CIF-SS Playoffs: Monrovia, Rio Hondo Prep earn top seeds; Muir and Charter Oak to meet in the Southeast

Monrovia vs. San Dimas in the finals? Paraclete, errr, South El Monte will have something to say about that. We’ll see…

Top Bracket

South El Monte (MVL 3) at No. 1 Monrovia (Rio Hondo 1)
Paraclete (Olympic 2) at La Puente (Montview 2)
Gladstone (Montview 3) at Baldwin Park (Valle Vista 2)
Whittier Christian (Olympic 3) at No. 4 Arroyo (MVL 1)
Bottom Bracket
Covina (Valle Vista 3) at No. 3 Azusa (Montview 1)
Rosemead (MVL 2) at San Marino (Rio Hondo 2)
La Canada (Rio Hondo 3) at Cerritos Valley Christian (Olympic 1)
Workman (Montview 4) at No. 2 San Dimas (Valle Vista 1)

Top Bracket
Muir (Pacific 4) at No. 1 Charter Oak (Miramonte 1)
San Gabriel (Almont 2) at West Covina (San Antonio 2)
Rowland (San Antonio 3) at California (Del Rio 1)
Alhambra (Almont 3) at No. 4 Burbank (Pacific 1)
Bottom Bracket
El Rancho (Del Rio 3) at No. 3 Schurr (Almont 1)
Diamond Ranch (Miramonte 3) at Burroughs (Pacific 2)
Crescenta Valley (Pacific 3) at Santa Fe (Del Rio 2)
Bonita (Miramonte 3) at South Hills (San Antonio 1)

Top Bracket

Santa Paula (Frontier at large) at St. Margaret’s (Academy 1)
Sierra Canyon (Alpha at large) at Aquinas (Christian 1)
Bishop Union (High Desert 2) at Brentwood (Alpha 2)
Bottom Bracket
Oak Hills (Freelance at large) at Kern Valley (High Desert 1)
Grace Brethren (Frontier 2) at Sage Hill (Academy 2)
Ontario Christian (Christian 2) at 29 Palms (De Anza 1)
Frazier Mountain (High Desert at large) at Maranatha (Alpha 1)

Top Bracket

Desert Christian/L (Desert Mountain 3) at Rio Hondo Prep (Prep 1)
Riverside Christian (Big Sky 3) at Saddleback Valley Christian (San Joaquin 1)
Animo Leadership (San Joaquin 3) at Salesian (Santa Fe 1)
Calvary Murrieta (Big Sky 2) at Mojave (Desert Mountain 2)
Bottom Bracket
Bell-Jeff (Santa Fe 3) at Boron (Desert Mountain 1)
Bloomington Christian (San Joaquin 2) at Chadwick (Prep 2)
Pasadena Poly (Prep 3) at St. Genevieve (Santa Fe 2)
CSDR (San Joaquin 4) at Linfield Christian (Big Sky 1)

Top Bracket

Santa Ynez (Los Padres) at Oaks Christian (Tri-Valley 1)
Harvard-Westlake (Del Rey 3) at Centennial (Pioneer 1)
Mary Star (Camino Real) at Cathedral (Del Rey 2)
Lawndale (Pioneer 3) at Pioneer Valley (Los Padres 2)
Bottom Bracket
La Salle (Camino Real 3) at St. Joseph/SM (Los Padres 1)
El Segundo (Pioneer 2) at Nordhoff (Tri-Valley 2)
Nipomo (Los Padres 3) at Verbum Dei (Camino Real 1)
Oak Park (Tri-Valley 3) at Serra (Del Rey1)

Top Bracket

Quartz Hill (Golden 4) at Mira Costa (Bay 1)
Chaminade (Mission at large) at Inglewood (Ocean 2)
Gahr (San Gabriel Valley 2) at St. Francis (Mission 2)
Santa Monica (Ocean 3) at Palmdale (Golden 1)
Bottom Bracket
Highland (Golden 3) at Alemany (Mission 1)
West Torrance (Bay 3) at Warren (San Gabriel Valley 1)
Knight (Golden 2) at Redondo (Bay 2)
Dominguez (San Gabriel Valley 3) at Culver City (Ocean 1)

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    GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • GrimReaperxxx

    Point 1 observations from the sideline
    Hats off to LC for putting it on the line and going for two. That was a man call and it was the right call since TC’s passing game was hitting on all cylinders
    Point 2
    Hats off to the TC quarter back. Right after he took a sack about half way through the SM game he came back to the bench in obvious pain due to a shoulder injury. Reports are that he was already suffering from a previous injury to the shoulder. But yet somehow he continued to throw the ball, not so well at SM but at LC playoff he made great throws for receptions. That was a gutty performance for a losing cause.
    Point 3
    When was the last time that TC failed to make the playoffs? Maybe this whole Mayan calendar end of the world is coming. Look for torchlit marches with pitchforks as the TC fans recover from shock and move into the next phase of acceptance. Heads will roll.
    Point 4
    Congratulations to Monrovia for a perfect season, but like the coach says at the halftime speech in Friday Night Lights, can you be perfect, a little longer? But to that point, my previous admonition to Monrovia re: conditioning seems to be valid. Discussion with other observers from their sidelines(not the stands) indicate that they do have a conditioning problem. Their big boys huff and puff, and come the 4th quarter are spent. Unless the M staff has addressed this issue in the past couple of weeks, there could well be a nasty 4th quarter surprise if there is a fade. My suggestion pile on the points early to give a cushion and perfection is in sight. If it comes down to the last 5 minutes, trouble is at your door.
    Point 5
    Hats off to the HS football gods to allow a three way flat footed tie, coin flip, and hats off to my doctors that allowed me to live to see the rare trifecta. First seeing SM beat TC, when was the last time that happened? Ten years ago? More? Nobody I talked to seemed to remember. Second, I got to see a sudden death California tiebreaker where the impossible happened. LC, who had been beaten by TC like a gong in the regular season, manned up and beat TC in a thrilling seesaw battle. And finally, I want to thank my doctors for keeping me alive so long as to have seen TC not make the playoffs. Moreover, watching TC get beat twice in one night! Has that ever happened? Hell back in the run of the 70’s TC didn’t lose a game for years! To lose 2 in one night, impossible, and is a Biblical sign! Coach Hitchcock isn’t just turning in his grave, he is probably turned into an airplane propeller.
    As one observer said, “This is epic”. This is legacy for RHL football.

  • Confused Puppy

    Just Curious about the scenario that played out last night. Was this a popcorn surprise thrown out after the game or was it known prior that there was a chance of a double header based on results? Maybe I missed it, but I did not see any discussion this last week about a possible double header. Was this the best kept secret of the blog?

  • Titan Sports Fan

    the last time SM had beaten TC was 1997 which is thirteen years ago and also happen on a friday the 13th in november i was told by several people last night

  • MHS Fan

    And in other hardly recognized but very exciting news…….
    The Maranatha Minutemen finished the year on a 8 game winning streak. The Minutemen rolled through the Alpha league on the way to the their first outright league title in 25 years.
    MHS will battle for a long playoff run and yet another game with St. Margaret’s in the CIF final rematch of 2006. Congratulations to the Maranatha Minutemen…The winningest HS football team in Pasadena for 2009!!!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats to Rio Hondo Prep for an undefeated season.

  • Titan Sports Fan

    The AD’s at the schools knew of the potential double header and not sure if they were allowed to talk to coaches about where they be played but it was agreed upon they would do it friday night and not saturday morning by the AD’s and were the only ones who knew of the results of the coin flips till after the games …. originally LC was supposed to go to SM and play TC there for the OT but they were behind in the game at SP because of homecoming festivities so they moved it to SP since SM/TC game ended earlier than

  • claire maison

    San Marino clinches a CIF berth and there’s no lead story on your web page?? What’s wrong with you guys???

  • MVF

    Was at Valley Christian/Paraclete last night,Clete looked very sloppy and seemed to rely to much on thier D which wore down against a big Valley front. Clete had 6 turnovers and a snap over the punters head for a safety. Lucky it was 28-19 should have been 50-19, they got away with that sloppy play last year, will not happen this year.

  • fan

    paraclete lost hahaha

  • Anonymous

    MHS Fan –

    Isn’t St. Margarets at least 4 games away? Focus on your next game!!!!!

  • One Man’s Opinion

    I have faithfully kept tabs on the blog and local football scene this year but have refrained from joining the banter thus far. My inspiration for jumping in you ask…RESPECT

    As a San Marino fan and someone close to the program I have avoided defending our team via the blog until today. I can no longer remain silent as MM refuses to give credit where credit is due. Time after time, week after week, game after game, MM (along with many of the usual suspects on this blog) have discredited the efforts of the team this year, often labeling SM with the same played out refrain…soft schedule, soft kids, spoiled and privileged community etc.

    The Titans have earned everything this year on the gridiron the old fashioned way…they earned it hit by hit, inch by inch, yard by yard. They have played tough, hard nosed, inspired football. Why is it MM has such a hard time giving credit to the Titans???

    I do not pretend to believe we have somehow shaken up the landscape of WSGV football this season, but after the tenacious effort put forth this year, by doing the previously unthinkable (sweeping all three levels against TC) the time has come for MM and the Star News to give the Titans their due, give the Titans the RESPECT they have surely earned.

    Come on MM…man up…The Titans have…all year.

  • Desert Rat

    I have a post from last night trapped somewhere in the system. Can someone fish it out for me. Thanks.

  • mc

    To MHS Fan.
    Just a reminder that Maranatha lost to Linfield. A School in a lower division and with 1/2 the enrollment. Rio Hondo is the the team with the most victories. And the school has less than 100 students enrolled.

  • MHS Fan

    mc –
    What city is Rio Hondo in? I believe I said Pasadena.



    All games Thursday @ 7 p.m. unless noted

    Birmingham (3-7) at Crenshaw (10-0)
    West Adams (7-3) at Westchester (7-3)
    Dorsey (7-3) at San Pedro (8-2)
    Garfield (5-5) at Taft (6-4)
    Sylmar (6-4) at Venice (9-1)
    Narbonne (7-3) at L.A. Jordan (6-4), 2 p.m.
    Banning (4-6) at Locke (6-4), 2 p.m.
    Santee (7-3) at Carson (8-2)

    Grant (5-5) at Roosevelt (9-1)
    Bell (7-3) at Fairfax (5-5)
    Jefferson (6-3) at Franklin (8-1)
    Wilson (4-6) at Hamilton (7-3)
    Panorama (5-5) at El Camino Real (9-1)
    Poly (8-2) at South East (4-6)
    LA Marshall (7-3) at Cleveland (7-3)
    Reseda (5-5) at Arleta (9-1), 2 p.m.

  • Anonymous

    One Man’s Opinion & Claire Maison

    What happened? Did the San Marino Tribune run out of ink? What’s next…..Whining to Eric Sondheimer at the Times?

    You guys get plenty of mention here. Deal with it!

  • Anonymous

    The Maranatha spin doctors are working overtime –

  • Yup

    MC, you are right, Rio HAS beaten MHS in the majority of match ups. Rio fans love to tear us down in these blogs and I have held my tongue.

    Rio is a GREAT program and has plenty to be proud of, why can’t we just leave it at that?

    However, since Murphy has taken over…whats the record? I think you got us once when he was in charge and never again.

    At the last game when we played you a few years back your fans even had a total scoreboard. It was impressive,
    RIO 112 and MHS 45, but then you lost that game also.

    I also wonder why you can’t just say good job to a team that started out losing to linfield and La Salle and then pulled themselves together. You are right (congrats) Linfield is a lower team and it was a good wake up call.

    Sincerely, congrats on a great program for such a small team!

  • Pacific League Fan

    Muir has to go to Charter Oaks
    Alhambra has to go to Burbank
    Diamond Ranch has to play at Burbank/Buroughs
    Cresenta Valley goes to Santa Fe

    These are the local teams from the Pacific League going to the Playoffs.

  • Anonymous

    Mid Valley Playoffs

    *Home teams

    Upper bracket
    Monrovia* vs. South El Monte
    La Puente* vs. Paraclete
    Baldwin Park* vs. Gladstone
    Arroyo* vs. Whittier Christian

    Lower bracket
    Azusa* vs. Covina
    San Marino* vs. Rosemead
    Valley Christian/Cerritos* vs. La Canada
    San Dimas* vs. Workman

  • playoffs

    *Monrovia Rio Hondo #1

    South El Monte Mission Valley #3

    *La Puente Montview #2

    Paraclete Olympic #2

    *Baldwin Park Valle Vista #2

    Gladstone Montview #3

    *Arroyo Mission Valley #1

    Whittier Christian Olympic #3

    *Azusa Montview #1

    Covina Valle Vista #3

    *San Marino Rio Hondo #2

    Rosemead Mission Valley #2

    *Valley Chr./ C Olympic #1

    La Canada Rio Hondo #3

    *San Dimas Valle Vista #1

    Workman Montview #4

  • Anonymous

    Southeast Division

    *Home teams

    Upper bracket
    Charter Oak* vs. Muir
    West Covina* vs. San Gabriel
    California* vs. Rowland
    Burbank* vs. Alhambra

    Lower bracket
    Schurr* vs. El Rancho
    Burroughs/Burbank* vs. Diamond Ranch
    Santa Fe* vs. Crescenta Valley
    South Hills* vs. Bonita

  • GrimReaperxxx

    Same old CIF website.
    Sever gets timed out as it cant handle the traffic on the biggest day they have. Meaning the advertisers that pay for this dont get the full exposure they pay for.

    When you get on, the video is such poor quality, that it looks like Russian cosmonauts from outer space and the sound doesnt work. If I were the adverstisers, I would ask for a refund.

    Finally when you get sick of lip reading, you try to download the brackets and you get some file that is unreadable at some sort of XLM application file. Every year I try to log on and download and every year it is the same BS.

    I know the CIF thinks they are cutting edge to do it this way, but their execution is beyond bad.

  • Anonymous

    Mid Valley

    *Home teams

    Upper bracket
    St. Margaret’s* vs. Santa Paula
    Aquinas* vs. Sierra Canyon
    Brentwood* vs. Bishop Union
    Fillmore* vs. Yucca Valley

    Lower bracket
    Kern Valley* vs. Oak Hills
    Sage Hill* vs. Grace Brethren
    Twentynine Palms* vs. Ontario Christian
    Maranatha* vs. Frazier Mountain

    Watch out for 29 Palms – they’re on a roll and full of tough kids who play hard. I also noticed that St. Margaret’s opens vs. Santa Paula (a school w/ 1500 kids) – not the easy “bye” I am sure they were hoping for…

  • Anonymous

    Northeast Division

    *Home teams

    Upper bracket
    Rio Hondo Prep* vs. Desert Christian/Lancaster
    Saddleback Valley Christian* vs. Riverside Christian
    Salesian* vs. Animo Leadership
    Mojave* vs. Calvary Murrieta

    Lower bracket
    Boron* vs. Bell-Jeff
    Chadwick* vs. Bloomington Christian
    St. Genevieve* vs. Pasadena Poly
    Linfield Christian* vs. California School for the Deaf/Riverside

  • goteamgo

    Speaking as a La Salle supporter whose school is in the CIF Northwest Division (with Oaks Christian and Serra), I miss the Mid-Valley division.


    The Lancers do not have to face Oaks Christian or Serra but do get to make a 320 mile round trip on Friday to Santa Maria to face St. Josephs.

  • Anonymous

    November 15, 2009 12:04 PM
    Anonymous said:

    Oooops…Obiously, these are the East Valley playoffs (not Mid Valley)

  • Anonymous

    2nd round coin flips for local teams:

    * Denotes home team

    Rio Hondo Prep vs. *Saddleback Valley Chr (coin flip)
    Rio Hondo Prep vs. *Riverside Chr (automatic)

    *Pasadena Poly vs. Linfield Chr. (automatic)
    Pasadena Poly vs. *CSDR (coin flip)

    *La Canada vs. San Dimas (automatic)
    *La Canada vs. Workman (coin flip)

    *Covina vs. San Marino (automatic)
    *Azusa vs. San Marino (coin flip)

    *Monrovia vs. La Puente (coin flip)
    Monrovia vs. *Paraclete (automatic)

    29 Palms vs. *Maranatha (coin flip)
    *Ontario Christian vs Maranatha (automatic)

    *La Salle vs. Nordhoff (automatic)
    *La Salle vs. El Segundo (coin flip)

    *San Gabriel vs. Charter Oak (automatic)
    Muir vs. *San Gabriel (coin flip)

    *Muir vs. West Covina (automatic)

    *Alhambra vs. Rowland (coin flip)
    California vs. *Alhambra (automatic)

    St. Francis vs. *Palmdale (coin flip)
    St. Francis vs. *Santa Maonica (automatic)

    Azusa vs. *Rosemead (automatic)
    *Covina vs. Rosemead (coin flip)

  • sfhs89

    Saint Francis hosts Gahr HS this Friday.

  • coaches corner

    OH MY !!!!!! The Wildcats are staring at a possible trip to The Clete in the 2nd Round !!!!!!!! I believe it was said on this blog by a few Wildcat supporters that this was there year, a new begining to the program, away with the old and in with the new. Well, here’s your chance to prove it…You can’t talk your way out of this one…Good Luck Cats !! You’ll need it …And always remember folks, a Good Private School Team will always beat a Good Public school team..Just the natural order of things…..

  • Philly B.

    Monrovia can play in a tight game. example of that would be san marino. Our Defense comes through when its crunch time.

    I dont want to get my hopes up but if there was sloppy play with paraclete next year they’ll get to tighten things up against La Puente. I doubt they will even be a challenge. But it sucks Monrovia will have to go up their to play them in the 2nd round

  • Philly B

    Coaches Corner,
    yeah The Cats are going to clete more than likely in the 2nd round. yeah, but from what I hear, they had sloppy play last week against village. They better clean that up before the cats come to town

  • New York

    So Muir finally gets its matchup with Charter Oak. Muir usually has the potential to “upset” any local team. If ever a 16 seed has an inspired shot at taking down the #1 seed…

    If Monrovia has trouble focussing on South Elmonte, just remember that Monrovia was South El Monte’s first varsity victory back in 1993. Redeeming that embarrassment should be motivation enough.

    San Marino…SM held Monrovia, La Canada and Temple City to just 14 points each! They also held San Gabriel to 13 points. That type of defense makes me wonder if there have been any Bill Maloney sightings around the sidelines…

    SF…I expect SF to continue its winning ways. Be ready for some big hits. The 1998 Monrovia-Gahr game, which Monrovia won, was one of the hardest hitting high school games I’ve ever seen.

  • Observantcat

    Coaches corner:

    Not only will we beat them up there, we will do it in style. Thats if the Clete gets past La Puente! YOU WILL BE A BELIEVER SOON, VERY SOON.

  • The “real” Coaches Corner

    To The Impostor;

    Get your own screen name….

  • San Marino got lucky when it beat san gabriel, they arent that good, pure and simple

  • That’s OK

    Gee all the westside experts here are picking Paraclete over La Puente and I bet none of you have been to one game all year but your all frecking experts on the Warriors.
    Give me a frecking break…..

  • JAB

    Burbank and Burroughs can’t play at home on the same day… One of those games is probably going to be on saturday…

  • New York

    I knew the real Coaches Corner would not be looking down the road, as tempting as it may be. If we get a shot at “deCleting” the defending champs, so be it. Winning a CIF title would not be as sweet if Monrovia does not play the red monster that is Paraclete during the playoffs. They beat us on our home field two years ago in the second round. We may get the opportunity to return the favor on their home field this year in the second round.

    But let’s not look too far ahead. This is a one-week season.

    San Marino may be making their own luck. Sometimes the harder people work the luckier they get…SG put up some serious points and yardage in league, but SM held them to 13. TC had a productive offense, as does Monrovia and La Canada. Two touchdowns is all SM allowed against each of these teams.

    SM is matched up against Rosemead. This is very interesting, especially given that SM and Rosemead recently signed up to play next season. This week’s game gives next year’s game added excitement now.

  • CIF???

    However you want to slice it there is no one in the division that would say that Monrovia possibly getting Paraclete in the 2nd round is a good draw. San Dimas is set up to play Olympic league champion Valley Christian. SD is the only seed that may face a league champ in round 2. And Arroyo gets 4 ranked teams in their side of the bracket? Neither LC or Gladstone got fed to a seed? Congratulations CIF only you can make the simplistic nearly impossible to comprehend. If a seed had to play a league champion it should have been the 4th seeded Arroyo. Why the 2nd seeded SD? And don’t make me cry laughing if you say it’s because the Olympic is a weaker league. Every team was in your last poll. Good luck & good health to all the Mid-Valley teams that qualified for the post-season!

  • FB Einstein

    If I was a SM fan I would stop crying about MM not giving any credit to the program and start giving some credit to the other MM…MIKE MOONEY! 2 years on the sildeline and 2 years in the playoffs…thank your lucky stars that man is in blue and white…and do anything possible to keep it that way!

  • kurmugin

    Where are Chino Hills, Damien, and Glendora?

  • kurmugin

    Where are Chino Hills, Damien, and Glendora?

  • Knight03

    Paul, by your logic, sg is not very good either just lucky.


    San Marino vs the Mead:

    CalPreps projection:
    San Marino 28 – 13 Mead

    we shall see…good luck Panthers!


  • Anonymous

    Is Goldenarm really gone for good?

  • BOB

    New York sez So Muir finally gets its matchup with Charter Oak. Muir usually has the potential to “upset” any local team. If ever a 16 seed has an inspired shot at taking down the #1 seed…”Nailed it”… Muir has something CO will never have. That street smart tuf- ness.CO could win 34-6 or lose 14-12…Do NOT think this will be a easy game for CO……

  • Pastor Reno

    Dear Lord,

    I come before you with a bowed head and humble heart
    thanking you for this opportunity to hang with my band of brothers and play the great game of football

    I ask that you spare anyone from injury as You look over us

    Then, when the dust shall have settled, let those who have worked the hardest deserve it the most

    We thank You in Your Son’s name, Jesus Christ, He is in our corner.

    (Pastor Reno heard this prayer several years ago. It goes out to ALL our playoff teams and to ALL our teams that have finished the season.)

  • Bold prediction

    Muir makes it to the semis with Cal High, I hope they meet South Hills in the final. A reunion for the Vaughns’es, Bevel’s, who all played together back in the day

  • GrimReaperxxx

    From the sidelines,
    Reaper Handicaps the Mid Valley pairings for the RHL.

    1. Monrovia will have a real tester in the second round, if it gets thru the hoard from the north, there is a good chance they can get to the title game as the 4 seed Arroyo looks beatable. In about two weeks we will see a real Turkey tussle in Lancaster. Who will be perfect? I say Monrovia will take an early lead over Paraclete and hold on in the 4th quarter as Paraclete has their way with them and escape in a nail bitter. But all good things end when Monrovia to falls to San Dimas (with 8 in the box) in the finals. Close to perfection in a very good year.

    2. San Marino got the luckiest draw, with Rosemead and Azusa for the first two games. With this favorable draw, it is conceivable that SM could survive to meet San Dimas, when the slipper will not just crack but explode. Suppose Titan Fan made a substantial contribution to CIF?

    3. La Canada will most likely look back on the two point conversion against TC as the high point of the season, as they got a tough row to hoe, with Valley Christian and San Dimas ready to send them back to the stone age. Good luck, they’re going to need it.

    But the Reaper has been known to be wrong, just ask the wife, she will be glad to tell you just how often. I am sure our friend Philly B and anyone with Cat in the name will side with the wife and point out the flaws in my reasoning.

  • Don’t you mean..

    Grim, I think you meant to say ‘9’ in the box. Cause obviously 8 didn’t work the first time they played. In fact, 9 didn’t always work either. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

  • Goldenarm

    This is Coach Maddox’s time to shine.

    Nobody works harder.

    For one segment of the year, the term “one game at a time” actually means something now. SoElMo is horrible, but every team must be looked upon as a hated enemy – someone desperately standing between them and their goal. The pieces are all there for Monrovia….and in my opinion, the Cats are playing cleaner, smarter football than any period in my time. Lowden is the conductor of that train, playing like a beast, hitting hard, but staying free of trash and respecting opponents before, during and after the game.
    As evidenced with the love he showed Ruckle and others at our house.

    Arroyo is a very good team – but can be beaten physically. Our D line flattened their line and abused their QB. Nonetheless, the Knights fight hard and do not shy from contact. LC can beat this team.

    Rosemead is a better Mead now. If Diaz is alive and well SM will be in trouble, because a run game will be stuffed at them with a big offensive line leading the charge. Yortsos will be in for a mugging all night long. Hung still looks slower and not himself, though they say he is 100%. Should be a good game to watch.

  • GrimReaperxxx

    Don’t you mean.. said: 9 in box

    Boy that was quick, the wife must have an internet tracker on the poor old Reaper!

  • BigCat


    As mentioned they had 8 in the box prior and sometimes 9 and not much helped them then. Their Coach said the Monrovia game really “exposed them” and they mad adjustments to their D, and that is what has made them the team they are now. The Saints had only been giving up 6 points per game prior to meeting M-Town, They didn’t get “exposed”, they got dominated. If and that’s a big if on both sides (lots of football to be played) we meet again I truly do not see there being much of a difference now that the Cats seem to be able to pass when they need to. So please load the box.

    Go Cats!

  • Anonymous

    Just Wondering said:
    Hey Temple City, aren’t you wondering how Workman got in as the #4 team instead of you? If Monrovia is the top seed, and San Marino, and Temple City played very tough, and there was a 3 way tie for second, shouldn’t the Rams be the #4 team?

  • insider


    The Montview gets 4 teams in the playoffs because they have seven teams in league where as the Rio Hondo only gets 3 because they have six teams

  • Desert Rat

    I’ve been posting over the last two days. Nothing is getting through. WTF

  • Philly B.

    Thats OK,
    Since we’re supposedly not experts on La Puente, please fill us in. Who has La Puente Played???? and Im talking games where they were picked to lose and they won….Paraclete is in a tougher league then yours and is defnitely in a tougher league than the RHL even though San Marino put in a whirlwind at the end to have T.C. knocked out.

    Looking at Puente’s schedule, your only big game was to azusa which you last badly too 50-21. The only reason why this SHOULD be a game is because Paraclete has been caught slippin before playoffs by village and the fact u have a home game against them. but even then I dont see it happening. I’d love to see both fans in la puente, im sure it may something interesting especially if paraclete wins

  • Philly B.

    Your right, I really didnt like the pairings this year one bit!!!! I think if Monrovia and Paraclete are the two teams that are the best in the division, than they should be on opposite ends in the playoffs. and any team thats wants a shot at either team can get their shot to knock off the top two teams in the division.

    New York
    So Mead and SM next year???? I want to say it may be a little too late. Because I think both programs are going in opposite directions. I dont know what kind of talent mead will have coming up next year, but i know they miss those sumler brothers.

    I can almost word for word agree with you, but then again like your wife, I hope I get the chance to say that you’re wrong. La Canada could pull an upset, their riding high right now but against valley, who knocked off paraclete, im not so sure…. San Marino has a real strong chance of getting to the semi-finals, knocking off san dimas….HA!! I think not, i really think that the saints were the biggest test for the cats, and even though the score didnt show, i felt that they will be a tough team in the playoffs. But as far as putting this many or that many in the box, i really dont think it will make a difference. blog to be continued

  • MVF

    Observantcat, if clete gets by LP no need to give them bulletin board material. Remember,

    Observantcat said:
    Rosemead by 50.. Paraclete is not even in close

    December 8, 2008 3:08 PM

  • New York

    Paraclete may or may not be one of the best teams this year. They certainly have the best pedigree. They are the defending champ until somebody beats them. Perhaps their many returnees from the championship team have learned that they have to do more than just show up. I still like Monrovia, but right now that matchup is purely hypothetical.

    The 2002 Monrovia squad was riding high at 11-0 before taking a trip north to Lompoc and getting dose of phyiscal football reality. Fortunately, our defense is physical and built to stop the run this year. And our offense is physical as well.

  • Desert Rat

    Hopefully this finally gets through.

    Look guys talk all you want. We have round 1 games first. Should both us win, yes. But let’s stay focused before we start tossing some Clete-Cat smack around.

    I know MVF or someone else went to the Valley Christian game and trashed us to an extent. And we sort of deserved it. But he or she fails to mention how – other than turnovers – how we lost because we dominated the Crusaders in all but ONE facet of the game. And that was the one facet that killed us.

    Lemme sum it up this way. Remember how Rovia almost lost because of that bye funk against San Marino? Well we must have been at the funk buffet because it was a really upsetting loss.

    I’ve said it over in Robledo’s blog, not only do we have a target here, but I think we have the most proving to do now. Should we of won, yes. Did we, no. We can’t change what that false shell of a 6-4 record makes us out to be. But we know what to fix and we can bang with the best in the division.

    Now it’s playoffs and we’ll move a week at a time. Our credit is running out and we need to position ourselves as one of the top teams in the division again. And the way to do that is out there on that field.

    If we take the positives from the Valley game (and there was a lot) and remove the miscues, I’m going to go out there and say good luck to everyone. But saying as much, we could go the other way too. I heard the guys came back to campus today really humbled. Yeah, our 4-0 shutout run was great, but this loss maybe more of a blessing in disguise.

  • LS Fan

    MHS Fan:

    OK, Maranatha is the “winningest HS football team in Pasadena for 2009!!!” Nice job the last 8 games, and nice spin on the record relative to other Pasadena schools, but while we’re crowing about relative strength of the football teams in the private schools in Pasadena, let’s not forget that La Salle beat Maranatha AND that La Salle’s losses include Monrovia, San Marino and Temple City. What team(s) of that caliber did Maranatha play? So I say, congratulations to the Lancers on their “Redemption” season, winning 3 more games than last year and making it back to the CIF playoffs.

  • goteamgo

    LS Fan –

    Actually La Salle won 4 more games than last year; and yes, they are back in the playoffs.

    Also, the combined record of La Salle’s opponents was 58-41-1; the combined record of Maranatha’s opponents was 49-51. I think this supports your point.

  • Yup

    La Salle, as an MHS supporter. You are 100% right! No arguement, our team got beat fair and square.

    I am really happy that La Salle made such a quick turn around after a tough year.

    Next year MHS can talk trash in a tougher league IF we go 8-0!

    Good job to a good year to both teams. I hope all Pasadena area teams go far, I’ll be pulling for every one of them!

  • GrimReaperxxx

    Philly B

    The Reaper may be old and have his wife’s foot stuck up his rear half the time, but he knows how to read and remembers most of what he says on most days.

    If you read my handicapping statement, you will see I predict SM could “conceivably” make it thru Rosemead and Azusa. But will fall hard to San Dimas when the “slipper will explode”. SM got the most favorable draw of any team in the Mid Valley. If you look at the common opponents between Rosemead and SM you can see Rosemead is in trouble. TC, Monrovia, and Gabrielino. The comparison says SM. Calpreps also predict a SM victory. For Azusa, there is one common opponent, Gabrielino. SM shut them out 34-0, while Azusa had a game at 34-20. That is the reason the Reaper goes with SM to advance to San Dimas.

    While the Reaper calls for the upset, and predicted a San Dimas win in the finals with MHS. There is one variable that could sink the Reaper’s call. MHS has a very deep team. Short of a Bueno injury, MHS is probably in a better position than most any of the teams to absorb injury and continue marching on. Injuries are the wildcard, and the bench strength of MHS could well bring home perfection.

  • Goldenarm


    yeah I remember seeing o-cat make that statement on FJR’s blog – rosemead by 50.
    I guess myself and a zillion others were blind too.
    To this day, I would take Rosemead to win that game.
    Rosemead SHOULD have won that game.

    I spent many hours learning all I could about the Clete well before TC’s match up last season. Player by player detail, league and playoff history, critical factors in games Paraclete had lost, etc, etc. I wanted to know how to beat this team.

    The truth is playing in December against unfamiliar opponents – is where Dahlia and his excellent coaching staff rise above. Until WSGV teams adopt and function with a similar mindset, Paraclete will always have an ace in the hole. There is no “who do we play next week” mentality…the Spirits are at the extreme high end of PREPARED. They are far from unbeatable – but have a winning formula that will take an above and beyond effort to smash through. No way La Puente tears down that house.

  • LS Fan

    goteamgo –

    Thanks for correcting me – La Salle won 4 more than last year. I forgot about the Blair win. While consensus seems to be that they won’t win this opening round playoff game, I’m hoping for an upset. Go Lancers!

  • Trojan Man

    Monrovia VS San Dimas in the Finals …

    MONROVIA by 21+

    BOOK IT !

    I am HOPING Monrovia wins. San Dimas plays in a soft league & it will show. Do not count out the RHS Panthers ….they just might make a statement. It is really anybodys on the bottom half , WHY NOT RHS ?!?!

    Fight On


  • Trojan Man

    Monrovia VS San Dimas in the Finals …

    MONROVIA by 21+

    BOOK IT !

    I am HOPING Monrovia wins. San Dimas plays in a soft league & it will show. Do not count out the RHS Panthers ….they just might make a statement. It is really anybodys on the bottom half , WHY NOT RHS ?!?!

    Fight On


  • Philly B.

    Reaper, I told you,
    I agree with most of your earlier blog, but as far as Monrovia falling to san dimas, i dont see it. And they’re the only team I repsect that we’re victims of the cats wrath. And Im the first to say its hard to beat a team twice in one season. But that theory seems to go out of the window, rosemead last year proved that theory wrong, and I think if Monrovia gets the shot to do it in the championship game, it wont matter how many you put in the box, because bueno has shown he can throw the ball, which is what everyone wanted to see, when we didnt even need to throw the ball. everything else im with you eye to eye on.
    San marino got a nice sweet toe lucky draw

    New York,
    I respect that Paraclete is the defending champs, but they got caught slippin just like Monrovia was caught wit dust in their offense, only difference our defense came through when needed. And paraclete’s costly turnovers was too much to overcome. South El Monte had their first victory back in your day against M-town?? Thats nice information, but i doubt it means anything, South El Monte will not be ready for our strength and physicality.

    Desert rat,
    Good luck to you this friday as you run your case as the defendinf champs. Im sure paraclete will have no problem with la puente, and we know how much you guys scout so, im sure your squad will be overly prepared. I know its one week at a time, but at the same time with these two teams, its almost hard not to start the talkin now. Good Luck once again

    Trojan Man,
    Its anybody’s bottom bracket, but Valley so happens to be in that bottom bracket as well as san dimas. So then again its anybody’s bottom bracket but they’re are favorites. San Dimas or Valley Chr. La Canada got the bad end of the draw and have to play valley 1st round. Love to see an upset, but its doubtful. San MArino or mead more than likely wont have enough fire power to knock dimas or valley off. Gotta show them respect cuz they’re the only ones to knock off the defending champs

  • Desert Rat

    Thanks Philly B, you too….but just to clarify something. We didn’t really have dust in our offense. That was our most productive offensive game this year (yard wise) against a really good defense. Valley is no slouches. I’d say they have the next best defense behind us, followed by Whittier.

    The only turnover that hurt us was the snap out of the endzone. We dealt with the other ones. And our defense was there too…we held them. It was special teams. That did us in. You take away the points their special teams put up and it’s our game.

    Just to further my point, we out-produced their offense. We out-passed a passing team. We out ran them. We even out scored their offense too. I know we lost, but I just don’t want people breaking their ankles and popping their eye-balls out of their sockets if we’re back playing the way were before our lil week 9 siesta…which ended with one big fat funk sandwich.

    And trust me..I wanna talk Rovia-Clete, but it’s too early and I’m not going to look past La Puente. Do I fear them, not really. But it’s the postseason and anything is possible. You have to respect each squad that handled their business to get here.

    And to all the rest of you and your squads, the best of luck. Let’s play some ball!

  • New York

    Dessert Rat,
    I, too, highly doubt Dahlia and Maddox swapped tapes/CDs at the CIF office on Sunday, but you never know…Speaking of film, I’d like to compose a Monrovia highlight film. Would you mind sending me games 1-11??? I heard Dalhia has ALREADY gotten a copy of Monrovia’s game against South Elmonte…

    Philly B,
    Strange things happen, but I can’t imagine losing to South El Monte again. I was just reaching for motivation. It actually took Monrovia four attempts to finally beat them, prior to just dominating them. Lost in 1993, 1994 and tied in 1995, despite being bigger and faster….1996 we got them, 1997 we dominated, 1998 Akil Harris had a highlight film. I’m not sure we played after that. Let’s just say there was once a tendenecy to overlook them because they were “smaller” and “slower”. Man, football is NOT a track meet. Things happen, especially when the more talented team plays sloppy ball.

  • Desert Rat

    NY NY-

    That’s classic. But hopefully our history is the only story we write. Yeah, I don’t think they exchanged, but I believe we have almost all their games. Maddox has sent someone to film us too, so I know he has a nice catalog as well.

  • Goldenarm

    Desert Rodent,

    If Dahlia already has the SoELMo film, he must be asking “who are those guys”…because it will be the JV call-ups who will be on the field by the 2nd half. A Monrovia inter-squad game would be much more challenging and a better can of film for the Clete staff to review.

    The Warriors have some loyal fans and are smiling more now that Hernandez is off their radar. They may lack the talent and cohesion to beat you, but they will hit you, no question of that.

    Unless Cactus spines can be squeezed and converted to gasoline – the Paraclete tailgaters may need to take a 401K draw to cover their travel expenses. Plenty of road time for the Clete. However, the red and white would still draw support if they played atop Mt Everest.


    Muir has no shot againts CO Muir start getting ready for basketball season CO victory will be quick and painless. Okay maybe not so pain free.

  • Desert Rat

    My friend Goldenarm-

    Thanks for the heads up. Yeah, we’re getting ready. La Puente shouldn’t be any worse than having to get to Cerritos. Our fans will travel….just hope they leave early for obvious reasons.

    Looking for a strong bounce back win to reset some opinions.

  • Philly B.

    Desert Rat,
    Im with you all the way, I dont fear South El Monte at all. But its one week at a time, and I know paraclete will be on all full cylinders come friday. and if this week goes the way we want it to, then it should be a hell of a showdown, possible game of the week if you ask me.

    motivation….thats cool, but like you said, you dont see an upset a brewing within South el monte, but I wont over-look the opponent all the way. but Im pretty much sold that maddox will have these guys focused, and show no mercy this week.

  • New York

    Philly B,
    Maddox will definitely show mercy. He does not run up scores vindictively. Any lopsided scores are the result of non-starters running through a sieve. That’s a good pun for a poor defense…”defensieve”…

    One concern I have is if the game gets out of hand early, then our starters will not get a full game of conditioning for the following week. I suppose that is a good problem to have, sort of…

  • Philly B.

    new York,
    your probably right which you usually are, but i hope your not. I think we need to have the intimidation factor, to show the rest of the division that Monrovia means business, and there needs to be no doubt that we’re the No.1 team in the division, yeah Paraclete is the defending champs, but are they the best team in the division….I dont know. my bias opinion will the cats are the best, but thats my own opinion. anyways as far as the starters not getting a full game conditioning this friday. I think we have depth at all positions and we should be just fine. Players that dont play alot…this game should get them ready for the BATTLE UP NORTH! But my point still remains, we need to send a message and south el monte unfortunately will be the stamp on that envenlope!!!!


  • New York

    Good teams with good coaches can peel the layers back and realize when a lopsided score is the result of inferior talent coupled with mistakes. They can also scheme to neutralize a potent offense and take advantage of miscues. I don’t beleive in “sending a message” through big scoring differentials for this very reason. I don’t think it is effective with good teams. If anything, it may encourage the next opponent to prepare even better.

    I say that during the playoffs a team should continue to refine what it is good at doing. Continue to condition hard and make sure that all the fundamentals are sound.

  • Philly B.

    New York,
    Im all for “refine what it is good at doing. Continue to condition hard and make sure that all the fundamentals are sound” but I think we have to agree to disagree, because everyone is looking for the cats to not look like the No.1 ranked team in the division. All the non-believers are waiting for something to pick at, that is why we need to ride on all cylinders and have the starters and the backups go hard for four quarters, with no stopping or letting up.

  • New York

    This is not about winning the hearts of bloggers. This is about preparing to win a CIF Championship. Sometimes those two things might be consistent, but often they are not.

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