Star Picks: The slate is clean as CIF-SS playoffs begin

Melendez last week (overall): 11-5 (119-62-1)

I’m off today, but I wrote this Sunday afternoon and auto-published the thread today. After all, what’s a Monday without your favorite Star Picks thread? …. Now that you’ve gathered yourself and got up off the ground from all the laughing, lets slap on a serious face and get right down to business …. First, if your site, date and time changes PLEASE call or e-mail me with your changes ( There’s nothing like having the wrong dates and sending a correspondent to the wrong high school. Also, there are two potential “Game of the Week” candidates as we get ready for the first round of playoffs. Rosemead seems to have gotten its act together, and could be a dark horse in the Mid Valley Division (Paraclete … not so much). The Panthers visit San Marino, who had an unbelievable weekend. Then you have Muir at Charter Oak. You gotta love how Diamond Ranch last year was an at large team and went all the way to the finals. Will Muir have that kind of luck? Ken Howard is banking on it, and the way the Mustangs played last week in the Tussle — flawless, punishing football — it’s not out of the realm of possibilities Muir knocks off the defending champion. I’m calling it now: Muir 21-13.


Rosemead at San Marino, 7 p.m. — San Marino
South El Monte at Monrovia, 7 p.m. — Monrovia
Alhambra vs. Burbank at Glendale, 7 p.m. — Burbank
La Canada at Cerritos Valley Christian, 7 p.m. — La Canada
Muir at Charter Oak, 7 p.m. — Muir
San Gabriel at West Covina, 7 p.m. — San Gabriel
Frazier at Maranatha, 7 p.m. — Maranatha
Gahr at St. Francis, 7:30 p.m. — St. Francis
Desert Christian at Rio Hondo Prep, 7 p.m. — Rio Hondo Prep
Pasadena Poly at St. Genevieve, 7 p.m. — St. Genevieve
La Salle at St. Joseph/SM, 7 p.m. — St. Joseph

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  • The Stang Fan




    Please do us a favor at Phs. next time keep your thoughts to!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oddsmaker

    Rosemead at San Marino, 7 p.m. — San Marino (-4)
    South El Monte at Monrovia, 7 p.m. — Monrovia (-27)
    Alhambra vs. Burbank at Glendale, 7 p.m. — Burbank (-5)
    La Canada at Cerritos Valley Christian, 7 p.m. — Valley Christian (-7.5)
    Muir at Charter Oak, 7 p.m. — Charter Oak (-24.5)
    San Gabriel at West Covina, 7 p.m. — West Covina (-13.5)
    Frazier at Maranatha, 7 p.m. — Maranatha (-5.5)
    Gahr at St. Francis, 7:30 p.m. — St. Francis (-8)
    Desert Christian at Rio Hondo Prep, 7 p.m. — Rio Hondo Prep (-15.5)
    Pasadena Poly at St. Genevieve, 7 p.m. — St. Genevieve (-20)
    La Salle at St. Joseph/SM, 7 p.m. — St. Joseph (-25.5)

  • Miguel Melendez

    Mad Dogg, Stang Fan: Yes, because I’m the one out there making tackles and running routes. C’mon!

  • Manic Hispanic


    That Rio Hondo Prep spread should be closer to 35 points.
    Rio plays Desert Christian of Lancaster.

  • New York

    Monrovia and San Dimas both have a ton of football to play against good teams, during a tough time of year to win games, before we will see a Monrovia-SD matchup.

    Paraclete entering the playoffs as the #2 seed from the league has an eery resemblance to Paso Robles entering the as the Los Padres #2 back in 1998, because Paso had either lost or tied Santa Ynez during the final week.

    I still say Paraclete is the favorite to win until another team beats them in the playoffs.

  • spirit Xpress

    wow did we mess up those brackets or what…
    had a bad game and valley did what they needed to.

    all i hear is look how weak the olympic league is but you watch in round 2 there will be at least 2 teams left probably all of them

  • SP Fan

    2-8 w/talent. enough is enough. its time.

  • Tech Support

    Muir and San Gabriel? Come on. You just lost all cred Migs.


    ****** Bishop Amat and Mater Dei ******
    Live on Fox Sports Friday night – 7:30pm

  • burbanksports

    Don’t think Bulldogs v Moors is at Glendale.

  • MatadorAlumni

    Oooh the SG vs WC game is going to be a tough game. I’m surprised you picked SG to win. I’m honestly concerned if SG can stop WC’s running game. However, offensively SG can pummel WC through the air. Close game, I’m going to say something in the likes of 31 – 28 SG wins in OT.

  • RHL Fan

    Miguel i think the Mead and SM game (#2vs#2) should be game of the week over the Muir and Oak game (#4vs#1). SM will win and heres why… if what you said is true and the Mead are turning their season around than thats good news for the titans because last week Rosemead was tied 14-14 with Gabrielino going into the 4th quarter. Two long passes and a fumble result in a typical Gabrielino loss. SM beat Gabrielino 34-0 without Stevie Yortsos who “does it all” for the Titans. Hopefully LC can show the same heart they showed in the OT and upset Valley Christian so that all 3 RHL teams go on

  • Moor Til I Die!


    The Burbank vs Alhambra is @ Burroughs hs @ 730
    on Friday night. Moors will have their hands full
    with the Bulldogs I hear their a great team this year.

  • JAB

    If Burbank is playing at Burroughs, where is Burroughs playing?

  • Mead Alum

    The Rosemad sm game got changed from 7:30 to 7:00. BRING IT BMW BOYS!!!

  • !stang!

    Why did you pick Muir? I know you want to see the westside do well but the way you get Muir fired up is picking muir as the underdogg!!!!

  • GrimReaperxxx

    Paraclete warning for Cat fans.

    Last year the Reaper read the Star News that said the game was at Paraclete. (everyone knows every thing in the paper is right!) He gassed up the bone mobile and went to the Paraclete playoff game. The Reaper saw that Paraclete was home and looked up the school address and drove to Lancaster, only to find Paraclete doesnt have a home field, no lights, no bands, no teams, just a bunch a Jack Rabbits and a bunch of nothing in the dark.

    Turns out the Reaper put an extra 50 miles on the crate and burned up a bunch of gas trying to find the game. It was held in Palmdale at some brand new school nobody ever heard of, at a school that wasn’t even on the map, on a road that didn’t exist on the grid.

    Reaper suggests that you don’t depend on the Star News (like he did), and you urge MHS to post the location and directions on their website by Friday morning. Otherwise, you too, like the Reaper will miss part of the game, and will burn a bunch of gas for no reason. 5 yrs from now when all the guys at Colorado are talking about the greatest game MHS ever played, you can join the discussion with personal observations, not telling everybody how you couldnt find where Paraclete hid the game to enhance the home field advantage.


    Here’s the updated info for Burbank schools-

    Thu 11/19 Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) at Burroughs (Burbank, CA), 7:30pm
    Fri 11/20 Burbank (CA) vs Alhambra (CA) at Burroughs (Burbank, CA), 7:30pm

  • Mike

    Is Goldenarm still posting? I read his farewell comment about how he’s had fun posting here while his son played for TC, and now that TC’s not in the playoffs, he’ll leave?

  • Goldenarm


    When you lose a game, then lose a coin flip, then lose another game and see 8 months of hard work wash away….all in one evening, well it ain’t a good day.

    You know the game…so you know the passion behind it. I would rather not paste the blog with the anger and disapointment I was feeling.

    I am proud of how our kids performed and adapted to the full circle changes that took place in TC football this year. Temple City has some outstanding young men representing them on the football field.

    My son will be graduating and I will not be in the mix next year…Sorry for the confusion of my statement.

  • Goldenarm

    Stang Fan

    Charter Oak??
    Has your karma gone south??

  • !stang!

    I like muir as an underdog . I was joking because, If you watch the interview after the turkey tussel the young lady said it was miguels fault phs lost.

  • eagleball

    While I digress, here is a titleIX update;
    Gabby GVB in semis today v Mayfield

  • Angelbec

    Golden Arm,

    I will miss you. Your humor, your spot on analysis of game plays and your ability to be a calming presence on the board.

    Here’s to you and your son and hoping that things go well for him after graduation.

    You will be missed.

  • goteamgo

    Goldenarm was certainly one of the most respectful, intelligent, and well-written bloggers, and I hope he will contribute in the future.

    TC did not deserve to have their season end the way they did, but we all know that football sometimes comes down to one play, and we all wish we could have done things different earlier in the season, or earlier in the game. I hope there is a silver lining in all of this.

    I have a son graduating too, so after the La Salle season ends, I am not sure how much I will be in the mix, but it has been a fun ride for four years, so I can relate to GA.

  • tcchamps


    GA will always be around and a TC supporter. Although his great insight in TC football has been ever so prevelent, he also continues to support winter and fall sports. He always appears to be our biggest supported come basketball and baseball and helps hold blog sanity when softball and chyky rears his angry head.
    GA – sorry about the GS Friday night. I’m sure there is still numbness knowing no pads are out on the TC practice field. I’m still a little confused on why the possible outcomes were kept in the National Security vault. I certainly would have wanted to know the options and be able to prepare my team appropriately and avoid the emaotional roller coaster for all involved. Seems alot to do about the Rio Hondo League.

  • Desert Rat

    To answer GrimReaperxxx’s riddle:

    If Rovia and Clete hook up, the game will most likely be at Pete Knight H.S.

    37423 70th Street East
    Palmdale, CA 93552

    Quickest way to get there….210 north to the 5 north (for a minute) and then over to the 14 north. Exit Ave S and turn right off the ramp. Take Ave S all the way to it dead ends and curves left into 70th St. East. It will run you right into the school. Football field is on the back side.

    Just an fyi…there is a Walmart on Ave S right off the freeway. Good place to stock up on jackets, gloves, and blankets……burrrrrrr =)

  • burbanksports

    Come on out to Memorial Field and we’ll make you honorary Bulldog/Indian anytime.

  • Dan

    Golden Arm,
    This is Dan from West Covina, I dont’t write on here a lot but I read this blog consistenly and I enjoyed your insight and unbiased assesments and sense of humor
    on this blog, you’re one of my favorite WSGV posters and because of your post I’ve come to like Temple City and was hopeing they would go far in the playoffs, will miss your insight but good luck with your son and good fishing in the future.

  • Stadium Facility Crew (SFC)

    Any chance that the MV title is dominated by the private schools like Valley Christian and Paraclete? Why is nobody saying it’s going to be them in the finals? I’m pretty sure that Monrovia wants no part of the weather in the high desert.

    Also, I’m pretty sure the first round games are essentially a bye for both Monrovia and Paraclete. Setting up a fantastic second round match thirty degrees colder than all the other second round options.

    The only intriguing games in the first round appear to be Rosemead @ SM and Covina @ Azusa. It’s also interesting that the winners will play in the second round. I’m still not sold on Arroyo. I’d like to see them handle their business against WC.

    Are there other interesting games in the first round that I’m missing? I like SM and Azusa in the second round but Rosemead always packs a punch and the SM kids will need to fight tough early. Something the BMW kids have struggled to do for years. Covina can win big games (Northview) but I think they’ll lose a close one and their conditioning will continue to be an issue.

  • New York

    You read my mind but I did not want to put it out there. There are two very good chances for rematches in these playoffs: Monrovia-San Dimas and Paraclete-Valley Christian. If I were supersticious (which I’m not) I would be concerned that our local writers have jinxed our local teams by overlooking the Olympic League. They did the same thing last year by foolishly assuming that the title game would be San Dimas vs. Northview! Oops.

    I know that Monrovia has some great players and coaches. I don’t know what Paraclete has other than a winnig pedigree in the playoffs. We will see how things shake out. If the Clete gives La Puente six turnovers then there may be a coin flip between a game in Monrovia or LP.

  • GrimReaperxxx

    Thanks to the Rat,
    The Reaper does remember going E out AVE S to the bitter end of the road with the wife riding shot gun. The Detour to the Clete (as the rat calls it) allowed the wife extra time to catalog the Reaper’s shortcomings. Somehow no matter how long the trip she never can finish the list.

    note it is a bit of a drive from the freeway, so dont get confused by another set of lights on a football field about 1/2 way there out Ave that is not the field) Keep driving until you drive right up to the hill and curve north. And the Rat is right, I would bring some sort of anti-freeze to drink, paper bag is optional, BRRRRR is right.

  • oldschoolpanther

    The Rosemead game appears to be a good game but I think that Rosemead can pull it out. The staff will have the Panthers ready for anything that the Titans throw at them. The quarterback continues to improve and they have overcome a setback two weeks ago when five starters quit.

  • BigFatFan

    Goldenarm: farewell, its been great, and good luck to your son and the rest of your family. Your posts were always great to read, so informative, and so respectful to the blog community as a whole. Your input will be missed.

    SP Fan: yes indeed, something will get underway shortly

  • Philly B.

    Spirt xpress,
    Who said the olympic league was weak???? I think anyone smart would know that ur league is probably the strongest, which isnt saying much in comparison the montview, valle vista, and rio hondo league.

    RHL fan,
    I’d love to see LC upset valley, but I think last week was all they have. Charter Oak vs. Muir is and should be game of the week. Muir needs to step and really represent for the WSGV!!!!! Im tired of Muir going into playoffs and coming right back out after the first round. If they played like i heard they did against a pasadena school that was riding high, then they should give CO a game and possibly upset them. I rooting for the stangs to pull that off, as well as LC. SM better beat mead if they want some kind of respect among league and the division.

    Here are my picks:
    Rovia over south el monte
    Valley over LC (sorry Spartans)
    Whittier over arroyo (Im not sold either)
    Sm over mead (Please dont let me down mooney)
    Clete over La Puente (no contest)
    Dimas over workman (they’ll get worked on the ground)
    Azusa over Covina (by default)

  • oldschoolpanther

    I feel for Monrovia playing at Paraclete next week. It is cold and windy as hell!
    Muir is really going to have a tough time playing Charter Oak because the have speed and are very physical.

  • tcchamps


    Can u feel it? Love is everywhere and there is a lot of Shaking down on Shakedown Street You are the heart of the blog. I expect Muddy will be blowing up soon too. A sincere thank you for your compassion, honestly, hope, trust, and facts. Your son has a fabulous foundation with all of the above traits instilled. A bottle of Patron for GA. Get to a baseball game in March and I’ll make good.


  • Goldenarm

    Maybe I should lose faith in La Canada again, because last time I counted them out, they beat San Marino, and started this whole nightmare that I can’t wake up from still.
    They have a running game and need to use it more and work on short stuff underneath…they lack deep speed but could set up longer throws if they come out and start banging some short completions first. Regardless, the LC kids showed they know how to fight. Yoder should try to get the kickoff scheduled for midnight…because that is when the Spartans transform into blood thirsty creatures. Good luck La Canada.

    The Meads big line could spell trouble for SM. Harwich has size at 6’3, but is no physical match for Diaz or Simpson. Converse is playing well and the SM defense is solid, making few mental errors…but I believe Rosemead will force the run until they have success from it. SM is not strong at the corners one on one, which is why in the 2nd half they basically went into a zone prevent against us. The Mead does not have the best passing game…but if SM goes straight man to man—they can throw outside.
    Forgatch did not throw well at all against us, but Yortsos hauled in more crap than they do on the Deadliest Catch. I would anticipate an improved throwing night for Forgatch, that is unless the Mead bust down the SM Oline.
    I will be there Friday.

  • White and Blue Blood

    I never comment on the blog but read constantly and I’ll miss you GA for never being biased, never being rude or inappropriate, but still speaking the way things really are. I agree that Forgatch will have a much bettter night if the oline can give him a good amount of time because against TC he was pressured relentlessly and when he wasn’t, he would rush his throw however he still found ways to make plays with his feet and all he has to do is throw the ball within 10 yards of Yortsos no matter how ugly the pass and good things will happen. If SM goes up by 2 Td’s before half, it will not be close

  • New York


    The projected low temperature on Thanksgiving Day is supposed:
    Monrovia: 48F
    Palmdale: 38F

    That’s not that big of a deal. Relax already.

    By the way, Monrovia has had second round victories in Santa Maria with comparable temperatures, after a MUCH longer bus ride. Nothing to worry about if that matchup in Palmdale comes to fruition.

  • Goldenarm

    My personal thanks to all those who posted regarding me leaving the scene.

    I am not heading to the frozen tundra of Antartica (or Knight High School) just yet. I am stickin out the season and wishing the best for area teams. Not even that Tiger Dog with extra chili I had at So Pas can keep me down.
    It is just that next season – I won’t be so heavily into TC football – it was great while it lasted though.

    Sincere thanks for the kind words…BFF, AngelBec, goteamgo, tcchamps, Danfrom WestCo, burbanksports….
    good luck in postseason play!


    Looking foward to a great game between the Mead & San Marino. The panthers are almost close to 100% healthy, got rid of some bad apples, found some players that want to be there and play and are finding their identity. Everyone seems to be picking the Titans to win but dont count the boys from the Mead out. Good luck panthers.


  • Mead Alum

    Do we have everyone back including Diaz?

  • New York


    Honestly, stop creating a straw man. I can not recall any blogger in this valley who suggested that the Olympic League is weak. Two years ago, Valley Christian beat Blair when Blair was good. Paraclete introduced themselves to Monrovia at the Cats’ Den. So no, no one is overlooking a team simply because they are from the Olympic League. If anything, teams from your league probably get undue respect from local coaches, just not from the local sports writers who happen to be very loyal homers. Valley Christian has played tough football for a very long time. I remember when they dominated some Duarte teams in preseason games back in the day. CVC people wore shirts that read “Block, Tackle, Win.” That attitude told me enough about them back then.

  • viking fan


    I know we haven’t always agreed….ok, almost never agreed, lol, but you’ve always been respectful of everyones’s opinions on here. Good luck to your son.

  • Warning To TC

    Get out while youuuuhh can.
    U C, Friday nite tehre,
    Nuttinggs changed since the backus hosing.

    it all turend out to be illusion.

    liek I saiod back then when all tat sheddt wetn down, get out whil e you can . Lest you want to go another 10 games plus a IndyMac…

    Flee!! Roeemead, Arroyo, Eastside SGV….wehrever…go!!!!!!!!

  • spirit Xpress

    new york

    no offense man

  • New York

    I refuse to say goodbye. This blog is too much fun. I look forward to your comments down the road.

  • Bob Anon


    I don’t know what to say as an LC fan. I absolutely wish TC could be in the playoffs too. I hope the Spartans beat Cerritos Valley Christian but it will be tough. I hate the idea of a back alley playoff or a coin flip.

    I hope you stay on this blog. I enjoy every bit of insightful RHL talk I can get.

  • elias buckwalter

    Dude, Muir over Charter Oak? Either that’s a blatant biased pick for the West (since you cover them) or you started smoking crack. Which is it? Charter Oak wins by 3 or 4 touchdowns!

  • Goldenarm

    San Marino is 8-2, but they have not seen the likes of Harvard-Westlake and others.
    Calpreps has the Titans 28-13 favs or something like that.
    I see the game as dead even, with the Mead offense being the wild card that controls win or lose. Koffler will turn loose the dogs (and panthers)on the trail of Yortsos – he may want to double cup up on Friday. He is an “opportunity” exploiter, meaning given the opportunity he will drill you. He did that to TC when stuck with a bad punt snap – Yortsos turned it into a long gain and 1st down.
    I believe Kwame may still be on IR – but hope he can suit up, they need him on both sides of the ball.

    Simpson is big and talented, but wasted energy squaking trash talk – while TC’s Matt O’Malley stuck to biz and shut down his inside rush moves without a problem. He is a BIG target receiver, and will look like Godzilla ravaging Tokyo if he catches a ball over the middle of the SM defense. If Luis Diaz is healthy he is the best, if not one of the best pass rushers on either side of the valley and a team leader as well. Against us, he got swallowed in the bs talk as well..hopefully he has returned to the monster player he was last year when uninjured.
    Hung was a favorite of mine since his freshman year – but seeing him twice this season…he is running like the big Nigerian fullback that the KC Chiefs used to have…straight ahead with tunnel vision. 67 yards on 31 carries…not the Hung who could crank out 200 plus on a good day. I guess some of that credit goes to TC D. Hung also does a fine job at LB when stationed there.
    Good luck to the Blue/White, whether driving a 7 series Beemer or an old ragged Toyota Corrolla with grey primer. You guys deserve your moment in the sun, represent the RHL with some serious huevos.

  • KDSF97

    Miguel- you missed St. Francis Sr. QB Justin Posthuma’s performance last week against Chaminade for your Prep Scene Honor Roll in today’s newspaper.

    Posthuma, who was playing with a broken left hand in a cast and did not start the game, came in the 2nd half and led the Golden Knights to a 32-25 victory after the Team was down 25-7 at halftime. Posthuma threw for 256 yards and 2 touchdowns and converted some big 3rd conversions to keep drives alive. He has had a great year (1800 yrds 14 TDs / 600 yrds rushing 8 TDs) and the Golden Knights took 2nd in a tough Mission League with an 8-2 record. His performance against Chaminade will go down as one of the best as a QB and Senior Captain in SF Football History. He deserves to be in the Player of the Year discussions.

    St. Francis will host Gahr HS in the 1st Round of the CIF Playoffs Friday night 7:30pm at Friedman Field. Go Knights!

  • Matt


    I will miss you. Don’t go away all together. Your passion and insight is what makes this blog come alive. Give me your son’s number so I know who you are.
    We need to find a way to get together. The Boat or Taylors. First round on me.

  • Miguel Melendez

    KDSF97: If you noticed our Honor Roll section was limited to athletes in other sports besides football. I did read about Posthuma’s valiant effort. Very impressive indeed.

  • CO CIF Champions

    San Gabriel Valley Tribune:
    “It’s another team, they’re not the team of old, that’s a good thing for us,” Muir coach Ken Howard said of Charter Oak. “We don’t mind getting them because now they have all the pressure. They have everything to lose and we have nothing to lose.”

    Mr. Howard, you have no class, Sir! The appropriate comment should have been – “Its an honor to play a school and a team with such a rich tradition in football.” But no, you have to show your classless self to the entire SGV.

    Hey Ken, “WINNING TAKES TALENT, TO REPEAT YOU MUST HAVE CHARACTER” Coach John Wooden. This man is the pure definition of class.

    Here is something else Coach Wooden said: “We don’t prepare for them, they prepare for us.” Believe me, Ken, there is no pressure here! We started with a significantly better Cresenta Valley team last year! Enough Said!!!


    All day and all night Ken. Ceee…Oh!!!

  • Goldenarm

    Howard hooked at least one fish!

    When you are backed into a canyon, wounded leg, no way out, no shells left in the 12 gauge – and a big ass monster is coming – you either curl up and welcome death….or muster every nasty war tactic you got (including psychological)and YOU LAY IT ALL DOWN!!

    Maybe the monster will hesistate, maybe laugh, and maybe even trip over some rocks and impale himself on a fencepost. Either way you at least threw him off course briefly…. some chance is better than none.

    Obviously you have not seen the history on Howard, this ain’t his first dance with the Devil, right or wrong.

  • 91030


    Have not commented on the Blog this season as I was of the prediction that South Pas would be much improved from 2008’s rebuilding year. I kept hoping week to week that my predictions would come true and that I would have something to talk about. Unfortunately, my conclusions were wrong and to be quite honest having attended every game this year my Tigers simply were simply overmatched. Let me make clear, not from a physical sense, since I believe they were much more equal on a physical basis in 2009 vs. 2008, but on a motivational and coaching basis. Unfortunately, it is absolutely clear that this year’s debacle, as have past years, falls completely on the Head Coach Ed Smith. This is a team that has some of the best Asst. Coaches around in Hertel, Richards and Hernandez, yet they still cannot win. Why? If you talk to the parents of players over the past several years the reason is because the players do not respect or believe in Coach Smith. To adopt an old and well used phrase, it is time to “go in a different direction”. I am interested in what other SP fans feel, since it is clear, that at least over the past few years, it has been politically unacceptable to criticize the underperforming coaches at SPHS.


    Please continue top keep blogging sir. You do bring an even handed approach to the West San Gabriel Valley football world, and I look forward to your insights. I do have to say, though I believe that TC was clearly in the top 10 Mid-Valley schools and deserved to make the playoffs, your heartfelt misery at being knocked out was pretty darn similar to the way we felt at SP in 2006 and 2007 when being beaten by TC and knocked out of CIF in last minute comebacks.

    Finally, to both SM and LC, though I want to beat you every single year and cannot stand when you do it to us, I am rooting for you each and every down of these playoffs. Make the RHL proud!

  • SP Fan

    Its time.

  • Miguel Melendez

    91030: I remember when I got grilled before the season even started for writing South Pas would have another rebuilding year. Such was the case, and I’m not here to rub it in by any means. In fact, I want South Pas to do well because I consider South Pas my hometown now.

  • 91030


    To be quite honest, I would have been one of those to disagree with your pre-season read on SP —- and clearly I was wrong and you were right on. Obviously you are getting a pretty good feel for our neck of the woods after only a couple of years. I, and for that matter everyone else should be darn glad to have you around as one of our Prep Sports writers! That all being said, this time of year is about the great success stories that have happened and still are to come for our WSGV teams in the playoffs and I will stop talking about SP’s issues now. I would say though that this issue of the SP head coach is a big one here in town and there is a strong undercurrent to do something before next year. After the playoffs,it may well be a story to report on.

  • Reno Hightower

    Golden Arm,

    Reno tried to retire once. It didn’t work. Too many days at the van conversion shop will drive a man insane. So, Reno laced up the white cleats once more and again became, “The best QB in Kern County.” Reno was also a prick and was always a prick according to that jive ass Luther. Golden Arm, you are the Voice of the Blog. You are the Mayor. Vin Scully didn’t retire. Keith Jackson didn’t quit calling the O Line, “the Big Uglies.” Bowden and Joe Pa are still doing their thing. And you will too, Golden Arm.

  • TigerFan

    You are absolutely right about head coach Ed Smith. The players don’t repect him or view him as a coach that is in control of his team. Having sat in on several of his post-game talks with his players, it is evident that he believes that his players are entirely to blame for their many losses. Smith serves as the offensive coordinator on the SP sideline. I believe it would be more efective to have Coach Rob Hertel filling this position due to his experience at the college and professional levels as a quarterback. I believe he won the national championship when he was the QB at USC, my facts could be twisted though. On a seperate note, the last time the football program at SP went to playoffs was in 2003. Even with the likes of Josh Parish, David Allen, Jonothan Troast and Steven Colliau, Smith has failed to send his teams through to playoffs. Bottom line: If the South Pasadena football team wishes to go anywhere in the next few seasons, Coach Smith will have to be replaced.

  • seriously.. its enough

    “KDSF97: If you noticed our Honor Roll section was limited to athletes in other sports besides football. I did read about Posthuma’s valiant effort. Very impressive indeed.” -Miguel

    SERIOUSLY miguel. its enough about the.. “well i read about it…” or “i heard about it..” maybe if you were to cover another team besides monrovia against a 0, 1 or 2 win powerhouse team, you’d be lucky enough to see a game like this. GET OFF NICK BUENOS TIP. ITS ENOUGH!! no, the turkey tussle doesnt count either.. i thought this was the pasadena star news not the monrovia ‘cats news


    Mead alum – Joey”weewee”Diaz I believe is up Joey if he is to play. I know Koff would love to have him & he has been working on getting his knee stronger with physical therapy & Luis”sweets”Diaz has been playing all season long with a bum knee.

    GA – Sad to say you won’t be seeing Conrado Simpson on the field Friday night…he unfortunately felt he was bigger than the team and quit.


  • Waaaaaaahhh!!!

    Somebody didn’t get a nap.

  • Goldenarm


    Maybe that is a good thing. Simpson sure looked good in a uniform, but as I stated our #55 allowed him no breathing room and frustrated him to the point of silence…a big accomplishment considering the smack talk volume he began the game with.
    I guess that relates to the “disrupting players” that left the program…see, already GA is out of the loop!
    WAR BMW!!!

  • stang-4-life

    Tell CO to use its own kids. Where are the starting TB WR and others from. You can ask Alemany the same while your at it. In just speaking about football, may the best teams that night win but I am sure that if parents stop running from Pasadena and Muir, the both of them would be tough to beat. By the way my nephew went to CO and Coach Farrar was great, but the kids parents should have kept him at home. Muir would have been unstoppable that year.

  • I cant believe it!

    Moore coaches…………..please please please stop trying to trust your son/grandson in throwing the ball! he cant do it!! hes a choker!!! he dont even trust himself!! coaches if you want to win this game you have 2 go for those 5 and 10yrd passes and hit them long every once in awhile when they open it up because of the short passess!! stop trying 2 throw 2 micth crock in the middle of 2 or 3 deffenders!!! we cant trust the game in the QB’s hands…..he really makes really bad decicsions and dont have a strong arm at all! coach wake up!!!!! your son sucks!! so go for the little over the middle and to the sides and we can actually win this game! JUST TAKE SOME COACHING FROM SG AND HOW THEY TORE YOU GUYS APART BY SHORT PASSESS!! we want 2 see another game coaches! well here goes nothing!!! same game plan, same result!!! change it up and make them adjust!!! but will see!!!! just look at your record coach…… speaks for itself!!! change it up are were done!!! period point blank~~

  • BigFatFan

    Tiger Fan and 91030: an effort to make changes with the SP varsity football program is already underway. a number of us parents are commencing an effort. I do not want to elaborate on that effort at this point in time. however suffice to say, depending on the response of the AD and principal at SPHS to our concerns, we may well need to get the support of current parents and alumni. on a side note, coach Hertel will not be returning as the QB/receiver coach next year.

    Miguel, this was not a rebuilding year at SPHS, this was another year of wandering in the forest, searching for direction, and not finding any. the coaching staff of SP squandered a squad of capble young men. Our athletes are no less capable then the boys at SM, TC or LC. I am convinced of that. however our coaching staff is incapble of coaching these boys up to the next level. our last game against LC was a perfect example. we led at halftime 14-7, and we led because we dominated LC for two quarters. however, LC came out of the locker room ready to fight in the second half, and SP came out flat. end result, we got stomped.

    nuff said for now. changes are underway as we speak.

  • MOORS!!!




  • SP Fan

    Go Go Go Go!

  • Goldenarm


    not sure where that came from, but Titans could use one.

    say what you have to say and force people to listen.
    I agree on your talent level – but it is tough to prove when your record looks otherwise, and therein lies the problem. Good coaching brings out increased levels of commitment…an environment where kids strive to improve often on their own, and in doing so, build connections to their team mates who are of like mind. Hard workers who come to know one another and suddenly you have something. It is the coach who facilitates and then praises this kind of activity – who will reap the rewards of it.

    Honesty, fairness regardless of athleticism, work ethic, keeping your word, and keeping “It” amongst the team…is crucial for a coach to build respect. You must recognize effort and shoulder blame, sometimes even when the fault is truly not yours. A natural leader, comfortable in the role. Tough resume for anyone in any occupation in the world today.

  • Moor Til I Die!

    Dear “I can’t believe it”,
    I believe you sound like a lil female dog.
    Obviously your not a TRUE Moor fan,
    You sound like the MAD wanna be football player
    who probably played JV at best.
    Your comment’s are so personal and sound so obsessive,
    It’s actually kinda scary. I’m hoping your just a young
    kid and not a grown adult, with this infatuation towards
    bad mouthing the coach and the coachs’ son? LOL
    To all TRUE Moor fans if our boys can play solid
    on the defensive side of the ball, it will be a great
    game to watch. If #9 can get the rock to #1 at least 10x
    on ANY part of the field, Moors win!

  • Another Moor

    The Moors know what to do.. they (coaches and players) all learn from previous mistakes..EVERY SINGLE GAME.. No need to single out players. They all have their good and bad games. They just need to keep it TOGETHER.. and play with heart!..There is NOT JUST ONE GOOD or JUST ONE BAD Player.. they are all out there playing their @$$es off. We have a good team… I KNOW we can have a good game!!! LETS GO MOORS!!!

  • TigerFan

    Who would I contact in regards to joining this movement to make changes in the SP coaching staff?

    A well reasoned argument I will grant you. But, it can be no coincidence that the Tiger football program fails to produce at the Varsity level. The JV team however went 9-1 and undefeated in league play to become the 2009 JV league champs. I know many of the kids who played on that team and none are stunning athletic specimens. The year before that, the JV team was undefeated in preseason but unfortunately suffered a few key injuries leaving them to finish 1-4 in league. From these observations alone it seems that the real coaching talent in SP resides in the hands of the JV coaches.



    WAR MOONEY FEAR BMW…good one GA. Its…


  • SP Fan

    You can not judge a coach’s success by JV success. They may be good coaches but…

  • Goldenarm

    So Pas fans

    is the JV program running the same O and D schemes as Varsity?

    Here are 3 questions which illustrate the value of a head coach. My opinion anyway.



    South Pas has a core of loyal fans and supporters and as of this year, I now know the feeling of observing other teams go into post sesason play while I ponder a holiday dinner table with more empty chairs than familiar faces. So many gone, so few remain.
    Football brings life to Nov-Dec and keeps the focus off such things – things which now must find another time slot to snap you back to reality.
    Following last season, it appeared to me So Pas would have a much improved year this year. With Bednarski back as a senior next year – the time is now to put it together for 2010.

  • BigFatFan

    Goldenarm: very good basic question. and I think the answer is NO. each set of coaches, Frosh, JV and varsity run their own offensive schemes. Varsity tried to run spread offense this season, but I dont think that JV or Frosh did the same. that is part of the problem, lack of continuity between the three levels of the program.

  • BigFaFan

    TigerFan: put your email address in the box at the end of the blog and Miguel will connect us up.

  • TigerFan

    Lets get this problem fixed shall we?

  • hsballfan

    seems to me that south pasadena had what it took this year to be a completely different team. yet again, coaching staff does not work around the strengths of the team. Wrong play calls, and distribution of the ball was terrible. starting halfback howard serrian(returning from last year) barely saw any action this whole year. i was waiting for his break out game, yet getting the ball 3 times wont get it done. dissapointing to see yet again, that the coaching staff gets the ball to the right player/creates plays to exploit them

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