Football: Does Monrovia bring home a CIF ring this year?

It may be a lot of pressure to put on Monrovia with three Rio Hondo League games left before the start of the highly-anticipated CIF-Southern Section playoffs. But can you think of any reasons why the Wildcats wouldn’t bring home the school’s first CIF football championship? There’s been a lot of debate about Monrovia quarterback Nick Bueno, whether he can play Division I or II or III. But the reality is, who cares? You think Bueno’s thinking about that right now? The goal right now is win Friday against South Pasadena, etc. You can’t deny the kid’s talent. He’s smart, elusive, poised and a proven leader. Bueno weathered the “pressure” of starting at quarterback his sophomore year, and he delivered. As proven, Monrovia has not thrown the ball because simply put the Wildcats haven’t had to. This is a simple case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. We must be naive to think that Bueno can’t throw just because he hasn’t as much as he did last year. I thought as much heading into the Temple City game, but the reality is Bueno doesn’t have to throw, and Ryan Maddox knows that. He’s as dangerous on the ground as he is through the air, but so far the ground attack has been excruciating for opposing teams to defend. When talking about a championship you need to have balance, a great defense and a true offensive threat, and Monrovia has all three. Monrovia’s stable of running backs is unparalleled; the defense is as fast as they are physical from Josh Lowden and Ellis McCarthy to Craig Brown, Christian Blanco and Charlie Cimmarusti. Why would you bet otherwise? This is about as good a chance as Monrovia’s ever had in the last 15 years.

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  • Big Football Fanatic


  • New York

    “This is about as good a chance as Monrovia’s ever had in the last 15 years.”

    Monrovia’s finals dissapointments:
    1935 Santa Barbara 14-12(All Schools)
    1951 Pomona 26-13 (All Schools)
    1959 San Diego 53-0(AAA)
    1973 Cresenta Valley 14-7 (AAA)
    1982 Verbum Dei 7-0(Northwestern)
    1997 Mira Costa 28-14 (D9)
    1998 Paso Robles 28-24 (D10)
    1999 Paso Robles 24-10 (D10)

    Not to dismiss the composition of the Mid-Valley Division, but how about saying “this is the best chance Monrovia has ever had.”

  • Miguel Melendez

    Good pint, NY.

  • Romball

    Anyone seen Paraclete yet? If I am not mistaken aren’t they defending champs with a large amount of returning starters. Love me some Mtown but I I think it runs through Paraclete. I’m sure there is plenty of tape and ideas Monrovias past and future opponents have. Would love to see rematches of the close games in the playoffs.

  • SM fan

    What about San Marino? I wouldn’t bet on Monrovia beating them twice…

  • Trojan Man

    I HONESTLY believe that Monrovia HAS to be the team & Paraclete is running a CLOSE second based on prior years being in the “BIG GAME”. San Dimas IS WAY OVERRATED & so are most of the top 5 teams in the Divison with the exception of Monrovia & Paraclete . Look for RHS to make a STRONG PUSH ! They ARE NOT what they were last year , BUT there tough preseason scheduele will pay off come CIF playoffs.

    Fight On

  • Goldenarm

    monrovia did not blow out SM or TC…one penalty, one break one way or the other, and the undefeated streak dies.
    HOWEVER….total dominance is not needed to stay undefeated….but a great defense is, and so far M-town’s defense has been the true ace in the hole for the Wildcats.
    I expect them to get better, not worse. That could spell serious trouble should TC or SM get a rematch shot. I think M-town has San Dimas’ number – and Arroyo matches up poorly with M-towns size, aggressiveness and spped on D. Azusa and Montview teams…they don’t want to party with Lowden and friends, trust me.
    Paraclete will be in the mix and they know how to win in December. Mtown is the cream of the crop in the Mid.

  • Philly B.

    New york,
    You can dismiss the composition of the mid-valley division. Its ok, becuz its a joke, lets be honest, it needs to be fixed again. I rather have monrovia play in the western division to be honest with you.

    Honestly the only rematch I would love to see, would be san Dimas. I know we took care of them, but they are No.2 for a reason in the division I believe. No one is taking credit from Paraclete. But I think this is mornovia’s ring to lose then win in this weak division

    Oh I would defitely bet on Monrovia Beating San Marino twice. Our defense is better than theres. Two different teams from SM and TC. I think Maddox saw TC at the game and was saving it for the following week. also coming off a bye week is a hit or miss. I think it was a wak-up call for the cats, that everyone in league like always is gonna give the cats all they got.

    I dont think San Dimas is overrated. I think they have a good squad, I dont know much about paraclete, but i know they play sound football from what Ive seen when they played monrovia a couple seasons ago.

    Goldenarm: Azusa and Montview teams…they don’t want to party with Lowden and friends, trust me.
    hahahahaha, thats right!!! They dont!

  • Observantcat

    GA & Philly B.

    I think that the RHL will have a trifecta in the semi’s. Temple City and San Marino will probably play their best first round games ever knowing that they will either play San dimas or Baldwin Park or Azusa Or Paraclete in the opening rounds. That’s why having a team like Monrovia is good for the league, you figure you compete with them you can compete with any one of the other schools. Village Christian & Paraclete will find it a little more difficult to beat teams from the RHL this year. San Dimas and Baldwin Park could be spoilers for either of those two teams in the Quarter finals.

  • Desert Rat

    Oh boy do I love me some playoff talk.

    I still think M-town is the front runner this year….but our boys are going to put on one heck of a title defense. Some people may laugh at our 5-3 record now…but tell me who’s played a better/tougher schedule to this point? As a small school, we hung with the big boys. Now granted we lost close ones to Hart, St. Paul, and Barstow, but it plays well into the bigger scheme of things.

    And talking about the bigger scheme, someone mentioned we know all about winning in the postseason. That, I think is going to be our best asset. Repeating is hard enough, but being there before and knowing what it takes to get it done is going to help with this group. Now you have to put the onus on Rovia to fulfill their “destiny” per say. Their squad is going to have to learn their way into the finals. Conversely, our squads have it ingrained in there DNA, so getting deep into the postseason is commonplace for the Spirits.

    Speaking of defense, I’m biased but I’d have to gander and say Paraclete has the best defense in the division…with Rovia and Dimas right behind them. What the Spirits are doing to teams is scary and hard for some to comprehend….and I think they can take care of those M-Cats.

    The RHL is going to be tough…seeing that it’s going to be SM, TC, with M-Town again. But I’d probably bet we’re not going to go the same route in a couple weeks. We had SM, NV, TC, and Mead in 08. If CIF is smart, they’d pair M-Town and Paraclete at the different ends of the bracket and have BP and Dimas go to opposite sides too.

    While some teams have improved in the RHL, what makes you think it’s going to any easier for SM or TC to play Paraclete?

    Which ever way it shakes out, I can’t wait to get together will all you for some great postseason action.

  • RHL Observer

    I hate to put it on one player, but if Monrovia doesn’t win CIF it will be because of Beuno. From what I understand San Marino shut down Monrovia’s running game – zero points in the second half and never in the red zone and Beuno’s passing was ineffective. Contrary to your statement they had to the throw ball and he didn’t get the job done – the defense did. Remember you were not at the game. He’s a one dimensional running back playing QB and running the table in CIF will be hard for that reason. They could win CIF and likely have the best odds because defense wins football games. Monrovia’s defense beat SM stopping them at the goal line and then a two point conversion. The defense beat TC forcing TC mistakes. WIthout that Monrovia doesn’t put up enough points offensively in either game. I don’t mean to be so critical of a good kid and a high school player, but Miguel – you continue to over state his value. You say “he’s as dangerous on the ground as he is in the air” – when in the air has he done anything? If at all it’s a short pass to a talented RB. At the end of the year when you give out your award for best running back give it to Beuno – but dont’ give him best QB. Just growing tired of your promotion of Beuno.

  • New York

    I agree with most of what Dessert Rat said. Paraclete is the champ until they’re not. I don’t pay much attention to their 3 losses, just like Mira Costa’s 1997 loss to Loyola did not suggest Mira Costa was a lesser opponent. I still think this is Monrovia’s best shot because we have a strong team and the division is not as tough as past divisions. Not for nothing, but I doubt Clete has the sheer mass that Paso Robles had pushing through the long grass. Clete does have a championship formula, not to mention their unparalleled football training equipment.

    Observer and all others: think beyond a throwing QB, like the Alabama and Oklahoma teams of yester-year. Miguel has been quite a saleman, but don’t be spiteful toward Bueno. Rather, make a suggestion of other kids who are doing well too.

    Make the pie bigger.

  • Anonymous

    Paraclete has played & lost to some real teams or at least teams with reps. The Clete has played in games where they werent best team & have given those teams all they could handle. When they reach the playoffs theyll be as good or better than any team. They do what championship teams do, run the football, control the clock, & play D! As SM showed, this is a good recipe to beat M-Town, whether it happens, thats why they play the game! No matter what M-Towns record or seeding in the playoffs, The Clete are the favorites until theyre beat.

  • Observantcat

    I hate the burst the Bubble of SM, but if we were to meet up again I have Monrovia by 30. Yes you held off a non planed way of attack on the Monrovia but I saw holes in your defense that our kicker could roll through. We out ran you by over 260 yards . Our Defense was a bit too aggressive and allowed for you QB to throw the ball in the area where your receiver would most likely be Our secondary missed about 3 perfect interception attempts that could have caused this game to be over with in the first quarter We didn’t propel the Passing game and Bueno never really did what he normally does. He was looking to do more passing but after running in all of these games he just took what you game him. TC vs. SM will be more of a true comparison of what our league has to offer in terms of strength from 2nd place on down. I hope that SM is not laying it’s laurels on the Monrovia Game because if it is I have TC by 14. I’ll take Ruckle over Hung any day of the week.

  • RHP

    I think Rio Hondo Prep would give Monrovia a run for its money. Don’t forget, we are undefeated too!

  • New York

    I wish you had a moniker because you deserve credit for a very insightful post. I hope Monrovia’s players and coaches stay hungry and strive to get better every day because rankings do not win titles.

    I know I acknowledge that the Mid-Valley is not as tough as past Monrovia divisions, but there will definitely be challengers who disagree with a Monrovia-Paraclete finals. Whether they are teams built on discipline, talent or a bit of both: Baldwin Park, Pomona, San Dimas, San Marino, Temple City, Arroyo, etc can each potentially play spoiler. I’m sure there are others as well, especially in the playoffs when anything goes.

  • just passing thru

    Wow! So much pub for this Bueno kid. He must be good to be getting so much attention. But to be critical of a 16/17 year old kid is just plain pathetic. I’ve never heard of one player being the sole reason for not winning a game. So stop with the idiotic comments.

  • Cats fan

    RHL observer: Say what you want, but we like our chances with #4 under center. Like MHS fan said, “17 and 3 as a starting varsity QB.” Actually, I heard that he was 9 and 1 as a freshman QB. So obviously he is a WINNER.

  • Desert Rat

    Don’t get me wrong either…the Paraclete staff is really aware of what’s going down here. They know the names and numbers and respect the talent. If it is not M-Town and the Clete, then I just hope everyone gets a great show. You can’t discredit what other teams are doing, but I agree with the consensus, the division isn’t as tough as it has been. A lot of teams are down and in transition. Anything can happen thou…anything.

    As for Rovia, I don’t think it’s fair to put it all on Bueno. The question is going to be from here on out…who is going to step up and lead the charge? And that doesn’t excuse others from hangin out and watching..they have to be there too fighting just as hard. Guys are going to have to rally around each other. And I’ve seen the talent they hold. If they don’t get far…then that’s a big disappointment in my book.

    Good point anonymous…I think the Spirits best football is ahead of them. We’ve seen flashes, but the defense is hot and the offense should be close to breaking it wide open. Watch out…. 🙂

  • Romball

    Would I say Bueno is the best passing QB in the division. No. He is undersized for a QB and I believe he pulls the ball down a little early. Due to Mtowns excellent running game half the time the WR’s are running alone by themselves. This being said he has to throw to spots and the WR’s have to trust the ball will be there. I think due to quite a few dropped passes Bueno needs to regain confidence in his WR’s. Let’s face it D wins games, ball control wins games whether by air or ground. If Bueno passes just enough to unload the box….scary. I also believe some more screens to Deshawn and some more bubble screens to McCarthy and this offense will be unstoppable. No one denies the D is a handful.

  • Anne Onimus

    RHL Observer, you hate to put it on one player but yet you do it. First off, no true Monrovia fan ever put all the victories solely on Bueno(correct spelling). He plays a big role, but it takes eleven at every snap to win games. So for you to come in here and solely put it on him if they lose is beyond IDIOTIC. And get your facts straight. How can Bueno’s passing be ineffective against SM when they only threw the ball a total of seven times all night(4-7). And yes I was at that game. So get your facts right, ineffective would be if he only completed 6 of 18 attempts. FYI, last year he threw for over 1000 yards, 10 tds and only 3 interception. So now you’re gonna have to come up with another reason why you don’t like this kid. Just because he’s getting all this right up, don’t take it out on the kid. And again, calling out and being critical on one kid is beyond IDIOTIC.

  • Big Football Fanatic

    All this BS about Bueno! You people are missing one key fact.

    He’s a Great Baseball Player! He plays Football but Baseball is his best sport and his ticket to College.

    He’s an ALL-Star In-Fielder that hit over .450 last season, and will probably be in the pitching rotation soon.

    So don’t worry about his size, etc. it really doesn’t matter.

  • Fightin’ Titan

    hate to break it to you BFF, but as stupid as it is, size means even more in college baseball recruiting. When you can only give scholarships to 8 or so guys (partial scholarships at that) they have to narrow it down some way, and most often it is by size

  • Fightin’ Titan

    hate to break it to you BFF, but as stupid as it is, size means even more in college baseball recruiting. When you can only give scholarships to 8 or so guys (partial scholarships at that) they have to narrow it down some way, and most often it is by size (UCLA’s baseball team’s shortest players are two guys who are 5’10”)


    I think Monrovia has a great shot at taking it all..They have rolled thru their oppenents(except SM)..say what you want, but i haven’t seen anyone who can keep up with them on a 4 quarter basis..Seems like Paraclete has someone filming a big game every week.. Must think they are concerned with the boys in the WSGV..Paraclete has to be considered though since they have 18 returning starters. Not alot of people know that this was supposed to be Paracletes’ year not last year..Just excited to hear the playoff gods talking..

    You must be crazy to think you can compete w/ Monrovia..They are a beast of another kind..You would be competing for a playoff spot in our league..

    Monrovia Fans,
    Although I am a TC fan, I think you have the coach to take you to the promise land.. He has shown from day 1 that he was the right man for the job.. You guys are more disciplined this year then every before. It wasn’t that Garrison wasn’t a good coach I just think his philosophies got old after 15 years..Best of luck to you guys the rest of the season and no matter what we are RIO HONDO LEAGUE..

  • Goldenarm

    rhl this week

    Many of the TC faithful have not set foot on or seen Muir’s “new” playing field…and either remember the old field – or have never even been to Stangland at all. Those that go Friday will be pleasantly surprised I think.
    Last year we destroyed Blair on the ground…but they did cut loose Katorio Walker for a couple long ball catches and always have a scattering of real speed and atleticism in their lineup, along with some 300 lb bodies that are difficult to move. I believe their nose tackle (#70) is returning – he is a load. Their squad last year played till the end and supported one another on the field…at the time I thought that was a bright light… that might carry over to the next season. It should have…not sure why it did’nt. They had a rough start with St Maggies and have struggled. As banged up as TC is – we need to show up and take care of business.
    The Green monster shook off hibernation and is back on the hunt. So Pas needs to protect the ball and capitalize on ANY error the Cats might make. More D than the Tigers can handle, it will be tough to move the chains for So Pas.
    SM / LC
    LC was the best game TC has played this year…and the Spartans just gave up too many turnovers. LC will have to nut up and put the brakes on Hung and the SM ground game – or it is lights out. Mini-Do (Kwame) is a solid reciever out of the backfield and could sneak in a TD on La Canada. Mooney has the O-D lines playing better than they are….nothing new there. If LC gets physical and Moore’s recievers catch the ball – La Canada has a good shot to upset the 6-1 Titans. Yoder needs a solid game plan. Somebody cover Yortsos.
    La Canada in an upset 24-23.

  • Goldenarm

    I would like to extend a get well quick to TC’s #21 Josh Simongunsong. Apologies if I butchered his last name.
    He got a green and white concussion last week,,,,scared the hell out of his buddies on the team, as he was obviously dazed, scoring an F on the standard “what day is it” question. Word is he is doing fine – and I hope that is true.

    He got a start at corner I believe against Rosemead and IMMEDIATELY made an impact, and has been making stellar plays ever since…. despite being the size of a 6th grader. He has been on the verge on breaking a punt return as well – it was going to happen. Hopefully he will get a chance to suit up again this season….hang in there Josh.

  • Desert Rat


    I wouldn’t go as far as saying Paraclete is concerned. That is how you stay up on the competition. There have been scouts all over the SGV filming games. That’s how we do it. NY and Goldenarm can tell you how serious the staff is about scouting. And not just getting film, but making sure they see teams live one or two times.

  • The Stang Fan

    There is NO QUESTION that M-town can win the ‘ship this year! Combine what they have going over there with the level of teams in the Mid-Valley and you’ve got an EXCELLENT shot at winning a ring.

    The only team who can take them down, as discussed below, is Paraclete. As we all well know, those three tough losses will work in their favor in the long run. Monrovia hasn’t seen ANY Hart’s or SP’s….not that those teams are what they used to be, but they are still MUCH different than the SM’s and SD’s.

    The final (is there really any question) should be a great game.

  • New York

    Desert Rat,

    “The most valuable commodity I know of is information”–Gordon Gekko.

  • Big Football Fanatic

    Fightin Titan

    Tell that to all the 5’8″ players in the MLB!

    Not to mention the last Wildcat Drafted to the Majors
    I think McKiernan was 5’9″ maybe?

    The Angels Infield- Aybar,Izturis, figgins, not big but fast, just like Bueno.

  • Panther Pride

    There are currently about 40 MLB players that are 5’9″ or shorter, and a ton more that are 5’10”. Some notable players: Rollins, Figgins, Izturis, Tejada, Furcal, Eckstein, Stairs, Victorino Cabrera, Vizquel and Pedroia.

  • Fightin’ Titan

    Panther Pride and BFF,

    Yes, there are MLB players who are 5’9” and possibly shorter. In that list however, are many older stars who didn’t go to college this decade. Also, 40 of them out of 800 is only 5%. And that is assuming that it is 40 players total of the 25man rosters, 40 man rosters drops that down to 3.4%.

    Also, I was saying his hopes of a COLLEGE scholarship are not immune to his lack of size, he could very well get a scholarship to play, but being smaller than other recruits will definitely hinder him comparably.

    PS McKiernan is 5’11” and was a stellar pitcher, comparing him to an outfielder’s size is like comparing a DB to an Olineman…there is no relation between then…

  • Philly B.

    I’ll say I that I give San Marino a lil credit for knocking the rust out of monrovia. But I wont as far as go and punch their ticket in the playoffs. After this week if they knock out LC. then maybe, but as far right now. TC,SM,&LC are all in the same bracket right now, and I cant say what two teams will make the playoffs along side Monrovia. I can give a nod to T.C. cuz of history but thats about it.
    Village Christian usually plays good against the teams in WSGV. So I wont boast about the RHL being so tough into the playoffs. Would I like the RHL as a whole to step up and show the rest of the division, that we’re more than just monrovia, and maybe T.C. but across the board, our league is well represented going into playoffs. I dont want to play San Dimas again in the playoffs, unless it’s semi’s or the championship depending on the seeding. Bring on Rosemead, bring on Paraclete(if we can get homefield). If san marino wants to be taken seriously, i think they need to get pass the first round. So for example if they have azusa in the 1st round and cant take them out handily than, its the same ol thing in titan town.

    RHL Observer
    You really think that if SM got another crack again in the playoffs, that Monrovia’s run game will be shut down??? You give Mooney a lil too much credit, he’s a great coach! But the talent he had at TC is not the same in SM. Hes got the line playing great but I ask if that was skill or luck in SM’s play. I SAY THAT WAS LUCK. Monrovia would let loose if they were matched up to play again. Ive use the cliche on how hard it is to beat a team twice. But its been a good 5years since Sm last beat Monrovia. I dont think either SM or rosemead could take Monrovia out. But I still do fear if we have to play San Dimas again. Some people say their over-rated but i disagree, they have a pretty good running game, but once again our defense is at another level this season. As far as Monrovia’s success being all on Bueno’s Shoulders???? I dont think so. Everyone still says Bueno’s arm is ineffective, he you stop the run then you can beat monrovia blah blah blah. SM did that in the 2nd half, AND STILL LOST!!!! Good receipe is something that works and it didnt for SM. So its not all up to bueno to put the team on his shoulders. Everyone on the offense has to take care of business. everyone on the defense has to take care of business. Paraclete, I hope we see ya in the playoffs should be a good matchup. I hope you have more plays than your fullback in the flats like last time you met the cats. Tell you right now our defense is pretty damn good, and wont allow a back to come out to the flats without Lowden Coming in to wreck havoc. Monrovia didnt put up points against tc. I mean Id say 37 is a good amount, but maybe your looking for bigger scores than that…. to be continued……cuz i usually have to let people know whats up and this blog is already too long haha!

  • Philly B.

    Anne Onimus&Romball
    Thank you for putting some sense into this blog. RHL Observer sounds like Monrovia hater. Maybe he Observes from St. Francis, thats why he hates on bueno, and cant really see whats going on in the RHL.

    Respect for your squad being undefeated, but I’ll ask and then Ill go check for myself to make sure. But who have you played????

    We’ll see if Paraclete comes out of the woodworks in the playoffs. Azusa and BP may have something to say about that. Then After that T.C. and LC/SM may have something so say about that too.

    Desert Rat
    How serious is your scouting staff???? All Over SGV???/ Arroyo, Gladstone, pomona, T.C., Monrovia, Village Christian, BP, San Dimas???? Lot of ground to cover…

  • Anonymous

    Eddie is 6-0 in the game day program, 5-10 in real life.

  • RHP

    Philly B,
    Who have you played?

  • Desert Rat

    Philly B:

    Yes, they’re all over. Got most of the teams you’ve mentioned plus a couple more.

  • Philly B.

    Who have we played???? Im not going to even respond to that one. the only school you have a chance with is maybe La Salle. Dont start a war of words with Monrovia or any other school in the top ten. You will lose. Your not even in the same state division as monrovia. Your in the small school state division ranked 286! We’ve played San Dimas, T.C. enough said. Who have you played, I”ll ask again. Dont take your undefeated record too literally.

  • Philly B.

    Desert Rat,
    Well then thats some damn good scouting, but you obviously know, it takes more than that of course. Its all about execution on how to stop the opposiing team. but unlike some of these bloggers, I know you got some sense so I know you already know.

  • Desert Rat

    Philly B:

    Yeah, I think we’re on the same page.

  • RHP

    We take are undefeated season are serious as you do. Plus, we are going for our 2nd Championship in a row. What have you done in the last 2 years?

  • YO

    Aren’t you the one who is always calling St Francis fan arrogant? Well your last comments about Rio Hondo Prep, were pretty arrogant.

  • Philly B.

    First off, the reason why i say that is because SF fans come on here and start criticizing on how SF would put a whopping on Monrovia, and saying how much better they are to everyone else. 2nd you obviously didnt see the first blog,

    RHP: I think Rio Hondo Prep would give Monrovia a run for its money. Don’t forget, we are undefeated too!

    COME ON MAN I was responding to that statement asking them the question who have they played? Because what would make a rio hondo prep fan think they would have a chance with monrovia. Thats like saying Monrovia could keep it close with a school like Edison, Or Orange Lutheran! a good game between SF and Monrovia is not far fetched, theres the difference!!!!!

    RHP thats cool your undefeated fine, but your going for your 2nd championship in your league or your division???? Either way, the level of competition is not the same no matter how you look at it! Maybe you could battle with the likes of Montview league, but our bottom teams in the weak RHL like South Pas would take out a team like RHP. Im sorry to sound ARROGANT but im just stating a true fact.

    O-cat, ny, miguel, stang fan, desert rat all know Im blunt but for the most part i speak the truth and keep it real. and if you cant deal with that, dont read my blogs PLAIN&SIMPLE

  • MoneyTalks


    I have seen Rio Hondo Prep and the type of competition they play. They can beat local teams like TC, SPAS, El Monte…etc. They aren’t that bad. They are the only team in the SGV that constantly win CIF titles. Much more than any other team can say, so don’t discount the program. As well, they could be the best coached team in the SGV. They blew away a great Chadwick team last week. The real test will be in CIF. There is a great team this year in that CIF Div., St. Geneieve. They are lead by a QB, Chris Navarro, who has over 1000 yards rushing and 1000 passing. He reminds me of a Bueno. Bueno is a better runner, but Navarro can pass better.

    I think you should find the time to observe these teams and you will see.

  • Anonymous

    Cats Fan!

    Your obviously not a real cats fan cause he didn’t even start at QB as a freshman. Do some research man

  • RHL Fan

    Interesting that you pick LC over SM Goldenarm because if SM wins it guarantees a playoff birth for TC and SM but if LC wins and SM beats you guys, we have a three way tie. If LC does win, then that final week of the season (TC vs SM) is gonna be a good one

  • Correction to your correction


    I think Cats Fan meant that as a Freshmen, he led the Freshmen team to a 9-1 record, not the Varsity. Read his comment again slowly.

  • anonymous

    Correction to your Correction; As a freshman, Nick Bueno did not start at QB for the freshman team, do your research again slowly

  • Anonymous

    nick bueno did start at quarterback when he was a freshmen

  • Philly B.

    Money Talks
    You may be right, RHP is consistant, they win the majority of their games they got CIF titles, but in a division that I still think is small and not as good than the weak a** Mid-Valley Division. Plain&Simple. Now I can agree with you the RHP can probably take out a team like El MOnte and South pas. But T.C. I doubt that highly, im sure goldenarm will agree. RHP would never beat T.C.! I’ll do my research but my opinion will still be the same. I see when you mentioned the teams that you said RHP could beat, I noticed Monrovia wasnt one of those teams. So you know as well, what RHP was saying is a bit ludacris!

  • Correction to your correction

    anonymous, I don’t have to research it, I was at every game. Bueno started at QB his Freshmen year.

  • MoneyTalks


    I hear you bro.

  • RHP

    MoneyTalks says “etc”…That may include Monrovia

  • Philly B

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