Mid Valley Division Predictions: Let’s go to Lancaster, freeze ourselves and watch Monrovia knock off the ‘Clete before double the pleasure vs. San Dimas in final

How long as it been, since Week 3 or Week 4 at least that we knew Monrovia would end up in the Mid Valley Division finals? They won’t admit it, and why would they? But if you saw how the Wildcats manhandled San Dimas with such ease you’ll realize why Monrovia early on became the clear cut favorite to win the Mid Valley Division. Three times Monrovia faced the No. 2 team in the division, first it was Rosemead, then San Dimas and then San Marino in Rio Hondo League action. Monrovia ran circles around the ‘Mead and sent the Saints limping, err, marching back to the 909 licking their wounds. It’s going to be no different this year. You can argue the game might be a bit closer, but how can you when Monrovia shredded the San Dimas defense, and it’s likely the Wildcats will catch more fire now with everything on the line. To be fair, the Saints are a formidable opponent. The Valle Vista League champion has the necessary weapons to pummel opponents, but it’s just not going to happen against Monrovia, who are much too fast, physical and smart to have a let down now. You really think Ryan Maddox is going to let it happen? No. The thing people don’t seem to realize about the Wildcats is they have not played to their full potential and they have yet to unleash their entire arsenal, but guess what? It’s coming, and it’ll come hard, fast and often. The Eastsiders questioned Monrovia’s physicality, conceding the Wildcats did have good team speed. And what happened when San Dimas and Monrovia met? Monrovia not only proved they were fast, but proved they were the more physical team, extending a 27-10 lead at the half to a 36-17 domination. It won’t come easy, but Monrovia prevails.

Top Seeds: 1. Monrovia (10-0), 2. San Dimas (9-1), 3. Azusa (9-1), 4. Arroyo (8-2).
Unseeded Sleepers: Cerritos Valley Christian, Rosemead, San Marino, Baldwin Park.

Top Bracket
South El Monte 3-7 (MVL 3) at No. 1 Monrovia 10-0 (Rio Hondo 1)
Paraclete 6-4 (Olympic 2) at La Puente 7-3 (Montview 2)
Gladstone 7-3 (Montview 3) at Baldwin Park 8-2 (Valle Vista 2)
Whittier Christian 7-3 (Olympic 3) at No. 4 Arroyo 8-2 (MVL 1)
Bottom Bracket
Covina 5-4 (Valle Vista 3) at No. 3 Azusa 9-1 (Montview 1)
Rosemead 5-5 (MVL 2) at San Marino 8-2 (Rio Hondo 2)
La Canada 5-4 (Rio Hondo 3) at Cerritos Valley Christian 7-3 (Olympic 1)
Workman 6-4 (Montview 4) at No. 2 San Dimas 9-1 (Valle Vista 1)

Top Bracket

Monrovia vs. Paraclete
Baldwin Park vs. Arroyo
Bottom Bracket
Azusa vs. San Marino
La Canada vs. San Dimas
Monrovia vs. Arroyo
San Marino vs. San Dimas
Monrovia over San Dimas

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