Mid Valley Division Predictions: Let’s go to Lancaster, freeze ourselves and watch Monrovia knock off the ‘Clete before double the pleasure vs. San Dimas in final

How long as it been, since Week 3 or Week 4 at least that we knew Monrovia would end up in the Mid Valley Division finals? They won’t admit it, and why would they? But if you saw how the Wildcats manhandled San Dimas with such ease you’ll realize why Monrovia early on became the clear cut favorite to win the Mid Valley Division. Three times Monrovia faced the No. 2 team in the division, first it was Rosemead, then San Dimas and then San Marino in Rio Hondo League action. Monrovia ran circles around the ‘Mead and sent the Saints limping, err, marching back to the 909 licking their wounds. It’s going to be no different this year. You can argue the game might be a bit closer, but how can you when Monrovia shredded the San Dimas defense, and it’s likely the Wildcats will catch more fire now with everything on the line. To be fair, the Saints are a formidable opponent. The Valle Vista League champion has the necessary weapons to pummel opponents, but it’s just not going to happen against Monrovia, who are much too fast, physical and smart to have a let down now. You really think Ryan Maddox is going to let it happen? No. The thing people don’t seem to realize about the Wildcats is they have not played to their full potential and they have yet to unleash their entire arsenal, but guess what? It’s coming, and it’ll come hard, fast and often. The Eastsiders questioned Monrovia’s physicality, conceding the Wildcats did have good team speed. And what happened when San Dimas and Monrovia met? Monrovia not only proved they were fast, but proved they were the more physical team, extending a 27-10 lead at the half to a 36-17 domination. It won’t come easy, but Monrovia prevails.

Top Seeds: 1. Monrovia (10-0), 2. San Dimas (9-1), 3. Azusa (9-1), 4. Arroyo (8-2).
Unseeded Sleepers: Cerritos Valley Christian, Rosemead, San Marino, Baldwin Park.

Top Bracket
South El Monte 3-7 (MVL 3) at No. 1 Monrovia 10-0 (Rio Hondo 1)
Paraclete 6-4 (Olympic 2) at La Puente 7-3 (Montview 2)
Gladstone 7-3 (Montview 3) at Baldwin Park 8-2 (Valle Vista 2)
Whittier Christian 7-3 (Olympic 3) at No. 4 Arroyo 8-2 (MVL 1)
Bottom Bracket
Covina 5-4 (Valle Vista 3) at No. 3 Azusa 9-1 (Montview 1)
Rosemead 5-5 (MVL 2) at San Marino 8-2 (Rio Hondo 2)
La Canada 5-4 (Rio Hondo 3) at Cerritos Valley Christian 7-3 (Olympic 1)
Workman 6-4 (Montview 4) at No. 2 San Dimas 9-1 (Valle Vista 1)

Top Bracket

Monrovia vs. Paraclete
Baldwin Park vs. Arroyo
Bottom Bracket
Azusa vs. San Marino
La Canada vs. San Dimas
Monrovia vs. Arroyo
San Marino vs. San Dimas
Monrovia over San Dimas

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  • Marina

    That would be awesome if Monrovia and San Dimas were in the Championship. I’d have family on both sides of the field cheering on both teams. I can just imagine texting my neice and telling her “The Saints are going down” just like I did when the Saints came to Monrovia for a beating. Her response was, “No Mas, No Bueno”. I told her it’s Muy Bueno!


  • Tom S

    Best of luck to the two PSN area schools who will go furthest in the playoffs. RHP and Maranatha.

  • New York

    Below are the Mid-Valley brackets from last year. None of the four seeded teams made it to the finals. Another interesting comparison is looking at the matchup consistency with one year ago: RHL #1(top seed) vs. MV #3; RHL #2 vs. MV#2; RHL #3 vs. Olympic #1. Montview #1(Azusa) vs. VVL #3 (Covina). Montview #2 vs. Olym #2….

    2008 MidValley Playoffs
    Top bracket:
    El Monte (5-5, Mission Valley 3) at Monrovia (8-2, Rio Hondo 1)
    Duarte (5-5, Montview 2) at L.A. Baptist (6-4, Olympic 2)
    Cerritos Valley Christian (7-3, Olympic 3) at Rosemead (8-2, Mission Valley 1)
    Sierra Vista (4-6, Montview 3) at San Dimas (9-1, Valle Vista 2)

    Bottom bracket:
    Workman (5-4, Montview 4) at Northview (8-2, Valle Vista 1)
    San Marino (8-2, Rio Hondo 3) at Paraclete (7-3, Olympic 1)
    Arroyo (3-7, Mission Valley 2) at Temple City (5-4-1, Rio Hondo 2)
    Covina (4-6, Valle Vista 3) at Azusa (9-1, Montview 1)

    Last year, Fred just assumed the finals would be a matchup between San Dimas and Northview….oops.

  • Desert Rat

    Oh, ok. Now Miguel is throwing his two cents in with big bold headlines. Go ahead, stir the pot boys….stir the pot.

  • Miguel Melendez

    Desert Rat: Win or lose, you just make sure you have my wings ready from Coach’s =)

  • Desert Rat

    Right Miguel…if you know all about that place, phone it in ahead of time. You’re obviously already good at that……..

  • Philly B.

    Tom S,
    The two schools that will go the furthest in the playoffs????? RHP and maranantha??? I beg to differ, but i wont even go on the level of competition RHP and MHS and Monrovia and Muir. Im not counting out the stangs just yet. Have faith in your other PSN teams man!

  • Observantcat

    Just my two cents… I was at the Monrovia San Dimas Game and my feelings are that there weren’t any answers for the Defense that Monrovia put on them that night. Monrovia is a fully loaded team that could make noise in any of these div. We have by far the most potent offense in this div. as well as defense. Our starting running back although just a sophomore is a legitimate 4.3 forty yd runner and our QB is not that far behind. Our secret weapon is our bruising style running back (Derrick Bubba Johnson) who has steamrolled over opponents at will. San Dimas strong point is that they play by the rules and listen too their coach, which puts them ahead of most of their competition. The difference is that you can teach talent but you cannot breed talent. You take what you have an make the best of it. But before we get to far ahead of ourselves, both teams have some fierce competition lying ahead of them in the next few weeks. For SD, I think that they cannot overlook San Marino nor shall they overlook Valley Christian. Both play an outstanding style defense that could have you hanging on for air by the end of the game, and if either one of these two teams get ahead of you, it might just be season over. As for Monrovia , it will have its first test quite early by playing Paraclete in the second round, I do believe Monrovia will take it to them with all of what I mentioned at the top of my comments. I feel that having the most stout defense and a superior offense it would be Monrovia’s game to loose. Other teams too look out for in this Div. are La Canada, who if they get out quick with the passing game they could cause havoc on teams that are not used to their kind of offense. As far as commenting on teams not able to win twice in a season,, I think that is hogwash, If your team is healthy and you are playing for all of the marbles, the best team will win and keep on winning. This isn’t poker!

  • Yup

    Tom S.- As another MHS faithful and one who has been with them over 10+ years, take a step back.

    I hope all our area teams go far and most of us at MHS know that our schedule is far easier than other schools, even our size. I do not the enrollment of La Salle but how they got stuck with Oaks is beyond me.

    We’ll see how far we can make but again, good luck to everyone!

  • GrimReaperxxx

    Can someone translate the following posting on another thread. It is incomprehensible, maybe Golden Arm can figure it out since it has something to do with TC.

    November 17, 2009 10:24 PM
    Warning To TC said:

    Get out while youuuuhh can.
    U C, Friday nite tehre,
    Nuttinggs changed since the backus hosing.

    it all turend out to be illusion.

    liek I saiod back then when all tat sheddt wetn down, get out whil e you can . Lest you want to go another 10 games plus a IndyMac…

    Flee!! Roeemead, Arroyo, Eastside SGV….wehrever…go!!!!!!!!

    Oh by the way, Dont Fear the Reaper!

  • Anonymous

    so the star news is 97 percent monrovia based and 3 percent for all the other teams…….im sure there are more than just muir and monrovia in the playoffs…..miguel is very bad luck…..picked dena in the tussle they lost, picked sf against nd, they fumble it away, hell im suprised monrovia is dong this well…..miguel is like a black cat / broken mirror/ walking underneath a ladder. Btw im calling it right now monrovia is actually gonna be tested on the way to the finals….they dont have a cake walk….and also clete is gunna be tough…take it one week at a time. the palmdale region is like absolute hell weather. its absolutely freezing and people who dont live there have trouble adapting to the cold…..watchout rovia watch out

  • goteamgo

    Yup/Tom S. –

    Per Cal Preps, school enrollment for Maranatha is 687; school enrollment for La Salle is 745, so they are both comparable.

    I agree with others that other teams have a chance to go far this year. La Salle played Monrovia, and they are a juggernaut with great depth. Before one claims that Marantha and RHP will go the farthest in the playoffs, maybe they should schedule Monrovia. Yes, I will agree without a doubt that Maranatha has a better chance to go farther in the playoffs than La Salle. Still does not erase one fact – 21-14. Still it doesn’t mean life is fair – temple City defeated La Salle, but La Salle is still playing – sometimes it is the luck of the draw (or league, or division).

    Maranatha has not been tested since week 2. the problem with the Alpha league is that it lulls you into a sense of superiority, that results in a reality check come playoff time.

    Good luck to all in the playoffs.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Tom S;

    This post was about the Mid Valley schools…ya know? Can’t they get some love without making it about Maranatha…for once?

  • Philly B.

    You Mad….You mad….stop ur hating on monrovia man, and if you hate how monrovia is getting all the attention….go over to the eastside with all that crying. Who said Monrovia has a cakewalk in the playoffs???? Yeah Miguel wants monrovia to finally get the championship down to the WSGV, but no one said we’re gonna just sweep every team. WE all know assuming the cats get past south el monte which they will, the cats have a BATTLE UP NORTH!! New York informed that it is only 10degrees colder up there in paraclete country, which i think is something that is not that bad. Maddox will have the cats ready for that road trip if it comes to play, but until then dont put words in peoples mouths saying we’ve got a cakewalk!!! thats just dumb

    Yeah rosemead destroyed my whole theory on beating teams twice cuz they did it, with ease. I also want la canada to unleash their passing attack in their game with valley. But we’ll see…..

  • Goldenarm

    grim reaper,

    The comments you pasted go back to the “backus hosing” – to use the poster’s terms. Though it sounds like an air conditioner part, backus hosing refers to how the TC admin handled the suspension and subsequent termination of RB.
    At the time, some players (and parents) discussed leaving the program and school, angry and disapointed by the turn of events. As far as I know, all stuck with Ramball…in fact many players that had left football came out in solid numbers. Justin Smith, Pultz, Jara and others. Spratt(many TD’s)a senior, had never even played organized football!

    Apparently the poster saw the loss to San Marino as clear indication players should have left TC for elsewhere and still should do so….”it all turend out
    to be illusion”…is all about what was promised – and what he feels was delivered. As with any coach, some players like coach White, some do not.

    As I stated earlier, their is great disapointment that the pieces did not fall together this season, and a very deserving class of hard working seniors were left on a midnight playing field…their mission far from completed.
    I understand the poster’s comments 100% – with the exception of “IndyMac” – must be lingo unfamiliar to a AARP dude like me.



  • New York

    I took the IndyMac reference as a suggestion of imminent implosion/failure, as IndyMac was one of the larges bank failures ever.

  • Jack Dundee

    Grim, the comment that you reference is basically telling all of the TC faithful to run for the hills. Think of it as backward masking on a old Beatles record! I’m stunned that TC did not make the playoffs and probably more stunned that nobody has referenced it. I guess the new direction really means new direction or what does it mean, really?

    Philly, good luck to M-Town and their quest to capture the title. This is as good a look as you can ask for and anything short of the crown would be a disappointment. Good thing is that I’m sure the M-Town faithful probably feel the same way.

    Good luck to all of the local schools heading to the stage that matters most.

  • See

    Mid Valley Division
    Arroyo vs Valley Christian

    Valley Christian wins

  • King

    Neither San Dimas or Monrovia will make the finals, their remarkable seasons will come crashing to a hault…i don’t want this to happen but you gotta go with your gut feeling. There will be NO rematch!

    War Jacks!

  • I love to laugh at your jokes!

    goteamgo –

    I’ve gotta hand it to you goteamgo, you always make me laugh!!

    Your comment – Before one claims that Marantha and RHP will go the farthest in the playoffs, maybe they should schedule Monrovia.

    (How about Monrovia saying YES when Maranatha tries to schedule them next time???)

    Your Comment – Maranatha has not been tested since week 2.

    (Tested in week 2??? LOL!!! Oh yes there have been other weeks they were tested by the Refs but those did not cost them the game like they did in week 2.)

    Your Comment – The problem with the Alpha league is that it lulls you into a sense of superiority, that results in a reality check come playoff time.

    That is just plain funny!!! LOL!!!

    I’m still laughing….got any more jokes??

  • King

    Fortunately I had the opportunity to see the La Salle v Natha game week 2…I don’t know how the refs “tested” them, to me they got out played by La Salle. Their offense struggled in the passing game (at least 5-8 dropped balls, and the run game was subpar) but excuses can be made in any loss i guess.

  • San Marino Fan

    Ok – so now that we have all gotten over the crazy Friday night events here’s the deal. LC is away on the road. Monrovia will romp on S. El Monte. So that suggest that the Rio Hondo League fans come out and root on San Marino. Why not support the RHL. SM had 30 players, 20 parents, 10 cheerlearders and 5 coaches at the OT in SP cheering. Let the rivalries go and come out and cheer for San Marino. Enjoy it.

  • goteamgo

    To: I love to laugh at your jokes!

    Look in the mirror and you will see my next joke – I write an intelligent point for discussion, and then I have to deal with people like you.

    Typical response I would expect from someone like you – “The refs cost us the game.” Ranks right up there with the one used a few years ago – “We lost to St. Margarets because the ball boy did not dry the wet ball.”

    I could say the refs made some calls that went your way when we played at your field – deal with it.

    I agree with King – 11 of 26 passing, 1 interception, 92 yds rushing – the offense struggled.

    If Miguel starts a blog thread for “most memorable highlight of the year” my nomination would be watching Coach Murphy have a total meltdown and throwing a temper tantrum at the La Salle game!!!!

    Now go focus on your next game –

  • I love to laugh at your jokes!

    goteamgo –

    Wow..so funny!! My side is hurting. LWOL!!
    Man you should get paid for that. I think the Laugh Factory is having an open mic night next week.
    I have to admit that Murphy’s Meltdown was pretty humorous as well.

  • Yup

    Sometimes the kids are great, but it is the parents that make the School embarrassing to attend.

    Goteamgo, I have always enjoyed your posts, keep em up. Speaking of the ball boy, in all sincerity it is nice to see Delahooke getting so much play time on Navy. The reality check is that he was HUGE guy for MHS and on a D-1 team, he looks like typical tiny kicker!

    Laughing boy, you remind of the skinny kid who got beat up because he never knew when to shut up.

    Champions FIND a way to win, we didn’t, get over it.

    Thankfully we bump up 2 divisions next year and will be a bit quieter for awhile!

    GO Maranatha and again, all the local schools!

  • spirit Xpress

    just to let you guys know its a beautiful 35 degrees and windy up here in the desert. compared to that 59 degrees at citrus. uh oh is montview for real with that trouncing of covina

  • GrimReaperxxx

    Observations from the sidelines, Reaper style.

    Note: Dont Fear the Reaper

    Azusa beat Covina on Thursday.

    1. Dont let the final score fool you, at halftime it was 14-6. Covina’s QB was seriously injured just before halftime. A second half interception, and a fumble on a kickoff return, and a holding penalty invalidating a Covina kickoff return for a touchdown led to a 21 point switch. But clearly Azusa was the better team of the two, but not that good.

    Now the props for Azusa:
    1. Their QB did a good job of standing in the pocket, even though Covina made quick penetration through the Azusa O line. The Azusa QB was able to quickly release the ball and hit open receivers.
    He has the ability to punish teams that blitz. It creates a problem for the D coordinator, do you blitz and hope you can disrupt him, or drop into coverage zone and disrupt the receivers.
    2. Azusa’s running back McKnight was very good at getting outside the end quickly. Quick and although smaller in size–can break a tackle. Most of the Azusa rushing damage was done on runs around end rather than up the middle. Defensive end or OLB contain is key.
    3. Kicking game could yield points on FG’s, kicker seems to have a foot and could easily reach 30-40yd FG’s/
    4. See 1 & 2, they have a balanced attack that creates problems for their opponents.

    Weaknesses for Azusa,
    D scheme puts a lot of stress on the D Line. Often the Covina receivers would clear out the LB, CB’s and Safety, giving the QB ample opportunities for scrambles and QB draws.
    Punt and Kick coverage teams are weak, and consistently gave up big returns and good field position for Covina.
    O line looks beatable. Lots of penetration on pass blocking.
    Interestingly, their biggest linemen were only on the field for extra points.

    I would guess it will be a tough game for either Rosemead or SM to beat them. But it will be a game.

    Clearly, if Monrovia survives the trip to the Clete and Azusa survives San Dimas (not that likely) to get to Monrovia, There is no doubt that Monrovia will beat them like a gong in the finals. It appears that shifty running backs give them problems as well as scrambling QB’s. Bueno will have a field day and the M- D line will dominate the Azusa O line.

  • When will it end?

    Who cares that La Salle played Monrovia. Ok, so they get the brownie points for showing up and getting their butts kicked 14-48, that makes a lot of sense. You going to sit there and tell me that game did anything for them? It prepared them how? It got them ready for what. All it proved was that they should not have scheduled them to begin with. You can keep reliving 21-14 all you want, the truth is that after that give away Maranatha rolled off 8 straight, including a victory the following week against back to back CIF Champions Bakersfield Christian. If any program benefited from that 21-14 give away it was Maranatha. Stop sugar coating your obvious disappointment for the 5-5 season you finished with and just be thankful that you guys got another week to keep the pads on. Just like Maranatha and RHP I’m sure are just as thankful they have another week. Hey Yup, with supporters like you who needs enemies? And I quote, Thankfully we bump up 2 divisions next year and will be a bit quieter for awhile! are you kidding me? Hopefully you are not a booster member pal. Lets hope for failure, thats being real supportive, typical night crawling at its best. To quote again, Sometimes the kids are great, but it is the parents that make the School embarrassing to attend. classic, did you express that as well at the booster meetings? I wait with anticipation for both your replies. GO MINUTEMEN!!!!!

  • goteamgo

    To when will it end?:

    To quote Oscar Wilde – “I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.”

    I thought this blog was titled ‘Mid Valley Division Predictions’ – my apologies for the topic being hijacked. My initial comment was in response to the comment that Maranatha and RHP would go the farthest in the playoffs – I am high on Monrovia, and I felt they should go far, and that was my initial comment.

    You say Maranatha’s game was a “give away” to La Salle – I say La Salle made the appropriate second half adjustments and outplayed Maranatha. We showed up when we had to – you didn’t.

    Yes, Maranatha rolled off eight in a row, but against whom? We will see if it has prepared you for the playoffs – that was the point of my Alpha league comment. We know the Alpha league is a weak league. Congratulations, you played who you were scheduled, and you did what was needed to do.

    Lastly, we are not disappointed by a 5-5 season, considering some of the injuries and adversity the team had to overcome, and the previous season’s disappointment. Sure, we wish it was better, but I give the kids credit for getting their act together, and pulling out the last two games to make it to the playoffs.

    Good luck to all, now lets get ready for some Friday night football.

  • New York


    It would not be good football if you could not see your breath when you talk…love it!

  • Goldenarm

    just my opinion, but the best 1st round match up is San Marino and Rosemead.

    If Joey Diaz can go and they have Fregoso and Diaz both in the backfield, they may be able to challenge the Titans run defense, and Diaz is always a break away threat for the big play. This should be SM’s biggest fear that the Mead will beat SM at their own game. That game is basically the TC offense that Mooney exported to SM. Run hard, middle and off tackle, seek 5 or more yds on 1st down, inch downfield and deny your opponent possesion by supreme ownership of the time clock.
    With the Rosemead/TC coach connection – I would think Koffler has prepared to work the SM corners, so those dudes best be ready, balls are coming their way tonight.
    Tonight should be a lineman’s glory feature game…because he who controleth the other teams line – wins the game tonight. My crystal ball sees a good performance from Forgatch, the Titans will need it.

  • when will it end


    Classic response but just remember one does not have to be armed to battle with an individual like yourself, you make it far too easy. First, do yourself a favor and get a copy of the game from your coaching staff, jump into your arm chair, turn down the volume so you dont hear the announcer and his Oscar Morales cheerleading and watch it for the way the game was called and played then come back on here and give your world renowned analysis of the game of football. I guess that old saying Better lucky, than good really applies here. Enough already with the Alpha League being so weak and that Maranatha isnt prepared after 8 weeks theory to make a deep run in the playoffs. Like you said we did what we had to do against the opponents that CIF placed in front of us, sweep through them, went undefeated, won League and positioned ourselves in the number 2 spot in the East Valley. Sorry you guys find yourselves in a division that you clearly are not qualified to compete in but that still is no excuse for being a hater. Please dont come on here wishing us good luck when you know in your heart that you are hoping Maranatha gets beat tonight to help justify your rhetoric. You are hiding behind and banging away at a keyboard like us all, so at the very least you should try keeping it real. Dont you worry your little Lancer self pal, rest assure the Minutemen are battle tested, well prepared and fully knowledgeable that they have a tough Desert opponent visiting them tonight and that if they dont play their best ball, like La Salle, then their season as well will be over and they to will be handing in their pads on Monday. Hey Yup where you at?

  • Anonymous

    When will it end? –
    I couldn’t agree with you more.
    goteamgo- you have been a Minuteman hater as long as I can remember. I don’t know where you got that large chip on your shoulder but you clearly have a hatred for the school. Yes..When will it end? Time to get over it and move on. Maranatha is a great school and so is La Salle.
    The rivalry is very spirited and the banter can but fun but lets just give both schools credit for their efforts and quit with the hatred ok??

  • goteamgo

    To When will it end:

    Let’s do the other bloggers a service and let this topic go.

    You sound bitter. I was at the game. I saw the film. Yes, La Salle has a great announcer. I stand by my statements. “Better lucky than good” also applies to your win in 2008 at home. You say La Salle was lucky; I say Maranatha was flat, and ill prepared, and La Salle made the appropriate adjustments.

    Wow, I am branded as a Minuteman hater? I am not a hater – I have nothing against Maranatha (I know many kids who have gone there) except one day a year when they play La Salle. I do wish them luck. I do have a problem with obnoxious fans though – always have.

    Again, let’s do the other bloggers a service and let this topic go.

  • when will it end

    goteamgo, lol, bitter, ill prepared, you win, let me say it again sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. just like this year. We have bigger fish to fry and hopefully a longer journey to travel. Just like you have “issues with obnoxious fans” I have issues with “haters” no matter if it’s one day a year or 365, always have, always will. Piece of advise for you, don’t climb into the ring unless your willing to slug it out to end!!! You come back now, you hear……

  • spirit Xpress

    to new york

    who is going to get upset tonight or do you feel that the brackets stay true to form

  • Yup

    To When will it end:

    I am at work, not obsessing about a game. I love and support MHS both financially and with cheer support. I’ll be at the game cheering for our boys.

    I’ll be at the CIF Championships for cross country (where they always place high!) I will be at an occassional tennis match, I will be at CIF for the Swim and Baseball teams (Both champs!)

    Will you be there?

    What I do not like is when we brag we will go farther than other teams. I do not like that we tell our teams to win with humility and lose with grace and then parents blog just the opposite. Some of these bloggers have a fair argument and its wrong to ignore that.

    Someone pointed out that La Salle is in the wrong league, and they are. It can be argued that we are to. Marshall? Kilpatrick? Really? Murphy and the kids are better than that and do not mind a challenge. Now, lets let it go and cheer for the Minutemen!

  • goteamgo

    when will it end:

    I am in the ring – where do you want to slug it out?

    Oh wait – I have to leave to go to Santa Maria!!!

  • New York


    As for the upsets, I will take Paraclete over La Peunte…I like Whittier Christian’s chances against Arroyo. I think weak competition the last several weeks may be detrimental to the Knights.

    Separately, I am looking forward to reading any choice comments following the Baldwin Park vs. Gladstone matchup. There seemed to be a lot of bad blood between Duarte and Gladstone when Crutchfield was coaching Duarte. Now Crutchfield is on BP’s staff…

  • Philipblackwell04@yahoo.com

    Jack Dundee
    Thank you for the best wishes. I couldnt agree with you more, this is as best its gonna get for Monrovia to get the title this year. But its one week at a time, and not look over any opponent. Of course Im very confident monrovia will take care of business against south el monte. We have a great coach in maddox. any thing short would be a major dissappointment.

    as far as the other matchup in the rio hondo league. If San Marino can do what goldenarm was speaking of, they should be able to win this game. But then again, if Diaz is 100% then there may be a problem, he runs like Bueno, and quick and elusive like him as well. But I expect a low scoring game. But if SM wants respect they need to win this game!!!!!! GO Cats, Go Spartans, GO Titans represent the rhl!!!!

  • spirit Xpress

    i agree with you.
    i like WC over arroyo they are about equal in personnel but the key to success is #55 jeff worthy he is a stud 6’4 260 jr that is quick and hits like a bull.

    baldwin park is a good team but if there is no love loss between them it could be a FIGHT!!!

    as for la puente warriors vs clete it should be a good game

  • when will it all end

    goteamgo, have a safe journey, now don’t forget the gloves will be waiting in the center of the ring for ya when you get back, holla, lol…. Yo Yup, short and sweet to answer all your points, simply put, I will probably be right next to you just like I was last year…..Food for thought, it’s not for Murphy or anyone at MHS for that matter to decide where they are placed, it’s up to the governing body (CIF) to make that placement. See you tonight, sporting that Minuteman spirit!!!!

  • Thanks very much for posting this, I fully agree to what you have said, about the whole thing, I have hence subscribed to your rss feeds and will be a regular reader

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