Football: Pasadena High vandalized in run up to Tussle

Pasadena High School was vandalized Sunday night in anticipation of the Turkey Tussle against rival John Muir.

School officials said parts of the school’s field, including a depiction of the school’s bulldog mascot, were painted blue, which are John Muir’s colors.

Obscenities were spray painted in parts of the field as well as the word “Muir.”

Police are investigating the vandalism, but don’t know whether the culprits are Muir students or possibly just a couple of the school’s football fans.

The two high schools meet Friday at the Rose Bowl.

Officials said that vandalism happens most years, but were hoping to avoid it this year since the high school put in a new field.

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    What did you expect from a school in the HOOD!!
    That there way of Life!!!(vandalism).
    Of all the school in Pasadena, everybody know Muir Kids have worst grade!!!
    I blame PHS school Officials for not taking step to keep eye on football field.(Turkey Tussle weeks)
    They know Muir cannot be trusted!!!
    Look how bad shape there school is!!!

  • angry student

    they took it too far.
    i can take the blue paint on our lockers and walls but this? really? wow…

  • M


  • Goldenarm

    It just may backfire…not like any added incentive is needed for the Dogs anyway.

    The BMW boys thrashed TC’s field and campus last year. It just added to the desire to kick their A*&$#.

    Maybe Huck has a gallon of red paint (stored in 40 oz containers, of course)and is planning on heading up to Lincoln Ave for some pay back. Naw….Huck has got some better plan than that…the day of reckoning is coming.

    Let’s hear some predictions and some why’s. stang Fan where u at!!

  • King

    It’s a shame that they had to screw with the new field. Sort of like the time the boys from La Salle beat TC only later to have their own field vandalized by some TC trash. This is just fuel to the fire for PHS, if they have the chance to run this score up don’t be surprised if that is the case, but I think this will be a back-and-forth battle, with a few skirmishes sprinkled in.

  • Okay

    Hey Reyes, did you go to Muir too? Your writing is awful.

  • New York

    Why don’t you volunteer to camp out and provide 24-hour security? Save the school some money. Don’t blame the school that was vandalized.

  • JFMat

    The stang fan has some explaining to do…lol im kidding.


    They should make the MUIR door money from Tussle go to repairing the field damage. Its not fair that 1 1/2 MIL would go to new stuff and have Muir Donkeys ruin it.

  • Marcia

    LaSalle Girls Volleyball Varsity, being their playoff run on Tuesday, November 10, 2009 in Chino Hills against Ayala…..


    Toilet papering the campus, in good fun, is one thing. Causing monetary destruction to something that took nearly 30+ plus to get, is unacceptable. To the culprits, we don’t want or need your spirit at the game this week. To Muir and its supporters, digging into your pocket and making a financial contribution to PHS would be a step in the right direction.

    Laurence Todd

  • Angry DENA DOG!

    Typical no class stangs……enough said.

    Stay focused dogs, there’s a job to be done!!!!

  • The Stang Fan

    Bottom line….ruining a beautiful new is f****ed up. Period! Vandalizing rival property has ALWAYS been around, and there are always folks who go too far. This is too far….WAAAAAYYYY too far. I hate the Dogs just as much as the next Stang, but as much money and effort that went to getting these fields…well, it’s shameful that someone did that. Trust me, someone will now do the same thing to the Muir field someday. I can guarantee it.

    Of course, when folks are angry (as they should be in this case), they will say and write vengeful and hurtful statements. That’s natural. Another natural thing to do is to lump an entire group of people together when a few bad apples do something stupid. So Reyes, I understand your frustrations. And Hot Rod I understand yours as well (from your post on the other thread). But to paint all people associated with Muir as “hood” or “vandals” is also wrong. Consequences must be doled out to those who are guilty, no question about it, but this single act was not the fault of the entire Muir community.

    Every year this stuff takes place, from school to school. We’ve read ON THIS THREAD alone, that other kids from other schools and neighborhoods of committed quite similar acts, yet I don’t recall reading such vitriol about those kids or communities. Hell, PHS has done some pretty bad things over the years as well. The problem here is, these fields are so new, so beautiful, so expensive, and A LOT of people did A LOT of good things to bless our communities with such treasures. So, shame on whomever did this. You obviously weren’t thinking about the TONS of hours and $$$ spent on these fields. If it was ANYONE from the Muir family, and it certainly appears that way, I apologize as a fellow Stang, and I am ashamed that this even took place.


    Way to go “The Stang Fan!” You’re correct – the destructive acts to PHS’s home field was not, and should not be placed on the entire Muir community. The culprits know who they are and if they are man or woman enough (young or old) that they will step forward and be held accountable for their actions.

    To all those reading this blog, know this. The buildings/structures at John Muir and PHS i.e. the basketball courts, the tennis courts, football fields and tracks have produced some of the greatest athletes in the world. Stan Smith, Charles Paddock, James Sanford, Michael Sanford, Mario Clark, Inger Miller, Stacey Augmon, Gerald Busby, Ricky Ervins, Anthony Miller, the McCullough Family (you know them), Marcus Robeson ….the list go on and on. When you deface one of those building or fields, you’re damaging more than the brick/mortar, wood or asphalt, you’re insulting institutions that remind our youth, everyday at every game, that they too can achieve athletic greatness…where else but in Pasadena can kids play on courts and fields that champions once did? The courts and field of our legends must be respected!

    Laurence Todd

  • Muirfan!

    SHUT UP REYES, you probably live on this side . What happened was wrong, wrong ,wrong! how do we know it was actually Muir kids? but I can tell you this PASADENA is a BIG town, but small. I can tell you this much if I our my people hear who it was your ass is going to JAIL!!!!!! but it goes back to RESPECT!

  • Reno Hightower

    Reno knows rivalries. Jack Dundee, my near sighted Taft receiver, married Bakersfield coach’s daughter. Being a part of the Taft/Bakersfield feud that has been going on for generations, Reno knows the difference between pranks and vandalism. They both happen. Both schools should have been on alert for possible acts and may have done so. The good people of Pasadena should rally together to clean the field and decry the outrageous act. Together, Muir Mustangs and Pasadena Bulldogs can BE the difference. Muir and PHS, have a great rivalry. Don’t have a nasty rivalry. Don’t make Reno go white cleats on you all!

  • Reno Hightower

    Reno knows rivalries. Jack Dundee, my near sighted Taft receiver, married Bakersfield coach’s daughter. Being a part of the Taft/Bakersfield feud that has been going on for generations, Reno knows the difference between pranks and vandalism. They both happen. Both schools should have been on alert for possible acts and may have done so. The good people of Pasadena should rally together to clean the field and decry the outrageous act. Together, Muir Mustangs and Pasadena Bulldogs can BE the difference. Muir and PHS, have a great rivalry. Don’t have a nasty rivalry. Don’t make Reno go white cleats on you all!


    For the last 25 years or so, PHS has opened up their checkbook to help out Muir sports teams when they had to travel to CIF playoff games. Its happened when Muir girls used to play in SAC TOWN for Girls Basketball finals in the past. Why would they bite the hand that feeds them??

  • Goldenarm

    When TC played Blair in the infamous “clapper” who turned off the lights bowl at Muir – Stang officials spelled out the rules about protecting their new field an hour before kickoff.

    WATER ONLY, no gatorade, no fruit punch, no liquids (except water) to mess with the playing surface. Even the benches have wide duck feet on them to prevent divots on the surface outside the play area….and what a nice playing surface it is.
    Obviously vandals did not consider such things – and maybe it will take some of the outcry heard here to reduce the chances of similar acts happening in the future.

  • stangs house

    Last night while in field house we notice 3 car pull up low and behold it was some bullfrogs as soon as they seen us come out they got nervous just like it has been and will be this friday dogs will get nervous when they see us come out of the tunnel SCREAMING DENA DENA KILLA KILLA….. STANGS HOUSE

  • BigFatFan

    looks like a group of the locals took a dump in their own living room. the taxpayers of Pasadena fork up the big $$$ to get both schools brand new football fields, and this is how the low-brows say “thank you”?

  • King


  • M. Collins

    Messing up other people’s property is done by cowards. The parents of these people really failed. Hope they catch the cowards and make them pay dearly.
    Have them go to prison and touch another inmate’s locker…..They will never do it again.

  • stangs house

    King if you were ever part of this rivalry you would know that chant is part of tradition. And you act like hs kids have class, taunting us after our game very classy. Its all fun and games until the so called bad guys has the upper hand.

  • stangs house

    These things been going on for years it did not start today, look at history of rivalry.

  • BigFatFan

    this type of stuff may have gone on in the past, but to use that as a justification as to why it needs to continue is just wrong.

  • sfhs89

    Back in the day when I was at St. Francis, we used to always go at with Loyola during the week we played them – but NOTHING close to this extent.

    I’m going to forego attending our game vs. Chaminade this week…………and WILL be at the TUSSLE (although I don’t know what side of the field I’ll be on).

  • King

    I’ve got no problem with tradition or chants or anything else that comes along with the Tussle, I think it’s a great thing for the Pasadena area to have a rivalry like this, but to deface the field = low blow/classless….class starts with the parents of the kids, the coaches, and all involved with a program, if none of the above show class what makes you think HS players will show any?

  • stangs house

    The must go on no matter what anyone says tell them to beat us on the field then and i did not justify anything to be right or wrong. Who are the parent of the one who tried to get muirs field last night, I guess they showed us how classy the eastside of pasadena is.

  • King

    If they did in fact try to get the Muir field last night, then my comments below go for them too. I am not affiliated with either school in anyway possible, just a fan of the game, and a fan of the pasadena area schools voicing and opinion on the matter. Its all fun and games with a rivalry until someone takes it too far, just look and SC v UCLA they do some crazy ish too, but this one went a little too far.


    This PHS team has no fear of anyone or anything. After all, many of these same players went through a tough 1-9 season last year, toughened up has now beat or fought hard against highly ranked LA, LBC, and highly rank CIF league teams and stood their ground against them all. Muir better hope to put up some points or else they’ll be run off the field at the Tussle.

    PHS is ranked #9 in CIF SE division. Thats a serious turnaround from a year ago…

  • tcchamps

    Hey Injun Joe:

    Your killing me.

  • Lets jus hope

    Les jus hope it don’t get to the GLOCK poppin level…WE DON’ NEE NUNNA DAT!!!

  • TC Bruin

    Were surveillance cameras installed on the Muir and PHS stadiums when they were upgraded?

  • Angry DENA DOG!

    Okay, we don’t need to be talking about “Glock poppin level” let’s not be that ignorant, wether we’re from Muir or PHS. And you wonder why “they” think and treat “US” they way they do…………

  • Kentera

    Got to go with Muir at the tussle, Karma man!


    Karma is with the BULLDOG NATION…

    Muir high school has let their school crumble. Bad grades, teachers in trouble with the law, Muir grad shooting RFK, on and on… Dogs will run wild!

  • I’m just say’in

    Lets jus hope I know your not serious, right? That was a joke, right? Wow, this is high school football people let’s enjoy it for what it is, a game and a great thing to share in this community. If your from PHS or Muir win or lose no matter what your still going to talk mess. The winner just get to talk more or until basketball season.

  • The Stang Fan

    I’m jus sayin,

    “Les jus hope” is simply mocking the supposed ignorance that he/she feels runs rampant through NW Pasadena, that folks like Reyes, Angry Dog, and Hot Rod love to perpetuate here on this blog. Don’t get me wrong, rivalries are great, and this is one of the best, but the constant ignorant references to Muir as some sort of Gomorrah are tired and offensive. Still, we must recognize and respect all forms of free speech, and we should respect everyone’s right to exercise that…but we can not be surprised at all when someone like “Les jus hope” capitalizes on these assumptions and exercises his/her free speech to demean OUR community.

    Btw, unlike the PSN, the LA Times wrote a GREAT piece on the new things going on at Muir, take a gander if you’re interested:,0,333460.story

  • Anonymous

    The Stang Fan:

    First of all did not intend to offend you or anyone else from Muir.

    I have friends who went to Muir after we left Eliot, we still keep in touch and all this is just done in the spirit of the rivalry, there’s never been anything said that was “serious” PHS has had it shares of bad seeds, problems and issue’s too.

    I’ve supported Muir in the past,in the year they won the CIF championship. Ricky Earvin was dating a friend of the family while in his senior year at Muir, so we sat on Muir’s side during the Tussle to “support” him (not Muir)..

    Most of the stuff I post are just the chants and cheers we used to do at PHS against Muir, again nothing serious, just about the “rivalry” and for the supposed ignorance about NW Dena, I grew up on Summit Ave, just below Woodbury, so I would say it’s more from reality and facts, and it is what it is……..And yes that was a great article on Muir and the changes being made, along with the article about Muir students and the science team competing in a solar energy type project. Academically I would never want to see kids fail or hear of the negative issue’s facing Muir, these are all students from Pasadena. But when it comes to the “spirit” of the Turkey Tussle, B-Ball, school pride, I wlll ALWAYS support PHS.

  • I’m just say’in

    Stang Fan,
    Thanks I’ll do that. As you know I’m H.S all the way but I understand we must have Muir to make our community complete and vice versa. When it comes to academics I will help in any way I can because a strong Muir means a strong NW Dena, thats home. On the other hand yes it is a rivalry and when it comes to the Bowl, I don’t like you and I know you don’t like me and that’s the way it should be. I understand this rivalry goes deeper for some than others but its still high school football.

  • The Stang Fan

    Anon. and I’m just sayin,

    You guys KNOW that I understand this rivalry, and that the jostling back and forth is part of it. All I’m saying is that NO ONE should be surprised when someone comes on here and makes fun of or mocks our community because of stuff WE may say about OURSELVES. It’s one of the reasons why Dave Chappele stopped doing his show. A lot of his humor poked fun at stereotypes of blacks, which garnered a lot of laughs from black folks. However, after once doing another one of these jokes he noticed a white audience member DYING laughing and had strong second thoughts. Was the guy laughing AT him or WITH him? The thought that HE helped an “outsider” laugh at the expense of his own culture hurt him deeply and was one of the factors that drove him to end the show.

    Suffice it to say, I am just not surprised when folks like “Les jus hope” write what he/she wrote.

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Got damn! Yawl way to serious on some kid $hit! Boys will be boys and a little vandalism never hurt anyone! I heard Mike Vick was into horse fighting now, because they could be cooked and served after losing a fight! Well, I guessed dinner will be served on Friday night! I like mine medium rare!


    Please stop making a fool of your self! Have you ever checked to see, what was the highest population of student body at Muir in regards to race? The Hood you say? Just plain DUMB! Lmao! I expect nothing more of you!

  • Angry DENA DOG!

    The Stang Fan,

    That anon post was me ( typing so fast that I hit enter) anyways, I understand, we’ll continue this part of the conversation at a later date (AFTER TONIGHT). until then

    BEAT JOHN MUIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Angel Bec

    What I always like is the success stories about kids who succeed and rise up against the odds in spite of going to a school that has been long neglected.

    Let’s face it .. a lot of people have neglected Muir as well as the Northwest for years.

    Many of our schools afford students the opportunity to excel in sports and athletes. When you are able to do that in a school that has had it’s fair share of obstacles and hurdles to overcome – it makes it all the more sweeter.

    Best of luck to both teams. I can’t pick either teams – both sides of my family attend both schools … so I have a blue pair of jeans on today with a red shirt.

    Here’s hoping that the young men play well and no one gets hurt.

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