Friday Night Aftermath: Monrovia is headed back to the semifinals, outmuscles Paraclete, 14-3; Palmdale knocks out St. Francis in 2OT; San Marino, Maranatha stunned; Linfield Christian too much for Pasadena Poly, 49-0.


PALMDALE — Monrovia’s (12-0) season will be defined by what will simply be known as “The Drive.” They showed heart, battled through adversity and didn’t let a virtual wall deter them. Simply put, the Wildcats proved why they are favored to win the Mid Valley Division crown. Facing a second-and-6 at the Monrovia 24, sophomore standout De’Shaw Ramirez took off for a 33-yard gain, only to have it negated on a holding penalty. On third-and-20, Wildcats quarterback Nick Bueno connected on a 27-yard pass to a leaping Ellis McCarthy (below) for the first down. Bueno then connected on a 16-yard pass to Luke Williams, and a face mask on Paraclete (7-5) helped Monrovia move the ball all the way up to the Spirits 25 yard line. Bueno was nearly intercepted in the end zone on the next play, and on fourth-and-1 at the Paraclete 16, Bueno took off on a sneak and got the first down by a few millimeters. The roller coaster drive was capped by a 15-yard touchdown run by Ramirez to give Monrovia a 7-3 lead with 48.6 seconds left in the second quarter. That pretty much summed up Monrovia’s night. Paraclete (7-5) was limited to a 28-yard field goal in the second quarter to take a 3-0 lead, but after that it was all Monrovia, particularly its defense which came up with two interceptions, one sack and constant pressure that deflated any momentum by the Paraclete quarterback in the second half.

I’m sitting in my car and parked at a gas station with my laptop at hand. All the scores are updated below, but I don’t have much details on the game since I’m a world away in (ahem) beautiful Palmdale. Off hand, I’m stunned by Maranatha’s loss to Ontario Christian. I guess Maranatha coach Joel Murphy was right, Ontario Christian’s record was deceiving, and they proved it. San Marino at one point lead, 24-20, I believe but couldn’t hold on. I’m shocked by St. Francis’ double overtime loss. I thought the Golden Knights had this one. They were having such a good run and it’s tough to see them go out like this. Pasadena Poly should take solace in that it reached the quarterfinals of the Northeast Division. Linfield Christian was a tough draw. I’ll be at the Rio Hondo Prep game Saturday night. This is it for now. I’m headed home and will try to update this thread later. Someone asked why I didn’t post scoring updates on Monrovia. I was roaming the sidelines the entire game and sent text updates to Robledo, hence the updates on his blog. Oh, and for those who made the trip to Palmdale, it was a chilly 48 degrees, but that was nothing compared to last year’s finals. Still, I can barely feel my thumbs.


Monrovia 14, Paraclete 3
Linfield Christian 49, Pasadena Poly 0
Palmdale 49, St. Francis 42, 2OT
Azusa 27, San Marino 24
Ontario Christian 28, Maranatha 24

Rio Hondo Prep vs. Saddleback Valley Christian at St. Margaret’s High, 7 p.m. — Rio Hondo Prep

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  • Rams Know It All

    BLACK FRIDAY. For Ram’s fans it is indeed BLACK FRIDAY as the new direction takes hold @ TCHS. Lets recap the past decade from 2000-2008. The Rams won 4 RHL titles, made the CIF Playoffs 9 times, advanced to the CIF Quarter Finals 7 times and made 1 CIF Semi Final appearance. Before you say it is all about the “New Spread Offense” lets get one thing straight. The Rams, under Mooney and Backus, ran a diversified offense and even ran the “Wildcat” with Desmond Reed, Dwight Broadnax, and Williams Do. The Rams were about solid fundamentals and well executed gameplans. The last two seasons, the Rams marched into the homes of league champions and defeated those champions. CIF road victories are not easy. Even when the Rams were overmatched in talent, this “Football Philosophy” allowed the Rams to compete with the Inglewoods, Serras, and Lompocs of the Division. Now the RHL is in the weak Mid Valley Division and the Rams don’t even qualify for the playoffs. Missing a home gate probably cost TCHS $4,000. (Good luck to Monrovia and San Marino this evening as they execute their well conceived gameplans)

  • I enjoy football

    Good luck to SM and Monrovia, tonight. I’m going to the Monrovia game to support the wildcats. It should be a great game. For everyone who is tired of hearing about Nick, remember he is the QB and he is having a great year. But, Monrovia has a lot of talent. Nick, on offence, is the only skill player that stays in the game. All the other kids are rotated. Monrovia just has a lot of talent. Anyway, everyone enjoy the game tonight. Leave a little early and DRESS WARM. Go Wildcats


    In regards to Rams Know It All post;

    Allow me to retort… In addition to the TCHS varsity decade of dominance, lets not forget the lower level of JV football at TC. From 1999-2003 who won the league titles and not to forget the 2000 and 2001 undefeated teams… 10-0 back to back an overall record of 52-8 in a 6 seasons. Those coaches were something else. Head coach Marty Dattola, DC Henry Rodriguez who is at Maranatha, D/O Line coach David Alonso, Maranatha as well, Maverick Nunez (Ref), and QB coach Matt Malcsinzky.

    The JV program produced some great players onto varsity.

    Some may say it was JUST JV FOOTBALL, but unless you coach football, you will never know the feeling of a special RUN.

    TC will bounce back next season.

    Coach Dawwger

  • one word


  • Rams Know It All

    Dawwger. There is truth to your statement. TCHS had a complete football program that was moving forward but the administration wished to go in a different direction. San Marino has replaced TC as the team to challenge Monrovia. Witness the San Marino sweep of TC on all three levels. The only direction that TCHS is going now is towards mediocrity. The Rams will not bounce back as many people associated with the program will leave.

  • The Stang Fan

    Good luck to ALL the WSGV teams tonight!

  • Sean

    Hey Miguel, so you just traded tv’s with him? You didn’t ask him for the difference of the price? haha See, a good deed pays off.

  • Stating the Truth

    Hey Miguel I didn’t know that Monrovia is the only team playing tonight. From the paper today that’s all I could see. If you are going be a so called “sports writer” make the coverage equal. Maranatha, Poly, San Marino, and SF deserve as much space as Monrovia. Everyone can tell who you have favored all year and that is Monrovia. Get off your high horse Miguel. Everyone already knows the players of the year are all going to be Monrovia players because those are the only players you watch. Give some credit to the other teams that are still playing.

    -The Truth

  • Tom S

    Stating the Truth:
    Dude, why shouldnt the Monrovia v Clete game get most of the press. Its the PSN area game of the week. It should be a great game in the cold of the desert. Looking forward to hearing about Monrovia’s win along with St. Francis, San Marino, Poly and RHP’s wins. I could care less if I open the Star News tomorrow morning and see nothing on the Maranatha game. All I care about is that the Minutemen put together a great game plan and execute it against a strong Ontario Christian team. Ill be there cheering them on tonight.
    GO MINUTEMEN!!!!!!

  • Big Football Fanatic

    State the Truth-

    If your words held any Truth! You wouldn’t be afraid of everyone knowing your Name!

  • Goldenarm

    no update from anywhere????????

    Somebody bring on some news!

    If San Marino can run Benny Hung like they did against Rosemead – then the Titans advance. It is that simple.

    If Monrovia has zero turnovers, they beat Paraclete.


  • Philly B

    Thank you TomS for putting things into perspective. Yeah Miguel Goes overboard with monrovia, and Im a monrovia fan, but Hey we’re undefeated so if San Marino was in our position Id expect miguel to be all on SM like he usually is before league. Just get over it everyone PLEASE!!!!

  • Goldenarm

    azusa 20
    sm 3
    looks like curtains for sm?

    mtown 7
    clete 3

    got this from fjr’s update
    miguel … updates??

  • Philly B.

    San Marino is down 20-3 halftime against Azusa!!!!

    Monrovia is up 7-3 against paraclete in the 2nd quarter.

    Whittier Chirstian is whoopin Baldwin Park

  • Philly B.

    My bad Whittier is not whoopin on Baldwin park, but it could get out of hand if baldwin park doesnt put any points on the board!!!

    Baldwin Park 3 vs. Whittier Christian, at Whittier College 14 halftime

  • Goldenarm

    830pm -stuck at home – and not a football update in sight!

    screw it – headin back to the pumpkin pie, Black Russian and white woman. Monrovia – make the bus ride home one to remember forever!

    SM – if that score is correct, and you guys lose, keep your heads up. Great season for the Titans, you went far and got every ounce out of what you had. 110% gut check. If you pull it out – even better yet.

  • sfhs92

    21-14 sf at the half.

  • Philly B.

    Hey You are a lucky one! You can keep the Black Russian, but I wish I had to white woman haha. Have you seen fred’s blog, with the LIVE ACTION from the Amat-Lakewood Game???? Why doesnt Miguel have anything like that??? I could care less if its monrovia, st francis, or san marino….even maranantha for that matter, but it’d be nice to get some live footage from our local teams. I mean i love the few highlights that miguel puts together….but I love the LIVE ACTION over at freds. Funny he picked monrovia to beat paraclete but he said it would be an olympic league in the finals. and last I checked San Dimas is up 14-0 on valley

  • Anonymous

    24-20 SM in the 4th

  • Anonymous

    27-24 Azusa Final. SM faught back from 20-3 to lead 24-20 late in the 4th. Azusa wins with a late TD.

  • Newsman

    The Natha lost 28-24 to Ontario.

  • Philly B

    Azusa Upsets San Marino 27-24. I really cant believe this one… Congrats to the titans for a great season.

  • Anonymous

    Monrovia won

  • lala

    Monrovia won

  • AAAA


  • Anonymous

    Final Score
    Monrovia 14, Paraclete 3

  • sfhs92

    sf and palmdale in ot 35-35

  • Desert Rat

    Rovia 14-3….congrats guy you won a sloppy one. Wow did we find a way to lose that one. But you won and that’s all that matters.

  • syd

    who will Monrovia play next?

  • Philly B.


  • sfh89

    Golden Knights lose in double overtime to Palmdale. πŸ™

  • Big Football Fanatic

    Dahlia, who scouted Monrovia four times this season, isn’t buying it.

    “Not so much about the offense, but it’s more about the few players they have and what they can do on offense,” he said. “Their offense is something we’ve faced six times this year.”

    Guess he should have been Scouting CATS Defense too!

  • Tom S

    Well, the seasons over. Maranatha should have won the game but way too many mistakes. Took a 10-0 lead into half time and then allowed Ontario Christian to score three touchdown within the first two minutes of the second half. Gave it away. Battled back and had a 24-21 lead with about 5 minutes left but OC scored and couldnt put together a last minute TD. That #44 for OC was a stud.

  • sfhs92

    sf loses in 2ots





  • Philly B.

    Desert Rat
    As long as you know thats all that matters, but you held monrovia’s high powered offense to only 14points!!! and that has to count for something. You and San Marino were the only teams to do that, so You know this win didnt come by easy, and I know paraclete gave them all they had

  • Anonymous

    SF 42-Palmdale 42 2/OT

  • Tough Loss

    The word is that SF lost in OT to Palmdale





  • Jimmy D.

    Maranatha had a great season. Tough way to loose giving up 21 in the top of the second half. Ontario Christian had a couple of studs (especially #44) that did it all.Had a few tough picks at the end…Great job Minutemen!

  • Paul Pappademos

    Well, had to go and see that Keith kid play out in Ontario. Wow, he was everything I thought I read….
    What’s that old saying? “Where there is smoke, there is fire?”
    Funny how on an old blog, one of Maranatha’s fans posted some bombastic statement about Matt (last years QB) and how he threw a pick and just walked off to the sideline.
    Well, at least Matt moved… Keith threw his pick 6, only to stand and watch his huge O-line (#50) try and run the opposing player down. What did the QB do? Nothing! Thing is, he could have caught him too. Or I like one of the 6 fumbles when Keith stood back in the pocket as the ball was a bad snap (on a direct snap to #24), instead of trying to get there and jump on the ball, he just threw his hand up in exasperation! He seems a bit SPOILED to me. My favorite was while I was standing on the “fence” line after ANOTHER bad pass on a 4 and 9. He threw the nice loud “F” Bomb walking to his sideline!
    I could go on and on… about his football IQ as well!
    At least Matt Shilz last year had some IQ as a QB. He wouldn’t have spiked the ball on a 2nd and 19 with 48 seconds left – to make it 3 and 19. Then throw ANOTHER pick and end the game.
    So when Keith’s dad gets on here to blog and retaliate on his son’s behalf. (Yes, I’m sure it was him that battled on his kids behalf awhile back), please take a step back and realize YOUR son isn’t worth all the money laid down for him. You should have saved it and just spent it on a library at some University!
    Yes, Maranatha’s defense gave up stupid points as well. #44 rocked them in the “Wildcat”! Oh goodness… He is a stud! But offensively, they should have had a field day a very sub par secondary!!!

  • Desert Rat

    Philly B- it was a good game. I didn’t expect it to be easy either way. My hats off to both squads.

    Football Fanatic- they knew about the cats defense…it wasn’t all that impressive. With the exception of a few, it was okay. I mean most teams have moved the ball om them all year long. We got away from what was working…why I dunno. But you guys capitalized when needed.

  • mrbee09


  • Palmdale Spirt

    Man this Kid Nick Bueno should get all of the press he is getting. He is the most poised QB under pressure that I have seen in a long time. He is the Real Deal. Monrovia’s defense came out to the desert to claim why they are number 1. Every one of those guys are good, real good. I have been reading about Monrovia out here in the desert and trying to see what all of the hype was about, when it looked like Paraclete came out in that first quarter it looked as though they were going to take it the Monrovia, but that Monrovia team never let it phase them one bit. They were not just quick, they were much faster than our offense and much more aggressive than our defense and thats what wins ball games. Good luck Whittier Christian 2 down 2 too go.

  • Paul Pappademos

    I guess I should have spent that gas money on the St. Francis/ Palmdale game!
    Great win Monrovia!

  • spirit Xpress

    all i have to say is props to monrovia they played tonight.

  • bigcat

    Spirit xpress

    Way to be a good sport. for the rest of the clete fans take it like it is. There’s no sloppy play all there is, is wins and losses. It was a hard fought game by both teams. Keep it up cats bring it home.

  • Ontario Christian Fan

    First I want to say that Maranatha has some of the classiest fans around. Their Coach Joel Murphey is a solid guy and I’ve watched him over the last couple of years and all I can say is Maranatha is lucky to have a guy like him at the helm. As far as the Paul Pappademos comments, all I can say is wow. If that’s true then how sad. I dont’t know much about the QB, I heard about the whole film crew that follows him around or something. There was a sign put up on our fence saying that a doctumentary was being filmed there tonight. I took it home for a souvenir. The QB they had last year Matt Schiliz? Now that kid was much better and boy could he sling it. Ironically Matt throws alot of passes in practice at Bowling Green to a former Ontario Christian Knight, Justus Jones.

  • Big Football Fanatic

    Desert Rat- My Mistake!

    I just figured it was the Cats Defense that kept Paraclete outta the End-Zone, not the Spirits weak Offensive game. I apologize….

  • Maranatha Fan

    Paul Pappademos – really must have something going on to make the hateful comments you did. I can understand about the “F Bomb”, If that really happened, I would not be happy with my son just for that. Everything else though is pretty unjustified. Cody is a great kid who had a frustrating season. His line did not do a good job to protect him last night and many other nights. I don’t think that any coach on the MHS team really knew how to exploit a defense and make the right call at the right time. If you watched the whole season as I did, it was the Defense that really won games for us and not the Offense. I would not blame Cody so much for that but I do believe now that Matt was a better QB.

  • Yup

    Wow, Paul, relax.

    I won’t argue much at all today.

    What I will say is this. I want my kid to look up to Cody, to be as happy as he was this year compared to last year. Thank you to the whole MHS team, I was proud to cheer and happy to be a fan.

    It hurts to end a season this way, when you know you can play better but you don’t. It’s a hard life lesson.

    You will all do great things, more important things than high school ball!


    hey where’s the article about the exciting game between Azusa and San Marino? Where’s the press? Azusa is having a stellar run, thanks to coach Joe Scherf! Can’t there be pictures from the Azusa game?@!!

  • I enjoy football

    Good road win Monrovia. Not a very well played game but good enough to win. At first I was not sure if the coach’s were in the game, calling the up the middle runs with 9 in the box. Also the punt on 3rd down, what’s up with that? Anyway i’m glad the team got on track. Road wins are tough, period.
    But the thing I was most impress with was our FANS. A long drive, a cold night and a tough game can bring out the ugly in people. But, our fans acted with class last night. Even when the ref’s started throwing the flags, everyone was pretty much cool. Well, that all I have to say. I will see you at the next game Wildcats because, I enjoy football.

  • CatsFan

    Congrats to Paraclete for a great season and awesome win for the CATS. The punt on 3rd down was brilliant. That is why Maddox is one of the best coaches around. It changed the field position battle to M-towns’ advantage.

  • Romball

    I enjoy football,

    Monrovia came out a little tenative on O. They had a penalty on the first drive which backed them up towards their end zone. I believe the quick kick on third helped change the field position game in our favor. For those of you that don’t know the Paraclete kicker is a stud. He has made 50 yd fg’s. Paracletes overall team speed and open field tackling was very good. They were well prepared. I can see why they will always be a force in the midvalley. Good luck Monrovia.

  • Anne Onimus

    The quick kick on 3rd down was genius. And the runs between the tackles were also brilliant as it eventually wore down Paraclete’s Dline which was evident in the 2nd half.

  • SD Fan

    Just want to say GREAT JOB TO THE SAINTS!!!! Also, Miguel, I am going to change my paper to the Daily Bulletin. They know what team to write about. You must not think the Saints are good press, Well we will see how you feel next week.

    Go Saints!!!!

  • Goldenarm

    Steffes is the same kicker the Clete had last year and yes, he is good.

    Can someone elaborate on the 3rd down punt – explain the circumstances and effect…..etc

    Desert Rat,
    unusual to hear you making statements about the M-town D not being impressive….when it is CLEARLY the MOST impressive thing about the Wildcats. 3 POINTS IN 4 QUARTERS? You are correct, others have scored on M-town, but when Monrovia needs a stop, this defense makes it – and has all year long. San Marino would have stolen a victory from Monrovia, they had several chances to do so, but got stonewalled each time.
    HUGE WIN!!! The D got them here and if they go the distance, it will be on the back of great defense!

    stay on track Cats….it is a long season into December, but this what all of you have worked for….you can rest when it is done!!

  • Goldenarm

    20-3 at half. 17 points is too deep a hole for an SM type offense to come back from – and yet they did it.
    The stop on 4th sounds like the backbreaker.

    The SM staff, you ex-TC’ers, and the Titan football program – great job this year. Some say it is a power shift, who knows. Clearly though, San Marino played very efficient smart football this season. Yortsos was incredible down the stretch, play calling and strategy – classic MM approach.
    I am going to put the car cover over my BMW cliche –
    great job….

  • I enjoy football

    This is just my point of view, that all. The punt on 3rd down did work out. BUT, Monrovia punt team covers pretty good. Also, in my opinion, the punt on 3rd down give Paraclete momentum. Really, with all the speed and talent on Monrovia’s team, it should have been that close. As far a wearing down Paraclete defense, that was not it. Monrovia was just to fast for them. Monrovia never really move the ball inside. They just seem to run around them. I would like to see #27 get the ball on a screen, from time to time. Just get #27 pass the D-line and he is gone. Also, I would like to see some short middle of the field pass, just to keep the LB’s honest, give the QB and #6 a little more room to run inside. Anyway, I guest if it not broke don’t fix it. This is just my point of view from where I sit at the game. I enjoy football

  • kim

    I would like to add that the Monrovia CHEER LEADERS are AWESOME !!!! freezing there booty’s off .. But KEEP ON CHEERING for them WILDCATS .Has they would say WE ARE NUMBER ONE !!!!!!!!

  • goteamgo

    When I was reading some press that Ontario Christian was an “easy win” for Maranatha, I became concerned – La Salle scheduled them in 2006 and 2007, and have two losses to show for it. They are a very deceiving team.

    I feel bad for St. Francis – they put a good team together with some good kids.

    Monrovia will go all the way.

    San Marino has something to build on.

    Poly – hey, sometimes you run into a REALLY good team.

    Rio Hondo Prep will be there at the end.

    I’d like to close with a shout out to my buddy who uses the name “I love to laugh at your jokes!” who can now change his name to “stopteamstop II”

  • Observantcat

    Well Cat Fans and GA: We were awarded better weather than expected 51 degrees 40 degree windchill factor. The Spirits came out blasting our offensive line searching the Bueno and did a pretty good job of sniffing him out in the first quarter, the fans were loud and seemed like all was well in the desert in Palmdale for the home team. Well Monrovia did what some might call the unthinkable and punted on third down deep in our own territory, the punter? NIck Bueno. That was the play that seemed to shake off the icicles off of the Monrovia line. The second quarter on was all Monrovia, both defense and offense, The Paraclete crowd seemed to go mute. I’m not sure if coach Dahlia was related to one or maybe two of the referees but I have never seen so many flags thrown at the same time back to back to back. But that didn’t break the Wildcats from playing their game and begin to dominate the momentum and the outcome.

  • The Stang Fan

    Congrats Wildcats! Keep it going…only 2 more to go!

  • Titan Sports Fan

    Congrats to Azuza you took it to our boys. That Maryland I offense was extremely effective the first half ran us ragged up and down the field. Your defense came up big in the Red zone in the first half keeping two solid drive in the redzone to 3 points. Liked our second half adjustments but we couldnt get a stop when we needed it most after we forced u back to your spread O. The first half would have liked us to throw at least one fade to yortsos in the redzone i can live with a corner making a great play otherwise its 6 has been all year . the second drive they were giving it to us and we didnt throw it. As a whole we our out played last night. To our seniors great year i know you feel you had more to give but hold your heads up high. To juniors and sophmore and freshmen dont let your up coming seasons end with unfinished business dont leave yourself asking what if give your all in the off season weights and spring football and it will pay off. Lets go reload for next year again people will write you off as being too small or not as athletic or you dont play a tough schedule lets go set the bar for what SM football is going to return too. Azuza goodluck against San Dimas and Good luck to monrovia as well


    What a night to remember WOW! Goldenarm??? you missed a great game for both teams. SM, had a chance and actually were ahead, but AZUSA came back with a nail biting drive at the end!


  • GrimReaperxxx

    Grim Reaperxxx report from the stands: Azusa SM

    Key to the game.

    It definitely was an exciting game, the fans got their money’s worth, no mater what side the field you were on. Either team had various reasons that they could point back and say we could won that game.

    SM had no answer to McDade and failed to keep Azusa in the middle of the field. As observed in my prior postings SM would need to accomplish 2 things to win.
    First OLB’s DE’s would need to force the Azusa run game into the middle of the field to clog it up
    Second SM would need to stop the big play.

    SM had a slow start and both those goals were not met in the first half. 20-3 was better than could be expected due to an Azusa fumble on the first possession. The McDade coughed up the ball as he was going into the end zone to score. SM recovered for a touchback.

    The second half was a different story. SM came up big and achieved both goals on defense and was good enough on offense. I have not seen the stats, but I would guess offensively they would favor Azusa bigger than a 3 point margin of victory would direct.

    However on the last drive Azusa played Houdini. Escaping to get key first downs on on 4 and 6, 4th and 8, and 3rd and long. They spread out the field and let McDade or Chavez pick up the first downs on runs and scrambles. It was a championship type drive.

    Coulda, shoulda, woulda:
    Azusa, the fumble going into the end zone coulda shoulda hurt.
    Azusa illegal procedure penalties over and over, coulda shoulda hurt.
    SM not taking an early drive field goal shoulda coulda been tied at the end of the game.
    SM not calling time outs at the end of the game to preserve some precious time to get within field goal distance, coulda shoulda been time to come back.
    I am sure SM players will be discussing those two items at every reunion to come.

    The Reaper underestimated the Azusa line play and predicted a 10 point SM win. Clearly Azusa was the better team Friday. But all good things come to an end, as neither team would be likely to challenge a stronger San Dimas program.

    My advice to San Dimas, step up with OLBs and DE’s to hit hard, and contain, force the run up the middle and make Azusa earn it down the middle on runs and by the pass. This is mandatory, if you let them have the sidelines you are in trouble.

    Second, offer some false blitzes and defensive movement. Azusa had way too many illegal procedure and off sides penalties. Over and over they gave up 5 yd penalties. Movement will cause them fits.

    Third, their defense over-pursues. Corners and Safeties come up too fast to stuff the run. Some play action passes and pump fakes on a go will work. Screens, draws, and reverses should be featured to slow down their D scheme. SM tried to set up a flea flicker, but coverage didn’t bite, but it is definitely worth a try to install the play for this week’s game.

    Finally, to Monrovia, perfection is at hand, absent a breakdown an appearance in the finals is a distinct probability. Congratulations on your visit to the frozen north to beat the barbarian tribe that is the Olympic league. With your up and comers, maybe Monrovia football can challenge the 1970’s TC Hitchcock streak. But that consecutive win record will take several years to match. Good luck.

  • Philly B

    Desert Rat,
    Most teams were able to move on Monrovia’s D???? Im sorry to say, but i beg to differ. The only team that was able to run successfully on us, but the score didnt show had to be san dimas. Other than that Monrovia’s defense pretty much plays smart team D and locks up when it comes to running up the middle. But Paraclete got a chance to see that one first hand.

    Anyways Congrats to Azusa because I dont think anyone thought the aztecs would pull it off??? and congrats to San Dimas when everyone counted you out including bloggers over on the eastside of the 605. I knew you guys could do it! Congrats to Whittier Christian, which have been more like a sleeper in the playoffs because no one talks about you…we’ll be talking now. And congrats to the cats for getting it done up north.

    Now does anyone know anything about Whittier, what type of offense they run, just curious about this team because like i said no one really talks about them. I know they lost to the top two teams in the Olympic league in Valley and paraclete and those teams have been eliminated

  • Philly B

    After looking at the stats which is a small portion cuz that means nothing come next saturday night. But Monrovia out rushes Whittier by over a 100yards…. they have us in passing yds a game, with whittier having 81 more yards passing then monrovia….but I really doubt that they’ve seen the speed that monrovia has on defense especially.

  • old Maranatha Fan

    I have to say.. I’ve been a MHS fan for about ten years.. and seen alot of football.. some good ,some not so good. I do have to say I also think Matt was a better QB. He had a better arm , higher football IQ, and much better vision. I do think Cody moves better but is a little young . That being said this is high school football.. and these are youngmen.. so let’s cut them some slack.. It’s hard to lose.. I hope cody didn’t drop a fbomb but if he did.. i say we forgive him and get over it..

  • old Maranatha Fan

    I have to say.. I’ve been a MHS fan for about ten years.. and seen alot of football.. some good ,some not so good. I do have to say I also think Matt was a better QB. He had a better arm , higher football IQ, and much better vision. I do think Cody moves better but is a little young . That being said this is high school football.. and these are youngmen.. so let’s cut them some slack.. It’s hard to lose.. I hope cody didn’t drop a fbomb but if he did.. i say we forgive him and get over it..

  • Goldenarm


    Coach Scherf and staff have done an outstanding job with the Azusa football program. Getting better year to year, and doing the best you possibly can with whatever talent you have – to me, defines great prep football coaching.
    Obviously the Azusa kids are listening and this week’s win should lift their confidence further. They will need it, as another ground pounding team with a much bigger O-line is coming your way.
    Anything is possible – and personally I think it would be great if the Aztecs win Friday and make the FINALS!!

    I have to believe the TC/Azusa game last year did serve to benefit the Aztecs of 2009. It may have been demoralizing at the time…but that first hand experience and knowledge had to spark some ideas on how best to attack a similar offensive strategy next time.
    Best of luck Friday and congratulations to the Azusa kids.

  • Goldenarm

    Philly B

    whittier christian was down to arroyo 21-6, and rallied to pull off a 27-24 win. They got heart.
    They are on a 5 game win streak.
    Paraclete beat them 12-0.
    An old Rio Hondo college buddy tells me they have a very good running back, Fulbright, who breaks arm tackles and gets yards. Crappy scouting report I know, but that is all I got – never seen them play.

    Are the Cats healthy?

  • Observantcat

    GA; Monrovia had a battle and a half with guys seemingly getting hurt, but it mostly came down to a back yard brawl in the desert with Monrovia coming out on top. The kid from Whittier is 90% of their offense and that wont get it done against a Strong Monrovia Defense, ask Paraclete. Whittier Christian cannot fall asleep on the Cats or it will be over in the first half. DeShawn Ramirez is the real deal and not to take taking anything away from my man (Mad Max Ruckle) who was by far my choice. But this kid is by far the best running back in the RHL and probably the entire valley. His athleticism is not matched by any running back I’ve witnessed this year. The Big guy Ellis McCarthy had a hell of a game as well both on the O and the D. He returned a fumble about 40 yards for a TD before the Cats were whistled for a holding penalty. He also grabbed some very important 3rd down catches to throw the Spirits Defense completely off balance. I’m quite sure that Maddox will not overlook Whittier Christian nor will he look to play San Dimas in the Finals, Azusa is still in the mix. The most impressive thing about these playoffs is the usage of some of the underclassmen. #47 is going to be one hell of a RB along with DeShawn once he gets going.

  • goteamgo

    To: I love to laugh at your jokes!

    What happened to you?? You seem awfully quiet. I guess your team also stopped so you should now be “stopteamstop II.”

  • Desert Rat

    I mean this post with all the respect. So before you come unglued and start launching f-bombs back at me, realize this is not an attack on your kids or program. I have the utmost respect, thou I know your not going to digest this well. Just understand where I come from. Understand what experiences I’ve endured over the years as well as last year. Please also understand what our history is and the expectations are up here.

    The Cats came up here battled and won. In end, that’s all that matters. And for that I say congrats. I wish you guys nothing but the best these next two weeks. As passionate as most of you are here, I can tell you I know how flippin exciting it is for the school and community. Enjoy every minute of it.

    As far as looking back at the game, I stick by my initial statement about Monrovia’s defense. With the exception of one or two guys, its really vanilla. We were moving the ball and got away from what was working. I believe if we just kept pounding you with all our running backs and threw in the oft pass, we could have more than controlled the clock and tempo.

    You’re offense is good, but I was expecting far more dominance with all those guys. It will probably be enough to win the division but other than that, you guys don’t blow anyone out of the water. And given some of the teams you played, I see why you’ve been sucessful at what you did. Yes Ramirez and he who shall not be named are legit, but other than that I wasn’t impressed. If you guys only knew how f-ed up our defensive schemes were, you should have gone wild on us.

    And maybe I’m wrong, maybe it all is there and your coaching staff isn’t experienced enough to know when and what to change on the fly. And I love your staff, so relax.

    But to say you won that game from our prespective really isn’t true. Looking at what was going down, we really gave you that game to you by defeating ourselves.

    For the most part, we didn’t even show up. And saying as much, I’m really surprised that our squad. – at about 65% – almost beat your loaded team.

    I will give credit to your guys for holding it together and being patient. Again, best of luck.

    You have the tools, but the shed is far from filled to consider yourself an over the top team….just yet.

  • Observantcat

    Desert Rat:

    I haven’t heard anyone from Monrovia say anything about being an over the top team. I believe that it’s 1 game at a time. Monrovia played their game and Won and that is the final result of 4 quarters of football. You guys went to La Puente and rolled 45 pt.s just the week before. The problem with Paraclete was that they could not get the big plays that they might have been used to against the subpar defenses that they may have played against. For you to say that your team didn’t fight hard or played lousy is not presenting the truth, Your biggest problem was your QB position, that is where most of the errors were presented. I doubt seriously if coach Dahlia thought that he and his coaching staff gave this game away. In this case he may have been out coached by the relaxed Monrovia staff. By no means were you guys a push over, it’s just that the Cats took on the challenge and came out victorious. Deshawn Ramirez was playing at 60% Josh Lowden was at 60% but both played with their hearts at 100%. Nick played to win like he always does and your defense was geared to stop him which you did in the first quarter. We had several of our players on the sideline questionable to play due to nagging injuries. But my observation was that somewhere along the line Paraclete began losing confidence in what they were doing and Monrovia stuck with it’s game plan and prevailed. So no F–Bombs from me, You guys have a very talented squad, it was just not your night!

  • Annonymous

    desert rat

    I’m sure Rosemead felt the same way last year after taking care of business all year long and loosing in a unfashionable way in 29 degree weather. I’ts called High school Football. Remember “Any Given Friday”

  • Anne Onimus

    Desert R,

    Wow, that was probably the nicest put down of Monrovia Football ever. Somewhat respectful, but the jabs towards our program is evident.

    Here is my rebuttal. You say our defense is ‘vanilla’. To you it may have seemed that way because the offense we faced was ‘vanilla’ as well. You say you were moving the ball. When exactly was this? And if so, why would you move away from it? Why would any half decent coach ever move away from what was working? Please elaborate on this. The only time I remember Paraclete moving the ball was when Monrovia committed 3 penalties in a row and gave you a total of 45 yards. I personally saw an awesome defensive stand by both teams in the first quarter and a half. And maybe you’re not giving your own defense enough credit? They stuffed our offense for the most part of the first half. It was quite concerning.

    And yes I caught the jab about our schedule and about the inexperience of our coaching staff.

    When your season ended you should have just faded to black and disappeared. Instead you come back here and try to take this victory away from our boys by saying you gave it to us and that your team didn’t even show up. That is ridiculous. Our boys have worked too hard all season for you to say that. Instead of knocking Monrovia, maybe you should be knocking Paraclete? At 65% strength, your boys made up for it by pounding their chest and talking crap at 120%.

    At the end of it all, it was a good game. Your defense slowed down our offense, which usually averages 37 points, and held us to only 14. Our defense shut down your offense. Just don’t make excuses.

    On another note, maybe you can explain this to me. During half time, Paraclete huddled together at the end zone instead of going inside to the locker rooms. I would assume that this is the time they would be making adjustments for the second half. But at only 7 minutes into the alloted 15 min. halftime break, Paraclete broke their huddle. Their players spent the next 8 minutes tossing the ball around and stretching. I’m just wondering if they even made any halftime adjustments.

    Anyways, you guys had a good season and good luck to you next year.

  • Anonymous

    does any one know where the QB from Maranatha will be playing next year? And why the filming? Is someone making a film about small school football?

  • RHL Fan

    Desert Rat, I now understand your name completely, your a whiney little rat who makes excuses, your two biggest losses this year you say you gave the other team the win, SACK UP RAT

  • Goldenarm

    Desert Rat,

    On this blog and others, all have sang the praises of Paraclete’s exceptional preparation and detailed scout and film evaluation. The spirits have had ALL YEAR to prep for the Wildcats – this is no surprise addition to the playoff circuit – this team was picked to be here back in May.
    Why then was Dahlia and staff unable to exploit any holes in this “vanilla” defense?

    Maybe one or two M-ton fans in their joy have said they can now can beat the world….but not really. Who besides you, is saying they are an “over the top team?You then go on to criticize every opponent Morovia has faced as sub par. Last year when you won the division, Dahlia paid respects to the teams the Clete had beaten.
    When you lose – you choose a different approach obviously. Suddenly, Paraclete, the unquestioned Mid Valley division leader in unsportsmanlike conduct flags, assorted late hits out of bounds, taunting and other disreputable aspects of the game…now sees Monrovia just a so-so team that came along and beat a “65%” Paraclete team, who could not adjust on the fly or figure out anything to knock down a vanilla defense with “a couple of players”.
    Dude, I had a bad season ending myself…but to criticize the Monrovia coaching staff – your quote

    “And maybe I’m wrong, maybe it all is there and your coaching staff isn’t experienced enough to know when and what to change on the fly. And I love your staff, so relax.

    But to say you won that game from our prespective really isn’t true. Looking at what was going down, we really gave you that game to you by defeating ourselves.

    For the most part, we didn’t even show up. And saying as much, I’m really surprised that our squad. – at about 65% – almost beat your loaded team.”

    Desert Rat – losing hurts, especially when you know the kids or one with a helmet on is your kid. I know – my season sucked. But flinging criticism, even when masked in diplomacy, does nothing to make it better. You were beaten by a better team and there is no second chance – at least not this year. Like I said last December, the SGV will be back. The SGV teams have experience on how to stand up after getting knocked down – that is Paraclete’s challenge now. I am sure with the excellence of the Spirit program, Paraclete will immediately be back in the hunt in 2010.

  • Goldenarm

    Can a San Marino fan/supporter come on and give some insight into what SM could have done to get a “V”.

    How did the Titans get down by 3 TD’s so quick?

  • I love to laugh at your jokes

    goteamgo –

    I guess you’re right. stopteamstopII Very funny!!
    You still got it!!
    It was a pretty strange season for MHS but we’ll all live. I think it’s time for a new head coach. Time to take the program to the next level. I’m sure you would agree with that one.
    Have a great Christmas goteamgo!!

  • MHS faithful

    MHS faithful:

    Love to laugh at your jokes, a piece of advice for you, young man, mister, whatever your relationship is to the Maranatha football program or its community. Before you start calling for Coach Murphys head on a platter do your homework, 39-12 in four years, a championship appearance, two quarter finals and a semi final appearance and this season an undefeated league championship, how many teams around the area can claim fame to those credits? But those are obviously not good enough for a world class coach in waiting like yourself. Most of us involved in or follow the program do not look at it through blind eyes. We understand the type of football players that enroll into Maranatha with little to no tackle experience and thats the talent that Coach Murphy has to form into a competitive varsity program year and year out. Also remember the numerous freshmen and sophomores after JV seasons who do not wish to continue playing their last two years due to the commitment that a Varsity football season requires. Before you start calling for new direction why dont you sit down and talk with this years seniors and ask them if they wish they were playing for a different coach this season. It does not matter whether you go 0-10 or 13-1; only one team can call itself Champions after the last game of the season is played. Coach Murphy has done a masterful job of transforming the program and getting those players who truly enjoy the game of football to buy into the sacrifice, commitment, dedication needed to be competitive year in and year out. I guess with the sub par season USC had its time for Pete Carroll to be run out of town as well.

  • Angel Bec

    A big shoutout to all of our area teams that made it as far as they did. St. Francis had a great season and best of luck to the graduating seniors. I hope that Keith’s future after Maranatha is bright and that his hard work pays off for him where ever he lands. As for whether or not he said the “F bomb” or not – how would all of us have acted in that situation? Give the KID a break – he’s still a KID. Great job for Monrovia – you bring pride to the city and best of luck to Bueno.

  • MHS faithful

    Hey MM, why did you censor my post? Are you picking and choosing who gets to say their piece on your blog now?

  • MHS faithful

    thanks MM, better late than never…

  • Goldenarm

    I don’t think it is Miguel doing any censoring…sometimes posts hang a while before they show up. Reasons why…I have no clue.

    Trust me, new direction is no guarantee of success or improvement. 39-12 is pretty respectable. And actually, I agree with your suggestion of talking to departing seniors to get their “exit interview” take on what they felt about the coaching. You need to interview several or many rather than few – otherwise you get get some skewed opinions and could mis-read things entirely.

    Coach Murphy seems the type who learns from mistakes and is able to widen his view of things in a changing atomosphere. Building “players” out of kids unfamiliar with contact takes skill and patience, as well as other tactics, and is a quality in it’s own right. The payoff is usually not immediate,,,but it will happen.

  • goteamgo

    The “new direction” that Maranatha should take I understand in happening next year – that is, moving to a new league and a new division. No need to throw Coach Murphy under the bus.

    I think my comment that provoked “I love to laugh at your jokes!” vicious wrath (where he branded me a “hater”) was my comment in a prior blog that “the problem with the Alpha league is that it lulls you into a sense of superiority, that results in a reality check come playoff time.” Looking back, I think I may have been on point.

  • White and Blue Blood

    To answer your question Golden Arm:
    SM had watched film and prepped themselves for a spread offense with little running under center however I believe that Azusa had seen the chink in the SM defense’s armor when we played Rosemead and gave up 190 yards on the ground. So like Rosemead they ran tosses pitches and more tosses out of the Maryland I formation and even the quarterback would pitch it and join the stampede of blockers. In the first half SM couldn’t do anything, it seemed like every play it was our corner against three of their lead blockers and Yortsos would save a td with a tackle after a 20+ yard gain.

    The SM offense was not hitting on all cylinders in the first half as Hung looked very tentative and didn’t look like the same #21 from last week. Forgatch was off too in the first half, missing targets left and right but our scrappy O was still able to get in the red-zone twice and only managed to get a field goal out of it. Mad props to that Azusa team who came out wanting it more and playing like it was their last game.

    But a different SM team came out in the second half. It took about 1:50 to score on 3 money balls from Forgatch to Yortsos and it was only a 10 point game like that. The coaches made great half-time adjustments on D and they couldn’t move the ball until the final 3 minutes. Yortsos got a pic but a few plays later an unlucky bounce off a high pass to Yortsos landed in the hands of a defender who was only in that position cause he was beat. Our O kept doing their thing and moved the ball via the air with some boot floods and scrambles from Forgatch (who looked like he was going to pass out after the drive) and finally a QB sneak and it was a 3 point game. After Azusa muffed the kickoff but recovered on their own 8, they fumbled the ball over and it took Hung two plays to get it in.

    Our D had done so well in the second half and all year for that matter, but when we needed a stop and the Aztecs needed a conversion, they got it. There were at least 3 4th down conversions on the final drive and the last one was the most critical when on 4th and 4 on the 12 yard line the whole world thought they were going to run but they threw an out route to the 2 yardline and scored 2 plays later with 0:47 on the clock. Call of the season on that 4th down and once again mad props to them and their coaching staff.

    Our O came out and almost pulled off a miracle driving the ball from the 18 yardline to their 38 yardline but there just wasn’t enough time on the clock after Forgatch’s hail mary was knocked down. Heart breaking loss after such an incredible comeback especially seeing those boys work so hard, like you said earlier GA, it sucks.

    Running the Maryland I was a genius coaching point from Scherf and caught SM completely off guard. Even though SM was the better team, all that matters is the team who plays better on Friday night and Azusa came out and beat us. Hats off to them and good luck next week. Im sure our boys are hurting knowing they could have and maybe even should have won but they had one hell of a season and almost one hell of a comeback. Im sure the seniors will look back at that first half and be disappointed, but I hope they know that the left everything on the field with that second half effort. Props to Azusa, good luck, good luck Cats, go get’em. Great season San Marino

    *Fun Fact: SM loss three games by a combined total of 9 points

  • Old MHS fan

    I agree no need to throw Murphy under the bus.. Most of us really love the guy.. I had a son play for him and was very happy with what he learned. My son attended some out of area football camps and won awards for his skills( learned at MHS) and could have played at the next level. That being said I think if you really have dreams of playing at a D1 school, go play at a big name school, if you what your son to learn about being a team player, loving God and your team mates and loving you Coach than go to Maranatha. The great thing about Pasadena is there is somewhere for everyone.

  • Philly B.

    Desert Rat,
    Honestly Im shocked that u went out like that…..I thought something like that was beneath you….but I guess that lost really hurt you bad, but I cant blame you because I’d be mad as hell too so I may come by saying some smart a** remarks and try and explain what happened and come up with excuses why my team lost. So I guess we wont be hearing from you till next year. I say talk to ur A.D. and schedule a meeting during the season!!!!

  • Goldenarm

    White and Blue Blood

    Damn, that was the National Geographic of game recaps.
    Thanks and great job,

    Nobody made more TD preventing tackles than Yortsos did this season. Tackles where it is just the ballcarrier, the open field, the goal line in sight,,,,,,,, and Yortsos. He was the proverbial fly in the ointment. At least 4 times against the Mead, he prevented breakaway TD’s.
    Rosemead heaped hits and abuse on him, he just kept popping up. Everybody needs at least one of him on their team. I should hate the little sucker, he killed TC this year, or we killed ourselves by not adequately fencing him in. That long first down run from punt formation, after a horrible snap really hurt.
    I wish you would have pulled it off.

    I have a feeling Mooney may not remain much longer at San Marino.

  • MHS Fan

    Goldenarm –
    I agree with your opinion about the Senior exit interview idea. This year seemed different from my perspective. I think it was a great group of coaches but Murphy, it appeared, was not the same guy as in recent years.
    I don’t know what the problem was but I just did not see the same connection with the players this year. I saw that as his strength during his first few years of coaching.
    I’m not trying to “Throw him under the bus”, but interviewing the Seniors this year would probably be a very good idea and would help the program for the future.
    I’m more concerned for Joel as a person than anything because he was clearly not the same coach. I love the guy and I want to see him come back but I’m hoping to see the Joel Murphy that we all know and love return to form next year.

  • MHS faithful fan

    Stop the presses!!!

    Comon now lets not give GA credit for something that I recommended, lol. I know GA is the godfather of the blogs but some of us do on occasion come up with something new and fresh to contribute. I love reading everything GA types and not once have I ever thought that anything he banged away on the keyboard was incorrect (so I dont need any of you pot stirrers coming out of the wood works staring any war of words) I only wish that I could articulate as smoothly as the godfather does. Now getting to the point of the matter, MHS fan how can you state that Murphy is not the same coach as he was in the past? I applaud Murphy for recognizing that change was and is needed at Maranatha. The days for holding players hands, turning a blind eye to softness are over!!! In order for Maranatha to compete next year in the Olympic League a stern captain running a tight ship needs to continue to stay on course. Murphy needs to continue to display his tough love approach to insure that only the players that are committed to the sacrifice, dedication that is required of a Varsity program are held accountable prior to the start and way before they even think about stepping on the on the field next season. If you want your crops to grow, make sure you have the perfect soil covering your land otherwise like the good book states You reap what your sow Murphy is a knowledgeable, intelligent, passionate, proven HC. As long as he surrounds himself with quality coaches and has the backing of the Administration, Maranathas future is in very good hands. Im sure that if things dont work out at MHS there would be plenty of other schools who would be very interested in bringing in a quality young HC like Murphy, just one faithful fans opinion..

  • MHS Fan

    MHS Faithful Fan –
    I agree with you. I think that Murphy is very capable and has a great team of coaches around him that should all come back. I would like to hear what the Seniors thought about their last year and others who played a lot. It’s just my opinion but I think that Murphy tried to coach like Harry Welch from St. Margarets this year. That approach works when you have a reputation for winning CIF championships but for a young coach, that approach just makes the players lose respect for you. “Tough Love” is the right approach and it seems as though the “Love” part may have been very minimal this year when that is his strength.
    I kept hearing that many of the players just plain did not like Joel this year.
    Just my opinion but I also noticed a difference. I say this as someone who happens to like Joel very much but I just feel that he needs to make an adjustment. John Wooden is a great example as his players loved to play for him but he also kept a level of discipline.

  • MSH Faithful Fan

    MHS fan, I love it when two people can agree to disagree without slinging mud at each other. How ever there are always two sides to every coin. To hear that many players didnt like Murphy this year can only lead me to believe that those sentiments probably came out because unlike the previous years Murphy held this team, seniors included, accountable. According to certain individuals (coaches) the excuses that were given the past years for missing practices, leaving practice early, not coming properly dressed for practice or simply being late just didnt fly this season. Returning players were use to a lose style of practice where they dressed in full gear once a week and got to run around the other three days in shorts, shoulders pads and helmets. So Im sure that having to dress everyday and compete in practice was a culture shock for a lot of them, especially after witnessing last years seniors getting away with pretty much anything they wanted. Im sure I am not telling you anything you dont already know and that being football is 80% physical and 20% mental. Unfortunately for Maranatha those figures are reversed, as evident Friday night, when our toughness didnt show up those last 5 minutes of the game. So if Murphy tried to coach like Harry Welch, props go out to him for recognizing what it takes to try and put a team formed through commitment, sacrifice, desire, and unselfishness on the field to compete for that elusive championship. Again Im going to say it, I am really glad Murphy did not allow his age to dictate how he coaches. It could have been real easy for him to act like a big brother to the team instead of a HC. Watching Murphy interact with his players throughout the season has lead me to believe that in no way could any of the young men on this year’s team ever feel that they were not loved or appreciated for the sacrifices they made this season. I agree with you 100% that Coach Wooden according to his former players was a tremendous coach to play for but I also wonder what Bill Walton would say honestly about his former college coachs style without feeling he would be disrespecting him in anyway. Also, Football and Basketball play on two different plains, one being totally physical and the other being finesse. I too hope that all Murphys coaches come back next year but word is his DC may not be able to

  • Yup

    Murphy let some of his staff go. That was a smart move, they could only commit a few days a week and to be honest a few of them have been upset and spreading talk.

    My son, his many friends that are over, all love and respect Murphy. His coworkers and fellow on staff coaches all respect him. He does a great job and his players do (most of them) the few that got held to the fire were mad. But he held them accountable and they did not like that, these are the attitude players and Murphy did not bow to pressure. Good job Joel, looking forward to cheering for you next year!

  • hero

    How can you bag on Murphy when most all other head coaches barely made it thru season or 1 game of play offs. Are not there programs in worst shape. It is sports, not perfection in the making. Get real!

  • Goldenarm

    MHS supporters….
    the exit interview – it was not my idea or proposal – I was just seconding what I thought a good sounding idea, from the earlier post:
    “I agree with your suggestion of talking to departing seniors to get their “exit interview” take on what they felt about the coaching. You need to interview several or many rather than few – otherwise you get get some skewed opinions and could mis-read things entirely”.

    Anyway, not sure how I went from mayor to godfather (isn’t it usually the other way around)….but somewhere in there amid the charges of plagerism was a compliment…so thanks.
    Someday I need to see MHS play.

  • Love the Passion

    I must say that positive or negative, as a Maranatha Dad, this school has some passionate support. I love to see the comments on here. Compliments and criticism are both good things because they show a strong interest in the program. I love this school and so do my kids. Don’t ever be afraid to share your opinion folks. That is what this blog is for. Shoot..maybe Maranatha should have its own blog!

  • My sincere apology

    GA, we here at MHS are all too familiar with plagiarism and I in no way was indicating that directly at you. I guess I failed at my shot of being humorous in responding to MHS Fan so my sincere apologies go out to you. We all truly wish that we had the knowledge, wisdom and insight that you bring into any topic that MM puts up for discussion. Thats why I feel Godfather is more appropriate for you than the title of a little old city servant.

  • Goldenarm

    obviously I can’t even spell the word correctly…thankfully you can

    Remimds me of when fishing deep water rock cod, my favorite boat captain was nicknamed the “CodFather”

    appreciate the good word, but I’m am not feeling so insightful after this season.
    No need for apology.

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