Robledo: This is why the ‘Clete will win the Mid Valley

Above: For you Monrovia fans, here’s what Freddy looks like in case you want to give him an earful.

Fred Robledo, who has covered San Gabriel Valley Preps almost as long as I’ve been alive, makes a very interesting point about Paraclete possibly reaching the Mid Valley Division finals again and why Monrovia will lose in the semifinals.

Mid-Valley rankings 1. Monrovia, 2. San Dimas, 3. Azusa, 4. Baldwin Park, 5. Paraclete, 6. San Marino, 7. Village Christian, 8. Arroyo, 9. Gladstone, 10. La Puente. I post these rankings to show the championship is going to be San Dimas and Paraclete. Sorry MTown, Paraclete is a different animal and its a shame that because they lost to some very tough teams, they will probably get the No. 4 seed when the playoffs start, which means they will knock off No. 1 Monrovia in the semis. I’m guessing San Dimas will beat Baldwin Park for the VVL title, knocking Baldwin Park behind Paraclete and thus moving Paraclete to No. 4. There is no way Azusa is losing to anyone in the Montview, so they’re locked in at No. 3. Just as San Dimas and Northview found out last year, being No. 1 isn’t always fair. Monrovia should play someone like Azusa in the semis, but with Paraclete looming at No. 4, I’m afraid they won’t get to stop San Dimas again, Paraclete will.

All joking aside, Robledo makes a very good point and gives the CIF rankings a whole new meaning when looking at it in perspective. What have you say Observantcat and New York?

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  • Observantcat

    Keep on drinking that Eastside Koolaide diluted with a 40 oz. You have never been a true Wildcat Fan. I think after this year you will change your tune. In the Mid-Valley this year and for the next 2 years its MONROVIA then EVERYONE else. Since you haven’t seen the Wildcats play I will give you a One time pass before the playoffs. Save yourself a lot of ink because you still think that San Dimas has a chance in the playoffs. They wont even get past our Third place team. Since you must remain unbiased (ha, ha) you haven’t been right once this year when it comes to the CATs. Bottom line is that they are better than YOU would like to imagine. Think inside the box, because you are so far outside the box you mind is blurred. As far as a different Animal? Well if you remember back in 2007 the score was just 23-20 and we have twice the team we had back then. So Miguel if I were you I would put myself on the Map and go with Your Westside Team in the finals to win and win big. No shame in being right.

  • Big Football Fanatic

    Well I guess since Fred says it’s so?

    Okay Cats pack-it-up! You’re all done, Robledo says your thru!

    This isn’t Chess and nobody can see who will win 4 moves ahead. I respect Fred’s opinion but I’ve been reading his stuff a long time and he is wrong quite often, and I think this is one of those times.

  • New York

    I would be more concerned if Freddy’s track record for annoynting champions were not so poor. His declaration of San Dimas in 2008 was laughable.

    All jokes aside, Paraclete is a serious program. Within the past 10 years, Clete has won CIF titles with THREE different head coaches. That is quite a legacy that Haggerty left behind.

    Fred’s logic seems based on an acceptance that Paraclete will win the whole thing but without explaining why Paraclete is the best.

    The title above led me to think that I would see a football analysis on Paraclete’s strengths, not simply a bracket analysis.

    I don’t know how, in good conscience, the CIF can rank Paraclete 4th, rather than #1-3…

    One thing seems certain: a Paraclete-Monrovia game will likely be over early due to each team’s preference to run the football.

  • FredJ

    Awww, don’t be so sensitive, you know I’m never right

  • Observantcat


    You really got to my funny bone.

  • Philly B.

    I hope and pray you DONT have to swallow those words. You know San Dimas and San Marino would be a good match-up Id love to see. Assuming SM loses to T.C. and is the 3rd place team. Yeah Fred this is chess not checkers, but like you said, you’re never right, so I hope your wrong ONCE again!!! Another Animal???? Yeah you havent seen Monrovia’s defense, cuz thats a beast within itself!

  • Observantcat

    Philly B:

    I really dont think that Monrovia has even played it’s best football and I still think they are heads above the rest. Now that Ramirez is carrying the ball more, I think that other teams will not be prepared for an all out war that will loom when the offense is pure form. I dont know if you saw the San Dimas Game, but they have major issues stopping the run and with teams like SM who’s strategy is to beat you by owning the Clock they could cause havoc on a team like SD. Temple City has a much better passing game than most teams will be accustomed too, add Ruckle at 15-20 per carry and you have just knocked off 90% of the Mid Valley competition. I may talk BOLD but when you look at my throat has remained pretty clear. I’m not nocking Paraclete, I’m sure they are aware of this Monrovia team and maybe other teams in the RHL, but my gut tells me that they will not be prepared for the challenge.

  • New York

    Desert Rat,

    How many of your players are Air Force kids?

  • Desert Rat


    None actually.

  • GrimReaperxxx

    having watched Paraclete in last year’s CIF playoffs, it is clear that they have a good program with good athletes. They play tough, have size, and speed. If they are bringing back 18 starters from last year’s team, Fred is not going out too far on a limb with his pick.

    It is clear that Monrovia has a very good team, but anything can happen in the playoffs. That is why they play the games, rather than award W’s based on statistical analysis. Aside from my observations on the fixable weaknesses (conditioning, missed assignments, and substitution difficulties) I have written about on this blog, Monrovia may just end up being a little too one dimensional on offensive to take it all. Running offensives are great (with my traditional big IF) if you are ahead or in a tight game. But if you have to come from behind, lack of a passing game will really hurt.

    For those Monrovia fans, I wish you well. I hope you hold a lead in every second half you play, and you get all the calls. That way you will stay happy and not have to use the refs as an excuse. Good Luck! If Bueno really can pass (I haven’t seen it yet-& I havent seen him check off to a secondary or third receiver), you can’t lose unless you give it away.

  • Goldenarm

    PhillyB is correct, Monrovia has not yet played their best football.

    Defensively their have an armor that takes many, many hits to break through. This crew is near where they need to be right NOW. This defense would perform well in most any Division you care to drop them into (sorry Reno). Maddox aims them to take away your strength…so one dimensional offenses are screwed…you better have a mixed offensive attack and game plan. Their team speed enables them to prevent the BIG PLAY, when they do have a lapse. A rare example to this was Ruckle’s first carry for a 47 yd TD, when TC caught Monrovia with their pants down on a defensive stunt. It would be the only BIG running play the Rams would see that night.

    On offense, Monrovia is not overpowering anyone with precision and execution…moreso with the individual talents of the key players on the O -crew. Just my opinion, but the offense is far from the potential of where they could be. Some of this could lie in “both ways” conditioning and general game fatigue, since Bueno, Ramirez and a slew of other Cats play both sides of the ball. Staying healthy could be a key for M-town down the stretch.
    With all the crap said about Bueno, the bottom line is the kid is smart and will win, rather than lose games for M-town. The OC needs to put him a position where he has options, and I think this is understood. Doing that, he becomes a huge impact player and a thorn in any defensive strategy. Forget about him at your own peril.
    M-town missed PAT’s, we blocked one and they were stopped on a 2 point conversion. Lowden is a better linebacker than punter and their kickoff return team did not field short kicked balls very well. Yeah, they are far from perfect.
    HOWEVER – as seen from Coach of the Year Maddox’s comments, they know the king lives out among the cacti and is watching them even as they change jocks. Not a problem, respect is due and given. The pool format is not the problem FJR suggests…Monrovia is the best team in the division, and Maddox and staff are laser focused in getting it right.
    Not mentioned is the usual snub on the RHL underlings (TC/SM)….who last year the East Side (Valle Vista and Montview)said without doubt they would kick our assses. You think they would learn not to forget us again. Not fully respecting Monrovia is part of the big
    picture of snubbing west side football altogether.

  • Goldenarm

    one thing to note..
    When everyone is done and you are still playing it feels really good but also strange. We at TC last year were without a head coach (thanks, Admin, great job)and basically walking on virgin ground toward a semi-final game. You lose some of the normalcy and routine that has worked for you all season long.

    You cannot discount the Clete’s familiarity with the playoff atomosphere as a big advantage for them. They know how to scout and know how to practice and prepare. They have already asked and answered questions many coaching staffs have yet to encounter…due to lack of playoff experience. Lastly, Knight field offers a homefield advantage, which includes testicle shrinkage in frozen desert wind conditions. Not sure Lowden is ready for that one.

  • Observantcat


    Just though I would mention this while you set the record straight. In the SM game and the TC game We used our Freshman Kicker who I though for being a Freshman did a wonderful Job. He is also going to be on the the areas best Wide Receivers in years to come. You may see him in pads as a varsity receiver this year in the playoffs along with a couple of other talented freshman. Our regular kicker is Christian Blanco who is also another one of our running threats, who was sidelined in both games due to injury. As Far as our kick off and punt return teams go, Maddox was at it again with having Charlie Cimmarusti playing return guy, although one of the toughest guys on the team he is by far not the normal return guy at all. We normally use #17 #32 #27 #28 #9 etc. the list goes on. Maddox isn’t afraid of allowing others to play positions from time to time showing his loyalty as a Coach to guys who want a chance to play another position. All that will change during playoff time, we will have our X’s & O’s covered and our special teams will be back to what you might expect! Very Dangerous. Maddox will have his guys ready for the Big Games in every category.

  • New York

    Monrovia vs. Paraclete is a LOOOONGGGGG ways away. Heck, the playoffs are three weeks away.

    Monrovia players and coaches should remember (or be told) that during our streak in the late 90’s, our only league blemish was BLAIR…we tied little ‘ol BLAIR the same year we beat an 8-0 Temple City team in 1996. Also that year, we fumbled a playoff game away to South Torrance when all we needed to do was take a knee three times and run out the clock…So remember, ANYTHING can happen. The last thing any team needs to do is overlook any opposition.

    Also, Fred’s brackets might get messed up if Baldwin Park beats San Dimas in SD’s annual VVL reality check.

  • Goldenarm

    I seriously hope we get another shot at Arroyo.
    But first, much business must be handled first.

    Even after last year, they still think us westsiders can’t compete in the Mid Valley.

  • Philly B.

    Like Miguel said, if it aint broke dont fix it. Monrovia can run the ball being behind by a touchdown or less and come back and take the lead. So there goes that statement killed. and as far as monrovia fans blaming the refs….. You got us mistaken with another RHL team.

    Well Im glad ur not knocking paraclete cuz that would be a little bit too bold. I understand with what your saying SM loves to eat up the clock. but I think they lack playmakers to get the big play and score points. There defense is pretty good, which you know is hard for me to say, becuz I think SM is inferior to Monrovia, but they held the cats to 14pts. and what ever conspirarcy that miguel put in bloggers head has pretty much died. So I gotta give them there credit. But I think San Dimas was able to run a lil bit on MOnrovia , but they couldnt do it on a consistent basis throughout the game and our defense was just too great for them. But I think Paraclete has some business to take care of with Village Christian, if they get by them with flying colors then, they will be ready for playoffs, and I doubt anyone is gonna take out San Dimas in their league too, So we’ll see

  • Philly B.

    New York
    I hope Fred’s supposed bracket gets all jacked up or is not even right at all!!! But I really dont see BP beating San Dimas just like Miguel Doesnt See pasadena beating CV. But you are right, playoffs are a long way away, but hell we gotta talk about something right now!! We all Monrovia is going to kill South Pas, so thats not a topic we want to discuss right now. What we should be talking about is the LC/SM match up. I mean its no game of the week, but its something to talk about in the RHL

  • Cat

    Paraclete seems like a South Hills/Bishop Amat/Charter Oak of the high desert.

  • Philly B.

    I wouldnt say all of that cat! IF they win out and cruise through playoffs thats one thing, but the league isnt even done yet

  • New York

    With their level of preparation, Paraclete reminds me of a mini De La Salle.

  • GrimReaperxxx


    Take a chill pill, I said Monrovia is a very good team, the fact that I point out some shortcomings (that are correctable if they are made a priority) doesnt mean that M doesnt have the inside track. Recognizing and working on weaknesses is the path to success. It is probable that M will win out and have a perfect record. Playing the bottom of the league at the end of the year will give a luxury to work on passing efficiency and allow players to get well for the playoffs. If the passing improves, there is no way that you can lose. It is a perfect storm scenario. Good luck, but you probably dont need it.

    Rather than look for the dark side (maybe that is why I brought up my wish for you that all goes perfect so there arent any excuses, only a classy self assurance of a good winner), look on the sunny side, as everything is lined up for a M unstoppable, scorched earth march to a championship with a perfect record, as long as the coaches and team take care of business and keep growing. A perfect record and a championship! That is a hell of a feat. Smile and accept the compliment.

  • Dan

    I agree with New York & Cat, Never seen Paraclete but I got a feeling they are similar to a team like Amat but on a lower level, not overwhelming talent but probably have adequate talent and the players play above their level because they are coached up, they
    probably swarm to the ball, are well discipline and don’t miss tackles, all the CIF rings they have are a testimony to their program and that they know how to win the big games, I agree that the title goes thru the Desert. I get the feeling if Monrovia and Paraclete meet in the playoffs the Wildcats could have the talent and speed to make this a great game but like you guy’s said, there are some other teams and other games that both teams must get through.

  • Philly B

    Oh im chill, no worries, I’ll take the compliment and run with it. But I totally agree with you, with the bottom the league for the last three weeks of the regular season. I dont see why not the cats dont bulk up the passing game, but then again, we dont running be accused of running up the score you know. So maybe first half we pass and 2nd half we grind out that clock against the likes of South Pas and Blair. I think LC will give us a game. but thats all I’ll say on the spartans

  • Desert Rat

    Just an update from the dust land…..Paraclete beat Village 35-0.

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