Football: The PSN’s Top 10 rankings, explained

Above: Steve Yortsos & Co. will have their hands full when San Marino hosts La Caada on Friday.


1. ST. FRANCIS (6-1) — The Golden Knights’ 27-23 win over Loyola last week was huge, the first in 27 years. Talk about breaking a bad spell. I wasn’t at the game but from reading the story it sounded like it was a good one. And good for St. Francis QB Justin Posthuma redeeming himself. And I agree, good story from Eric Sondheimer at the L.A. Times. Posthuma connected with sophomore Travis Talianko for a 3-yard touchdown with 11 seconds left in the game.

2. MONROVIA (7-0) — I’ve gotten quite a few emails asking why Monrovia is unbeaten yet ranked No. 2 instead of No. 1. Well, as I’ve explained before (haven’t I?) St. Francis has played much much tougher competition. They were this close to beating Sherman Oaks Notre Dame and just beat Loyola, and in spite of losing running back Anthony Barr (broken leg) early in the season and their head coach Jeff Kearin — who resigned halfway through the season for personal reasons — the win over the Cubs (3-4) is still impressive because Loyola’s a perennial power in the CIF-Southern Section Pac-5 Division. However, there is no doubt the Wildcats are the best team in the Mid-Valley Division and arguably the best team in the SGV. From this point on it’ll be up to Monrovia whether it finishes unbeaten or not. Then, of course, the playoffs begin and there’s no telling from there on.

3. SAN MARINO (6-1) — The Titans will have their hands full Friday night when they host the Spartans. Both teams are coming off impressive wins over South Pasadena and Blair, respectively. If I had to guess, the Rio Hondo League finishes like this: 1. Monrovia; 2. San Marino; 3. Temple City; 4. La Caada; 5. South Pasadena; 6. Blair.

4. TEMPLE CITY (3-3-1) — Well, what can you say about the Rams. They are hurting right now with injuries depleting the roster. That said, Temple City shouldn’t run into any problems with Blair on Friday night. For the sake of argument, why not let Max Ruckle dictate the offense, just to see if the Rams’ ground attack is superior to the passing game. If Ruckle runs wild for 300+ yards then you have your answer. But then again, this would be coming against Blair so there wouldn’t be much revealing.

5. ALHAMBRA (4-2) — In retrospect, the Moors should have moved up to No. 4 in these rankings. Alhambra’s coming off a 28-21 win over Montebello, and this game was all the more impressive because Alhambra won on the road. The road show continues when the Moors travel to San Gabriel. I’m going to try to make it out for the first half, but no promises. Keith Lair will be there on assignment.

6. RIO HONDO PREP (7-0) — The Kares exacted vengeance last week when they derailed Chadwick, 43-7. Some competition. Rio Hondo Prep, however, still has some kinks to iron out when it comes to its passing game, and they’ll need one when they head to the playoffs. For now the offense can survive without it, but not come playoffs.

7. SAN GABRIEL (4-3) — C’mon, who really pegged the Matadors to win at Bell Gardens, and by a blow out no less. Certainly not me, but as usual San Gabriel wakes up in the nick of time. Last week’s 49-28 win over Bell Gardens was impressive because the injury-plagued Matadors held the Lancers scoreless in the second half.

8. LA CAADA (3-3) — No Josh Hanson meant Spartans QB Rocky Moore was left without his biggest and best target when they played host to Temple City. With Hanson back in the lineup La Caada has a legitimate shot at knocking off San Marino and putting its playoff hopes in doubt.

9. MARANATHA (5-2) — I still don’t have a hold of Maranatha. I’m not sold yet, I’m not doubting either. I’m down the middle. “Cheer- leader!” posted in the Star-Picks thread that Maranatha is a cute team … Yeah, cuz “cute” make teams win.

10. LA SALLE (3-4) — The Lancers are in a must-win situation on Friday when they host Mary Star of the Sea (4-3, 2-0). Mary Star brings a balanced offense whose offense is spotty at best. QB Cole Webb has 476 yards passing with two touchdowns and six interceptions. James Hungerford leads the ground attack with 388 yards and five touchdowns. La Salle (3-4, 0-1) is coming off a bye, and it couldn’t have come at a better time as the Lancers are nursing some injuries. La Salle QB Mike Novell has completed 61 percent of his passes (727 yards, nine touchdowns and five interceptions).

OTHERS CONSIDERED: Pasadena (4-3, 3-1).

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  • New York

    Your commentary on Alhambra is too funny…why not move them to #4 prior to completing the Top 10? They are 4-2 and beat Temple City, the team ranked above Alhambra…

    Pasadena is 4-3 but unranked while La Salle is 3-4 and La Canada is 3-3…

  • Anonymous

    Wow…LaSalle has a MUCH harder schedule than Maranatha, gave Village Christian (a top-10 Mid Valley Division team) it’s only loss so far, and BEAT Maranatha…and yet they’re rated behind them. Ouch.

    Then again the likes of Muir, Arcadia, PHS etc. would destroy both teams…and they’re not even in the Top 10.

  • Philly B

    I agree with new york when it comes to ranking pasadena. They’re 4-3!! Last I checked thats a winning record. I find it also funny how under monrovia, you continue to talk about St. Francis, but im not mad, i know you had to explain to those that dont get it. I already made it known, me being a monrovia fan dont care too much now about PSN rankings, but care about Cif rankings cuz playoffs are around the corner. So Rio Hondo 6th??? lil high for my liking. If Pasadena Takes care of CV, and you still dont rank them…. thats where you gonna have a problem LOL.

  • Miguel Melendez

    Philly B: There’s always a misconception that I don’t like certain teams, whether it be Monrovia, St. Francis, etc, etc … If PHS beats CV on Friday the ‘Dogs for sure get in the top 10. I don’t see it happening, but we’ll see.

  • I’m just say’in

    Miguel in order to rank a team with a losing record over a team with a winning record you must think La Salle could beat PHS? If not you must personally prefer one over the other. Explain your rationale. Joke!

  • Photo Police


    The picture above of Titans Yortsos, Hung and Myers is from 2008. How about updating your photo bank or maybe sending a camera to a SM game!

  • Coach C

    I think this is St Francis’ year to win a CIF title. I think it is between them and Alemeny in the Western. Great story on D. Riley and all the great college programs that want the POY in the WSGV. He does it all.

  • Philly B.

    I understand where you’re coming from. I dont think you disslike certain teams, but you cant make everybody happy including myself so what are you gonna do? Yeah Im not gonna be as doutbful as you are. Hopefully the dogs Defense will come through this week, and stay coming consistently cuz they’re gonna need it if they want a Playoff Berth I think.

  • LSHS

    New York, Philly B, im just saying,

    I completely disagree. Look at the schedules:

    Pasadena:Wins agianst Jordan, Hoover, Arcadia, and Glendale. Losses against Westchester, Saugus, and Burroughs.

    La Salle:Wins against Village Christian, Maranatha, and Blair. Losses against San Marino, Temple City, Monrovia, and Verbum Dei.

    The only credible win is against Jordan for PHS. Arcadia, Hoover, and Glendale are not very good at all this year. La Salle wins the same four games as PHS has.

    If you look at it PHS has not done anything unexpected, they need to beat either CV or Burbank to be seeded. I think PHS should be favored in the game against Muir, but that is a rivalry game that could go either way. Now I know you will come back and compare teams like Arcadia and Maranatha, but the truth is Arcadia, etc is down. La Salle pound for pound should be ranked higher than PHS this week. I mean La Salle beat Maranatha and they are somehow ranked higher than La Salle. So, the rankings dont really matter, it is more of a what have you done for me lately type of deal. Sadly that is exactly how almost all of Southern California sports are. What have you done for me lately.

  • New York


    Pretty sound argument. Remember, though, I did not devote my entire post to the La Salle vs. PHS ranking.

    BUT, regarding La Salle and PHS: I’m not sure which of La Salle’s wins compares to PHS’s win at Long Beach Jordan. I’m not even sure how good LBJ is without their star QB, which left the game against PHS.

    So: even making the argument that La Salle’s 3 victories are comparable quality to PHS’s 4 victories, you would need to err on the side of the team with one more of those comparable victories.

    This Friday should answer some questions about PHS.

  • I’m just say’in

    LSHS, your right the rankings don’t mean a whole lot and your argument is sound. However when it’s this subjective it boils down to do you think La Salle could beat PHS? If the answer is yes then they belong where they are if no PHS should be ranked ahead of them. Bottom line is youre a La Salle fan I’m a PHS fan so I understand your argument and rationale, what is Miguel’s. Whether we want to admit it or not when it’s this subjective it comes down to whom you prefer.

  • Angry DENA DOG!

    That’s fine, Leave PHS out of YOUR mix, we don’t need/want the jinx…..


    THIS WEEK’S GAMES — WITH PREDICTIONS-your own word!!! from 10/26/09 blog.

    Hoover at Muir, 7 p.m.

    Alhambra at San Gabriel, 7 p.m. — Alhambra
    La Caada at San Marino, 7 p.m. — San Marino
    Burbank at Arcadia, 7 p.m. — Burbank
    Temple City vs. Blair at PCC, 7 p.m. — Temple City
    South Pasadena at Monrovia, 7 p.m. — Monrovia
    Mary Star at La Salle, 7 p.m. — La Salle
    Crescenta Valley at Pasadena, 7 p.m. — Pasadena
    Azusa at Duarte, 7 p.m. — Azusa

    You pick
    PHS over CV.

    Now you change your mind!!

    Miguel Melendez said:
    Philly B: There’s always a misconception that I don’t like certain teams, whether it be Monrovia, St. Francis, etc, etc … If PHS beats CV on Friday the ‘Dogs for sure get in the top 10. I don’t see it happening, but we’ll see.

    Please explain!!!

    Go DOG!!! Win, Win!!

  • Bob Anon
  • CK4L

    “There’s always a misconception that I don’t like certain teams, whether it be Monrovia, St. Francis, etc, etc … If PHS beats CV on Friday the ‘Dogs for sure get in the top 10. I don’t see it happening, but we’ll see.”

    hahahahah.. you not liking monrovia? good one miguel. good one.

  • GrimReaperxxx

    It is truly sad to witness the demise of a once great program. How many SGV schools can boast that they had the best team in the Southern Section, quite possibly in the nation as recently as 1970-1. Only now to be a complete door mat with little student support, and less community support.

    Poor Blair, we should all wish them well, as a continuation of the current path has only one outcome. The end of a once great program, due to lack interest based on lack of success. It truly must be hard to compete, when you know on opening day, whatever team sport you join, you will endure disheartening defeat after defeat.

    I salute your athletes for their pure love of sport and wish you a renascence. Good luck, all the best for you.

  • Viking supporter

    Blair has a Athletic Department know. Parks has cleaned house and brought in coaches that will grow the program. Yes, Blair’s theme has been “in today, out tomorrow” but things have changed. Parks is in his 2nd year and by what I hear he’s coming back. A new BBall coach boys and girls, Baseball and softball coach and boys volleyball will compete for the first time in decades. Things are getting better and the interest is picking up. Don’t count us out yet, let’s see if the AD (Parks) will be around.. Got the BBall schedule from my kid, November 28 Crenshaw High School, South Torrance Dec. 1, Carson Jan.6 All at Blair ! St.Margret’s known this but I like his passion to compete against the best.

  • I’m just say’in

    Viking Supporter,
    Dude aren’t you the one who said Blair had D1 talent, recruiter’s were at the school, Parks turned the program around and Blair would be better this year? Blair has won 1 game in 1 1/2 years and most likely will go 0-for 2009. That kind of pattern is hard to break, it resonates for years, ask Keppel and Marshall. You were down on Tip but he won more games in 2 weeks than Parks has in 2 years. You have to look to your principal, how many times can one change around the athletic department? I hope for the students sake it turns around but it does not look good for the near future. A word to you Viking Supporter, at the football banquet don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

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