there was a huge hole for the PHS defense to dig out of. “We got a wake-up call,” McFarland said. “We’ve had some success the last few weeks and we got taught a lesson on what it takes to win in this league against tough opponents.”

Photo courtesy of Carlos Mota Sr. Awesome photo!!!

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  • Goldenarm

    TC will have to establish a legit ground game and play BETTER defense to win this game.

    If we lose, it will really knock back our chances. I have a ton of respect for what coach Yoder can do, based on the teams he has fielded as LC JV coach. We cannot allow LC to put up 4 touchdowns on us.

    I expect they will Alhambra us, with that short flat pass or quick bubble to the wide outs and pressure our corners. We have a hungrier crew now and I think we can handle it…but we need a solid pass rush from the kids on our defensive line.

    It should be a real good game and scouted to the tilt.
    Good luck Matt……..
    Go Rams!!


    Why did you pick PHS BullDog for the upset win tonight?
    Do you know something???

  • Matt

    I look for a good game tonight. TC has to establish a ground game and LC has to stop a ground game. In its two losses LC has allowed a back to get 185 and 204 yards. That can not happen tonight. Ruckle will be a huge test. LC has got to go right at TC. Moore has been great and I don’t see him slowing down. #2 Hansen is out with an ankle. In four games he has about 500 yards and a total of 8 touchdowns. Time for someone else to step up.

  • Anonymous

    1st qrtr


  • Miguel Melendez

    Temple City leads La Canada, 20-7.



  • Huckster!!!!!

    We (PHS) got our doors blown off! 35-12! The dogs played horrible tonight! Burbank is next, so I looking for a better outing! Mc Farlands, “O” is terrible! Kevin Mills last year “O” was a hundred times better! I keeps it 100% and Kevin Mills is a better head coach than Mc Farland! I hated to say that, but it’s true folks…..Damn! I’ll go into more of it next week and I will be ripping the Admin as well, so stay tuned because I got some deep stuff that’s going on!


    Who does the scoreboard on PSN? Burroughs won 35-12.
    Halftime score was 28-6. Its listed backwards on the PSN scoreboard. PHS Defense couldn’t find the formula to Burroughs offense. The Dogs came out flat and gave up 3 quick scores. They played decent after that but the hole was too big to dig out of. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE JINX

  • Pacific League

    Burroughs 35-12. What happened to this vaunted Pasadena defense I kept reading about. Burroughs pounded the ball down the dogs throats and before the game settled in it was 21-0. I was in the Pasadena stands and it looked like the team gave up.

  • tcchamps


    You got to breathe. That’s it, breathe, ok. Is that better.

    Now give us the poop.

  • Goldenarm

    The Rams played a fairly solid game on defense with just a couple lapses, one coming just before half with the Rams up 20-0 and looking like a 1st half shutout was on the board. Moore tossed a long ball down the sideline and boom LC had an easy 6.
    The first half was a combination of LC self-destructing and TC being aggressive, in the right place at the right time.

    As Matt had suggested, the Spartans did neutralize the Ruckle run game…something TC cannot afford or allow to happen any longer. Max fought and clawed for what he could get, but constant penetration by LC lineman stifled any serious run attack. On many plays, our former bad ass O-line was reeling backwards and off balance under the onslaught of a very good LC front. If this is all we got – Mtown will bury us quickly and make things misrable for both Smith and Ruckle.

    There were many positives, including our receiver corp, who keep getting better every week. Our kicking game was hot/cold – but our 3 linebackers along with Stanton, challenged the LC run head on. Rocky Moore missed a couple open targets and had several crucial dropped balls hamper his performance, he was calm in the pocket and TC could not pressure him at all until the 3rd quarter. Our d line is quick, but small, and were swatted like flies on the pass rush…with the exception of the hairy beast…who was bull rushing like a madman all night.
    The far end zone saw the double bald domes of Backus and Maddox, along with Mooney and assorted football sideline men wandering the area. Mr Do was whooping it up all night in the TC visitor stands and it was a good night to be a Ram.
    LC is a strong team and should not hang head…the Rams played by far their best game of the year, and it came at a crucial time. A big win for a very young TC team. The final was something like 40-20.

  • sportsfanatic

    PHS is horrible , i saw it with my own eyes

  • sportsfanatic

    every one on this blog needs to know that PHS is so terrible. i went to the game looking to see the defense of the year ! no way man. they could not stop a simple dive play. the QB got sacked so many times and cory kennedy is over rated !
    lets see why would anyone think the bulldogs would be good , look at some of the teams they have played :
    1. long beach jordon 1-4
    2. sougus 1-4
    3. hoover 1-4
    4. arcadia 1-3-1
    muir needs to be back on the top 10 , burbank and burroughs dont want to play them again.

  • sportsfanatic

    miguel , please change that headline
    PHS gets there butt kicked and was sent to the pound

  • Ol745

    Tc play an Ok game but they cant come out like they came out tonight agaisnt Mtown because the wildcats will eat them alive! its very disappointing seeing a crappy LC team shut down TC’s running game because that has never happened EVER! just one Tip for TC players that might be reading this! come out fighting because no team that you have faced is gonna be as tough as Mtown!!!! Im a ram and i bleed green and gold!

    GO RAMS!

  • Miguel Melendez

    Sportsfanatic: You need to chill on kicking down PHS. They had a bad game. It happens. The young Bulldogs will learn from it and look to improve next week. By no means did I or anybody suggest PHS had the best defense in the valley. The defense did play superb against Saugus and was responsible for wins vs. Hoover and Arcadia. Granted, those teams are struggling, but for a team like PHS — which no one pegged beating even Hoover or Arcadia — it’s been a good start to the McFarland Era. Coach McFarland will turnaround that squad in the next three years. You’ll see.

  • The Lancer

    Miguel come to the game Saturday at St. Matthias…La Salle!!!!!!!!!!

  • t3h hobojedi

    yea alright i’ll put in a word for “pretty fly” next week wen we host Mtown just for you miguel. Tc played a good game but the defense needs to work on covering the long passes…most of the time we give up TDs because of long completions. iuno how well we’re goin to do against Mtown but i’m lookin for a good game.

  • Nervo

    Just as GA said, it was a great night to be a Ram

    One thing I noticed this week that greatly impressed me was Justin Smith’s vision. One play that particularly impressed me was a failed screen pass left play to Ruckle. As Ruckle delayed then bolted, the D-end ran into him when going around the left tackle, this caused Ruckle to not be open and as soon as Smith saw it, he took the open lane (quick juke finished the end off) and made it up for a 15(ish) yard gain.

    Our strengths are a QB with a great arm (threw a nice pass at one point that was a little too far ahead of his receiver, but seeing as it was around 40yds away and wasn’t a floater, I was impressed). Additionally, the Defense was very stout at stopping the run (linebacking corps was doing their job).

    Some weaknesses were first off the kicking game. Football has three sides to it, Offense, Defense, and Special Teams. We missed two PATs (seriously!?!), shorted a field goal by 10 yards, had little/no penetration on punts, fumbled the ball twice in one return. This must be fixed.

    Second, our defensive line wasn’t getting any pressure on the QB, giving him lots of time to look around. There were at least three long passes (two for TDs, the third was brought down just before the end zone) where our DBs were clueless. The first TD had #6 sprinting after the WR with his hands up, never even looking for the ball. The second TD wasn’t entirely a mental error; our DB tripped over his own feet on the back pedal and couldn’t catch up (the QB just lofted it over him for a looong TD). The third long pass was similar to the first, with another DB (I can’t recall which, but it was not #6, it was to the other side of the field), where the DB just got burnt on a streak and never even looked back and just threw his hands up (faceguarding) trying to prevent the reception with Tinsley catching up to make the tackle.

    Overall the game went well; a win is a win. Our defense needs to take a solid look at the film and figure out what the problem is because that D simply won’t get it done. Our Special Teams needs to practice PATs, Kick off/punt returns, and field goals, and our Offense needs to keep getting it done.

    Game well played Rams!

  • The Lancer

    When I am wrong I say Im wrong…I was really wrong

  • Matt

    Moore had two TD passes. One to Johnson and one to Kolina.

    Goldenarm, I have become a Ruckle fan. Tough with great vision.

    More later once I finish my crow omlete and arsenic laced coffee.

  • burbanksports

    Huckster…..quiet time. shhhhhhhhh.
    PHS is ok and they are still in the picture for the league title. JBHS is the best team by far they have played against this season.

  • muirfan

    huckster, went to game last night, your right to tell miguel to keep pasadena out of the polls. looks like jordon and the rest are rebuilding. , see you at the tussle. MUIR

  • Apache Joe


    Kevin Mills was an not a great head coach. He had one good season in 2007, with unbelievable talent on that team and he lost to Arcadia (outcoached) and Muir (outplayed.). I remember watching that Arcadia game. They ran the same play 7 successive times the opening drive of the 2nd half and could not adjust. Ahmaz ran for 40 times for over 200 yards and 5 touchdowns.

    Crockum made Mills look good that year.

    McFarland is a better coach than Mills is on any given day. Watching Pasadena last week, I saw disciplined team, at least more-so than they ever have been in the last 10 years.

  • Anonymous


    Is that you hanging with the band?

  • get down!@

    whats up huckster, Now your throwing the coach under the bus. when u were underfeated u never mentioned Mills or Mcfarland HAHAHAHA u know whats up! should of see it was coming! guess it will be like last year. Will see u ride off in to the sunset just like stangfan.


    ” WHO let the Dogs out”” meoow, meoow.” Pasadena, best dfense on the east side

  • Who is the real GA?

    Haha anonymous. Yeah, is it GA? All we TC alumni and faithful are dying to know who you are? You’re TC’s biggest supporter and fan.

  • Goldenarm

    hanging with the band??
    I last played drums in 1975…for those who know music, they called me the white Billy Cobham, extreme hand speed. My last name is not Lee, Hui or Wang – no offense to the Asian horn section, and finally not even Interpol or the FBI has a confirmed photo of me, except an age-enhanced photo when I was 6 and received my polio vaccination. Police sketch artists have drawn me looking like a cross between Charles Manson and Haystack Calhoun, with the distinct features of Rue Paul. Here is a hint – look for someone 50ish.

    The identity search will soon end and it has never been a priority of mine to remain anonymous. It has just worked better that way.

    I’m no voice of TC , have no agenda and don’t represent anyone – and there is no conspiracy theory or Goldenarm hiding on the grassy knoll with a 12x scope on my Weatherby. I’m here because of football.

  • Goldenarm

    we were already cool and settled….no worries…
    LC stumbled early and we fortunately jumped on it…still got plenty to work on,,thanks for the good word

    go easy on the poison coffee, I drank some after Alhambra and it sticks with you. Still plenty to go in the RHL for LC, your line play is excellent, Yoder will regroup the kids. Yes, Ruckle was given little to nothing…hit in the backfield repeatedly – and he still scratched close to 100 yards. Hopefully we get our line back up to strength and we cut some seams for him next week…otherwise it will be lights out

    Our kids are playing hard.


    Every know why you is PHS biggest JERK!!!
    You need to chill on kicking down PHS.
    Yes PHS got blow-out!! The kids play bad game!!
    JBHS is a very good football team!!
    Like Miguel Melendez said:The young Bulldogs will learn from it and look to improve next week.
    Coach McFarland is doing great job with this team this year!! PHS is 3-3 for season and 2-1 in the Pacific League.
    Think about it Huckster we were 0-6 this time last year!!!
    Burbank is not the next game Huckster!!
    PHS play Glendale,CV,Burbank,Muir!!
    PHS have a good chance to beat any of these team up next! Huckster support Coach McFarland and wait until the end of football 2009 season to judge him!!

  • tcchamps


    Damm photo just doesn’t show those Double Knot Spy 100 x 50 infrared Binoculars for confirmation. I’m hearing the jig is up.

  • Nervo

    Haha tcchamps, I was thinking the same thing. No wonder GA has always caught things I couldn’t quite see. It was nice to sit near enough to hear the thoughts of the game of GA, Mr. Ruckle, and Mr. Do(when CAN’T you hear him).

  • Huckster!!!!!

    First of all, I try and keep my opinions as honest as possible! Ive blasted my brother openly on the blog! Ive blasted the Muir coaches on the blog and theyre my friends too, so if you thought I would give Mike McFarland a pass youre dead wrong! Oh for the record, I like Mike and think hes a great person! Now for the meat and potatoes of my rant!

    Apache Joe,
    Ok Arcadia out coached Mills in 2007 with that same current defensive coordinator on the staff, with that said! Kevin had full control of the team! Mike has no control of the team! Kevin was a shaky offensive coordinator trying to stretch the field at all cost! Mike has no clue about being an offensive coordinator, because there is no identity or direction on what he wants to implement! For the non football fans that means he has no PLAN OF ATTACK! I will say, Mike knows Xs and Os better than Kevin, but it means nothing if your team dont respect you! You say, DISCIPLINE? Wow! Both are terrible game managers! With all due respect to Mike, he took over a program that was full of food in the house versus Kevin came in with the house empty!

    Muir fans,
    Ok, the Dogs played a terrible game last night and the 21 point first quarter lead was too much to bear! Before you start sizing us up, just remember that you guys played your best football the past two weeks and you still lost! This game tonight determines if Muir will make the playoffs! They will lose to CV and PHS!

    Before you start putting up our opponents records look at 3 of the 6 (Westchester, Saugus & LBJ) teams they played records and who the competition was too.

    Still got action at you on the back end of this with a potential Pacific League Title showdown!

    I told you to never freaking pick us! Lol!!! Its all good homeboy! Better days ahead for the Dogs! Believe that!

    How about some Bi-lingual writing classes, so I dont have to read your comments more than thirty times! A Jerk, A-hole, Punk a$$, motha u know what and ect Im all these things and more, but just dont ever call me a coward! It is what it is and I am what I am!

  • sportsfanatic

    huckster, to tell the truth coach harrison should be the head coach at phs !
    he was the bomb head coach at muir. if he was the coach i would be scared at the tussle every year.

  • former ram.

    i’ll make sure to say hi g.a next time i see you.

  • tcchamps


    Hanging with Terry and Will is always an adventure. Especially if their buddy Glen is there.

  • RioHondoLeaguePlayer

    Josh Hanson has really asserted himself as the dominant reciever in the RHL and Moore seems to be a little lost without his go-to guy. It must be a concern of many that he’s not playing in all of LC’s games. Does anyone know why this is?

  • Sports fan

    Huckster and others:

    The problem with PHS football is and has been for the past several years is subversion of the program. Everyone thinks someone else should have the job. Problem: no matter who gets the job, many people want them to fail and then do everything in their power to make it happen. MacFarland is a good coach so give him a chance and yes, it may take 2-3 years to clean house. There are people want him to fail and are trying their best to make it happen. But remember, if he fails, so do the kids.

    But little hope people will support him which is why our young brothers will continue to fail not only on the field but in the classroom as well.

  • Philly B.

    I give you respect for that rant. Damn!!! But sometimes you gotta let it be known. I’d love to see Muir and PHS battle for the pacific league title. But burroughs seem to have a squad year in and year out!! But hopefully the bulldogs can bounce back next week

  • muirfan

    nothing big, just calling it! muir over CV watch the battle on the line

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