Star-Jibber: Monrovia, Rio Hondo Prep back in semifinals

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Here we go again: Monrovia and Rio Hondo Prep are back in the semifinals. Top seed Monrovia (12-0) takes another Olympic League team in Whittier Christian (9-3) in the CIF-SS Mid Valley Division. MaxPreps has this game at Whittier Christian on Saturday night, but Freddy’s got it listed at Monrovia. I’ll make a phone call. Either way, I will be there and once again it’ll be the Star-News Game of the Week. I’m off Friday, but I’m debating whether I should go watch Azusa-San Dimas or make it a rare Boys Night Out on a Friday night during football season. Decisions, decisions. Also on Saturday night, top seeded and defending champion Rio Hondo Prep (12-0) will host Salesian (6-6) in the Northeast Division. I had a chance to chat with Salesian coach Roddie Hiatt, who attended the Rio Hondo Prep-Saddleback Valley Christian game. All this week I’ll bring you notes and tidbits not just on Monrovia (cuz I know you can’t get enough of them) and Rio Hondo Prep, but also on their opponents. If you must know, I’m picking both teams to advance to the finals. San Dimas and Linfield Christian will be the losers in the Mid Valley and Northeast Division finals.

Finals Coin Flips: The coin flips for home games in the CIF finals were held this morning. In the Mid-Valley Division, Monrovia gets the home game over San Dimas, and Azusa gets the home game over Monrovia. Whittier Christian gets the home game in both scenarios if it advances.

Winter Begins: Basketball, soccer and other winter sports have begun or are soon to begin. The Rose City Classic Boys Basketball Tournament begins Monday at Pasadena High School. We will have a reporter covering the marquee game that night, and our boys basketball/girls basketball preview will run later this week. If you have tournament schedules for basketball and soccer be sure to post them here and/or e-mail them to With football still alive, and I suspect it’ll go well into next week, it’ll be tough getting a grip on Winter sports. You can help us by e-mailing updates to me and/or calling in box scores to 626.962.8811 Ext 2242 or 2233.

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  • Mike Collins

    Hope your correct about Linfield losing to Chadwick but I think Linfield is too strong and big and should beat Chadwick but will meet their doom the following Saturday against Rio Hondo.

  • Observantcat

    Miguel: Monrovia won the coin toss and does have home field if the winner of the Baldwin Park/Whittier Christian if Whittier Christian won or would have to travel to BP if they were to win.

  • Anonymous

    Mike Collins,

    If you think Linfield Christian was big and strong you are in for a big surprise when Salesian trots onto the field on Saturday. Neither Linfield Christian or Chadwick could beat RHP or Salesian. In my opinion the Division XVIII championship game is this Saturday at RHP.

  • Anonymous

    Oops!!!I meant Division XIII.

  • M. Collins

    Miguel or anyone else.

    Why does Salesian have 4 forfeits?


    I am very excited to see Monrovia win this now. I am a TC guy but I am also a Rio Hondo League guy. I thought that only Cerritos Valley Christian was in their way but with them getting knocked off last week I see Monrovia cruising to a CIF championship. This was definitely times when they looked vulnerable this year but every time they needed to step up they did. I think with Coach Maddox here Monrovia has the discipline to be here for a while. they will be tough to beat as long as he is here. congrats to the team, the school, coaches and Monrovia community.


    Miguel can u or Keith put up the sched indfo for the rose city classic at PHS by 10am tomorrow morn? thanks

    wyatt earp


    also other bloggers please post final scores here soon as chu git dem, thanks

    ike clanton

  • Philly B.

    Thanks for the best wishes for monrovia, I can say your true fan of the RHL, which is hard to come by on here, usually once someones team gets knocked out, then they tend to criticize instead of root for their teams within their league

  • Coach

    RESULTS – MONDAY 11/30
    Etiwanda 80 Cleveland (SFV) 60
    Eisenhower (Rialto) 74 Inglewood 44
    Centennial (Corona) 88 Sylmar 40
    score not found for Dorsey vs. La Verne Lutheran

    GAMES – TUESDAY 12/1

    3:30 – Canyon vs Cajon
    5:00 – Fremont vs Jordan (LA)
    6:30 – Price vs Arroyo Valley
    8:00 – Van Nuys vs Pasadena


  • M. Collins

    For all of those who think Rio could not compete with Monrovia or schools of that enrollment this Saturday should tell a story. A few years back a year Rio took CIF they would have played Whittier Christain in finals but Whittier lost to C. Hall. Rio beat C Hall. So it will be interesting to see how close Whittier can keep the game against Monrovia.

  • Anonymous

    M. Collins,

    Looks like Rio Hondo is going to have their hands full this Saturday when Salesian comes to town. From what I see and hear, Y’all better start worrying about them boys and a little less about Monrovia.

  • Someone who knows


    Wouldn’t you think a school that won 12 CIF-SS Football titles since 1973 be prepared for a semi-final game? I would not let one poster on this blog make you think otherwise.

    I was noticing Salesian’s enrollment is approaching 400 (all boys) and all boys while Rio Hondo’s is under 100 and co-ed. Why is Salesian in D XIII?

    Oh yeah, pick a handle.

  • Philly B

    Kill all the Noise about RHP keeping up with monrovia. Different level of competition. They are a very good team well coached and know how to win. But they’re in a weaker level of competition. I dont care who they have beaten, if you think for one second that RHP could upset Monrovia……..I have to give you the Herman Edwards “….GET OUT!!!!”

  • Anonymous

    I am sure RHP will be prepared. I don’t think anybody is questioning that. But since you brought it up–how many of those titles were won playing 8-man football?

    With 50 plus boys RHP can always petition to go back to playing 8-man football. With their recent success, I don’t think that will happen. Therefore, stop whinning, it is unattracive.

  • RHP83

    This is Rio Hondo Prep’s 4th or 5th finals appearence (with 2 championships) since it started playing 11 man football in 2000.
    Playing 8 man in no longer an option.
    And no, RHP can not compete with the Monrovia.
    Maybe in the (far) future if they can get their enrollment up in the 800-1000 range.

  • RHP83

    My mistake. Kares have only been playing 11 man since 2002.

    2002-playoffs out 1st round
    2003-playoffs out 1st round
    2004-finals lost to Hamilton
    2005-Champions over Campbell Hall
    2006-playoffs out 1st round
    2007-playoffs out 1st round
    2008 Champions over Riverside Christian

  • Anonymous

    Wow!! The Prep League has really repreaented well:

    11-Man CIF Championships:

    Poly 2
    Rio Hondo Prep 2
    Flintridge Prep 1

    Good luck on Saturday!

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