Football Rankings: St. Francis takes over No. 1 spot

Despite losing 28-24 last week to Sherman Oaks Notre Dame, St. Francis moved up to the No. 1 spot in the latest Star-News top-10 rankings. Monrovia (6-0) may not have much to say about that, especially after its stale 14-12 win over previously unbeaten San Marino (5-1) in last week’s Rio Hondo League opener. The Wildcats were stymied offensively and couldn’t establish any rhythm. The Golden Knights (5-1), on the other hand, got the nod because of their strong effort against Notre Dame (5-1). St. Francis led 14-0 in the first half, and if not for a fumble inside the Notre Dame 10 with less than a minute left, the Golden Knights might have pulled out the upset over the No. 4-ranked team in the CIF-Southern Section Pac-5 Division, easily the toughest of the 13 divisions in the Southern Section. Bosco Tech (3-3) dropped out of the rankings, allowing Maranatha (4-2) to jump back in at No. 10 after a 3-0 start in the Alpha League. Making the biggest jump was Rio Hondo Prep, going from No. 10 to No. 6 after the Kares improved to 6-0.

Compiled by Miguel A. Melendez

1. St. Francis (5-1)
Can hang with the big boys

2. Monrovia (6-0)
Showdown at TC on Friday

3. San Marino (5-1)
Didn’t lose without a fight

4. Temple City (3-2-1)
Bring on the Wildcats!

5. Alhambra (3-2)
Off to a bad start in Almont

6. Rio Hondo Prep (6-0)
Finally, some competition Fri.

7. San Gabriel (3-3)
Bell Gardens won’t be easy

8. La Caada (2-3)
Not at full strength vs. TC

9. La Salle (3-4)
Bye comes at the right time

10. Maranatha (4-2)
Minutemen back on track

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  • Goldenarm

    Wow, I can’t recall a local poll without a Pac League team in the top ten somewhere.

    Burbank, Burroughs, CV??

    I hope Alhambra does not implode…but when you read the posts, it is all too familiar. A tsunami needs to wash over Valley Blvd all the way to 4th Street (leaving Rick’s burger untouched of course)and clean out the distractors…somehow returning basic football as the focus.
    If anybody ever really needed a new direction – it is the Moors. They played us hard and clean overall…but somehow they always end up back on the dirt road. Once one cheap shot flies — they cannot resist taking the bait and getting caught up in more non-football bullshit, taunting and basic disrespect of one another.
    Escalating to the point where the football is forgotten and only the bullshit remains.

    They have some kids playing really hard this year – Moors get it together and get back on track. Step away from the bullshit buffet – and play football!!

  • Goldenarm


    please check the blog editor
    I think the term bull#@*$ may have offended –
    and deep-sixed my comment


  • New York

    I suppose Burbank, Burroughs and CV are out of the coverage area. I’m waiting for Muir to pull it together and make a run, but the clock is ticking. How many playoff spots does the Pac League have? When is the last time Muir missed the playoffs? The Tussle may end up being played for a spot in the playoffs.


    Well, since the Pacific League grew to 8 teams a couple years ago, it has 4 Playoff spots. Pasadena & Muir both play Tomorrow night (Why schedule thursday night games at PHS??)

    PHS plays the rest of the season at home (Victory Park)
    so it may be an nice advantage against CV and Burbank.

  • Hal Lamaster

    The Pacific League gets four teams in CIF because it has 8 schools in the league now.

    So it could come down to the Turkey Tussle being a deciding factor. Muir can help its cause with a win at Crescenta Valley (played @ GHS) tomorrow.

    After this week, PHS finishes with 3 tough opponents; CV, Burbank and Muir. Muir has Hoover, Glendale and then the Tussle. So playoff spots are still up for grabs.

    After 3 weeks the Pacific League is shaping up:
    1. Burbank
    2. Burroughs
    3. CV
    4. Muir
    5. Pasadena
    6. Arcadia
    7. Hoover
    8. Glendale

  • Miguel Melendez

    PHS plays Friday, not Thursday. I’ve confirmed with PHS AD.

  • Hal Lamaster

    Muir plays CV at Glendale High

    Pasadena hosts Glendale
    Hoover plays Burbank at Glendale High

  • The Stang Fan


    We know that it would not look good to put a 1-5 team in the WSGV’s Top 10. And Miguel shouldn’t if he doesn’t see fit. However, you know, and I know, that Muir would beat the majority of the teams on that list. NY, is right about the other 3 from the “Verdugo” area.

    Hal Lam,

    Great to see you chime in as usual. I see you have CV over Muir in the standings. I hope the comparative Burbank scores are an indication about tomorrow’s game…though, as we all well know, that isn’t always the best indicator. I’m still trying to figure out how Burbank put such a beating on CV.


    Don’t worry. Muir WILL NOT miss the playoffs this year. The last time they missed the playoffs (other than ’88 when they had to forfeit games) was probably the mid-70’s. At least.

    Muir will beat both CV and the Dogs and come in 3rd.

  • Hal Lamaster

    The Stang Fan,
    I’m looking forward to pushing Muir up ahead of CV but I’m waiting for Muir to “show me” what they got.

    It looks like they are turning it around with the win against Arcadia. I expect that CV will give the Stangs a stiff test though.

    I can’t explain the beating that Burbank put on CV. The Bulldogs BLEW open a close game and were running downhill in the second half.

  • Tom S

    Your PSN Top 10 Rankings this week are right on!
    Who helped you make these correct choices?

  • Amnot 1995

    Alemany at Bishop Amat, 7:30 p.m. — Robledo (Bishop Amat); Ramirez (Bishop Amat)

    Even the San Gabriel Tribune boys are drinking the Knifers cool-aid! Or is it, the Orchata?

    I guess its the same thing in La Puente. The land of the Drive-In, errrr – I mean the saturday morning Shopping Mall!

  • the Sleeper

    4 Rio Hondo teams in the top ten havn’t seen that for a few years. Rio Hondo has some good years ahead of them.

    To big rivalries games in Rio Hondo TC vs. Mtown and South Pas vs. San Marino should be a good week

    Come on tigers pull the upset…

  • curiousgoerge

    I agree totally our boys will bounce back, re-group,
    and go 4-0 through regular season that is my prediction.
    look foward and turn the page.That’s all we can do.
    Hope you guy’s play tough this week and not have
    your worse effort of the year on offense like we did.
    I’m confused on your comment about taunting and dis-respect?
    Our boy’s didn’t get any un-sportsman like’s at all that night. Schurr had literally about 7!
    That is spilled milk and who gives a fu/.’;[;]’ anyways!

  • Anonymous

    Maranatha & LaSalle ranked over Muir, Arcadia, etc…OUCH.

  • Goldenarm


    Nice work on the write up on Justin Smith, TC QB.

    If you ever doubted success breeds success – note how these players were intrigued and drawn back to the program by the Rams CIF playoff performance.

    With the graduation of Morgan, GA blogged many times as part of my prayer ritual this kid would return to football. He really was the only TC’er with ready-made skills for the job. Needless to say – it was great news when he and several others returned….Jara only played his freshman year. Had he played soph/junior no telling how good he would be today….a great D line prospect. When our center went down – Jara has done a fine job in a thankless position. Pultz played DE, now a wide out, a big target with good hands.
    As far as Smith, his arm was a noodle on freshman, got somewhat better as a JV…but so far this season has been at times, brilliant. Add that to very good speed and toughness, we got ourselves a talented QB. Hint – there never was a QB controversy.
    Justin Smith will need the game of his young life against Monrovia on Friday. Justin – just do what you do
    Go Rams!

  • Huh?

    Is this based just on record? If so then you have it right. If it is based on quality of teams then Rio Hondo has no business there. San Gabriel, La Canada, Muir, Pasadena, pick a larger school would smoke Rio Hondo Prep. Not a knock on the success they’ve had, just a fact that a small school like that can’t handle the big boys.

  • eagleball

    RHP has a great thing going, but in order to “validate” the program’s true strength, they need to schedule some more difficult opponents in their non-league portion of the season. That would be very interesting.
    No way TC hangs with Mtown and Titans will ramrod Tigers by 3 TDs.

  • burbanksports

    If you look at Burbank’s schedule, you’ll see one of the reasons the Bulldogs beat CV. Another reason can be found in the coaching.
    I’m guessing that Miguel’s rankings are based on won-loss records? I don’t believe the bottom 5 teams could beat Muir, PHS or Arcadia on the field.
    The playoff spots in the Pacific are all up for grabs. It is going to be an interesting last 3 weeks. The team that is in very good position to wreck havoc is PHS, so we might have the return of Huckster in all his glory.

  • AMAT73

    Stang Fan,
    Good luck to Muir this week . Nice win against Arcadia and with a win against CV you are well on your way towards earning a playoff berth. Looks like you are on your way to turning it around . Amnot1995 why don’t you come over to where you belong instead of hiding your posts on us in every blog but the one you belong on.You can run but you can’t hide. Remember we are every where in the area so no matter where you go we will find you. First the Whittier blog now here , what’s next the OC or IE blog.

  • Amnot Champion Since 95

    Serra League is a WEAK League this year. Like it or not, this is just too hard to argue! Isn’t it Amat???
    SO Notre Dame (ranked 30th in State)talk about a weak schedule, … who have they played? That big win to open the season against Klein Oak Texasnot reallythat team is 1-6, Taft is 3-3, Birmingham is 0-6 and Dominguez is 1-4. So a squeaker over a good D3 team like St. Francis wasnt that much of a surprise.

    Now Crespi (ranked 83rd in State) is 3-3 with wins over the 1-5 Lancaster, the 0-6 Birmingham and the 1-5 Saugus. And they lost last week to Alemany. Not all that impressive.

    Loyola (ranked 39th in state) is 3-3 with wins over Mira Costa a D3 school thats 4-2, the 3-3 St. John Bosco whose wins are over 1-5 Damien, 0-7 Cabrillo and 3-3 St. Paulwho lost to the D9 La Mirada team and has wins over 3-4 Garfield, 2-4 Pioneer and 4-3 Paracletea small school that plays in D11wasnt someone saying on another thread that Paraclete should play 8 man football?
    Bottom line Serra league is a WEAK A*s league in 2009!

  • Kentera

    When are we going to figure it out? Miguel ranks teams to get the shock factor and people to blog. He will rank one team one week and then turn around and pick another the next. Shame on us for blogging. Come on Miguel.

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