Star-Jibber: After Friday’s results, is St. Francis No. 1?

Discuss anything and everything you want … especially football

*No. 1 Monrovia — Ugly win vs. San Marino or San Marino just that good?

*No. 2 St. Francis — After a 14-0 lead dissipated the Golden Knights lose, 28-24, to Notre Dame. Good loss? Enough to move St. Francis to No. 1? I can see it happening.

*Who was the Week 6 player of the week? Have your say now or forever hold your peace.

*In case anybody’s wondering, I feel OK after taking a good fall at the ND-St. Francis game. Thanks to the Glendale News-Press reporter who got up off the bench, I took a good fall and almost hit the ground because I was sitting too close to the edge. The crowd had a good laugh, and so did I. But now my back’s killing me. Any good lawyer’s out there? I keed, I keed.

*After Monrovia’s sub par performance Friday, is Monrovia-Temple City still the Week 7 game of the week? Either way, I’ll be there. I think.

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  • King

    No loss is a good loss, and a win is a WIN! Monrovia should remain at No.1 for another week.

  • Neutral

    If rankings go by who is better in their division or league then Monrovia should stay at the top. Alternatively if you put SF at #1 because they compete at a more competetive league and division than RH prep, or Maranantha shouldnt be included on the top ten period.

  • pacific fan

    st francis should have been number 1 the whole season, and they still should be now. they play way better teams than monrovia and are definitely a stronger team

  • Amnot1995

    From the BISHOP AMAT Football proram on the San Gabriel Tribune Blog:

    Notes on Amat

    Did anyone happen to notice that Alemany beat Crespi last night ?

    Interesting eh

    Anyway, prior to last night, I was under the impression that our games were going to get progressively harder as the schedule wore on. Boy was I wrong. I guess that it just goes to show you that any of these teams on our schedule can beat anyone on any given night, including some of the states power houses.

    As for the game itself, I have to tell you that last nights game was intense. The kind of hitting that the Amat defensive back field put on the St Paul swordsmen last night was out of this world ! I have to say that over the last few years, I havent seen that type of hitting coming out of an Amat team against an opponent in a long time. To tell you the truth, it got pretty scary out on the field last night for those poor swordsmen. I can see now why so many of these guys decided to drop the ball rather than take the kinds of hits that that defense was putting out there on those receivers last night. Seeing all those guys getting laid out so badly was truly smash mouth football. Yikes !
    ARE THESE BISHOP AMAT PEOPLE . . . ARROGANT, IGNORANT, OR WHAT? Then again, what can you expect from those people? A taco, a nude strip joint, a Drive In (err – a Shopping Mall) in the middle of town? VERY CLASSY BISHOP KNIFERS!!!
    And, still No CIF Championship in 15 years!

  • Rhl Fan

    #1 is a combination of both M-town not playing a good game and SM being twice as good as what people give them credit for, no one stood in the ring with the Cats until SM. A win is a win and both teams deserve to stay #1 and #3

  • r u serious miguel?!

    sf = number 1 hands down………monrovia barely beat sm, yet sf lost to a national power house by 4………..! 8 yards stood in the way of sf and an umbelievable upset…… time monrovia beats a good team..tell me because until then sf is in a league in its own…sure we didnt beat nd but we proved that we can….monrovia woops up on small schools yet sf takes n the big dogs anyone who was at that game nos that sf should be number one

  • MHS Fan

    St. Francis is the local powerhouse, #1 and Monrovia #2

    MHS is #12 or #13 I figure =)

  • Born in the U.S.A.

    Hey M-Town here is an Idea.

    First change the High Schools name to St.Monrovia.

    Second charge 15,000 dollars for students to enroll except for Good Atletes give them a free ride.

    Third pick and choose who you allow to enroll to weed out anyone that isn’t St. Monrovia material.

    Then maybe Schools like St. Francis won’t act like they are better than you.

  • butthurt

    born in the usa-
    y r u so butthurt.did u or ur son not get into sf? haha

  • BigMan

    I couldn’t have said it better myself Born In the USA

  • Yo

    Anyone still think Bueno is better than Riley? Stangfan, who is better? When Pete Carrol shows up at one of Buenos games, then we will start talking.






  • New York

    SF may or may not be the #1 team, but please don’t do any young readers the injustice of telling them that a close loss proves that they can beat the team they played. Only winning proves that you can win.

    As an aside, putting forth a valiant effort and still coming up short is a great life lesson that sometimes getting to the top takes more than simply working hard. Didn’t John Wooden say that you need a little bit of luck?

  • dayne

    born in the USA,

    is there a st.monrovia? sf isnt 15 grand and a full scolarship is only available to a sf student their senior year, oh and only 1 person per year gets it. last year it was given to a kid invlolved in the theater program. but nice try

  • Apache Joe

    Saw the highlights of Dietrich Riley on from the Notre Dame game and I have to say, he looks like he is truly developing as a player in the secondary. He was always more of a pure player with the ball in his hands but he finally looked comfortable in the secondary (and natural) as well. Wow! He is going to be a good one people, both on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Annonymous

    Born in the USA “But living in tijuana” as a student of St. Francis you will be surprised that our student Body is made up of at least 10% Monrovia residents, as well as 17% Arcadia Residents. Where do you live?

  • PUSD

    What is so great about a school that cost more than a college tuition and isn’t even at the same academic level as a lot of local public schools. You either are affiliated with SF or hate the school, and their obnoxious crowd.


    St Francis should be the #1 team in the area. Miguel i think that you rank teams solely on their record rather than looking and thinking if they played head to head. You need to keep in my both of these factors. With that said Monrovia shold be the #2. Should be a great game this week as Monrovia travels to Temple City. How does Monrova slow up TC’s passing game how does TC stop Bueno and Ramirez. Alot of questions will be answered this week.

    How about Justin Smith for player of the week. he passed for over 300 yards against La Canada.

  • Goldenarm


    It just seems right the Aztecs get back into the playoffs and get another crack at TC or whomever comes out of the RHL. With the years of verbal crap and low blows repeated again and again toward Azusa and the Montview – it just proves karma and hard work will eventually pay off and get you a shot at the dream.
    Yeah,,,I have been noticing you guys are doing very well and winning games by large margins at times. No doubt the playoff experience last year helped your returnees, the coaching staff and the program in general. The opening win over Covina meant alot, getting the shot into round 2.
    It was the TC ball control and physical line play that doomed your Aztecs last year – nonetheless, your kids gave 100% and the game was a clean fought contest. Had we not chewed so much clock and Zaragosa and crew had more more frequent opportunities….who knows. It was a peak game for our D line.

    We are different animal this year…and the zoo is under new ownership and direction. The rematch would look much different.
    Best of luck to you and all the loyal Aztec fans.

  • Knight10

    I am one of the 10% of the student body from Monrovia. SF is not nearly as much as college tuition. Its a little below Cal State tuition, and the ignorant people who say that we are getting a worse education than public schools is dead wrong. Especially Monrovia, there’s a reason Ive gone to private schools all my life, my district blows. I wouldnt go to Monrovia ever. The education is SF is excellent and we learn other things too, like how to interact in society and be gentlemen. Not gangbangers.

  • SGV fan

    Why are sf fans obsessed with Monrovia??? We’ll find out next season who is better. That’s if bonds signs the dotted line. Rumor has it that maddox has already asked sf for a game next year.

  • Angel Bec

    If St. Francis gives a free ride to great athletes then why would Detrick Riley’s mom be working two jobs? Geez – get your facts straight.

  • gunny

    SF get off your high horse. Bottom line your defense didn’t stop ND all night. ND never punted and if they hadn’t turn the ball over in the first quarter three times you would have lost by 25 not 4. So it’s not a good loss. Wake up and prepare for Loyola this week cuz they got back on track by pounding Chaminade 42-3

  • Born in the U.S.A.

    Wow vsome of those comments!
    I wouldn’t think you were involved with anything that starts with Saint!
    And I would never mention a players Mom! that’s just not right!

  • Anonymous

    Neutral –
    What a Maranatha hater you are. I can only think that you must have some jealousy toward the school for a personal reason. MHS would be a top 10 team if they would have taken care of business the first two games. Your point about divisions is valid but talking about Maranatha that way, is an obvious reflection of a personal issue of yours.

  • New York

    This classless attempt of class warfare is embarrassing on all fronts. Please stop and focus on football. Private schools are full of kids who grew up alongside a lot of the kids who are in the local public schools. Let’s celebrate all the efforts and wish everybody well.

  • Guuny

    New York I’m right there with you. Who cares who is number one right now it means nothing. Further more you can’t compare Natha, Poly, Prep or Rio to any other scools in the RHL, PL, BA or St.Francis. Different divisions and levels of competion. If you’re a small school and not ranked get over it. You really can’t compete year in and year out with the bigger schools. Go win your division and be happy.

  • SF Alum

    Gunny i kinda find it funny that you said the SF defense didn’t play a good game, but then you say there were 3 turnovers in the first quarter. Im not sure but doesnt it take a little defense to force 3 turnovers in ONE quarter?

  • Anonymous

    To “Born In The USA”

    I noted that Riley’s mom worked two jobs to pay for St. Francis because that shows what some parents do to get their child a quality education. It was also noted in the Pasadena Star News article that featured it. It was not meant to be construed as negative which is what you seem to be looking for.

    Having a nephew that attended there on a financial aid scholarship he still had to maintain his grades and contribute to the school as well as my family member still having to come up money with money for tuition.

    It would be great to squash the rumor once and for all that anyone gets a “free ride” to St. Francis nor any other area private school for that matter.

    stop trying to take away from area atheletes and if you have proof of free rides step forward and show it.

  • New York

    I was referring to the assertions that private schools are full of spoiled children as well as the broad assumption of poor quality education within public schools.

  • gunny

    SF Alum, two of the turnovers weren’t forced. If you were at the game Kasdorf makes to poor passes with no pressure on him, the fumble was a good hit. How many times did the D not wrap up when they had a chance to stop Boggs or sack Kasdorf not many. ND marched down the field all night. SF needs to make sure they stay disiplined and wrap up on the tackles this week or Loyola is going to do the same thing.


    GET SOME!!!!!



    HOW’S IT GOING????


  • The Stang Fan


    The Riley/Bueno conversation, as noted by some, is apples and oranges. Different builds, different skill sets, different positions, etc. Dietrich is the D-1 stud and Bueno probably holds the “pound-for-pound” title often used in the boxing world.

    I’ve seen Dietrich play, and he is undoubtedly ELITE, but I’ve never seen Bueno. I did catch a Monrovia baseball game once though and the kid is TALENTED and definitely one HELL of an athlete.

    If I’m starting a team, I go with Riley. The kid can play S, CB, LB, DE, RB, WR, TE, KR, and PR…and ALL at an ELITE level, save DE. I’m sure Bueno can play multiple positions as well, but is limited due to his starting role as QB. In the long run we may be watching Riley on Sundays…maybe not, but it is certainly a possibility. Todd Helton was once asked by Jim Rome, if pitcher Mike Hampton was the”best athlete” on the Rockies, after Hampton had belted a couple of homers, stolen some bases and made some outstanding defensive plays in the early months of the season. Helton replied, “Uh, no. I believe their is a six-foot tall height requirement.” A very funny quote, but a true reality for many sub-six-footers. It doesn’t always ring true, but a great athlete with great size will generally win out against a great athlete without much size.

    Bottom line is, they are both GREAT talents and their respective fans should enjoy them for the short time they have them. I’d LOVE to have either one on my team. Good luck to both!

  • Philly B.

    Born in the U.S.A.
    That was too funny man.

    no one is getting butthurt, what you didnt get from his blog, is that Born was making a point about how you sf fans think that you’re better than EVERYONE in the area when your not. example you beat CV by a touchdown and burbank came and spanked that a**! So you are NOT better than EVERYONE in the area.

    You still fail to realize, as much as I love pete carrol, that doesnt make a player better than another player, when u sf fans realize that, then come talk to the rest of us bloggers

    Knight 10
    So I agree with you about monrovia’s school district, but then again you saying monrovia teaching you how to be gangbangers is ignornant, and is the reason why most people on her say sf fans are ignorant, obnoxious, and annoying. You can diss your hood all you want. private school “apparently” worked out for you???? and taught you how to be a gentleman???? in society???? I dont know about that now, with your comments. Im a grad from monrovia, I didnt get the best education in the world, but I did have teachers with masters from USC, I know that has to be good for something. Im almost sure monrovia has got better when it comes to their teachers. But Its pointless because your from Sf and EVERYTHING Else is just a toy right????? Man you sf fans are a joke!!!

    SGV Fan
    I hope you’re right but then again if we were to play sf and win, then they’re excuse will be “You should of played us last year”

    New york is right, this needs to be squashed, real talk. Cuz its dumb. Lets talk football. Stang fan….well put!

  • ?

    What do you think Notre Dame would do to Monrovia??
    Do you think they could tackle Kenneth Boggs?? No??

  • Observantcat

    ? said:

    Monrovia would definitely hang with Notre Dame. After watching them play on Fox sport net I was not impressed with Notre Dames style of play. I actually believed that St. Francis would have beaten them by more than 14 pts. To answer you question about Boggs. Yes Monrovia’s defense could stop him. He is no better than any other running back on our own team.

  • MoneyTalks


    You can’t be serious, right? Monrovia isnt that good. SF is on a different level my friend. Monrovia hung around for 3 qtrs with a very average arcadia team and you guy just got by San Marino. Focus on TC bud.

  • Philly B

    Money talks
    He was just answering the damn question, calm down, we are looking at T.C. They came alive after rosemead. It just took them a few weeks. Monrovia was in complete control of arcadia, we werent gonna lose that game, so lay that one to rest.

    Yeah we just got by San Marino, still shocked by that one. but watever. we got the WIN and thats what counts

  • Observantcat

    Money Talks:
    As a heat attack…. What kills me is that You really believe that there is some Hugh separation from the talent that your teams possess and what Monrovia Produces year after year. Well I hope that Blogger was right about Maddox and Bonds making this thing work for next year’s pre-season. It would be the SGV game of the Year. I’m never going to bite my tongue about the who I think would Win Hands Down. You may breed better lineman but that’s not going to get the ball over the goal line enough to beat a team like Monrovia. I’m still wondering would you guys have a chance against this years Burbank team?… They seem to match you guys pound for pound. As a matter of fact I think after taking a good look at your Roster you guys field a pretty small line in terms of size. Very few guys over six feet and very few guys weigh more than 220 lbs. Like I said, it would be a great game for fans to come out and see. Put all of this Were better than you to Rest once and for all.

  • Philly B.

    amen to that, its getting old, and tired. Shoot if thats the case about their line. T.C. might be able to get a crack at them!!!

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