Star-Jibber: St. Francis … Monrovia … St. Francis … Monrovia … St. Francis … Monrovia …. St. Francis … Monrovia … How to truly measure the area’s No. 1 team?

Discuss anything and everything you want … especially football ….

*Not 10 minutes had passed and I got bird droppings on my brand new watch and brand new shirt. Normally I wouldn’t have made a fit about it, but the Kenneth Cole watch and Van Heusen studio shirt was styling Friday night. Thankfully the droppings were wiped clean, but I still have to say getting bird droppings any time has to be a bad omen, no?

*I still think Temple City got burned by bad calls from the refs. Believe you me, if not for those questionable calls we have ourselves a much different ball game.

*Monrovia linebacker Josh Lowden proved to be a thorn in Temple City running back Max Ruckle’s side. Ruckle was limited to under 100 yards rushing and at the center of the human wall was Lowden. On one play, Ruckle took a handoff and threw to Justin Smith who later completed a long play. Ruckle was thrown to the ground by Lowden who received a roughing the passer penalty. But talk about class. Lowden and Ruckle slapped each other’s helmets and went on with the game. Throughout the game Lowden tackled Ruckle and their sportsmanship was still full on display.

*In the third quarter of the Monrovia-Temple City game, some knucklehead started yelling “Go back to Rosemead” … This guy (and I’m being nice by calling him “guy”) was yelling and letting it known he was not happy with Temple City coach Anthony White. To my surprise nobody seemed bothered by his classless act, in front of the Temple City crowd no less. There’s no room for that kind of behavior at HIGH SCHOOL football games.

*St. Francis won. Monrovia won. Try figuring out who is the new No. 1 team in the SGV. I know, I know. Our meesly top 10 rankings mean little to nothing, but pride is still at stake. I’ll let you guys figure this one out.

*Any thoughts on game of the week next week? I’m staying in the office Friday night, but I might sneak out to catch the first half of a nearby game. Right now I have my eyes set on Alhambra-San Gabriel. Anyone care to persuade me to go somewhere else?

*I was told by our Keith Lair that the way Pasadena played against CV last week and the way Muir played against CV on Thursday, and if the Turkey Tussle was this week, PHS would easily hold a 30-0 lead at the half. And that’s saying something because PHS had a bad game against CV last week. The Bulldogs took care of business when they had to and beat down Glendale, 48-0. But then again, who hasn’t beaten Glendale?

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  • Anonymous

    phs has not played cv

  • Observantcat


    The Monrovia fans were just as upset about the non calls that the Ref”s just seemed to overlook, Maybe coach White got into their heads at some point and they felt like they had to make up. But the real story seems to be missing here! DeShawn Ramirez who is proving himself to be a leader at only a Sophomore led the team in the rushing and receiving dept. Why go on a Rant about what the Refs did when you still have to cross the goal line in order to score 6 times. These players deserve better ink than that. Do you recall the Rosemead game where you mentioned if Joey Diaz were to play the outcome would have been in the favor of the Mead? Well I see that his appearance in other games has not affected their outcome. If you were covering a Grand prix race and left out the winner by talking about the fire that destroyed his opponents car then you really wouldn’t have a story. Lets give props where props are due. Coach Maddox let the Truth out on TC last night and in reading any of the articles so far it seems like there are always excuses made why Monrovia has it’s 7-0 record. Let’s dig deeper in the game and find out why the true outcome! Your bloggers are not here to criticize you, just to help you keep your audience in tact. Win or loose or draw we need the truth not what if’s. It shows great journalistic prowess. The thing that really killed TC were the turnovers. That far outweighed any bad refereeing. Their play calling was also suspect. They had a much better passing attack than expected from their senior leader. Although I agree with GA about not running the ball when that is your best play. Looks like Coach White stole Coach Garrison’s play book on ” How to loose without thinking” Well I guess I had to let it out one way or another. Good Luck in choosing next weeks GAME OF THE WEEK!

  • CatsFan

    There were some suspect calls on both sides, but the real problem for TC were the turnovers. However, you can probably give the M-town D credit for their tremendous pressure on Smith.

  • Goldenarm


    Other than physically taking the guy out what can you do? He looked right at me when I yelled back at him “dude you are an idiot” when he was shouting that crap…one of TC deans was nearby and so were others…maybe someone could verify what I am saying.
    I did not recognize the guy… maybe he was high, maybe he’s got a standing problem with one of our coaches. Who knows.
    It bothered me Miquel and it is not representative of the Temple City fanbase. His voice carried all over the place.

    Nonetheless, this loss has me questioning what our plan is moving forward.

    I don’t know how, but our staff underestimated the heat M-town would bring on Smith, even after seeing Forgatch crumpled into 15 pieces the Friday before. This was a key in the game, since we did not adjust or alter our strategy in the face of the obvious. Smith was outstanding at avoiding the pressure, but it was this very pressure that brought about 3 interceptions.
    Why is a 3 yard completion better than a 3 yard run?
    Maybe the thought is yards after completion? With Ruckle, any run can become a touchdown run. This is fact. I urge our staff to put faith in our lineman and give them a blocking scheme that will allow us to consistently get 175-200 plus yards out of Ruckle every game. We can do this.

    If we find our way to CIF, a mixture of power running and our greatly improved pass attack will give us a shot at success and make other teams struggle to contain a two pronged attack. Before the game, New York and others stated removing Ruckle from the equation was key. They were right, only difference was we removed him ourselves by limiting his carries and not challenging our senior lineman to physically step up and get in the face of Monrovia’s line. Without doubt, Monrovia’s defense directed the pace of our offense, a fact an old TCer like me has trouble digesting.
    Time of possession has long been the friend of Temple City and he is a friend I sorely miss.

    Lowden is a class act. More on that later.

  • Big Football Fanatic

    After watching the Cats play both SM and TC I gotta give the edge to TC in a head to head against SM they just got more Heart! I’m guessing we’ll see all three teams in the Playoffs.

  • Sean

    Hey Miguel. You definitely were stylin’ with the studio shirt. I didn’t know you got bird crap on you. However, that usually is a sign of good omen. So be happy that happened. Haha.

    On the game, TC played really well other than the turnovers. I honestly thought Monrovia would dominate the game and in the trenches, but I was wrong. TC’s line could hold up with McCarthy and Lowden, and both of them had few impact plays. TC could’ve won the game had they stick to the running game. Ruckle had the Monrovia players missing tackles. Monrovia has more speed and size than TC’s defense, and that was a factor with Monrovia’s running game. McCarthy’s size is astonishing. He should be on watch with the Star News as he will be making headlines with his play. Lowden is a good football player and a great act on the field. Congrats to Monrovia for the win, and congrats to TC for a heck of an effort. Good luck along the way to both teams.

  • Knight10

    Miguel, I know you enjoy sparking debates and stuff but come on. I know I would be biased but St. Francis just played two of the greatest football games in their school;s history. Nearly beating a powerhouse ND and beating their heated rivals Loyola. Both of these teams are D-I pac 5 schools. Monrovia wouldnt be anywhere near contention with them. Monrovia is a good squad and probably will go undefeated. But St. Francis plays tougher opponents and never plays down to them.

  • Goldenarm

    one other bizarre play was the int thrown by Smith, which the Cat player caught then fumbled when hit, somewhere in the mix getting face masked. TC recovered the fumble…but the ball was given back to M-town – apparently related to the face mask infraction….but not sure how it was explained on the field to the coaches.

    We have one player with a possible concussion….I wish him the absolute best.

    Bueno took some good shots, especially a hard gang tackle down around the 20, when he attempted to back track and got flattened by pursuit from his blind side. He got up slow but showed no ill effects.

    It was a tough loss. The Rams will bounce back.

    Lowden came over well after the game and gave props to some of the TC players, and yeah, him and Ruckle seem to be paired up as friends. Hopefully Ruckle gets anotheR chance to juke #55.

  • MHS fan

    Knight10: Stop worrying so much about M-town, maybe you guys will get your chance to prove your superiority next season.

  • hsfootballfan

    st francis just beat loyola, while monrovia just beat san marino… san marino would be lucky to get 3 first downs against loyola, let alone win, and monrovia for most of the game struggled to beat them… sf is easily number 1, its really not even close

  • oh yeah

    game of the week: sg vs alhambra go check it out miguel!

  • Sadbuttrue

    With TC fans like that at the game or on these blogs who needs enemies. No class or support. The past 3 weeks TC was looking up, 1 loss to the #1 team and pointing fingers all ready. Can anyone say fair-weather fans?

  • Knight10


    I am not saying that Monrovia is a bad team. But how can MHS honestly be ranked above St. Francis after the last two games weve played. MHS would die with our schedule.

  • Amat Fan

    St. Francis just beat Loyola and should, would, could have beat SO Notre Dame. This one is a no brainer…

    In direct comparison, Monrovia has played absolutely no one. St. Francis plays Bishop Amat tough every year. They are an experienced football program completely at home with trading punches with big name programs. The last time Monrovia scheduled a Pac-5 powerhouse they got destroyed by Crespi in 2005…and that’s it.

    St. Francis would annihilate Monrovia.

  • observantcat

    Good try AMAT I mean SF Fan”

    Your information is quite wrong about Monrovia scheduling a PAC 5 School in 2005. That was one of Monrovia’s worst years in a very long time and we Met Crespi in the playoffs as the RHL #3 Team the final score was 32-12. One of my buddies happened to be on the Crespi coaching staff that year and was wondering why we didn’t go for the Touchdown plays instead setting for field goals and that was the million dollar question. As Far as Any team is concerned I’m sure if you make the Call to Maddox he will return it. So for all of you guys hiding behind the Private school fence believe me you are not as good as you want to believe you are. I’m still waiting to here why you guys almost lost to CV? who is currently holding on for 3rd place in the pacific league? Or maybe should I say you guys would have gotten third in that league?

  • Monrovia72

    As an Alumni of Monrovia, there is no doubt in my mind that SFHS is the better team. Monrovia has a great team but would not be able to compete with Pac 5 Teams. SFHS always puts up a big game against the Pac 5 rotation, and the last two games against those teams have shown that SFHS can hang with the big boys, while Monrovia looking tough still plays mediocre teams. I wish I could say more for my Alma Mater, but SFHS has the number 1 spot.


    St. Francis has much harder teams and talent to deal with in division and in playoffs. Monrovia plays decent teams but should schedule some big talented teams in pre-season.

    BTW, the Loyola win isn’t much of a surprise. Loyola has had a lousy season – their coach quit a few weeks ago and was replaced by an assistant.

  • sfhs89

    HOT ROD – Kearin didn’t quit at Loyola. Far from it.


    Well, I read the LA fishwrap & LA Daily fishwrap and thats the story they told. Having to make a change midseason would ruin anybody.

    PHS Alum Armon Binns scored another TD for #5 Cinncinnati this morning. Just minutes ago I saw Lance Mitchell Oregon ST DB) pick off Barkely from USC.

  • New York

    St. Francis with a 6-1 record and a recent victory over Loyola deserves the #1 ranking. This does not mean that I think SF would necessarily beat Monrovia, but it does mean that I think SF has proven themselves at a greater level than Monrovia has proven themselves so far. Monrovia’s schedule has turned out to be less than impressive. Oh well. Next season will be filled with much greater tests.

    Let’s not get carried away with the talk about SF hypothetically destroying Monrovia. SF’s squeaker with Cresenta Valley suggests different. Loyola is a big win but they have had turmoil since losing their head coach as well as their best player to injury. BUT it is still a great win and the SF players should feel good about it.


    Funny how hearts come out in comments….hmmm, makes me wonder. You have to be realistic in your eval of the games…Although my son is at Monrovia,this week I went to see some friends and family at Bishop vs. Alemany. I thought Alemany would smash Bishop, but I was surprised in the end. When u watch a disciplined, well-coached team, the matchups take on a whole new meaning! All this to say, Monrovia, on paper, may not have the victories over top tier teams, but I believe Maddox has them playing at a level where the KNOW they belong on the field with ANYONE!!! Talent, heart and discipline help to offset what may be a depth and size deficit. What qualifies me to speak on this? I was at almost every practice and pumped the crowd at every game for what alot of people still say was the best SGV team ever: The MUIR MUSTANGS of 86!!!!! (with respect to the Ralph Brown led Bishop Amat team..92)and there was 87 that wasnt too shabby too. MONROVIA HAS SO MANY OF THE TRAITS THAT WOULD NOT LET MUIR LOSE.. and although N. Bueno is no Vince Phillips, he gets the job done (needs to throw more or playoffs possibly will lead to a fall), and D. Ramirez leaves trails like Ricky Ervins did, with a little less speed, but little more style….Just watch, mark my words. In the end, it doesn’t matter who was number one in week 5, 6, or 7…Who will be standing when it’s said and done? MTOWN!!! and that is why I say, we, I mean they, are, number one. LOL we shall see. Let’s enjoy and respect!!!

  • on the fence

    A little eerie as to how similar of a situation this is with college football. In particular, Boise State and USC…Do you go with an undefeated team in Boise State who is in a weaker conference(Monrovia) or a team that is tested against the best week in and week out with one loss…

  • Bob Anon

    Don’t compare Monrovia to Boise State. While their schedule is not as tough as St. Francis’ schedule, Monrovia is not a gimmick offense or a gimmick program like Boise.

    Plus, Monrovia fans would probably not taunt opposing players with racial epithets like they did to Oregon RB LaGarrette Blount.

    Good job to Coach Yoder and LC for the sold win over Blair.
    Huge game this week at San Marino. It will be a very difficult game.

  • Hal Lamaster

    Miguel asked, “But then again, who hasn’t beaten Glendale?”

    Answer, South Pasadena.

  • Observantcat

    More like USC ’92 assuming that they were going to obliterate the Fresno State Bulldogs ( Better recruiting, Better conditioned athletes, better everything) Result Fresno State 24 USC 6. Everything SC though came out in game time to be quite the opposite. Never underestimate a team with better athletes you will be beat every time.


    La Canada @ San Marino


    According to the LA Daily Fishwrap, UsillyA freshamn WR Randall Carrol send a TWITTER post to SF’s Dietrich Riley with a racial slur toward Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow and the play calling… You can find more info on the LA Daily news sports section.

  • Hog

    Hot Rod,

    If that was a white, asian, latino kid who said that about a black, then all hell would have broke out. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would have been on that like white on rice. Carrol burned his bridges with UCLA and should transfer.



    FYI Joey Diaz has not played a full game on both sides of the ball since the opener against Covina and hasnt really played at all since the TC game.(you mention his appearance has not affected the outcome in other games) The kid tries but his knee just wont allow him. Luis Diaz is having the same issue although he is playing he is no where near 100%. Not saying the outcome of the game would’ve been different but these 2 kids might have made it closer.

    As for Maddox and the Cats…you guys are the truth!! Always thought Garrison did the least with all that talent he had and Maddox is a major step up.


  • Coach C

    St Francis’ opponents records 29-15
    Monrovia opponents records 21-22-1

    St Francis’ opponents combined rating +170
    Monrovia opponents combined rating -28.8

    Any more questions?

  • Anonymous

    Coach C and Bob Anon:
    Never once did I equally compare Monrovia statistically or schematically to Boise State. I only state the the rankings are similar, you have a team in Boise State that has a perfect record against lesser competition similar to Monrovia, then you have a high quality team like St. Francis that has one loss against a very high level, just like SC.

    Read a bit more carefully…

  • Coach Prado-TC

    Maybe you don’t watch much high school football, as Bueno is currently a High School football player. He is a great player and he is currently playing High School Football. I think Bueno will be a great college football player which ever way he decides to go QB or DB.
    I am tired of these bloggers complaining day in and out about how they think players should be playing, how coaches should be calling a game, or how a program should be.
    Both coaches and players put endless hours of film, practice, game planning and effort to compete at the highest level. I doubt their is one coach that will ever put a student athlete at risk for injury or loss.
    Until your part of the solution, your still a problem. Yes, I am talking to Golden Arm, Ram Fan 09, Fb einstein, Nervo and the others.
    You watch practice but yet you wish you could be side by side in battle with these young men.

  • Observantcat

    Damn… Well Put Coach Prado

    Now I know the Mayor will not give any pardons to any of the names listed in Prado’s comments. FB Einstein if you’re a student you may get expelled for not knowing your x’s & O’s. And Coach C, give it a break…. CV 21 St. Fran 28 nuf said! but keep digging maybe you have an excuse for that night.

  • Observantcat


    I was just referencing that MM said during the Monrovia/Rosemead game. Although I found it quite interesting that he leaned toward Monrovia to win the game, he stated around half time that If Joey D was playing that night he felt that Rosemead would have won the game and then he turned around and saw another Monrovia score and said maybe not. I’m sure Joey would have made a difference against several teams this year, but I have yet to see one person make a difference against Monrovia’s defense. He could have easily been the difference in the MVL and I believe you guys are that 1 player away to making a statement in the CIF playoffs.

    Good Luck the rest of the way.

  • yeah but…

    yeah but St. Francis lost to a good Notre Dame team. SC lost to a poor washington team and did not play well at all against a not so great Oregon state team. You made a bad comparison

  • Observantcat

    All this back and fourth about who’s better than who, Why not just play and see. I’ll take Athletes and speed over Discipline & Mediocracy anytime. I think that both teams have a little bit of both in them, I just think that Monrovia will prevail. Without Riley, who in the H-ll is going to stop Bueno, Ramirez & Johnson? you figure that out and Let the rest of the RHL and CIF know.


    LA TIMES fishwrap did a huge write up on the SF QB Posthuma in the VARSITY TIES INSIDER Blog section.
    Shake it up!

  • New York

    Does anybody know why there was not any league realignments around the WSGV? The ESGV had some that seem to make sense.


    No word yet, New York. I read in the LA Daily news that OAKS CHRISTIAN got thrown into a NEW LEAGUE (Marmonte League) that will have 10 teams next season. They’re gonna make it 2 groups of 5 teams, but don’t know yet how they’ll pick playoff teams. They’ll be playing league games against ST BONNIE now…

  • SGVSenior

    Miguel, You should definitely catch the SG vs Alhambra game Friday. It’s SGHS’s homecoming, and hey, its one of those cross-town rival games as well. :]

  • Knight10

    Game of the week.
    St. Francis Vs. St. Paul
    First league game for the knights, last year the game went to double OT with SF winning on a two point conversion.

  • New York

    If St. Francis loses to St. Paul then SF has big problems. The “big boys” have consistently blown out St Paul this year. SF needs to dominate this game to reinforce that they belong amongst the “big boys.”

  • Anonymous

    Coach Prado you just opened up a can of worms…the blogg is a place where fans go to talk to other fans and voice their OPINIONS…its not a place for coaches or even players to get involved. Stick to breaking down film!


    The game of the week.
    Should be PHS vs. Cresenta Valley.
    Both teams are 3-1 in PL.A win will keep PHS or CV team one game out of first place.
    But important about this game, if PHS pull the upset win.Muir will not go to the CIF play-off. This will send shock way from east side of Pasadena to west side of Pasadena.
    A Muir football not go to CIF playoff this year will be the biggest new in the SG valley.
    Even calprep have this game close CV-22-21-PHS.
    I pick PHS to upset CV at home.

  • Witness

    Hot Rod,

    Good article on Posthuma in the L. A. Times. The kid is undoubtedly tough as nails. As good as he is at the QB position, I am equally impressed at his abilities on defense. The kid can hit with the best of them. He put a couple of Riley(esque) hits on Loyola ball carriers last Friday.

  • Sam32

    Game of the week:
    Alhambra at San Gabriel. It’s a must win for Alhambra if they wanna see play-offs. It’s a cross town rivalry and SG homecoming game. Come watch the Moors beat SG.

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Oh my God! I get to attend another Muir game on Thursday night! Im loving every bit of the fall of them bums on Lincoln! They deserve everything thats coming to them!!!!!! That includes a brutal azz whipping in the Turkey Tussle! Theyll beat Hoover 22 to 21!

    PHS 34 CV 21!

    Oh, for the record! If Coach McFarland of PHS doesnt get them damn offensive linemen off the punt team then the Turkey Tussle will be a barn burner! Smart coaches dont have their offensive lineman on the punt team, because they cant get down the field for coverage! Im just saying!

    The Tussle will not be for the last playoff spot, because Muir will be eliminated after PHS beats CV!

  • FootballFan

    Bloggers that put coaches down and players don’t belong on these blogs, don’t you realize that our community, players and families read this. If you want to vent do it at the boat or applebees or in the parking lot before or after the game with the beer in your hand! Tell it to someone that gives a crap.

    Attention Coaches and players: These couch potatoes don’t realize that you guys are out there for the love of the game, so don’t let these losers influence you, try your best and give it your all!!!

  • MoneyTalks

    I heard that Josiah Thorpay broke is collar bone and is out for the season. It’s sad. I wish him the very best. I don’t thing where working at charter oak. Too bad he left amat and monrovia.

  • Goldenarm


    It is a bummer for Thropay and all the SGV, as is the Canada bros fiasco.
    The belief that leaving your roots ALWAYS is the best path is simply not true.
    Luck, destiny, good planning and fate play a role as well.

  • Philly B.

    I usually try to read every blog and make corrections that need to be made. But truth is, that This is basically St. Francis’s Blog. Monrovia Fans Could care less if we’re not number 1 in the area. We really dont care. Yeah St. Francis plays well against the big boys of the Pac-5 teams. Could monrovia even compete with those teams in the Pac-5??? Give me a Hell NO! Im not dumb, But If you wanna ask me if Monrovia Could Hang with St Francis Im going to say yes. but it doesnt matter cuz we may never get that at least while riley is there. But you wanna compare schedules of strength, but why state the obvious??? Everybody knows that monrovia doesnt have a strong schedule. No one is saying monrovia Schedule is SOOO Tough. You want to be No.1 in the area “TAKE IT, ITS YOURS!!!” We really dont care! St. francis beat a weakened Loyola team, and like new york said, you squeaked by CV, and you wanna say you’d destroy monrovia??????? You SF fans make me laugh. NEw York thank you once again for putting things into perspective for these blind SF fans. Thinking their team is sooooo far above the rest. You have a great point, with not blowing out SM for whatever reason we didnt, the cats shouldnt be No.1 but honestly new york, What does being No.1 in the area do for the cats???? Absolutely nothing!! We want the No.1 Tag in the division thats homefield advantage in the playoffs. but after that, we could care less bout the area rankings. all we care about is getting the league title once again, in a weak league, going to CIF in a weak Division, and WINNING. thats all that is on M-town fans minds. NOt St. Francis AT ALL

  • BigFatFan

    Thropay breaking collarbone, wonder if it happened in practice. according to maxpreps, he has not played since Oct. 2. his saga is a sad saga indeed.

  • New York

    I don’t think the #1 ranking gives a team homefield advantage. In fact, in 1998 Monrovia was the #1 seed but ended up playing the title game on Paso Robles’ homefield. That was Paso’s third consecutive home playoff game because they went on the road the first round. The biggest advantage for the #1 team in a lowly division is that they typically don’t have much of a challenge until the semis.

    Next year Monrovia will have a much stronger pre-season schedule and this conversation will hopefully be unnecessary.

  • MHS fan

    New York: Do you have info on next years’ pre-season schedule? I heard that it tentatively includes Bonita, Arcadia, San Dimas, Glendora and possibly St. Francis, but I didn’t know if that was true.

  • Hal Lamaster

    We’ll see how PHS matches up with CV and Burbank, two teams Muir played close.

    I have seen Muir play once and PHS play once. I know, that’s not much to go on, but from what I saw, to me, PHS looks like a better team than Muir right now.

    I hope the Mustangs can get it together by Nov. 13. They are running out of time.

  • Philly B

    New York,
    Well I know the title game is a different story, but 1st round-semis, would be nice to be all at Monrovia. But you have to admit, this year these SF fans are getting somewhat annoying

  • Observantcat

    Philly B.
    I’m going to have to disagree with you on the subject of Monrovia hanging with some the those”PAC 5 Schools” When you have gifted athletes you can win at anytime. Stopping our running game is a chore no matter what 11 men are out there in uniform. Having a Defense like ours is also a huge advantage because even in practice they have the right simulations of fast running backs, big running backs etc. I for one being an ex-Monrovia Wildcat would never back down to the competition because If you look at the glass half empty then you might as well just pour it out. I would guarantee you that the athletes on this years squad would feel the same way. I have never had anything personal against St. Francis or any other power in this area, but I will say that If Monrovia ever did play these schools it would shut up a lot of the critics. Maybe with Maddox that will change and change soon. PAC 5 school’s thrive off of getting athletes that Monrovia has always had in place, even after the defections we still hold the #1 spot in the Mid-Valley. If not for the Defector’s we may have been ranked in the top 10 LA times polls. So being a Wildcat, never underestimate what your team posse’s.

  • Gunny

    MHS fan, St. Francis is in a league realingment for next year. Only five non league games instead of seven. They play Crespi, Bishop Amat, probablly Arcadia and CV because they have forever. That leaves only one game and I doubt they will fill it with Monrovia they are trying to schedule another Pac 5 school. Just better competition.

  • New York

    MHS Fan,

    No. I don’t have any first hand information, but I do know how competitive our coaching staff is. Remember, Maddox was part of the West Covina staff that started scheduling games against Mater Dei. So I am certain St Francis must be on his radar screen for sometime down the road. Why not? I would imagine SF would want to drop one or two of their games. So who knows. The other programs mentioned seem to offer a nice balance of passing and running teams so I would not mind playing those teams as well.

    I certainly don’t want a buzz to start about next year’s schedule for crying out loud. At the 7-game mark, we are only half way through this season….

  • New York

    I beleive the first round home games are based on league standings. Then, there is a series of coin-flips that create a decision-tree of home game possibilities. The finals may be determined the same way, but I am uncertain. Entering the 1998 finals, Monrovia hosted a 1st round, went on the road to Torrance, then hosted Santa Ynez in the semi-finals, then went on the road to Paso Robles. So Monrovia had hosted two games and Paso had hosted two games prior to the title game. I bet Paso had won some coin-flip senario earlier. I still would have demanded something other than their home field/horse pasture…haha.

  • Philly B.

    New York,
    You’re probably, right i forgot about the coin toss and all that jazz. But I Do remember a couple of seasons ago, having two playoff homegames, that might of been the 06 or 07 season. Think it was the year we could of and should of beat Paraclete. But yeah, I honestly dont know if I want monrovia playing SF. I mean next year they will not have riley which is a big part of their team, no matter what you SF Fans say, you know its true. I would like to go east and play schools like Glendora, South Hills, maybe even Damien. Diamond Bar. But obviously with the future of our team we need to beef up our schedule asap.

    I too played for the cats. and Im not doubting our chances but Im just being real. Those Pac-5 schools are no joke. Have you seem any of them Play??? Yeah the cats would be able to compete, but win….I dont know about that one. I know one thing though, the supposed big dogs in the area both east and west, I know for a fact that the cats could pull some upsets and shut up the haters.

  • New York

    Monrovia playing SF would be awesome. I wish we could play this year while we have Lowden on Defense.

  • Coach C

    Monrovia fans are worried about St. Francis…
    St. Francis fans are worried about St. Paul.

    Huge win friday night against Loyola. Way to go KNIGHTS!

  • Observantcat

    Coach C:

    I think not Coach C. Monrovia is not worried about anything right now except finishing the season 14-0 and hopefully getting your SUPER ATHLETES on our schedule next year if that happens. Or unless like one of your other fans suggested they would rather take the chance on loosing to a more formidable opponent.

  • Coach C

    We just beat a PAC-5 team. Look at our schedule the last 10 years… we take all comers. We would love to switch out ND, BA, Loyola or Crespi for Monrovia next year, but then we would be accused of padding our schedule. Monrovia definitely needs to UPGRADE their schedule. Play Muir, St. Francis or any Pac-5 team.

  • Monrovia Fan

    I don’t even know where St. Francis is, so how can I be worried about them. Are they somewhere near Pico? Let’s go Cats!!

  • Observantcat

    Coach C:

    I think that would be a great move on the part of Bond. If you guys do that and Win I will never ever think that St. Francis couldn’t compete with athletic teams. Like I said from the get, this has been your best year for as long as I can remember and I think St. Francis deserves the praise. But it ‘s time to show what this team is really made up with. That CV game put a real damper on the minds of many. No matter how good some teams think they are, it only matters when both teams suite up and go after each other. Playing great teams doesn’t make you a great team, beating great teams does.

  • Huckster!!!!!


    Get your weak azz out of here! If these kids and coaches can’t take a little Pasadena Blog, then the “WORLD” will have them for “BREAKFAST” because they wont make it to lunch or dinner! Do you think “ESPN” shows any mercy for these athletes and coaches? Hell no they dont! But it might be different when a white man in a suit & tie on TV issues the criticism! Then I guess its validated! Which is truely sad too! Oh, I dont care what race, color or creed you are; I know youre a weakling! Just a sad human being swimming with sharks!



  • CK4L

    are you serious right now? everyone who continually brings up the CV game is ridiculous. every team has a bad game every once in a while. this year we’ve had one. that would be CV, however, we still came out with a win. a win is a win, whoever you talk to. and yes i did intentionally leave out the ND game because we played a hell of a game but came up just short. and did we not BEAT loyola? if you say they aren’t a great team, you’re dead wrong. they would walk all over monrovia, no doubt about it.

  • Observantcat

    ALl of the teams you mentioned minus maybe CV are good local area teams no doubt. I am just wondering where the plus’s are in all of your assumptions that you would be Monrovia? I hope that if we keep this issue alive maybe someone with that kind of decision making power could put this game into effect next season. By the way I do agree with you on the everyone has a bad game theory but had you guy’s lost it would have been more than just a bad game it would have been a catastrophe. Those are the kind of games that point out some of your weakness and If I had to guess what that was I would say it is stopping the run. If you couldn’t stop CV’s backfield you wouldn’t even be close to stopping Monrovia’s. And on the flip side your offense didn’t put up any real numbers in that game, Our defense is poised to wreak havoc on offenses like yours. No need of going on. LET”S PLAY!

  • SF Alum

    I don’t understand how people can compare high school sports teams. Honestly who cares what each team is ranked in this blog, who care who each other team plays, who cares if these teams dont want to play each other. Just get over it. Monrovia is having a hell of a year and so is SF. Monrovia almost slipped up 2 weeks ago and SF almost slipped up against CV. But the key word in that last statement was ALMOST!!! High School sports is all about the match ups. Maby SF does not match up to CV and say Monrovia does and beat the living piss out of them, but then you look at the Arcadia score where SF dominated and (correct me if im wrong) Monrovia did not have the same dominance over the same exact team. So for everyone comparing SF and Monrovia, WHO CARES. Good luck to both teams and lets hope maby 2 CIF football titles come to the WSGV.

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Amen! SF Alum!!!!!! I just want Muir to lose their final 3 games and complete the season on a great note! LMAO!!! And I hope their players are reading this!!!! We the “DOGS” wants your horse heads on a platter!!!

  • New York

    Nice post SF Alum. No, great post.

  • The Stang Fan

    Only the Huckster can turn a SF/Monrovia discussion into a “Muir is shi**y” discussion…..hilarious!

  • Philly B.

    SF Alum,
    Its about time you let this dumb discussion go, hopefully your SF faithful will follow suit, but then I again I doubted because of their arrogance of thinking they are so much better than everyone else in the area.

    Stang Fan,
    Dont worry in a few weeks, you’ll maybe be able to shut up the Huckster in the tussle

  • SF Alum

    Philly B

    The real question is why are you letting it bug you so much? If you they are wrong then let them have their moment of stupidity, the second you feed into it the more you drop down to their level.

  • Philly B.

    sf alum
    you have a legitimate point, but at the same time i like to have the last word. which sometimes in doing that i dumb down myself and like you say go down to their level. But watever for now its over which im happy to know….at least till next week, but now it that should be the last thing out sf fans mouth is monrovia

  • Muirfan!

    Funster, (heeheehee) Muir 25- Hoover 0 see ya tomorrow, better when we see you in the arroyo . the Falcons are flying tonight!

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