Star Picks: And then there were six ……

Melendez last week (overall): 8-4 (126-66-1)

Last week: Muir, San Gabriel, Pasadena Poly and La Caada proved me wrong. To be fair, the Mustangs had one of their most unbelievable games in taking Charter Oak to the brink of elimination in the opener of the Southeast Division opener. The hot question I’ve posed coaches and our staff at the office is this: If you’re Ken Howard, do you make the decision to go for the two-point conversion or go for the PAT. I would have gone for the PAT. You already have Charter Oak on the ropes and you’ve done near the impossible in making it such a nail biter; momentum is on your side and you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. I polled some coaches about the scenario later that night and through the weekend: Some said they’d take the PAT but surprisingly the majority said they would go for it. …. To be fair, La Caada drew a tough Cerritos Valley Christian team. Is the Olympic League the most competitive league in the Mid Valley Division? The can make argument after all three teams advanced to Friday’s second round. … Pasadena Poly had an amazing game at St. Genevieve, posting 47-28 lead before hanging on, 52-42.

This week: You don’t have to ask: Monrovia vs. Paraclete at Knight High is the Game of the Week. I’m bringing the wool coat, putting chains on the tires and strapping on some gloves, because I don’t care what anybody says it gets cold up there. We’re expected to battle a balmy 34 degrees on Friday night. The record low in Palmdale is 18 degrees, set in 1978. Bundle up and get ready for what is easily the most anticipated matchup in the Mid Valley Division. This is the championship game in my books. Nevertheless, I would like to see an All-Area final on Dec. 12. …. San Marino was definitely a lot of fun to watch last week. They’re old school with Benny Hung rushing down the middle and unpredictable with Stevie Yortsos and Joe Forgatch as the driving force on offense. Ben Harwich compliments Hung’s running game, and he’s just as dangerous when he breaks off tackles. St. Francis (9-2) visits a tough Palmdale (9-2) team, led by QB Joshua Shaw’s 1,586 yards and 12 touchdowns. But after enduring the air assault by Gahr’s Casey Nielsen (400+ passing), the Golden Knights’ secondary should have an easier time. Or not. Shaw’s also the team’s second-leading rusher with 637 yards and nine touchdowns. Maranatha and Rio Hondo Prep should advance to the semifinals in their respective divisions, but I’m not so sure about Pasadena Poly, which draws No. 2 seed Linfield Christian. On the bright side, the Panthers are the only area team playing at home while we’re all on the road.


Monrovia vs. Paraclete at Knight High in Palmdale, 7 p.m. — Monrovia
Linfield Christian vs. Pasadena Poly at South Pasadena, 7 p.m. — Linfield Christian
St. Francis at Palmdale, 7:30 p.m. — St. Francis
San Marino vs. Azusa at Citrus, 7 p.m. — San Marino
Maranatha at Ontario Christian, 7 p.m. — Maranatha

Rio Hondo Prep vs. Saddleback Valley Christian at St. Margaret’s High, 7 p.m. — Rio Hondo Prep

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    MIGUEL,sorry but i’m riding with FRED & STEVE! They BOTH have AZUSA winning at HOME! By the way you can’t get a better GYPSY then that!



  • LSHS

    The rule of thumb when coaching is, if you have a chance to win on the road you go for it. Tough loss for the Stangs, but Im with Coach Howard on this one.

    La Salle is out…The kids had a great season, making it further than a lot of people would have thought. I had so much fun watching them play this season. Cant wait to hear what awards Mike Alexander receives. Kid, played his tail off. St. Joe’s was prepared, they finally did what I thought all teams would do, and that is double even triple team Mike at certain points. Alexander still had a great game. La Salle as a team really put together a pretty good season. Winning two of their last three games. Huge improvement on last year. I am really sad, especially for the seniors, that the season is over. Thats how football goes. Looking forward to hearing where Mike Alexander ends up in college…Great season Mike you really showed what you are made of…Good job Lancers!!!Good Luck to the rest of the area teams still in the playoffs.

  • Tom S

    Maranatha’s game against Ontario Christian will be at 7:00, not 7:30

  • sfhs92

    Good luck to the top two teams in the west san gabriel valley who both coincidentally have to travel to palmdale. Stay warm boys and come home with a W

  • New York

    This is pretty cool, as St Francis and Monrovia both invade Palmdale this week. Both teams have a great shot.

    I’m pumped that Monrovia and Paraclete get to play. If one of these teams ends up winning the title, it would have been a shame not to have this matchup happen along the way. Sure, it’s two rounds earlier than I had expected back in August, but what are you gonna do.

    The MidValley semifinals: RHL vs. the Olympic League. The Valle Vista is out this week.

  • wow miguel

    i think its funny how you mention “QB Joshua Shaw’s 1,586 yards and 12 touchdown” and not QB Justin Posthuma’s 1996 passing yards and 17 passing touchdowns..

    “But after enduring the air assault by Gahr’s Casey Nielsen (400+ passing), the Golden Knights’ secondary should have an easier time.”
    if you had watched the game like a good little reporter had, or had reliable sources, you would know they realistically only had rougly 200 maybe 250 passing yards. they got 400+ due to the fact that their run plays were shovels, thus getting the qb passing yards.

    “Shaw’s also the team’s second-leading rusher with 637 yards and nine touchdowns”
    Justin Posthuma has 634 rushing yards on the season and 11 rushing touchdowns..

    Miguel, you really need to do your research.. you make it seem like SF is playing superstars, when our players are putting up the same numbers, if not better. Justin scored 3 rushing and 3 passing TDs while the Gahr QB only passed for 3, one of which im sure was a shovel.. Leave it to Miguel to miss a QB/ATH/CB who committed to FLORIDA and one of the best athletes in the state in Dietrich Riley, for who..? oh thats right.. Nick Bueno and the monrovia team.. nice.

  • New York

    To “wow Miguel”,
    You had a solid post until your sour grapes at the end. NO NEED to attempt to belittle Bueno and Monrovia. There should be plenty of due praise to go around. All the local stars deserve recognition. Recognizing the SF studs has nothing to do with Monrovia.

  • GrimReaperxxx

    Note: Don’t fear the Reaper.

    Cal Preps Mid valley predictions

    Monrovia over Paraclete 20-14 Reaper Pick it

    SM over Azusa 26-19 Reaper SM 10 points
    Whittier C over B Park 24-17 Reaper WC 14 points

    San Dimas over Valley C 30-28 Reaper VC 10 points

    SM Azusa common opponent Gabrielino HS
    SM 34-0
    Azusa 34-20

    Comments Valley Christian: Reaper has been baptized by VC. He is now a believer and has gotten on his knees praying for Hail Mary passes. Reaper removes San Dimas from his vocabulary like his ex wife. San Dimas? What San Dimas? What are you talking about?

    Comments Monrovia: Monrovia will either win by 10-14 points based on a big early lead. If game is even at the start of the 4th quarter M will go down to defeat. Contact Oddsmaker and bet the house based on the half time score. Winner likely will appear in the finals. This is the championship game. Remember game is likely at Knight HS out Ave S in Palmdale. Make sure you know where the game is before leaving. Paraclete always figures a way to hide the location.

    Comments Azusa,

    First don’t let the score fool you, Azusa was in a tight game in the first half until the Covina QB was hurt. Covina had a kickoff return touchdown called back, and an Azusa TD interception resulted in a one sided looking score. Azusa was the better team and deserved to win, but not that big over a decidedly weak Covina team.

    RB Kendric McDade has game, elusive, quick around end, and can break a tackle even though he is a little small in stature. Can make yardage on his own.

    QB Chavez has the ability to stick in the pocket in the face of pressure and has a quick release and can deliver on target.

    Receiving corps are good enough, but they rely on the rush to set things up. When the defense focuses on stopping McDade, the safeties and corners cheat. Then comes the pass to burn the defense. This results in a balanced attack, but it is still the run that sets it all up. The question is, which aspect of their game do you want to take away.

    Against Covina Azusa D hit hard and took out at least a couple of Covina players, including an apparent, collarbone injury to the Covina QB. That was, game over, for Covina.

    Azusa line play is a weak point. McDade was pretty much on his own. O line was more than porous. Only Chavez’s quick release on short passes saved sack after sack.

    Corners are only OK, look more than beatable.

    Keys to the game.
    SM will need to figure a way to stop McDade around end, Yortsos & corners must make open field tackles to limit the damage. If McDade can give them the slip, there will be trouble. (Note Azusa will struggle to get yards between the tackles. If Azusa attempts to take the middle it will be a strategic mistake.)

    Azusa D line & LBs will need to figure how to get pressure on Forgatch or else Yortsos and the 2nd or 3rd receivers will drive home the coffin nail. Add a now healthy looking Benny Hung and the Azusa defense will be under extreme pressure. If Hung comes up large again, Azusa will be in big trouble.

    Special teams play. Edge SM Azusa gave up good field position on kick offs and punts.

    Final thought,
    Most likely SM will continue to grind and control the ball. SM will be SM.
    Azusa will need McDade and Chavez to make the big plays to stay in the game. The ability to make the big play, will make them a threat even if behind. If SM stops McDade (no g on the bingo!, not ready for the NFL, and you have to cheat us to beat us*), It could get ugly.

    Otherwise SM by 10 points due to superior line play. Blocking is not over-rated!

    * Most will not know what this means, but if you do, you probably wish you didn’t.

  • wow miguel

    No bashing on Bueno and Monrovia was intended. I was attempting to point out the fact that Miguel has been to what? 5 or 6 monrovia games, when he is supposed to be the are prep sports writer.

  • Goldenarm

    To Coach Maddox,

    You awake on the Shrink’s couch remembering the last thing you heard….”you are getting sleeeeepy, very sleeeepy….as you go under the Shrink (a Spirit alum) will begin asking you a series of questions. “What is your team’s weak spot”, “where are you most vulnerable”, “who is injured”…and finally “how can we put Ex-Lax into Lowdens’s pregame meal?

    The Clete will be pulling out the stops and trust me, they have seen something on tape they feel they can exploit. Be ready to coach and ADJUST to what they bring! It will be obvious and easy to spot whatever it is. Wildcat fans – don’t be naive and think this is just another game on the way to the crown, you have seen Paraclete before and this is PAYBACK TIME. Do it for the Mead, do it for TC, and do it for the long time Cat fans who have dreamed of what could be but never touched it. Do it for the city of Monrovia, who has been smeared in negative headlines far too many times. Bring your A game on Friday and do not let up. If you were down, the Spirits would smother your last breath. Take them out and don’t look back. Run the big man inside the 20, leave only green and white standing.

    Good luck Friday!
    the time is now.

  • Observantcat

    GA: I’m glad you have awakened out of that TC Coma and settled back into your routine of awakening the dead. My prospective on this fridays game will be that Paraclete will see something that they have not seen all year and that’s speed and power both on the offense and on the defense. Every cat fan remembers that game 2 years ago and what comes to mind is that we made costly mistakes in that game that caused the Refs to take points off the board otherwise It was the Wildcats Div. Championship. This year I see a whole different format brewing. I know everyone is tired of being Buonofide but he is the key to the offense and as that leader he has come through each and every time. It doesn’t hurt to have his arsenal of running backs either, Having the depth that this team has is what has caused them to be in the position they are in. I am more impressed on how each player is playing their role in winning as a team. Our Defense is made up of several good athletes and a couple of great ones as well. Paraclete has a great program but has its downsides as well. I believe that our Defense will put a stop to their offense and as long as we continue to play mistake free football we will turn up the temperature in Palmdale. I hope to see some of our freshman get a chance to go toe to toe with this Paraclete team by the 4th quarter, We have another great running back that I believe has the potential to do plenty of damage as he gets this playoff experience. And finally JOHN MUIR1 If only coach Howard could have inspired his team to play the first quarters of their games like the 4th quarters they would be a MONSTER to deal with this year. That emotion has to be placed in their pre-game agenda. Good Luck to all of the other MEN STANDING….. We know that we have a lot of talent on this side of the 210 let’s prove it by winning..

  • viking fan

    Good luck to Monrovia and San Marino. Good to see a couple Rio Hondo League teams still in it. Hey Miguel, when are you gonna start writing about basketball? Season starts on Saturday.


    wow miguel,

    Hey maybe he mentioned Shaw infront of Riley because he is a two way starter at CB and at QB. What does Posthuma have on that. Also he is a better athlete than Riley. Shaw committed to Florida last week and is ranked 33 in the nation as a recruit while Riley is ranked 112 as a recruit. Cut Miguel some slack.

  • Drama

    Miguel and those interested,

    Friday’s Rio Hondo Prep/Saddleback Valley football game has been moved to Saturday (11-28). The venue has also changed, it will be played at St. Margaret’s H.S. and will start at 7:00PM.

    See you there???

  • Goldenarm


    I am still lapsing in and out of the coma.

  • Kentera

    To SGV Football,
    Why do you have to be so bitter. Like New York said in an earlier post, why try to belittle these athletes? You obviously have something against Posthuma, Riley and St. Francis. Try to relax for once. After all it is Thanksgiving time.

  • philly B

    You got my hyped up for the game. Like you said we all remember that game two years ago. But that team is not this years team. Apples and Oranges and I dont know what its gonna take for Fred to see that. When he was on this side of town, He was on the Monrovia Train somewhat. Not as hard as Miguel but he was still stick riding the wildcats a lil bit. If Paraclete is the team of last year doing little dump passes to their fullback in the flats, Monrovia will eat that offense alive!!! I hate to say it, but monrovia is a little bit well coached with maddox there. I was under garrison, but Maddox by far is a better coach sorry to say. He’s got this defense playing smart football, flying to the ball. Ive said it before and ill say it again, when you got DB’s coming up and making tackles in run support, you got a good chance in being dominant and winning the game

    You say Paraclete has seen something that they can exploit????? Please tell me what it is. because the last few weeks, I dont know if Ive seen it. Bueno can run, and run fast! bueno can pass and receivers are now catching the ball and making plays after the catch! Our defense top to bottom is serious and mean business. We respect the Olympic league, well at least I did, and I knew the other leagues in our division would not be able to hang with the likes of Whittier, Valley, and paraclete. Does that mean Im talking bout the RHL too?? yes well at least the bottom part of our league in that case. I just think we’ve got way more depth at ALL positions than what we did two years ago. And again this team plays smart defense!!!!! And Im not counting out San Dimas, I think they got what it takes to knock off valley

  • New York

    Every team has areas to exploit.

    Would you mind joining us in Palmdale and sweeping the visitor’s locker room for listening devices pregame and right before halftime?

  • Philly B

    I really dont think Monrovia has an area to exploit honestly. Not saying there perfect, but our defense….bueno….I just think this years team is near flawless, not to take anything away from paraclete. But i think we have what it takes this time around

  • wow miguel

    SGV Football,

    if you knew anything about SF football, you would know that Posthuma started at safety for a good half of the season, but the chances of him getting injured increased, so that ended. nice try there champ. Posthuma is a smart QB that usually runs when he has pressure and gets about 7 yards a carry, but remains a passer on the run. Mind you he does this with ONE HAND. People who just hear and read about people’s abilities and tendencies lose all credibility. If you had been to any SF games, your opinions would be respected at least a little bit.

  • Goldenarm

    Philly B,

    I’ve watched the M-town / TC film 30 times, there are strengths…and there are tendencies. No need spelling it out in detail right now. The Monrovia defense is superb. I hope everyone is healthy for Friday. Get this one first before thinking of anything else!

    Look up “range” in Webster’s – find a photo of Lowden.

    If you need intel or a bug sweep – I am there. Keep an eye out for Desert Rat, he probably has a transmitter in Maddox’s headset already.
    I may take you up on the invite to Palmdale – Friday night, not like the Swedish Women’s Aerobic Team is coming to my house or anything.

    I have not seen Paraclete this year. But, last year it was Buteyn hitting the hole superglued to the lead back, that put the hurt on NV and TC. The Clete’s O line was fierce and very adept at the double team. They were blowing back Matt O’Malley, who is as strong and skilled as any D lineman in the SGV.

    I hope M-town gives #27 a few steps of daylight – the rest he will handle on his own.

  • New York

    No doubt that Paraclete plays a strong brand of football.

    I’m glad our guys get to play in a little bit cooler weather to feel what that is like. All the great NFL highlight films always show some cold weather games. While I do not consider Palmdale this time of year to be frigid by any means, it will probably be 8-12 degrees cooler than what it would be in Monrovia that time of night.
    The weather forecast for Palmdale has Friday looking almost identical to today. That suggests the temperature around kickoff will be around 50F and toward the end of the game it will be around 45F. Whatever. For the guys playing the game, this should not be an issue. For people in the stands, I’d suggest a seat cushion on the chilly aluminum, a coat and a good attitude!

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