Friday Night Aftermath: Muir extends streak to 12 wins over Pasadena; San Marino beats Temple City, finishes second; La Caada beats Temple City in 3OT’s in playoff



Muir 34 Pasadena 12 — All is well in Westside Pasadena.
A season that started in despair for John Muir High School ended with a sweet ring of “The Bell.” John Muir regained its old form and muscled its way to a 34-12 win over rival Pasadena for the 12th consecutive year in the 56th annual Turkey Tussle on Friday night in front of an estimated 4,200 at the Rose Bowl. Jarron Williams, who completed 9 of 21 passes for 169 yards and two touchdowns. He also scored twice on the ground. Senior running back Eddie Tripp proved unstoppable, rushing for 105 yards on 12 carries.

San Marino 19, Temple City 14 — Stevie Yortsos caught three touchdown passes, rushed for 107 yards and made a key fourth-quarter interception to lead San Marino High School to a 19-14 victory over visiting Temple City in a Rio Hondo League showdown on Friday night. “That is huge. Our guys just stepped up,” San Marino coach D.R. Moreland said. “It’s inspiring to watch them play when they play like that against a great team like Temple City. “I’m so proud of our guys. It’s really fun.” The Titans’ victory, the first over the Rams since 1997, created a tie for second in the Rio Hondo League. San Marino (8-2, 3-2) won a coin flip after the final whistle to officially become the second seed for the upcoming CIF-SS playoffs.

St. Francis 32, Chaminade 25 — St. Francis High School quarterback Justin Posthuma was playing with virtually one arm Friday night, but it was enough to lead the Golden Knights to a 32-25, come-from-behind victory over Chaminade in both teams’ Mission League finale. The victory was their first over Chaminade (6-4, 1-2) since 2004 and clinched second place in league for the Golden Knights (8-2, 2-1). Posthuma’s left arm was in a cast, but it didn’t affect him in the second half as he used his right arm to rally the Golden Knights from a 25-7 halftime deficit with two touchdown passes.

La Caada 39, South Pasadena 20 — La Caada did double duty Friday night. First, the Spartans overcame a sluggish first half to capture a 39-20 victory over South Pasadena and create a three-way tie for second place in the Rio Hondo League. Then they defeated Temple City in triple overtime to take the league’s final CIF-Southern Section playoff berth. The Spartans had to wait for Temple City to arrive from San Marino, which won the three-way coin toss after its 19-14 victory over Temple City. Each team got the ball at the 25-yard line. The Spartans broke the tie when quarterback Rocky Moore hit Michael Arkfeld on an out pattern in the corner of the end zone on a two-point conversion

Maranatha 38, Campbell Hall 21 — Maranatha’s Cody Keith passed for 214 yards on 15 of 23 attempts, including three touchdowns, and rushed for 52 yards to lead the Minutemen to an outright Alpha League championship.

Rosemead 37, Gabrielino 14 — Matt Fregoso rushed for 195 yards to help the Panthers pull away with the win.

Alhambra 31, Keppel 12 Alhambra’s Mitchell Crockom had 114 all-purpose yard and two touchdowns to lead the Moors to a CIF-Southern Section playoff berth.

Monrovia 52, Blair 12 — Quarterback Nick Bueno ran for two touchdowns and passed for two scores, Derrick Johnson caught one of those TD passes and ran for another, and Ellis McCarthy caught the other TD pass. The Wildcats led 46-0 at the half. None of the Monrovia starters played in the second half, when there was a running clock.

La Salle 31, Bosco Tech 21 — Michael Alexander threw a 57-yard pass to set up a score and caught a 63-yard touchdown pass, and Antoine Peterson went 57 yards untouched to give La Salle a 31-21 victory.

San Gabriel 36, Montebello 8 — Isaac Valdez went 17-for-24 passing for 273 yards with three touchdowns and an interception to lead the host Matadors.

Rio Hondo Prep 46, Webb 0 — The Kares built a 26-0 first-quarter lead and substituted freely the rest of the way to complete an undefeated regular season and their sixth consecutive Prep League crown. Rio Hondo Prep did not play last week because of Pasadena Poly’s cancellation.

Pasadena Poly 56, Viewpoint 12 — The Panthers returned to the football field after a traumatic two weeks and made it worthwhile, earning a berth in the CIF-Southern Section Northeast Division playoffs. The Panthers didn’t play last week’s game against Rio Hondo Prep because of the head injury of running back Jackson Allan two weeks ago in their loss to Chadwick. Friday afternoon, the 6-4 Panthers wore patches with his number 41 on their jerseys and opened a big lead to clinch third place in the Prep League and the playoff berth.

Chadwick 35, Flintridge Prep 15 — “It was kind of a back-breaker,” Rebels coach Perry Skaggs said. “If we stay close, we get the opening kickoff and can come back. But they made the big plays. They’re too good and too talented.” The Rebels needed a victory to create a three-way tie for second place in the Prep League. Instead, they finish 2-3 in league, 4-6 overall. Chadwick took second at 4-1, 9-1.

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    GET EM DOGS!!!

  • stangs house

    Its not looking good for phs future they got mopped 50-0 by Mustangs jv team, their varsity team next. LETS GO STANGS!!!!

  • sportsfanatic

    J.V. game yesterday

    muir 50
    pasadena 0

    pasadenas varsity is losing 26 seniors this year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    muir is pumped up


    PHS JV lost more than half their team. What you saw out there yesterday isn’t even close to the team they had. They balled with everyone til they lost the squad. They have to learn from their mistakes and stick to the books. Effort on the field has to be equal to effort in the classroom.

  • stangs house

    Im glad our know to hit the books.

  • The Stang Fan

    Look, I’ve been SUBDUED all year….rightfully so. My boys are 3-6 and experiencing one of the WORST seasons EVER at Muir.

    But tonight! TOnight damnit! It is OOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNN! Throw it all out the window! Everyone seems to think HS is MUCH better than the Stangs this year??? Cool. We’ll take that….it’ll make that BIG, FAT “L” feel THAT much worse.

    Is that JV score correct? McFarland, you better enjoy this “close” game while it lasts!!!

    STANGS OR NOTHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LET’S GO STANGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m just say’in

    Stang Fan save it. Yawl will breakdown like a 1977 Pinto and nobody will be there to put the fire out. The roof, the roof the roof is on fire we don’t need no water let; well you know the rest. Bulldogs will light yawl up tonight and all you’ll be able to do is watch it burn.

    Bulldogs will get busy.

  • Quik



    Finally the moment we’ve been waiting for. The Reign is over Tonite the bell is coming back to HS. The kids are not over confident they know that to win it’s one snap at a time. We alum are not hopeful as in times past we know for a fact Muir is gettin blasted big time I said last year if we lost i would be silent for a whole year. well times up, and so is Muirs. Where my Dogs at!!!!!!!!!!!


    Finally the moment we’ve been waiting for. The Reign is over Tonite the bell is coming back to HS. The kids are not over confident they know that to win it’s one snap at a time. We alum are not hopeful as in times past we know for a fact Muir is gettin blasted big time I said last year if we lost i would be silent for a whole year. well times up, and so is Muirs. Where my Dogs at!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angry DENA DOG!



  • Almont fan

    Quick question! if Bell Gardens beats Schurr, and San Gabriel beats Montebello, will that mean SG and schurr share the league title?


    Almont Fan

    Right now who cares! This week is specifically about 2 schools The Mighty Dogs and Them “Thangs” I’m sure whoever wins none of us will care. Not to be rude but this topic is about the Tussle and NOTHING else. Mustang faithful dress warm because you won’t have anything to cheer about and it can get very cold just sitting there.

  • Dog in the hunt

    RE the Muir PHS game:
    The guy who posted the following in reaction to the Muir vandalism at the new PHS field,

    What do you expect from a school that graduated Sirhan Sirhan.
    That just about says it all.

    I have no dog in this hunt, and in prior years I could care less who won. But I am now a Bulldog supporter. Go DOGS!
    As a Pasadena property taxpayer and based on the recent vandalism of the new PHS football field, I hope the Muir team goes down to a Bloomington style defeat for for payback for criminal behavior that will be paid for by my taxes. Go PHS!

    To Muir, before you try to clean house on the PHS football team, you might just want to figure a way to clean your own house.

  • awsomeness


  • awsomeness


  • Goldenarm

    hope the tussle is about good hard fought football and all the alums show some class and make it a good friday evening for all.

    best of luck to the senior stangs and dogs….leave it on the field and make Dena proud!

  • Philly B.

    Man, Im hyped up, and Im not a stang or a bulldog. I remember going to a game in 2004, of course sitting on muir’s side, just because…. They we’re a powerhouse team when i was in school! and theres nothing like it. Miguel, will you have video of the game, like you did when monrovia played Dimas&MEad??? Theres no need to cheerlead this week at M-town, I think you should have some highlights, this is the pride of pasadena tonight!!!!

  • The Stang Fan

    I love it! Muir has ONE down year, and these TERDS jump on the wagon! MAN, I can’t wait for kickoff…SCREW all this talking! It’s GAME TIME!!! Let’s go! We ABSOLUTELY OWN the dogs! Always HAVE! One win in 25 years??? T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s make it another one!!!

    Btw…where have YALL been?!?! That’s cool. Welcome….see you next year, when WE ALL know you have NOOOOOOO chance.

    LET’S GO STANGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Stang Fan

    1 win in 25yrs is beyond terrible especially with it being phs. but that was then and this is now. THE REIGN IS OVER. We’re takin back the bell controlin the b-ball and reclaiming our spot as the school in Dena. This is the year of the DOG! There is NOOOOOOOOOOWWWAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY you’re winnin tonite. we can play today, tomorrow, next week, next year that team IS NOT beating us. DENA HIGH AY WE KNOW WE BAD!

  • sportsfanatic

    awsomeness , PHS has three teams : freshman , jv, varsity
    muir has soph/frosh , varsity only
    that means muir soph/frosh ( 9th and 10th graders )
    play phs jv team of ( 10th and 11th graders )
    now who is cheating ?

  • Anonymous

    First result of Friday:

    La Salle 31
    Don Bosco 21

  • Anonymous

    SF losing 25-7 at the half to Chaminade. Absolute disgrace.

  • hey

    Sm 19-tc 14

    Sm gets 2nd seed

    Tc n lc at sp. Right NOW College ot for 3rd and final spot

  • sfh89

    The Golden Knights have tied it up at 25 versus Chaminade with 5 minutes left in the game

  • sfhs89

    SF comes back from an 18-point halftime deficit to win going away, 32-25. Chaminade was blanked in the 2nd half. Giant performance tonight by the Golden Knights.

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Oh and another thing for you Kevin Mills haters! His teams would have never laid down like that! Mike McFarland is a loser!

  • burbanksports

    Burbank Wins!

  • Tom S

    Great win tonight Minutemen. Way to finish undefeated in league play. Now on to playoffs with your #2 seed.

  • Bob Anon

    Any update on the possible playoff that “hey” is talking about?

  • burbanksports

    The Pacific will make a solid showing in the playoffs this season. Even though a lack of respect will mess up the seeding. Burbank should be the #2 seed.

  • RamMom

    LC-7 TC-0 TC has ball on 15 yard line. Game still on…

  • BigMLover

    We are in the 3rd OT… LC just evened it up against TC. Now do they go for 2? Winner is the RHL#3…


    Final results

    PHS Gameplan – D
    PHS Play calling – D
    PHS Crowd presence – F

    Muir, without anything fancy on offense ran over PHS on D. It was frustrating to know Muir’s simple gameplan and not slow them down. Coach Mcfarland had a short time to prepare in preseason. I like the direction PHS is going in. He will have a full season of coaching experience by spring ball. WE’LL BE BACK…

    PHS Crowd, after all the trash talking, I heard no cheers, felt no passion, and sensed that no one seemed to care. It felt I was all alone trying to pump up the crowd and team. If the crowd is flat, the team senses that and they go flat. I’m very disappointed Dog Nation.

  • Mr. StangMan

    Once Miguel put it in the paper that Muir was out of the playoffs last week, I knew for a fact that they would blow the puppies completely out of the bowl. The JV game (of Mustang 9th and 10th graders) saw thge Stangs spank that boo-tay 50-0 and the Turkey Tussle was laughable at best. Muir ran all over the puppies with their 26 seniors (by the way their high school careers are OVER, DONE FINISHED except for all-star games) the Mustangs will be loaded next season with a lot more experience. Remember the Stangs were up 9-0 over Burbank going into the 4th. The Stangs were up by a couple of tubs over Burroughs before losing in OT. The Stangs came back on CV before losing a close one. This young group needed time to find its self but now they are hot and will cause major damage on anyone who takes them lightly. Too bad the puppies couldn’t see that. They came out with a horse head at the start of the game, stupid move and the coach should have never let that happen. They came to the last Muir home game talking trash. They had no class and now they are DONE but the Stangs keep the bell, keep their pride, Keep the win streak, keep on rolling into the playoffs and you can thank Miguel for that misprint and prediction of the puppies coming out on top. NEVER COUNT THE STANGS OUT…we have too much HEART & SOUL baby. Who’s House? That’s what I thought Star-News Bow Down way Down!

  • Anonymous

    LC-7 TC-0 TC has ball on 50yd line

  • Hal Lamaster

    Congratulations to the entire Muir family, (players, coaches, alumni and community) on a great win. It was a gutsy effort indeed.

    Burbank gets a piece of the league crown with the win over Burroughs, I think.

    In the battle for 7th place in the Pacific League, Hoover won, 15-7, over Glendale.

    Good luck in the playoffs to Burbank, Burroughs, Crescenta Valley and Muir.

  • the Sleeper

    Spartans took care of business tonight and got great playoff experience for the young players. Can’t believe it

  • FredJ

    Did Burbank say Burbank should be No. 2, Listen, the only thing for sure in the Southeast is that Charter Oak will meet South Hills for the championship. The Pacific League will be gone by the second round..

  • Oddsmaker

    Muir vs. Pasadena at Rose Bowl, 7 p.m. — Pasadena (-4) Muir wins outright
    Temple City at San Marino, 7 p.m. — San Marino (-3.5) SM covers
    St. Francis at Chaminade, 7:30 p.m. — St. Francis (-12.5) Chaminade covers
    La Canada at South Pasadena, 7 p.m. — La Canada (-19.5) South Pas covers, barely
    Campbell Hall at Maranatha, 7 p.m. — Maranatha (-3) Maranatha covers
    Keppel vs. Alhambra at Moor Field, 7 p.m. — Alhambra (-27.5) Keppel covers
    Blair at Monrovia, 7 p.m. — Monrovia (-41) Blair covers, barely
    La Salle at Bosco Tech, 1:30 p.m. — La Salle (-6) La Salle covers
    Duarte at Bassett, 7 p.m. — Bassett (-5) Basset covers 51-0
    Rosemead at Gabrielino, 7 p.m. — Rosemead (-17) Mead covers
    Montebello at San Gabriel, 7 p.m. — San Gabriel (-9.5) SG covers
    Rio Hondo Prep at Webb, 2:30 p.m. — Rio Hondo Prep (-39.5) RHP covers
    Pasadena Poly at Viewpoint, 2:30 p.m. — Pasadena Poly (-7) Poly covers
    Flintridge Prep at Chadwick, 3 p.m. — Chadwick (-11) Chadwick covers

  • Titan Sports Fan

    tough luck for the TC boys they battled all night should definitely hold there heads up high. Didnt deserve for there season to end the way it did but give credit to yoder for going for the win. its a shame not all four teams could go TC would be a threat from any seed in the playoffs with what i saw from them tonight at Titan stadium or at south pas after. Hopefully all RHL teams will represent the league well in playoffs. Would love to get some of you TC fans at Titan stadium if we get a home playoff game like our coaches/players/parents were there for you tonight against LC there was a fair amount of blue wtih that green at SP





  • The Stang Fan

    It’s the second week of November. The leaves are falling. The weather is getting colder. The grass is dying. Families are gearing up for Thanksgiving………and THEM STANGS are partying on Lincoln!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!! Look, it’s inevitable. Literally! Whoever came up with the phrase, “Every dog has its day,” is a LIAR!!!! Oh, am I going to enjoy THIS ONE!!!!

    C’mon. Give it to me. You bums were woofing like CRAZY this week! LMAO!!! LOL!!! Come ON! Give it to me!!!!!

    What happened out there? Mad Dog? Angry Dog? Foolish Dog? Softie Dog? All-bark-no-bite Dog? Hot Dog? Sorry. Hot Rod Dog? Hype Dog? Silly Dog? Sad Dog? Cursed Dog? Loser Dog? Excuse me. Loser Dog(s)? Hell……ANY DOGS???????????

    Please explain to me what the hell that was that showed up on the field! Like……..really, WTF was THAT?!?!?!?!?!?! THAT is what you guys had faith in? Those guys bowed down! EARLY!!!!

    Weren’t the dogs supposed to “get busy?” Weren’t the dogs supposed to beat us “35-7?” Weren’t the dogs supposed to “reclaim their spot in Dena?” Weren’t the dogs supposed to “end the reign” and “start their OWN streak?” Weren’t the dogs supposed to “get the bell back?” (BTW, how in the HELL can you get something BACK….that you NEEEEEEEEEEEVER have.)

    BUMS!!!!!!!!!!!! Straight BUMS!!!!!!!!! And I aint talking about the players either…I’m talking about their WACK, ill-informed, nightmare-riddled fans who have been talking $hit ALL YEAR! BUMS!!!!!!!! Crest-fallen BUMS!!!!!!!!!!!

    I told you this one would feel a whoooooooole lot better than the other ones. And it really does. Thanks for making my month!

    Now pack up, and go home. It’s playoff time. Something yall aint used to anyway. And yeah we may get popped early, but it’s better than not going at all!


  • Goldenarm

    Definition of a real crappy Friday:

    Lose the game
    Lose the coin flip
    Lose the tie breaker
    All I can say is I am numb.

    MM – The coin flip was Monday, SM fans let out a second victory yell after the game when it was announced on the PA. TC fans already feelin low were stunned to learn we play La Canada immediately…as in now!! get to your ride and head down Huntington to Fremont…..Of all of the scenarios discussed I had not heard this one.

    Although at some later date, I will find something good about this day. Right now, I can say only that neither team suffered any serious injury…and that is a good thing.

    This was the year of payback in many ways – many came to collect – some were successful in doing so. It began with Arroyo exacting revenge – after we beat them twice in one season. We reversed that trend in beating the Mead…then comes the double wallop of payback from SM and LC. We beat 8-0 SM last year and then came back from 14 zip to tie LC and exit them from the playoffs…on guess what A 2 POINT CONVERSION, same as last night.
    Had the conversion failed, it was lights out for LC. I found Yoder after the tiebreaker and told him flat out – dude, ballsy call! Said the same to a couple LC assistants – young dudes on that staff.

    Besides losing it was sad to see the heart of the Rams, Max Ruckle struggling just to run forward, unable to plant or cut, and having a dead pedal where once his accelerator lived. The great Matt O’Malley who gave opposing teams nightmares for 4 straight years, kneeling on the field in silence.

    Steve Yortsos had a tremendous game, Monrovia was smart enough to handcuff him, we gave him the keys to the city, and ignored the fundamental contain laws you normally associate with an athlete of his caliber. Real bad idea. Hung was swallowed by our D line.

    When I eat my last Prozac and down another shot of Patron, and review the game film – I will come back and comment on the bad breaks, and ref calls – which just flattened TC – their were many. CONGRATS TO THE BLUE/WHITE AND LA CANADA – win some games.

  • Anonymous


  • New York

    Congrats to SF, SM, LC, Muir and whomever else had character driven, gritty wins last night.

    Congrats to Monrovia and RHP for maintaining a level of performance all year to finish 10-0.

    Congrats also to those teams I may have missed.

    Now every team needs to focus on the playoffs. It’s a one week season.

  • Anonymous

    i agree with u one hundred percent new york…….one game at a time……win or go home…….preperation and focus is vital……..good luck to all the wsgv needs some cif titles

  • sfhs89

    Stang Fan (and all Muir alums and students) – congrats on last night’s beating of HS. I was there for the 1st half (before leaving to catch the 4th quarter of the SF-Chaminade game which featured a big Golden Knight comeback).

    Way to go Mustangs!

  • Reno Hightower

    Reno and the rankings. “Isn’t it odd that the Rams are not ranked in the Mid Valley Division…why Temple City’s opponent, San Marino, is ranked #9?” Simply put, the Rams were not that good. There were holes in the defense that every team exploited and the vaunted “Spread Offense” failed to produce points in crunch time. This was the “Spread Offense” that the MM anoited “Best Coaching Staff in the WSGV” vowed to take the Rams to the next level and get past the 2nd round curse. Is it a coincident that the Rams didn’t beat SM and make the playoffs was Friday the 13th or was it the “New Direction”? Just wondering, did any Rams finally earn their horns on the last night of their season and did any senior not earn any horns?

  • SFHS81

    Justin Posthuma proved last night that he is the best OVERALL QB in the area. Posthuma completed 16 of 30 passes for 256 yards in a big come from behind victory with a cast on his non-throwing hand. The numbers he has put up both in the air and on the ground says it all. The level of talent SF plays makes his numbers that more impressive. By the way, if he wasn’t the starting QB he probably would be one of the best DB’s in the area. He is my vote for PSN’s MVP.

  • Big Football Fanatic

    It seems to me that every year we leave that 4th Team from th Rio Homdo behind that is better than half the teams that get into CIF from other Leagues.










  • lightfan

    Rams played a hell of the game actaully 2 games.
    i give a lot of credit to the dline matt omalley justin sutton steven fei carlos mota and victor domniguez id say one of the best dline in the area. it was a tought loss. justin smith and max ruckle played there hearts out.

  • Goldenarm


    The nerve is too fresh and the disappointment too heavy right now to discuss the spread, the coaches or how everything went this year.

    I’ll just say that we leaped forward in some areas – and fell way back in others….and I thank all the Ram coaches for the time put in. As long as none come out (like earlier this year)with statements regarding TC talent or effort among the kids – all is good.

    I plan on meeting with Coach White and giving him the GA exit interview – since I will move on as my son does. Just some thoughts on paper he can consider or throw in the trash can.

    Last night just about buried the usually optmistic, upbeat man Coach White is. He wants success as bad as anybody in the program. Regarding the game – I am keeping it covered in 2 inches of concrete in my head for awhile and washing the poison off –

  • Observantcat

    So much for the Clete, I noted in my earlier blogs that they wouldn’t be the class of their this year, Not that they are not still a dangerous team, but it would take all they have to win and get into the finals again this year. Monrovia’s Homecoming was marred by a pop warner team called the Blair Vikings. The best part of the game was watching the 3rd string run as many plays as they could to get a little ink on a running clock. All in all Monrovia should approach the playoffs with a healthy roster, some players are a little banged up from this season but all should make a full recovery when it counts. I hope Maddox lets his kids run wild during these playoff games. It should be an exiting 4 possible weeks.

  • Goldenarm

    thanks to the cool, few band members and the water polo dude who sat in as band director – and cranked out the TC fight songs at the tie-breaker.

    talk about spirit on the spot, without a plan, it was every fan for themselves in leading cheers at throat is raw meat…might be the cold tiger dog I choked down…heartburn on a bun with a side of mustard
    by the way, I cursed the refs, yelled for our QB and special teams, O line, Max, Andrew the punter and cursed the refs again on that hideous defensive holding to end the game and clip right on the tip of the ref’s wing tip shoes – he had the flag superglued to his bony buttocks…the sucker came out and when tested probably had Mooney’s DNA on it!
    Ram fans were top shelf last night…gonna miss that bunch
    time to get some zzzzzzzzzzzz’s, needless to say, sleepless in Pasadena last night

    Good luck Cats, Titans and Spartans
    The Mayor has left the building

  • burbanksports

    LMAO at FredJ’s comments.
    Charter Oak number one and the team to beat I can’t argue that, but South Hills? Burroughs can handle the Huskies. Best RB in the Southeast is Dalton Williams from Burroughs. There isn’t a team in the Southeast that Burbank can’t light up the scoreboard against.

    Yes Burbank shares the title and goes as Pacific #1. Should be seeded ahead of South Hills, but won’t be because the ESGV doesn’t like to travel North of the 210 freeway and Hoover and Glendale downgrade the Pacific League.

  • !stang!

    I have ebeen saying it all year, this muir will be like the diamond ranch from last year! But they will get south hills or charter oak in the first round. They have the talent to beat any team, but they have to play a complete game. Burbank and burroughs I hope to see yall again! LETS GO STANG

  • Rams09

    Good season rams. You guys did your best and that’s all you can ask for right? Hope RHL represents in playoffs, let’s see how far Mtown goes. Congrats to SM for getting into the playoffs another year. Goodluck guys

  • Angel Bec

    To the Stang Fan,

    Thank you for making me laugh with the dog jokes.

    To Muir – if there was ever a year that you all needed to pull it together and make us proud – this was the year.

    Thank you for bringing it to the Northwest which needs all the love and support that it can get. Your school is turning itself out – your season has been hard – but you brought Stang Fever back…

    thank you.

  • Muirfan!

    their we go Huckster, last week they beat burbank and you said “here I come, I’m sitting on yall side talking mad spit!” they were the best thing that side of longfellow! Sorry homie it aint the coaches, weather, gatorade. Its the heart that beats inside. I missed you at Jims! see ya next year, maybe I’ll sit on yall side but I know I wont! Stangs Dont Have To Roll Like that.

  • grand CHONK railroad

    Congrats to our CHONKER of the week recipients.

    Temple City


  • Hal Lamaster

    Congratulations to your Bulldogs on a well-earned league championship. Good luck in the playoffs.

  • oldschoolpanther

    I feel really bad for Anthony White and the kids at TC but the program will get stronger, they have a very good coach who can prepare them for next season right now. The Panthers are getting better and I am confident that they will get past the first round. People better wake and look at Arroyo because they are capable of beating almost any team in the Midvalley!


    Man I can’t believe that people(huck)are still envoking the name of Kevin Mills in these blogs, he’s a dead issue. Pretty nice guy, bad coach and hopefully history, but if you guys persist I’ll get the arsenal out. PHS much better off without Mills, but I do wonder if he broke out the old red/white fatigues for the game.

  • One Man’s Opinion

    I have faithfully kept tabs on the blog and local football scene this year but have refrained from joining the banter thus far. My inspiration for jumping in you ask…RESPECT

    As a San Marino fan and someone close to the program I have avoided defending our team via the blog until today. I can no longer remain silent as MM refuses to give credit where credit is due. Time after time, week after week, game after game, MM (along with many of the usual suspects on this blog) have discredited the efforts of the team this year, often labeling SM with the same played out refrain…soft schedule, soft kids, spoiled and privileged community etc.

    The Titans have earned everything this year on the gridiron the old fashioned way…they earned it hit by hit, inch by inch, yard by yard. They have played tough, hard nosed, inspired football. Why is it MM has such a hard time giving credit to the Titans???

    I do not pretend to believe we have somehow shaken up the landscape of WSGV football this season, but after the tenacious effort put forth this year, by doing the previously unthinkable (sweeping all three levels against TC) the time has come for MM and the Star News to give the Titans their due, give the Titans the RESPECT they have surely earned.

    Come on MM…man up…The Titans have…all year.

  • eagleball

    Just a little love to Eddie (50/225!) in an otherwise dreadful season for Gabby. You’re a horse kid.

  • Kentera

    Stang Fan,
    Congrats on the win. That has to feel real good.

  • The Stang Fan

    After such a long and difficult season, it was good to see the Stangs finish strong by winning their last 3 games. Of course it was to Glendale, Hoover, and PHS, but hell…after 1-6 it didn’t matter who it was against. The fact of the matter is they lost their 3 league games by a total of 11 points, and were minutes away from beating both Burbank schools. They played some tough football in those games, but the youngsters just didn’t know how to finish. My hope is that those games have taught them how to compete for four quarters and and how to maximize ALL of their potential.

    There are still some issues though. Issues that will be exposed by a top seeded team in the 1st round. If those aren’t cleaned up….season over. If the offense plays like it did in the Bowl, we have a shot. Muir has the talent to beat CO and/or SH, but they are going to have to play PERFECT football…and honestly, I don’t see happening. But, as young as this team is, the prospects for next year are sooooooo exciting!!!


    We appreciate the support bro! Thanks for coming out on a night when your boys were literally BATTLING for a playoff spot….and congrats to the G-Knights on an INCREDIBLE comeback! I hope you guys make some serious noise in the playoffs.

    Angel Bec,

    Thank you for your support as well. I have always enjoyed and appreciated your support of ALL local schools! NW Pasadena and West Altadena have so many good things going on, and we must do our best to highlight those things instead of all the negative stuff.


    Congrats to your Bulldogs! I would LOVE to RAM Freddie J’s words about the Pacific down his throat! The reality is, with Muir as the 4th place team in league, the “potential” to go 4-0 in the 1st round is there…but reality is another thing. The only schools I see as potentially dangerous are CO, SH, WC. The Pacific should do their thing and get 1 or 2 teams in the semis.


    Wow! What a HELL of a way to end a season. As a parent, I would love an HONEST assessment of having your son play an extra “game” after finishing four quarters and having to TRAVEL to play. This has certainly been an odd year of pigskin in the WSGV.


    DITTO!!! And YES it does!


    Your blustering often masks your football knowledge, which you have a lot of. What I’d like to hear from you is your “football” take of the game and why you think the Dogs lost. Like, why in the hell you would continue to run the double-wing when your down 22 points in the 4th??? Especially to a team who is running the ball down your throat and chewing clock? Is the passing game that bad? No doubt #4’s strength is in a run-oriented offense, but were their any other QB’s who could let it fly? And why in the HELL didn’t the defense adjust to certain offensive sets the Stangs ran? They also seemed to have left the middle of the field WIDE open by playing man and blitzing WAY too much in my opinion. Once the backs got past the first level they were off to the races. Anyhow, fill us in if you can.


    πŸ˜‰ Your top ten has been topsy-turvy this year…to say the least. I’m sure Week 10 did nothing to change that. As I’ve stated ALL year, as difficult of a year as the Stangs have had, they’d still beat MORE than half the teams on there. After Friday’s game, I’m sure you’d agree.

    LET’S GO STANGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    One Man’s Opinion,

    What happened? Did the San Marino Tribune run out of ink? What’s next…..Whining to Eric Sondheimer at the Times?

    You guys get plenty of mention here. Deal with it!


    You know the story… John Muir = The KING of the one and out.

    CIF was giving love to PHS, but they don’t do favors for Donkeys.
    CO ain’t as strong as last year, but they will pound the donks.

  • Philly B.

    One Mans Opinion,
    So San Marino is in the playoffs……lets see if they get past the first round, and then we’ll talk about respect and credit blah blah blah. Facts are san marino had a weak pre-league schedule…. another fact is that they have good coaching but as far as team speed, san marino has always lacked. I doubt that will never change. The fact is If San Marino gets past the first round, then ill say they deserve some credit, until then, get over it!!!

  • burbanksports

    The Stang Fan
    Congrats on the playoffs. I was happy to see Muir get CO in the first round because Muir can pull off that upset. I believe that Burroughs can defeat South Hills and I still think South Hills should have been the 3rd seed and Schurr the 4th because neither of those two would have won the Pacific League. CV might surprise and Burbank will light up the scoreboard and create suspense. Should be some exciting games.

    Make sure that the officiating crews in the ESGV are in shape. We’re getting tired of officials not being fast enough to keep up with Burbank’s offense.

  • Muirfan!

    Hot-Rod, Dang puppy after all the trash talk last week and getting your a$$ tossed! you would figure you would back a team from PASADENA SGV, but I forgot. last year some of your players came to our playoff game to talk spit! You puppys dont get it, its carma! Are kids go to your games, watch and leave( remember your guys saying that got PRINT. “You guys ARE next” LEARN SON! Back the neighborhood and maybe something good can happen for you! good job H.S PLAYERS it was alot better showing than last year(In terms of your season). Just dont come wolfing to any MUIR games in till you can keep it close. Your young now, but when you get older you will ask yourself, why did I take my ass there, when we got are a$$ kicked. come if you want to back DENA if not start running a round the track!


    HOT ROD , STAY ON THE PORCH. EVEN IF ITS ONE GAME THE DONKEYS ARE PLAYING!!!!!!! BUT ,I THINK IT MAYBE MORE. IF NOT? WHERE STILL UNDER THE LIGHTS ONE MORE NIGHT! WHERE YOU AT! at our game wishing! get em dogs , where hungry, starving, cold as spit, cause you just cant beat the MUSTANGS in NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you !

  • Titan Sports Fan

    you cant discredit SM’s D though any team that hasnt given up more than 14 points in a game this year has a chance against anybody in the Mid Valley. Thats against monrovia/tc/lc as well so there doing it against tougher competition than just there non league schedule those are pretty solid offensive teams.


    I called my shot but got burned, turns out my whole weekend went that way. PHS lost, Cotto lost to Pacman and USC lost bad. I went to both the Tussle and the SC game and had to endure ugly losses. I can live with that. I’m driving out to see some REAL football in the Pac-5, not some old mules who’ll be run off the field by CO. CO is well coached solid speedy team. Cant say the same for the Donkeys. He who laughs last, laughs best!

  • Just had to respond to Philly B and Annyonmous

    Philly B and Annoymous – Is it that hard for you to congratulate an opponent and show some class. We’ve been reading Monrovia and TC folks rant and rave all year in this blog – 90% of Rio Hondo chatter is MM or TC. Other than when SM didn’t get any credit for the great game against an excellent Monrovia team you never saw Titan fans mixing it up much, albeit a 14-12 loss and even then it was with class.

    Miguel hasn’t written all year in the Paper about San Marino other than to say what their opponent didn’t do well in the just played game. Rarely does he give credit for the win to due to what the Titans accomplished. Frankly, he never attends their games. Six points from an undefeated season, but scoreboard rules and it was just 8-2. Defense didn’t give up more than 14 points all year and that ranks 9th in Max Preps from over 1200 So. Cal. schools. And other than LC the offense took care of the rock all year and got the job done.

    Congrats to Monrovia for an undefeated season – hard to do in any year.
    TC – you should be in CIF. You are deserving.
    Good luck LC – hell of an OT.
    BTW there were at least 100 SM fans there rooting on those teams at the OT in SP. Miguel should have been there too. I guess someone will say they drove their BMWs there.

  • Goldenarm

    Tearful Titan

    You beat TC, something you have not done since Lincoln was assasinated, and you are in the playoffs. What else you need? You want Miguel’s huevos on a stick? Why…he has written many kind words toward SM. Monrovia is 10-0 and has heard plenty of challenges, insults, etc about how good they are – it is part of the deal.

    98 of the 100 Titans you mention that came to SoPas…. were ex-TC coaches.

    Note to Mooney – your D line got off the ball well, but were so intent on staying low, that they could simply be pushed to the ground and never got penetration on Smith all night. You are going to need a pass rush come playoffs, and this tactic won’t get you one. GOOD LUCK TO SAN MARINO – YOU DESERVED THE WIN.

  • Blak13

    Lets see! I went to the Turkey Tussle the other day and came away from the game extremely upset by the caliber of football that is being put on the field. Pasadena will always be an area that produces great athletes but will continue to lose to inferior opponents until both schools coaches check their egos and get to some clinics and learn the game. For example phs on defense just made no sense the whole night. The only way that muir can beat u on offense is with a big play with their superior athletes but u blitz every play in the wrong gaps leaving your defense exposed to muirs strength. Muir couldnt put together ten straight plays without self destructing. But then when u get em n long distance situations u blitz giving them a chance to make an athletic play for first downs instead of executing a play. And then to go two quarters and not adjust to an unbalanced line is embarrassing. To have first back dives go for forty yards untouched cus both lbs r out of position is embarrassing. But even though muir looks far more prepared than phs against a good team they will suffer as they have all season. They cant consistantly execute on offense. They have to rely on broken or athletic plays instead of executing schemed plays. Sooner or later being a better athlete wont b enough. There is going to be a need for some type of creativity to beat better teams. As coaches both schools should be applaude for their efforts but there is a long way to go befor good football can b represented n dena. To argue over taking fourth place n the Pacific league is embarrassing. The bar needs to be raised again and both schools program need to meet it because bottom line is it aint the kids!!!!


    Blak 13, Hot Rod and all my Dog bros.

    We have to stop with this woulda, shoulda, coulda mentality. The bottom line is each year we didn’t. We see something every year and say to ourselves this is the reason we’re not winning. We have had several coaches come through. Different players, systems, uniforms you name it. The bottom line is this no matter what’s being called on the side-lines the kids have to BELIEVE that they can beat muir. Talking trash like WE do only makes us look silly. The belief that they can win the tussle is so strong in the Muir community that the energy is passed down to the players no matter how bad of a season their having. HS is not the same as we remember and until that mentality is brought back look for the streak to just keep going. To the players who will be there next year it’s time for each one of you to check yourself.

  • New York

    Just from watching the highlight clip:
    PHS running backs need to be more patient in the double wing. That offense more methodical with grinding yards out and eventually breaking big runs once the defense gets worn down. The RB’s went horizontal too often in these clips.

    What are PHS’s school colors? In this clip, their uniforms look black and white with red accents.

  • MVF

    Observantcat, if clete gets by LP no need to give them bulletin board material. Remember,

    Observantcat said:
    Rosemead by 50.. Paraclete is not even in close

    December 8, 2008 3:08 PM

  • Angry, Dena Dog.(somewhat calmer 3 days later)

    OUR colors are RED & WHITE. Some idiot decided that black in the mix looks better-NO IT DOES’NT

    Hmmmm. let’s see when we would win the TT we wore RED & WHITE……………..

  • Apache Joe

    Regarding Pasadena,

    I really do think they should run a spread. Get these kids out in the open. The reason why the spread is so successful in college is because of the speed predicament on the defensive side of the ball. It is hard to tackle a kid 1 on 1 in the open field.

    If I were Pasadena, I would learn to run a version of the Florida Gator offense. Your quarterbacks can run decently, use a four wide version with an H-back to learn how to kickout block (for QB power) and run a divide zone play. Then learn the zone read, and throw in an option bubble screen off the zone read if they are only playing the receivers 2 on 2 out on edges.

    It’s such a simple concept but Pasadena should really think about it. The spread is successful for a reason! Use the speed! Get these kids in the open!

    I like how McFarland threw in the double wing, but don’t have it as your main source of offense. Once teams can gameplan it, it isn’t hard to stop if you have the same caliber of players running it. If you had a menacing O-line that is just simply overpowering the D-line it is a fantastic offense. I really like the spread, especially at the high school level where speed is even more drastic.


    Im sorry, I dont know if burbank, burroughs, or CV players or family members read these blogs, but I give you props this season. keep making our league strong! see you !!!!!!! KEEP IT STRONG!!!!!!!


    Im sorry, I dont know if burbank, burroughs, or CV players or family members read these blogs, but I give you props this season. keep making our league strong! see you !!!!!!! KEEP IT STRONG!!!!!!!

  • SM Fan

    ALL SM FANS: STOP WHINING!!! I agree with GA, we’re in the Playoffs as a 2 seed for the first time since 1997 b.c. WHO CARES ABOUT MIGUEL! However GA, there was one extremely questionable defensive holding call, but don’t say “There were many…which just flattened TC” thats an unreasonable statement and there were barely any penalties called in the game besides a few holding calls on tc’s WR (watch the film they were pretty close) and another questionable pass interference call against Sm. It was a great battle as expected and it did not come down to a blown call. ALso, the sm kids and tc kids are good friends and hang out off the field, sm has a huge rivalry with lc and all but about 5 members of the SM team were sitting on the tc stands and they were the ones who started the “RUCKLE” chant after his tremendous catch in the left corner of the endzone. The after game party did not start until after the OT was over because everyone was at SP and anyone could see it based on the wave of blue sweatshirts

  • Goldenarm

    SM fan

    I went back and read what I wrote – and find that you are correct. There were not many funky calls. The only ref calls which I found hideous were the d holding, the 4th down play where our QB was called short of the 1st down and the punt which appeared to deflect off the punt returner.
    Spilled milk now.

    I did not stick around to see any festivites after the game, I had to be at work at 230 am on saturday. congratulated Yoder and a couple SM coaches I know – and spoke to many of the TC kids I am closest with on the team – and shared some words with my son, who missed the the first half of the season due to his second knee injury. He had counted on playoffs – to make up for at least a couple of the games….
    It was pretty intense.

  • The Stang Fan

    I swear…I LOVE seeing the Dogs fans trip all over themselves with frustration and envy. Outside of Pasadena, the Tussle is just another game, but to the folks inside of the tradition, it REALLY means a lot. That’s why this game meant so much. I agree with Blak 13’s assessment, especially in regards to “arguing over 4th place in the Pacific League,” however, this year it truly was much more than that. This year could’ve been a tremendous launching pad for McFarland and the Dogs had they won, but I believe the loss sets them back a bit. We’ll see how far next season.

    Hot Rod,

    One and done’s, huh? Yeah, well it’s MUCH better than being the KINGS of the “never theres!” Question…in the 2000’s, how many times have the Dogs been to the playoffs? Once, maybe twice? I’d also like to mention that this is the first calendar decade, from start to finish, where the Dogs did not win ONE single Tussle. Btw, if Muir isn’t well-coached or speedy (no arguments from me), what in Sam’s Hell is PHS?!?! And one more thing, he who ALWAYS LOSES, never laughs AT ALL! LMAO!!!!

    Madd dog,

    You’re right about a couple of things….yes, the belief in the Muir community is STRONG, and yes this streak WILL keep going, and going, and going, and going……

  • Philly B.

    Just had to respond and get the last word,
    First off, I can congradulate a team that i think deserves it, and it took awhile but I have been showing a lil love to San Marino, but just like some people are not sold on arroyo, Im still not sold on SM because of their schedule, but their in the playoffs and T.C. is not sadly….But as far as me having class, you can ass the paraclete and t.c. fans I show love and respect where it is due!!!! But I’ll never change on how i blog, Im blunt and I keep it real, and if I have an opinion Im going to say what i think is right. Alot of times New York has to correct me, but on the other hand alot of times O-Cat and Goldenarm agree with me right on! You mention a 9th ranking in defense in maxpreps…..I’d ask whats ur ranking in strength of schedule too, but im sure you didnt want to look that up. Please dont tell i dont have class because I say exactly what it is and dont hold any punches

  • Michael Megee

    1961 Grad, same result I see…1961 it was Muir 39, PHS 7. Living in Phoenix AZ, I was happy to see that maybe the school was starting to finally improve academically. Too bad the school board screwed up the way the district was divided ethnically and culturally after La Canada/Flintridge pulled out and Blair was opened.

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