Correction: Pasadena, Muir still in contention for playoffs


CORRECTION: Pasadena did not clinch a spot in the CIF-Southern Section Southeast Division playoffs with its 45-41 win over Burbank. The Bulldogs need Muir to lose to Glendale tonight to clinch a spot. Muir, however, is still in the hunt for a playoff spot with a win tonight, and would have to beat Pasadena in next week’s Turkey Tussle to clinch a spot. It was erroneously reported in today’s paper that Pasadena clinched a spot and in the process eliminated Muir from playoff contention. I jumped the gun and made a mistake. For that, I apologize. — MM

Aaron Simpson connected on a 45-yard touchdown pass to Andrew Wells with 10.8 seconds left in the game to help Pasadena pull off a stunning 45-41 upset over Burbank on Thursday night in Pacific League action at Burroughs High. Pasadena (5-4, 4-2) clinched a spot in the CIF-Southern Section Southeast Division playoffs while also knocking rival Muir out of playoff contention can clinch a spot in the CIF-Southern Section Southeast Division playoffs if Muir loses tonight. Burbank (7-2, 5-1) had one final chance with 1.7 seconds left and attempted five laterals before several flags were thrown, including one for a forward pass. That ended the game and sent the Pasadena crowd into a frenzy. The Bulldogs were back at their own 32 with 1:20 remaining. Simpson, faced with fourth and 2 at his own 40, found an open Eugene Tripling for a 15-yard gain and a first down. On the next play, without any hesitation and his eyes focused on the end zone, Simpson threw a pass to Wells, who had three Burbank defenders on him. Wells caught the pass, prompting the Bulldogs players, coaches and administrators to rush the field. Pasadena turned to the Muir football players watching from the visitors stands and yelled, “You’re next.” The Bulldogs were assessed with an unsportsmanlike penalty, but the damage was done. Burbank’s loss put a damper on next week’s showdown against rival Burroughs (6-2, 5-0), which also had players at the game.


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  • doggalum

    I like the philosophy and the fire. Go get ’em Bulldogs.

  • Angry DENA DOG!


  • The Stang Fan

    Hilarious video! This week’s picks:

    Burbank over PHS (setting up the Tussle for the last playoff spot)

    M-town over LC (Can’t see the Spartans pulling off upset)

    Alhambra over BG (Looks like I’m the only one who thinks the Moors will bounce back)

    Schurr over SG (SG ended their streak vs. Alhambra, don’t think they’ll do the same vs. Schurr)

    Cantwell over LS (Thought LS would be doing better)

    Arcadia over Hoover (I promise you I almost went with Hoover)

    TC over SP (too strong)

    Muir over Glendale (c’mon Nov. 13th, hurry up!)

    Alemany over SF (barely…)

    Workman over Duarte

    The MEad over EM

    Montebello over Keppel

    Viewpoint over FP

    The Natha BIG over Marshall

    Gabby over SEM

    SM over Blair

    RHP over Poly

    Serra BIG over BT

  • Angry DENA DOG!


  • Angry DENA DOG!


  • Angry DENA DOG!






  • Hot Rod

    With several Muir and Burroughs players in the stands, PHS erases 11 point deficit in 4th qtr and wins 46-41 on final play – 45 yard (?) hail mary bomb caught in endzone behind 4 defenders. Burbank got kick off and lateraled (Stanford Cal play) for about 30 secs but got tackled midfield.

  • Huckster!!!!!

    WE WANT IT!!!!! DOGOS HOUSE!!!!!

  • JAB

    Nothing like hearing about Burbank losing. Now my Indians control their own destiny for the Pacific League title…

  • Huckster!!!!!

    We won!

  • Huckster!!!!!

    We won!

  • Goldenarm

    Regardless of where it goes from here, Coach McFarland came in and got these kids to believe.

    You could see that way back at TC passing league when the Dena kids showed up in game jerseys, and if nothing else, were the best dressed team of the 4 competitors. Back then they looked a bit confused, obviously the PHS coaching staff has worked through much of that.

    At this stage, this has got to be the success story of the 2009 season. Some may see this this as a slap upon the Mustangs woes this year – but to me, the two are completely unrelated. Any dispute or challenge to that can be settled in full at the Tussle.

    Congratulations to McFarland and staff and the kids at PHS!





  • burbanksports

    Congratulations to PHS on a well earned victory!
    Loss puts a damper on next weeks game against Burroughs? Not a chance.
    BHS vs JBHS is the Civil War-the league title is an extra bonus. (Burbank by 8 next week) After CV wins tonight there will be even more excitement.

  • Mustangfan

    Will someone explain why Muir is eliminated. If the Mustangs win tonight, they will be one game behind PHS. If they beat the Bulldogs next week, they will have the same record, and will have beaten PHS head-to-head for sole possession of the fourth spot. I don’t get it. Heck, Crescenta Valley could lose their last two games and go to three losses, but since CV beat Muir and PHS, they would get the third spot. That would leave Muir and PHS, and if Muir won, why wouldn’t they go to the playoffs? In a two or three-way tiebreaker, how would PHS move ahead of Muir if Muir beat them, especially is PHS lost to both CV and Muir. Either today’s story is completely wrong, or my math is bad.

  • Dont believe everything you read in the papers

    How can Muir be eliminated from the playoffs??????? Pasadena has 4 pacific wins and if Muir wins the next 2 they will have 4 wins plus the head to head tiebreaker.

  • Moneytalks

    Muir fans,

    I think arcadia is going to help you out. They are going to win the next two, hoover and CV. They are young but not bad. Put it this way, they had Burbank, Burroughs and PHS beat in the 4th qtr.

  • Hal Lamaster

    Muir is still in the playoff hunt. Wins tonight and next week will have them tied with PHS and give the Mustangs’ the “head-to-head” win. As has already been stated, CV could end up in that mix depending on how they do tonight and next week vs. Arcadia.

    It is impossible to put a “damper” on these big rivalry games like the Burroughs/Burbank and PHS/Muir game. Towns are divided, lines drawn. It’s a life-long rivalry. Glendale and Hoover are playing for 7th place in the Pacific League and the stadium will be packed and rockin’ on Friday night.

    And Burbank is still playing for a piece of the league title. It’s just not “winner take all” as it would have been if Burbank had beaten PHS.

  • Apache Joe

    The Huckster just proved that their are some very ignorant and foolish people in this world. Wow!

  • MOORS!!!


  • Huckster!!!!!

    Apache Joe,

    I knew you would comment, because youre the prime example of the HERD STMPEDING TOWARDS THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE! Crazy? I might be! Ignorant? Is how your parents raised you! Remember you cant see yellow, because its green! LOL!!! I believe in WAR! You true AMERICANS are truly DUMB!

  • Fnchamp

    CV is strong and well coached. Don’t count on CV to make way for contenders by losing to Arcadia.

    Congrats to McFarland and PHS–good coaching makes a huge difference

  • Muirfan!

    get down huckster talking all the madness!!!! I bet the coach is the spit now! I agree with you about the officiating at the burbank schools. we had the same when we went there. sit where you need …. sit with the winners cause I know how cold it has been on the other side. GO BIG BLUE!!!!!

  • Angry DENA DOG!







  • Malcom


    You’re not White or Hispanic. Wow, I would have never guessed.

  • Miguel Melendez

    Huckster: Some of your posts were deleted. You’re getting way too out of hand buddy. Relax.

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Ok Migule I’ll calm down, but if you were at the game and don’t comment & write on the officiating then I have to wonder if your in with them bums! If anyone can explain to me, how does the PASADENA teams from Pop Warner, Lil League and High School keep being the result of bad officiating? This keeps happening in every inner city across America! I used to live in “New York” and how could this keep happening across the country? Ok, lets say I am ignorant, just help me understand then!

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Malcom, I could be Arabic or Asian you guess? Lol!!! πŸ™‚

  • Rams


    As a Temple City Rams fan I can say that we routinely get screwed by officials. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE OR SOCIO-ECONOMICS!!!

  • Bulldogger!

    Someone please let HUCKSTER know that the Pasadena won the game last night!

  • Malcom

    Those two wouldn’t be on my list either Huck. If I was officiating, you would definately be getting the brunt of some bad calls. You get the hint, shut your trap!

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Malcom, That’s why we got “WARS”!

  • Malcom

    Well, you’re right about that. Good luck the rest of the way, just stop your crying & take the calls like a big boy.

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Your mother married a boy! God made me a “MAN”! Good luck to you too Malcom.

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Ok, here is the playoff situation: If PHS wins the Tussle they clinch out right! If Muir wins the finial two games there could be a bunch of different scenarios like; If CV lose to Burroughs tonight and beat Arcadia next week makes them tied with PHS & Muir for the last playoff spot. (CV holds the tie breaker with both) If Burbank loses to Burroughs next week then all four teams could be tied which will result in coin flips! I think, but Im pretty sure Im close to it..

  • Good Old Boy Said

    I would like to congratulate Pasadena on there win last night at Memorial Field last night.Pasadena has gotten better and Burbank is done, yes done, Burbanksports.

    The Burroughs – CV Game should decide the Pacific League Championship, the winner is in the driver’s seat.

    As for the comments regarding what Huckster has been saying is just plain out stupid. Huckster is an idiot and should not be allowed to post stupid comments regarding the Pasadena Game. I can’t believe Miguel would put up with this, but it doesn’t surprise me in that he doesn’t like the Burbank Schools.

    Burbanksports is dilusional if you think Burbank is going to beat John Burroughs next week. Burroughs has only beaten Burbank 13 out of the last 15 years.Burroughs has Dominated that Game.

    Miguel,I hope in the future you know facts about playoffs regarding the Pacific League.

  • burbanksports

    I have to LMAO at comments about the officiating at games held in Burbank.
    Could both teams have played better-yes.
    Could both teams have played worse-yes.
    Could the officiating be better-yes.
    Who cares. Last night was a High School football game and Pasadena won in grand fashion. The Red Bulldogs deserve all the props and coverage they can get for it.

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Good Old Boy your name explains it all! Of course your going to think Im stupid, because youre a true blue red blooded American! Im just the Spook who sat by the door! LMAO!!!!

  • burbanksports

    Hold those thoughts Good Old Boy-
    It will be 13 out of 16 next Friday night after the 3rd quater.

  • MoneyTalks

    Let me explain what huckster is saying in normal words….

    Good Old Boy your name explains it all! Of course your going to think Im stupid,because youre a true blue red blooded American (WHITE MAN)! Im just the Spook (BLACK MAN) who sat by the door! LMAO!!!!

    You are nuts Huck. Check yourself into Patton State Hospital.

  • New York


    Your use of “QUOTATIONS” will mislead the bloggers to think that I needed a priest from Georgetown to excorcise you away!

    On a more serious note: can you provide an update on that talented PHS class from a couple years back?

  • Good Old Boy Said

    Its just another victory and probably a Pacific League Championship For the BURROUGHS INDIANS!

    Burroughs Beats CV 14-12 at Memorial Stadium.

    Its going to get ugly next week with Burbank. Burroughs is playing there Best Football and Burbank is NOT.

  • Stangs4Life

    Come big Miguel, how could you jump the gun and say that PHS has clinched a playoff birth and that Muir was out????? The apology is excepted but I don’t know how that could have been printed in the first place. When Muir beats PHS in the bowl as usual, then PHS will actually be out, gone, done, finished for the season. However the bullpuppies have had a great season and the staff have really turned things around there. If there is a tie for first or second the puppies might even get in the playoffs behind Muir who will lock the third or fourth spot down. The puppies deserve a playoff spot after all the improvement they’ve made. As for the Tussle and the bell, sorry puppies it won’t happen this year after that little inappropriate blurb in the paper today, the Stangs are more fired up than they’ve been all season and that’s just want the doctor ordered.

  • Huckster!!!!!


    Youre upset? Because Miguel picked PHS! This is too funny!!!! You Muir people are a bunch of old weenies that only DOGS will eat! When the DOGS give yawl that brutal a$$ whipping on Friday dont look to me for sympathy! I dont have to talk smack to you sorry bums, because I know we are going to beat you guys 28-0! I might wake up tomorrow and it could be 56-0!

    On some football stuff; Muir cant run the ball and thats the real reason I think they will lose the Tussle! The Stangs passing game is shotty at best! I dont think PHS needs to pass at all to beat MuirMuir is really terrible! They couldnt blow Glendale out! The first team O could barely get something going! If Muir dont score in the first quarter they will get shut out! Period!

  • burbanksports

    Good Old boy is right it will be ugly next Friday night. Hopefully Burroughs will find an offense before Friday night so it doesn’t get too ugly.

  • Hal Lamaster

    Some rivaly thoughts-
    PHS vs. Muir.
    Bulldogs fans that normally hide their head this time of year can safely go to the Bowl and expect a good result. Maybe HUCKSTER can be encouraged to go down to the field level and lead the victory cheers. When was the last time the Victory Bell was ringing in East Pasadena?

    Burbank vs. Burroughs
    I know Burbank hasn’t had much success through the years against Burroughs, but I think the Bulldogs have the talent this year to win The Big Game.

    In Glendale the Battle is for the Bell (and to see which team can escape from the league cellar.) Hoover should win this one and proudly proclaim, “We are #7”

  • Yup

    Number 21 in that pic looks legit. I am a small school fan but may have to wander that game.

    Good luck to both teams!

  • Muirfan!

    Stop wolf’in so hard big dog!!!!!!!! That shows being scared… weakness has to make up for something…. GO BIG BLUE. You wanted it last year too… remember?



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