Saturday Night Aftermath: Monrovia, Rio Hondo Prep come empty in the CIF-SS Division championships.


San Dimas 12, Monrovia 7


Linfield Christian 9, Rio Hondo Prep 6

San Dimas coach Bill Zernickow
“We worked our butt of for it. Our kids played hard, we knew what was at stake and we learned a lot from the first game. Nobody said it could be done, but we showed a lot of effort. They (Monrovia) had a big monkey on their backs, I don’t know how that played into it, but I’m proud of our kids, they executed the game plan. We came out with the no huddle and made plays.”

Monrovia’s Nick Bueno
“They got way better. We couldn’t get it done tonight. It hurts, I don;t know what else to say.”

San Dimas’ Ryan Kohler with 108 yards, as four Saints had 60 or more yards rushing for 217 yards from scrimmage.

Kohler: “We had to keep running hard, we couldn’t let up.They’re an awesome team, we had to keep playing hard, none of this was easy, it was a battle.”

Monrovia coach Ryan Maddox
They brought a great game plan, hats off to them, they beat us up front. They completely took us out of our offense. We struggled all night.”

Mid-Valley Division scoring updates
San Dimas 3 7 0 0 — 10
Monrovia 0 0 0 7 – 7
Scoring Summary
First Quarter
SD: Dillon Corona 35-yard field goal, 7:02
Second Quarter
SD: Jordan Taylor 27-yard touchdown (Corona kick)
Third quarter
No scoring
Fourth quarter
MO: Nick Bueno 11 run (kick good)
SD: Safety

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    The BEST CIF Final were all played last night throughout So Cal. Cant wait to see who gets the CIF Bowl berths…

    OAKS CHRISTIAN LOST last night to SERRA of Gardena in OT 42-41 on a missed extra point. Mira Costa beat Alemany in the Western final, and CO beat D Ranch 14-0.
    The heavy rain is gonna muddy up the games tonight, which seem to be boring match ups already. Looks like I’ll be forced to watch HBO boxing or the Heisman Trophy show in lieu of football. GO SAN DIMAS!!!!!!

  • Annonymous

    Go right ahead and watch whatever you want since your pasadena bulldogs stopped playing you have nothing better to do anyway. Ps. make sure you have paid you cable bill.

  • Goldenarm

    Anyone know how the Citrus turf holds up under deluge conditions?
    One thing for sure, the visitor side seating is as steep as the North Face of Everest, and should have some waterfalls spewing down tonight. Forecast is for the rain to get serious later, not like this dribbling crap right now.

  • COCIFChampions


    Out-takes from Fred J. Robledo, Staff Writer SGV Tribune

    CHINO HILLS – The drive for five sped into history without a glitch, proving once again that DEFENSE wins Championships.

    The smothering and physical dominance that the COVINA CHARTER OAK High School football team showed in four consecutive shutouts during Miramonte League play showed up again in the CIF-Southern Section Southeast Division championship game against league foe Diamond Ranch on Friday night at Ayala High School.

    Brandon Golden had two interceptions and Dennis Rufus had another, and running back Adam Muema provided the finishing touches with 177 yards and two touchdowns as Charter Oak claimed BACK-TO-BACK championships for the first time in school history with a 21-0 victory over the Panthers.

    For Chargers coach Lou Farrar, it was his fifth championship, ranking him second all-time in Valley history behind Los Altos’ Dwayne DeSpain.

    The Chargers finished 13-1 and were 26-1-1 over two years, and the Panthers finished 7-7 after winning six consecutive to reach the final.

    But it was the Panthers’ second consecutive loss to the Chargers in thechampionship. “Look, it’s been a decade of dominance with Charter Oak and they punctuated it tonight,” Panthers coach Roddy Layton said.

    “The way their coaching staff gets their players prepared for championships is a testament to Big Lou. I’m proud to say I coached against him; he’s moved on to legendary status.”

    The Chargers defense hounded Panthers quarterback Gus Viramontes, sacking him five times, and he finished just 6 of 14 for 94 yards with three interceptions. Running back Amari Staten finished with just 41 yards.

    “Their defense played well; we couldn’t get anything going offensively,” Layton said. “If you put your defense on the field long enough, a good team like that is going to score.”

    Farrar soaked it all in during the moments that followed.

    “Five and I’m alive,” Farrar said. “The kids were unbelievable, the coaching staff was unbelievable. That was a heck of a team over there, and to get our fifth shutout against another Miramonte League team, I don’t know what to say.

    “Give a lot of credit to Roger (Lehigh, defensive coordinator) and the kids; they really wanted to finish this strong and they did.”

    In the second half, the Chargers got going offensively behind Muema, who scored on a 1-yard touchdown run to give the Chargers a 14-0 lead with 11:11 left in the third.

    COVINA CHARTER OAK…….13 – 1 – 1…….Back to Back Champions!!!

  • Big Football Fanatic

    With this rain it should be a good running game and solid defense to win it tonight.
    I hope Maddox and the Cats have a few surprises for the Saints.

    Monrovia-28 San Dimas-13

  • Anonymous

    The San Dimas Players have heart. Rain won’t phase them. Go Team!


    GOOD LUCK TONIGHT COACH SCHUSTER! I’M PULLING FOR YOU, AND AZTEC FANS NEVER FORGET A GOOD COACH! I know there’s alot people from AZUSA, including myself that want you to win!

    You’ve put in long hours of practice for years and your family life has suffered, but maybe tonight,it will be all worth it for you and your family!


  • Anonymous

    is derrick johnson hurt

  • Anonymous

    is derrick johnson hurt



  • YES


    Im sure miguel will have some good excuses why his boyfriends lost

  • i enjoy football

    I’m not sure what was going on with the offensive play calling. With so much speed on offense, why would you keep running the ball up the middle. Also what happen to the passing game. Monrovia face it you were just out coached.

  • Anne Onimus

    Congratulations to San Dimas. My hat’s off to them. They came to play and got the job done on both sides of the ball.

    On another note, Monrovia, do yourself a favor and get another offensive coordinator for next year. The play calling was so predictable with the same 5 plays over and over.

  • Anonymous

    Monrovia offensive coordinator choked big time.

  • Coach C

    Congrats SD.
    The best team won tonight.

  • Saints March

    Don’t blame the Rain…blame the Vain. If you’re going to Talk the Talk…you better Walk the Walk! All week all I heard was Monrovia and it’s fans talking smack…they thought they had it (the Championship) in the bag. Big mouths don’t win championships…Big Hearts do!!!

  • New York

    San Dimas should be commended for having a plan and a system that allowed their players to play fast and agressive the entire game. San Dimas got it done on the big stage and are champions. The one deep pass that San Dimas threw (was that the only pass?) was on the opening drive. It was a dropped touchdown but it was effective enough to keep our DBs deep enough to allow big chunks of yardage on the sweep plays the remainder of the game. Running the Wing-T out of no-huddle was a nice wrinkle as well. Realizing that it was a good idea to run to where they had us outnumbered was also a nice concept…

    Monrovia should be commended for coming up with some big defensive stands each time that the game was on the line. Also, we never gave up. My heart may have stopped with just under one minute to play DeShawn Ramirez had a swing pass in his hands and about 97 yards of daylight in front of him. WOW!

    Offensively, though, that was tough to watch. San Dimas had no reason to not gang up on the Monrovia run because we never even attempted to stretch the field deep. San Dimas did a great job of disrupting our delayed runs. I was hoping we would start going with more quick hitters (veer style dives) to take advantage of their tilted tackles. Nick had a brilliant run on our first possession and a gritty run for a touchdown late in the game.

    San Dimas even gave us some assistance with multiple big penalties, including losing composure after we converted a very close fourth down. SD helped us again late in the game when it looked like they could run out the clock by sending Kohler up the middle at will repeatedly. Instead, they moved the ball backward with a deep toss play and put the ball on the turf.

    I have to give Coach Maddox credit for making great decisions on fourth downs and having our guys prepared to not be fooled by the SD quick kick. By the way, #5 almost took that quick kick to the house, another flash of excitement.

    I’d say there is a laundry list of items to address on the offensive side of the football this off season.

    Overall, Congratulations to Monrovia and San Dimas for a great season. Only one team from each division ends the playoffs on a winning note. San Dimas got it done and is the CIF Champion.

    Good luck to both teams next year as well.

  • Milli Vanilli

    “Whatever you do, don’t put the blame on you, just
    Blame it on the Rain, yeah, yeah.”

  • !stang!

    MM, can you bring coach howard andcoach Maddox together so we can seethe two teams play each other because they ll be 1 and 2 in the polls next year.

  • Goldenarm

    The 12 points is what M-town D has given up as an average this year.
    It should have been good enough to get the Cats a win.

    Great job San Dimas. You learned from the preseason loss, you learned from film, saw some things to attack and you got physical. Physical was THE ONLY way to beat Monrovia, they could not be beat in a score war.
    You played a smart game.

    Monrovia will be back and they will be even better. Congratulations to Coach Maddox and all the M-town players and fans. Lowden – you were a class act after the TC game – hang in there.



    at Home Depot Center


    Small Schools: San Diego Parker (San Diego Division V champion, 11-2) vs. Modesto Christian (Sac-Joaquin Division IV champion, 14-0), 4 p.m.

    Division I: Oceanside (San Diego Division II champion, 13-0) vs. San Jose Bellarmine Prep (Central Coast Open Division champion, 11-1-1), 8 p.m.


    Division III: Gardena Serra (Southern Northwest Division champion, 14-0) vs. Kentfield Marin Catholic (North Coast Division III champion, 13-1), noon

    Division II: Servite (Southern Pac-5 Division champion, 13-1) vs. Rocklin (Sac-Joaquin Division II champion, 14-0), 4 p.m.

    Open Division: Crenshaw (City Division I champion, 14-0) vs. Concord De La Salle (North Coast Division I champion, 12-2), 8 p.m.

  • FB Einstein

    Everyone bashing Monrovia’s OC should go back and watch film. Monrovia did nothing special on offense all year. It was an offense that lived and died by the big play. San Marino created the blue-print on how to stop them, Paraclete followed, and San Dimas perfected it. In the end, Monrovia’s offense did not produce enough big plays. The best way to stop speed is keep it on the sideline watching. I said it 9 weeks ago that SM had a “chance” if they played tough D and kept the cats offense off the field. Another lesson that should be learned from this is the difference between a teams identity early in the season verses where they are at the end of the season. My hat goes off to the SD coaching staff. They obviously realized their team’s weaknesses early and made adjustments as the season progressed. Unfortunately for the cats they where the same team all year.

  • Anne Onimus

    FB Einstein, I don’t have to watch film, I was at every game. I understand what you’re saying. I agree that Monrovia didn’t do anything special on offense. It’s actually pretty obvious to all true Monrovia fans. They basically ran 6-8 plays all year and depended on their play makers to break it. And for the most part they did. My argument with the OC is that he should have been more prepared for the game, and should have had a plan beyond their core 6-8 plays. He didn’t. In fact, I believe he panicked and got tunnel vision the entire game. Nick Bueno, the most dangerous kid on the field, was relegated to just handing off the ball between the tackles for 3 and half quarters. Offensively, Monrovia was out coached. At one point my 10 year old nephew says to me, “why do they keep trying to run it up the middle, it’s obviously not working”. All I could say was, “I, honestly don’t know”.

    Again, San Dimas played a heck of a football game. They were the better team last night. Congratulations on an incredible season.

    Congratulations as well to the Wildcats. I know there’s nothing anyone can say right now to make it not hurt so bad. But this will pass and new challenges will arise demanding each of you to stand up, and I know from what I’ve seen this season, that none of you will disappoint.

    My hat goes off to Nick Bueno. Never have I seen a more fierce competitor. You’ve done the whole city of Monrovia proud. Keep your head up and keep fighting.

  • Anonymous

    Ive rarely seen a high school player give more effort on the football field than Josh Lowden did on saturday night. Despite the outcome, that kid was gonna leave everything he had on that field. That in itself deserves congratulations.

  • Desert Rat

    M-Town, what can I say that I didn’t two weeks ago. I know it stings, but pick yourselves up and don’t lose your momentum. Your program is in a good place. Live and learn.

    Hope Johnson is okay.

  • SaintR4real

    First of all….thank you Monrovia for giving us a great game. You guys left it all on the field, but I don’t think your coach’s realized how much the boys from S.D. developed over the weeks.

    One real big question I have for the past Monrovia bloggers is; what happen to you guys saying that the Cats had so much more than what they’ve been showing, as far as offense (running backs and passing game)?
    Did you Bloggers know something their Coach’s didn’t??

    I find it interesting that most Coach’s tend to settle on what’s working and not have a plan B when in need.

  • New York

    It’s possible that the monsoon encouraged a very passive play selection.Ultimately, you’ve got to probe and take what is there. Find alternate ways to get your playmakers the ball, like the dump pass to Ramirez 47 minutes into the game. SD did not need anything other than the basic plays because SD was picking up so much yardage running to the offensive left where SD constantly had Monrovia outflanked. Our players made big stops except at the end of the first half when you all got into the end zone.

  • Goldenarm

    Anne Ominous

    All season long you have laid down some intelligent observations. Below is one of your best.

    “I agree that Monrovia didn’t do anything special on offense. It’s actually pretty obvious to all true Monrovia fans. They basically ran 6-8 plays all year and depended on their play makers to break it. And for the most part they did”.

    This was an offense that was self-handcuffed. I was at the San Marino game and watched the repeated trips straight into the same brick wall again and again. At the time, I thought it had to be part of a bigger strategy. Why else repeat the same basic plays the other teams was well suited to defend and brought unsuitably small yardage gains? The frustration was even in the body language of the M-town players returning to the huddle.
    The old TC offense was so proficient in it’s workings, you could hand off to a 3 legged pot bellied pig, and the pig would grunt, see the daylight and get 7 yards for you. Given a 1/4 of that daylight, # 27 from Monrovia gets 70 yards for you, again and again. At some point that daylight may become congested, this signals openings elsewhere. You attack those…in a manner you have already prepared for, understanding how the defense is doing what it is doing. The Cats have the personnel to do this, but for some reason they just keep on their diet of restricted plays. But after 12 games, somewhere you MUST roll in a wrinkle or two and give the many talents of M-town some new ways to put the ball in their hands in a situation where 2 or 3 opponents are isolated against them. 1 versus 3 are acceptable odds when you have the athleticism M-town has.

    Of the 6-8 plays you mention, there was plenty of time to evaluate these plays for value in inclement weather, as the storm was projected and anticated well in advance. The nasty field conditions were not the deciding factor. The Monrovia defense was hands down the finest in the Mid-Valley. The offense was never the force it could have been and believe me, I say this with the great respect I have for the Cats. The SM game should have been the lesson and benchmark of repetitive play calling and the only eye-opener needed.

    In the end, their were too many missiles left unfired. Congratulations to SD.

  • SaintsR4real

    Thanks, New York!

  • Anne Onimus

    Goldenarm. Thank you very much for your insight. I really do hope you return for next season. Yes, the San Marino game was frustrating to watch as a Monrovia fan. And the frustration was evident in the offensive huddle as well specially in the qb’s reaction when he got the calls in from the sideline.

    For the most part I only comment here when I have something positive to say, and try to keep my frustrations to myself mainly because we are all ‘just’ fans of the game. But to be perfectly honest, I haven’t had faith in the OC at Monrovia since last year. It is pretty obvious that I’m a huge #4 fan. At game time my focus is mainly on what he does. During last year’s regular season game against Rosemead, Bueno threw the ball 23 times, completing 14, for a total of nearly 200 yards and 2 tds. At this point it was clear to many fans as myself that if you let Bueno roll out with an option to run it, good things will happen. When they met up again in the playoffs, the Rosemead coaching staff even said that they’re main concern was Bueno. In that game Bueno threw the ball 6 times for a total of 36 yards. Again he was relegated to just handing the ball off.

    Another perfect example of questionable play calling(and believe me there was a lot thru the last 2 seasons) was at the recent game against Whittier Christian. With the game in the pocket at 35-24 with exactly 50 seconds left in the game, Monrovia’s OC decides to run a ‘new’ play. A triple option out of the ‘I’ formation from Monrovia’s own 35 yard line. On 3rd down and 6 most OCs would have been happy running a straight dive up the middle or a qb sneak. Then on the 4th down, most OCs would let the clock run down, maybe even take a delay of game, and then punt the ball giving your opponent maybe 4 seconds to work with. Most OCs would have done this. Not Monrovia’s. They run the triple option to the right, DE crashes down, Bueno tries to pull the ball out… fumble, WC recovers. They proceed to add 8 more points on the board. Final score 35-32.

    When people talk about the ‘weapons’ Monrovia has, it’s not make believe. It’s there. You go to their practices and see the number of true athletes they have, for a football fan, it’s quite a sight. A lot of the plays they run at practices, along with their core plays, are really creative and had high potential of throwing defenses off. But come game time, they shelve them and stick to the cores. You think to yourself that they’re saving those plays for when they really need them. But they’re not, you just never see them on game days. Instead you get the bread and butter veer right, veer left, with an occasional qb draw up the middle. Most of the time, these athletes were able to take these bread and butter plays and make PBnJs. But as evident in our last game, if you leave bread and butter out too long, specially in inclement weather, it’s just going to get soggy.

    At the end, the only one capable of containing #4 was his own OC.

    The defense is awesome. Maddox is doing an incredible job with that.

    I heard baseball is pretty fun to watch.

    Here’s to next year.





  • I wish it would Rain

    Tear Drops behind the Rain Drops!

    What’s up with the blame game? Now the experts, arm chair quarterbacks and wannabe coaches want to put the blame on Monrovia’s OC. Hey, it’s a TEAM effort! Did you cry and whine about the OC went the team was undefeated…NO! So quit the blaming and crying and face it…the San Dimas Team came out with more Heart and simply out played the Monrovia Team! Nuff Said!

    Sunshine Blue Skies…Please Go Away…

  • Anne Onimus

    I wish it would Rain. If you would have read the previous comments before the last one, you will see that I gave San Dimas all the credit for the win. They came with the perfect game plan and took Monrovia to the shed. They outplayed Monrovia on both sides of the ball. I’m not blaming the OC for that loss, cause to be honest, the way San Dimas played, I don’t think there was no beating them that night. My argument alone is in this decision making and game planning. And yes, even when we were undefeated, true Monrovia fans were questioning the play calling. So don’t try to start anything. San Dimas was the better team.

    By the way, it’s ‘enough’ and not ’nuff’. Don’t contribute to the dummification of America.

  • just askin’

    where’s Observantcat?

  • I wish it would Rain

    Anne Onimus,

    So not only are you a football guru, you’re also a professor LOL!!! Don’t worry, I think I see some Rain Clouds rolling in!

    “I gotta’ Cry…Cause Crying…..Eeeeeezes the Pain”

  • Anne Onimus

    I wish it would Rain. Funny you mention it, I do have a Masters in Education from Temple U. Never had the desire/time to get my Doctorate, so no, I’m not a professor. And yes, crying does ease the pain. Have a good day and we’ll see you next year.

  • Anonymous

    Its sounds like all the m town fans are all on the same page and calling for a new play caller (OC) I played at Monrovia for 4 years and 3 on var and the OC at that time was and still is Randy Bell who is a teacher and AD at Monrovia high school I fill that Monrovia will never get over the hump until he (randy bell) is no longer there as a coach. And no it is no because they lost the big game and I am now a bitter fan that is not the case at all I felt this way as a sophomore , JR and SR when I played at Monrovia I get that as a player you are there to play but it is my opinion that as a coach you are there to put me in the best position to make a play and I dont think randy bell does that for the first few weeks the Monrovia players and ATH made randy look good but his lack of good and timely play calling showed its ugly head in the biggest game of the season and Im not just some fan I am Monrovia alum who played under randy bell so I fully understand what is going on this is not the first time the playing calling as been brought up randy likes to save plays for the next weeks game and that was the case when I was there all week we would work on 10 new plays and not run them at all in the game saving them for the next week for example my SR year we where playing LC and was up my 21 at half time and instead of putting our foot on the gas we let up letting LC back in the game not only to tie it but also take the lead now we had to play from behind our O was out of sink and we could not get any started back up on O if it was not for some late game heroics we would have lost that game WHY? because randy wanted to save our good plays for Blair next week in which we lost Mr. bell, randy, coach its time to step aside I know there are people lined up around the corner to be on that Monrovia coaching staff coach Maddox I have a lot of respect for what you are doing and what you will do at Monrovia but none of this will happen until there is a new OC that same thing will keep happing year after year you will get so far and just fall short its time for a change

  • Observantcat

    Just asking:

    I’m here. Just like to give a shout out to those guys on the other side of the 605. It wasn’t pretty but you Won and that’s what this game is all about, Adversity. Monrovia is still a great team even with the one loss on it’s record. Both teams gave each other a black eye during this 2009 season but this one hurts the most. I know under the rainy conditions that the Monrovia coach’s felt that this was a hard offensive game to call, but to just sit on their hands and hope that our backs would catch them slipping was not the game plan. Speaking of offensive play calling, Monrovia didn’t have any. No knock on the kids they only run what the coach’s ask of them. San Dimas played for all of the Marbles even with guys who weren’t supposed to make the big plays. I hope that the Wildcats put this one behind them and look forward to correcting these mistakes that have haunted them in past seasons. We still have 75% of the offense coming back so there is still light at the end of the tunnel. 13-1 is nothing to look down on. And as long as we have Nick Bueno at the helm we are going to be dangerous. Josh Lowden played the most incredible defensive game I have ever witnessed from a high school player. He should be nick-named Mr. Goal Line. He’s made some very important goal line stands this season and he should be commended for that. The Cats will build off of this loss going into next season with a real chip on their shoulder and whoever meets them should be looking to play an all out war with a more mature and more thirst Wildcat team.

  • New York

    Observant Cat,
    I truly hope that our returning players and coaches do not put this game behind them. I hope we learn from it. Learn that we need to make adjustments throughout the season. If our offense was limited to 14 points by San Marino, Paraclete and Whittier Christian, then maybe we are not an invincible team and need to figure out how to produce points. We need to learn from this. Every team on our schedule next year will utilize the same defensive plans unless we figure out how to take advantage of what they are doing. And we do have an improved schedule, so we had better have explosive and tenacious offensive line play every game. We also need the flexibility to take advantage of tilted D-tackles, rather than be derailed by them. My stomach churned when Miguel did a feature on the guys who don’t usually get featured. I also hope that we can get a bit more of the Monrovia wreckless abandon back. I love the fact that we were not the team getting penalized on Saturday, but I fear that it came at the expense of our MOJO (for lack of better words.) I refuse to beleive that we can not achieve both.

    I like the direction of Monrovia’s program, but there is still much work to do. I know Maddox has the energy and commitment to get it done, as well as the self-confidence to truly evaluate both sides of the ball and make necessary adjustments.

    Thank you to all the Seniors who made this year special.

  • Goldenarm

    NY, O-cat

    Add NY’s reckless abandon, Anne Ominous’ wish of more #4 on the roll option and just a pinch of creativity (including special teams) and Monrovia will be back just as O-cat suggests.
    The returnees, the young-ins coming up and Ryan Maddox are not going to let this befall Monrovia for long. If nothing else, they will be working harder and using what they learned this season to terrorize the RHL from the get go next year.
    Rule # 1 on the goal line, double, triple team team Lowden. SD should have seen that on the SM tape. Bottom line – he is a good kid with a burning desire to win – best wishes to him.

    Congratulations Monrovia on a great season.

  • Next year Wildcats

    Monrovia’s 2010 schedule.. Stay Focused. Slightly tougher, but very winnable.

    Fri 09/10/10 @ Glendora High School 7:00PM

    Fri 09/17/10 Arcadia High School 7:00PM

    Fri 09/24/10 @ San Dimas High School 7:00PM

    Fri 10/01/10 @ South Hills High School 7:00PM

    Fri 10/08/10 Paramount High School 7:00PM

    Fri 10/15/10 @ Blair High School 7:00PM

    Fri 10/22/10 San Marino High School 7:00PM

    Fri 10/29/10 Temple City High School 7:00PM

    Fri 11/05/10 @ South Pasadena High School 7:00PM

    Fri 11/12/10 La Canada High School 7:00PM

  • The Stang Fan

    That’s what I’m talking about Monrovia!!! This is the type of schedule that’ll toughen a team up and expose weaknesses early in the year that need to be improved upon for league and the playoffs! You will not go undefeated and you will be MUCH better for it! Of course it means no matchup against Muir or SF, but something tells me we won’t any of these 3 teams play each other for a loooooong time. Too bad.

    Good job Maddox, and congrats on a great season!

    Btw, is it hard to have your OC be the AD as well? If you want or need to replace him, how do you go about getting rid of a guy who brought you in?

  • Goldenarm

    In 08 when TC played at Monrovia, we completely shut down both the air and ground attempts from Nick Bueno.
    I believe he completed two passes, and one of those was to a TC player. His runs were smothered, primarily by Nick Conora , whom Backus had put on a #4 seek and destroy mission.
    Back then, seeing him throw in passing tourneys…he was not very impressive in comparison to QB’s competing around him. Overall, I saw his threat potential as minimal…it was the Marquise Williams type athletes we would have to worry about. And lastly, at the beginning of this year, I was one of the first to question his 15 carries – and his durability over the long haul.

    Well, the bottom line is this is a special kid, and for this observer, he has truly earned whatever accolades, awards and recognition come his way this post season. The cover photo of him slumped in disappointment will one day be replaced by a more triumphant pose, I have no doubt. This kid is 100% a winner.

  • New York

    It is not the number of carries but the nature of the carries that was frustrating to watch. With SD tilting their D-tackles, they were effectively playing a wide double eagle, meaning they were pretty committed to stopping Bueno’s runs up the middle. So rather than run Bueno into a wall, run him where the bodies are not piled up. Wash that tackle down and have the guard fold over with a nice angle on the backer and Bueno follow.

    Defensively, consider setting the D toward the significantly overbalanced offense rather than simply to the field. Bring the DB’s up a bit more to resemble linebackers rather than safeties against the overbalanced Wing-T in a monsoon. The score would have been worse if not for the recovery speed of our linebackers making downfield tackles. Sure we got beat on the line of scrimmage, but it’s really not that simple. We were often outnumbered at the point of attack.

  • Goldenarm

    2010 THOUGHTS

    As far as 2010 schedule, I am bummed TEMPLE CITY will no longer be butting heads with the good people of La Salle.

    I also hope CIF smiles upon the Lancers and finds them a fish pond where they are not anchovies swimming amongst Bigeye Tuna and Wahoo. Such a place exists, I still think they are a good RHL fit.

    SAN MARINO strengthens their schedule a bit, putting the Mead in the mix. They still spend too much time in Glendale though.

    ARROYO should have done better this year.
    PHS WILL be better next year.
    What and who awaits the MOORS future? Can Alhambra establish a foothold of respect and consistentcy?

    ARCADIA will begin a slow rise in power and performance in 2010 and once again be in the Pacific mix. Death announcements on this program are premature.

    BLAIR – something tells me will be Blair again….but I hope I am wrong.
    SOUTH PAS – the natives are restless and have grown impatient with mediocrity…what will unravel?
    MUIR- Howard needs a better start, not necessarily wins, but some vision and understanding week by week. The Stang is a wild creature and resistant to training
    and domestication, you cannot let up in the middle or you lose whatever you have gained in the beginning.
    LA CANADA and Yoder will be a mainstay in RHL action.

    TEMPLE CITY – faces an uncertain future. I know my opinion is old age and unpopular, but defeating Monrovia with the offensive strategy borne in 2009 will be futile and unsucessful. All of Monrovia knows this, and yet the Rams leadership will work hard and pursue a dream of proving us all wrong.

    2010 football is oceans away. I sure wish I had another year in the huddle, damn.

  • Angel Bec

    Golden Arm,

    Best of luck to you and your family. You will be missed. Please do not be a stranger. Blessings and Merry Christmas!

  • MoneyTalks


    Yes, Arcadia will be in the mix. Seven sophs started this past year. They will be more experienced. Taylor Lagace will be hard to stop. Myles Carr is showing signs that he can be a great QB.

  • SM Fan

    I confirmed the following schedule upgrades for SM next year:
    La Salle
    Bell Gardens
    Golden Valley

    Looks like Mooney finally was able to make them realize they needed to be more prepared heading into the RHL and the playoffs–no more fake 5-0 records–thank you Mooney!!

    PS–SG dropped SM to adjust their bye week–To bad as it was always a good local battle.

  • tcchamps


    Your commment “The cover photo of him slumped in disappointment will one day be replaced by a more triumphant pose, I have no doubt. This kid is 100% a winner.”

    I have no doubt either, but with Baseball around the corner, my preference would be to put off that pose for the 2010 football season. My season of watching teams try to contain Bueno of the diamond will soon be here.

  • Goldenarm

    sm fan

    interesting stuff…..
    Golden Valley was 0-9 last year, but their schedule is a vicious one. They had some 50-0’s and a 68-0 beat down this season, they may welcome San Marino. Not sure if Gabby is an upgrade? Bottom line, great direction change for the Titans.
    Remember, Mooney was the guy who brought Mission Viejo up to TC to bang some motivation out of the Rams.
    Our freshman from 4 years ago will not forget that day, probably ever. MV platoon substituted, 6-8 guys at a time. Their staff nearly passed out when we got a first down.

  • Goldenarm


    Is it truly time for the dreaded itchy crotch cup adjustment, distended cheek, brown flying loogie, hey batter batter already?
    We got some hoop to view first…is TC any good on the hardwood?

  • Matt

    I heard that La Canada has scheduled Maranatha for next year. Good move. Nothing like a 5 minute drive to see an away game.

  • Bob Anon


    Any other speculation on next year’s LC schedule? I would expect Crescenta Valley (and Glendale?) to remain on, so that leaves two more opponents.

    Also, I hope Goldenarm is right about LC. I have a lot of respect for Yoder, hope he can build off of this year but the RHL will be even tougher next year.

  • Tom S

    Ok, since it’s been posted here is Maranatha’s schedule next year. Moving up to the Olympic league.

    Sat 09/04/10 @ Big Bear High School 1:30PM
    Fri 09/10/10 La Salle High School 7:00PM
    Fri 09/17/10 Blair High School 7:00PM
    Fri 09/24/10 @ Salesian High School-LA 7:00PM
    Fri 10/01/10 @ La Canada High School 7:00PM
    Fri 10/08/10 Western Christian High School 7:00PM
    Fri 10/15/10 @ Whittier Christian High School Whittier College 7:00PM
    Fri 10/22/10 Valley Christian High School 7:00PM
    Sat 10/30/10 @ Village Christian Schools Glendale High School 7:00PM
    Fri 11/05/10 Los Angeles Baptist High School 7:00PM

  • Hey wait..

    San Marino’s non-league schedule is a joke.

  • Anonymous

    5 players from sf have recieved first team all cif honors! and 2 have recieved have recieved 2nd team all cif!………..1st teamers are david chirikian DL/OL, Chris Cabrera LB, Justin Posthuma QB, Dietrich Riley, Patrick Carroll OL……..travis talianko was 2nd team as a sophomore………….7 players made the first two teams in the highest division represented in wsgv, so i expect all of these guys plus more to be on your all area miguel thanks

  • goteamgo

    Since it looks like schedules are posted, here is La Salle’s for next year – La Salle vs PHS??? Looks like some league realignments – St. Bernards, Bishop Montgomery?

    Fri 09/03/10 @ Village Christian
    Fri 09/10/10 @ Maranatha High School
    Fri 09/17/10 San Marino H.S.
    Fri 09/24/10 Pasadena High School
    Fri 10/01/10 Bosco Tech H.S.
    Fri 10/08/10 @ St. Bernard High School
    Fri 10/22/10 Verbum Dei High School
    Fri 10/29/10 @ Mary Star of the Sea H.S.
    Fri 11/05/10 @ Bishop Montgomery H.S.
    Fri 11/12/10 Cantwell-S.H. High School

  • goteamgo

    Anon at 7:58Pm –

    Source of info? I can’t find on internet searches

  • Drohan

    Fri 09/10/10 @ Glendora High School 7:00PM

    Fri 09/17/10 Arcadia High School 7:00PM

    Fri 09/24/10 @ San Dimas High School 7:00PM

    Fri 10/01/10 @ South Hills High School 7:00PM

    Fri 10/08/10 Paramount High School 7:00PM

    Fri 10/15/10 @ Blair High School 7:00PM

    Fri 10/22/10 San Marino High School 7:00PM

    Fri 10/29/10 Temple City High School 7:00PM

    Fri 11/05/10 @ South Pasadena High School 7:00PM

    Fri 11/12/10 La Canada High School 7:00PM

    Monrovia is going to struggle through that non-league schedule.. Glendora has a QB in Chad Jeffries who might even be better overall than Bueno by next season.. South Hills is always tough in the regular season and will get one of the younger Canada’s back from having to sit out a season.. Interesting enough Jesse Canada was such a star at Monrovia.. Now playing very well at Mt SAC! San Dimas obviously will be a fun re-match… Overall, Monrovia will learn a lot early on and it will only make them a better team at the end of the season.. Could project somewhere from a 7-3 or 8-2 start, but a 12-2 finish with a C.I.F. ring in the Mid Valley…

  • New York

    I know next season seems far away, but the older I get the faster time goes by.

    Depending on development and reassignment, Monrovia could feasibly go 2-3 or 5-0 next preseason. I know that is a pretty big hedge, but the volatility of the off-season can be great.

  • MoneyTalks

    Drohan or New york,

    What do you think of arcadia vs. monrovia match up next year? Series is tied at 2-2 now. With a great deal of talent returning next season for arcadia, including star saftey AJ Rail (he had a ACL injury) and monrovia returning talent as well, I think it’s going to a unbelievable game.

  • Matt

    Bob Anon

    I believe everything else remains the same. Alhambra, Glendalem CV, Maranatha and Arroyo.

  • New York

    I think the 2010 game will remind us what a rivalry game is all about, barring any unforseen fires in the foothills. I like that it is not the first game of the season. This will allow both teams to set their pads the prior week and come out with a better idea of what works and what doesn’t.

  • Goldenarm


    Our opening game against Arroyo was probably the most exciting and eventually most telling of what was to become of our season.

    Ruckle was incredible, having a whole year of pent up “need to run” stacked inside him. He busted a kickoff TD right up the middle, on the heels of a first pass of the game TD for Arroyo. In 36 seconds 2 touchdowns were scored.

    It was that kind of year, joy shortlived.

  • VERY TROUBLING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rumor has it that the board at the Pasadena Unified School Districtl voted last night to cut 50% of all athletics in the PUSD next year. There is a strong notion (almost a guarantee) that the district is leaning towards eliminating all lower level programs and keeping the varsity programs only. If this comes to fruition all four schools will most likely be dropped from their leagues.

    Terrible, terrible, terrible. Miguel, please jump on this ASAP.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know TC’s schedule for next year with the departure of La Salle?

  • Goldenarm

    sounds like a post needing to separate fact from fiction and rumor from reality.

    PUSD would be at the forefront of stupidity if what you are suggesting has any basis in fact. Across the board 50% cut would kill both programs and participation – and create downstream issues too many to list.

  • New York

    A cost cutting decision like that would be a catalyst for many transfers out of the district along with the $7-$9K per student of funding. That is a dangerous proposition.

  • Anonymous

    Tom S –

    Much tougher schedule for Maranatha…good for them. I noticed Paraclete isn’t on it… Which league did they go to?

  • Monroviafan

    Having insider information on the POY award, i am extremely displeased. It seems as if the season did not even need to be played for you to pick the winner. In your earlier blog, you stated, “Player of the year honors should go to the area’s best athlete and/or someone who is undoubtedly gives his team the best chance to win a game. If you take away this player how would the team fare?” Try keeping your statements typo-free, and then look at what you actually say. IF YOU TAKE AWAY THIS PLAYER, HOW WOULD THE TEAM FARE???? Terrible pick. Next time pick the POY before the season starts, and don’t make us think the season actually determines the winner.

  • Monroviafan

    Having insider information on the POY award, i am extremely displeased. It seems as if the season did not even need to be played for you to pick the winner. In your earlier blog, you stated, “Player of the year honors should go to the area’s best athlete and/or someone who is undoubtedly gives his team the best chance to win a game. If you take away this player how would the team fare?” Try keeping your statements typo-free, and then look at what you actually say. IF YOU TAKE AWAY THIS PLAYER, HOW WOULD THE TEAM FARE???? Terrible pick. Next time pick the POY before the season starts, and don’t make us think the season actually determines the winner.

  • Goldenarm

    with the season done, just a couple thanks.

    Thanks to the football loving suckers who come on here regularly to say whatever it is they think. Talking about it keeps the stress level mostly under control…and it beats Facebook anyday.

    Thanks to the TC players for keeping this fan coming back for more, again and again and reminding me just how much I love the game of football…everything from off season to post season and in-between. The more you understand and know the game, the more addicted and appreciative you become of it’s workings.

    Thanks to the coaches who I have questioned, criticized and praised, and yelled both at and for from the sidelines. Everything from “great call coach” to “run the damn ball, geeeez” to “what the hell was that call”…I’ve yelled it all. Us parents are blessed to have stubborn taskmasters like Backus pushing our kids for 100% commitment, or calm under fire coaches like Loya showing our kids that reason and thought is possible even when mayhem exists all around them. Lopez, Camerano, Cable, Valdes, even formers Luna and Mooney – thanks for working long and earning little of what you deserve.

    Emily – one of the best trainers in the SGV (her last year at TC). From Doug Steward’s leg to Joey Stewart’s nose, to Fei and Lumary’s knees to Ruckle’s high ankle – you will be missed.

    Sad that it ended in a single Friday night of confusion, but it should have never came to that. Karma is real in the world as is prepararion in football and neither are to be ignored if it is happiness and success you seek. Not bad for a former mayor.
    Peace to All.

  • Anonymous

    From the tone of Monroviafan’s blog, it looks like Riley is POY.

  • RHL fan

    If the POY is anybody but Bueno, then the whole deal is a sham!!!

  • ex college coach

    I wouldn’t have a problem with Bueno & Posthuma as co-POY.

  • goteamgo

    I go back to my original comment –

    Bueno = POY
    Posthuma = QB
    Alexander = AP

  • The Stang Fan

    The game is won in the trenches….

    Josh Lowden should be the PSN P.O.Y.

  • Jack Dundee

    All this hype about Bueno for POY and he might not even be MVP of his own team! #55 was the best player on that team without question. Looking at that pre-season next year, Mtown might be limping by the time league starts. In my opinion, way too heavy of a pre-season schedule to prepare for league and the mid valley. They had their shot to win the whole thing this year and missed, next year will be even tougher as they lose the heart and soul of that D and a lot of the teams that were awful this year will be better.

  • Annonymous

    DUNDEE.. Dont know who you’ve been talking too but you are so off the beaten track. Monrovia will actually be much better next year and yes! expect them too have just as great a year. They will prove to be much more diverse than you think in beating teams on their schedule. Remember 85% of the team will be returning.

  • Apache Joe

    As good as Bueno is, Lowden may have been the most important on his team towards the end. Obviously the defense had the biggest impact and Lowden was the leader of that defense. Although I don’t think either should be POY right now, had Monrovia won the CIF championship, I would’ve given the vote to Bueno.


    because Riley played in a tougher league, tougher schedule and lead his St. Francis teams to one of the better years this decade (not including his talent, statistics and level of play), he should be POY.

  • New York

    I agree with your points about Lowden. He would be my pick for Monrovia MVP. There were many close games when his presence was critical in the hot zone. Plus he played a solid role on the offensive line.

    I disagree that Monrovia’s pre-season is too heavy. It is certainly a competitive schedule that will give Monrovia a good test each week, but it’s really not filled with any giants. Monrovia will surely miss Lowden, but Monrovia has rising juniors and seniors who will be ready to make their mark.

    Next season can’t get here fast enough.

  • Anonymous

    Lowden was a vital player for the Cats, but if you people are downplaying Bueno’s importance to the team, then you didn’t really follow the team closely. Remember that the offense revolved around Bueno and the read option was based on his decision making skills during a play. This is also a whole new offense that he had to learn as the season progressed. Bueno is not only the team MVP, but I would venture to guess that he will be league MVP as well.

  • SFHS

    Riley isn’t even our team MVP. It better be Posthuma!!!

  • M-town dad

    Josh had a great dline in front of him that often left him unblocked and freed him up to make plays. Lowden will be hard to replace next season, but everybody knows that Bueno is the MVP.

  • New York

    My statement is a vote FOR Lowden, certainly not AGAINST or “downplaying” Bueno. Nick is a special player, but Lowden was a man amongst boys. It is always reassuring for a team to know that the baddest dude on the field is on their side.

  • CatsFan

    Nick Bueno saved the day against both Paraclete and Whittier Christian. If it wasn’t for his play making abilities, the CATS wouldn’t have made it to the finals. He gets my vote for MVP and POY.

  • frank c

    posthuma should be the golden knight’s mvp not riley.

  • Anonymous

    New York:
    Hey I agree that Josh was a big time player for us, but take Nick out of the offense and then take Josh out of the defense. Now which side of the ball do you think would struggle? I would say the O. There were enough studs on the defense that would have kept them formidable even without Lowden. Do you think the offense would have clicked without Nick. Especially in a whole new offense and young skilled players?

  • OTC

    Bueno was the most feared and talked about player amongst the midvalley coaching circles. We’ll have to do a better job of preparing for him next season.

  • New York

    I’m not going to compare and contrast player’s values to Monrovia’s team. That runs the risk of short-changing another Wildcat.
    I believe that Monrovia really relied on its defense in the big games. In the game for the RHL Title, Monrovia was held to 14 points. At Paraclete. Monrovia was held to 14 points. In the semis, two offensive touchdowns. In the finals, one touchdown. In the finals down 10-0 our specials teams gave SD the ball on our own 6. Defense came up big and SD came away scoreless and the game was still within reach. So this suggests that Monrovia was a defense oriented team. That said, I would award team MVP to the defensive MVP.

  • Monroviafan

    Next year, they should cancel the season and give it to the guy who has the most offers. Or to the guy that they need to be nice to so that hopefully he’ll tell them when he commits to a college.

  • Goldenarm

    When a stop had to happen, a big play made, it was Lowden who seemed to always have his #55 dead center in the action.
    The post about surrounding players making this possible is the M-town front line play was excellent this season, as they were the year before. Last year all the TC lineman gave Mtowns D line the vote as best they faced, better than Paraclete or Rosemead, pretty good company. This is probably the most unsung aspect of Monrovia’s rise, their growing strength and consistency in line play. This is no longer solely a team packing a single threat of foot speed.
    Beating them in my opinion either year – required beating their line physically. TC did this last year, but still lost, being unable to convert on the game’s final drive inside the 20. San Dimas, by account of both Maddox and Zernickow, won the trench battle in the moonsoon, the one aspect of play which HAD TO happen for San Dimas to be in a position to win.

    Bueno can have the trophy next year when he breaks 3000 pass/run yards.

    Monrovia and Maddox are all about defense – and the T-Rex of that defense was Lowden. When they said “nose for the ball” this is who they had in mind. A game changer, a leader by example, a linebacker with nitrous oxide piped into his cleats…he can get there!!
    Josh Lowden – player of the year.

  • really guys?

    stop crying about who won poy…….just cuz monrovia played good defense doesnt mean that they had the best defensive player in the wsgv……..chris cabrera averaged 13 tackles a game and finished with 151 on the year and played two less games than lowden…….bueno is a jr. and he can probably get it next year ok…….in what universe would a junior beat out a senior with 30 offers?…….seriously guys..stop acting shocked and mad because u knew all along that dietrich riley from sf is the best player in th wsgv…….poy shold be dietrich/posthuma because those two guysare arguably the 2 best players in the area and both of these guys steped up in big games……..posthuma accounted form 11 tds in two games with a broken wrist…..dietrich riley was such a threat that sf used him as a decoy because they knew that the opposing team will no where #4 is at all times……all in all..monrovia fans….next year bueno preety much is guarenteed to win it so stop being the end of the day the best player won

  • when will it happen

    MM when will you post the All League selections? How is that Fred is always ahead of the game?

  • Anonymous

    Riley had to miss a couple of games due to injury, and SF still did fine without him. How can that meet the definition of “Player of the year honors should go to the area’s best athlete and/or someone who is undoubtedly gives his team the best chance to win a game. If you take away this player how would the team fare?”

    he was taken away by injury, and SF still won

  • tcchamps

    When will it happen, relax, MM is making his list and checking it twice.

  • Coach C

    All year long I hear, “The only reason St Francis is good is because of Riley” or “Riley is all the St Francis has”. Now that it is time for POY, I hear that St. Francis is just as good with or without Riley. Which one is it? You can’t have it both ways.

  • Goldenarm

    SF and Monrovia should agree to play a Week -0 game next season. That is a week before Week Zero. We will clear the parking lot at TC, hot wire the stadium lights and both teams can meet on neutral ground.

    Otherwise this SH*%#@ will start all over again next year.

  • just stating a fact..

    MM does not make the selections, those have already been done by the coaches of each league, it’s a matter of simply posting them….

  • #55 all the way live.

    The Stang Fan says Lowden.
    New York says Lowden.
    Goldernarm says Lowden.

    The triumverate have spoken.

    Loweden for Player of the Year.

  • Monroviafan

    Stop crying, I think you should take a look deeper in the situation. Bueno led his team to a CIF championship game and an undefeated regular season. Had they won it all, it should have gone to him. But they didnt, so the award should have gone elsewhere. Now Saint Francis had a great year, and their MVP was Posthuma. How was Riley used as a decoy against St. Paul? When Riley went down with an injury against Loyola, who came back and won the game for them? Against Chaminade, when Riley was the feature, they went down 25-7. Then Postuma came in. You know the rest. When the game was on the line, the ball was in Posthuma’s hands. The coaches and players know who their POY is, just ask them.

  • OTC

    Well all 3 of you are wrong! It’s probably Riley. I don’t know how. He’s not even the best player on his team. Take away Posthuma and they are a sub 500 team. Take Bueno away from Monrovia and they probably lose to Rosemead, Arcadia, TC, San Marino, La Canada, Paraclete and Whittier Christian. POY should be Posthuma or Bueno or both.

  • Philly B.

    First I want to Congradulate San Dimas for a job well done!! You took to the cats and you deserved the win. Now that being said. Ive read almost all the blog entries, and some of you monrovia fans are sore losers. Complaining about Offenisive coordinator, and conservative play calling blah blah blah. Do I agree with some of the things…yeah, But Im not gonna complain about it because we lost the championship game!!!! That just shows no class. Yeah I remember those days of of running new plays all week, and then dont run them in a game….but you know, if ur gonna complain about the play calling, you should of done during the season in which nobody was complaining when we were winning all those games!!! Im going to give props out to Bueno, that kid played his a** off all year long, made defensive coordinators go crazy for most of the year!!! He may not be Player of the year, and Im sure he’s ok with that, because I bet he’s gonna come back with avengance next year!!!!

    In regards to our upcoming schedule in 2010. THANK GOD!!!!!! I BETTER NOT HEAR ANYMORE NONSENSE ABOUT MONROVIA’S WEAK SCHEDULE BECAUSE THAT LINE-UP IS FAR FROM WEAK. Do I expect Monrovia to go undefeated???? Probably not. South Hills is a tough squad, don’t know much about paramount, and san dimas should just be a clash of the titans right there, cant predict that game. I know Bueno will be extra pumped for that game. They took his title from him that Im sure he wanted so bad. As far as league goes……Hahahaha I see another league championship for the wildcats. I know I will hear some that will say, its too early etc. but our league is weak, san marino had a good run, but guess what, we still beat them and got the win! I doubt it will be that close next year. Monrovia is gonna be hungry, and I know we’re gonna re-load on some new talent from the JV and freshman squads Im not worried at all. I dont even think we’re gonna struggle against glendora honestly! South hills will be a lost possibly, and depending on who’s returning for san dimas, and what kind of new talent we get for the cats, that could be a loss at san dimas

  • Jack Dundee

    Philly, I have mentioned that the pre-season is going to be tough but I honestly don’t think most people understand how tough that schedule will be. Glendora is solid, South Hills is always good, Arcadia was loaded with youth this year and will be a lot better, San Dimas are CIF champs and Paramount is as tough a team as you will see all year. I think any of the five pre-season teams would be favored to win the Mid Valley next year.

    I think it’s great that M-town have changed the schedule but this might be too much. Was Amat already filled? Good luck.

  • apache Joe

    Just an idea,

    How about we add offensive and defensive players of the year? I mean, considering some kids play both ways and kids like Bueno just play one way, it will help suffice the arguments for POY. Riley MVP, Bueno/Posthuma offensive POY, and Lowden defensive POY? Makes sense to me.

  • apache Joe

    Just an idea,

    How about we add offensive and defensive players of the year? I mean, considering some kids play both ways and kids like Bueno just play one way, it will help suffice the arguements for POY. Riley MVP, Bueno/Posthuma offensive POY, and Lowden defensive POY? Makes sense to me.

  • apache Joe

    Just an idea,

    How about we add offensive and defensive players of the year? I mean, considering some kids play both ways and kids like Bueno just play one way, it will help suffice the arguments for POY. Riley MVP, Bueno/Posthuma offensive POY, and Lowden defensive POY? Makes sense to me.

  • SFHS99

    Apache Joe,

    How is Riley MVP when Posthuma is the best offensive player and Cabrera the best defensive player?

  • TCfan

    Does Peyton Manning play defense too?

  • Apache Joe


    Why is Riley POY?

    Take him out of the equation. Add a decent, average hard working runningback. When teams gameplan for St. Francis, Riley was the main focus of that gameplan. Double team with a single high safety, or just knowing where #4 is on the field at all times. If Riley wasn’t there, Posthuma (no knock on him) may not have had the same opportunities of making those great plays that he made this year. Team would’ve focused on him and tried to limit him.

    Riley still put up great numbers for being keyed every single game.

    As for Cabrera, Lowden led his team through the playoffs to the CIF championship, He had a ton of big-hearted stops this year and made the plays when they needed to be made. I never saw Cabrera play so I don’t really have a valid assessment on him but I saw Monrovia play numerous times. He had a big heart and was the obvious defensive leader.

  • rhl guru

    Stevie Yortsos POY or All Purpose ! ! ! !
    Positions he played QB, WR, RB, DB, K, P, KR, AND PR. Pretty sure he was a coach as well.

    GA saw him play I’m sure he would agree

  • oldschoolpanther

    Does anybody know if the Olympic league is out and the Almont league in?

  • Goldenarm

    No Yortsos, no victories over TC or Rosemead. period.
    He was the difference, no disrespect to any of the Titan teammates.
    Same could be said for Alexander of La Salle. Both kids made tremendous contributions this season. Extra special players for sure.

    TC take note of the tone of respect change heard for the Rams. What a difference a year makes. We fought tooth and nail to get that respect, lets’ hope it can again be found in 2010. Our opponents are looking around or over us already – not part of the Ram football philosophy I know.

    Congratulations to the mighty Servite and Serra Gardena for upholding south CA honor at the Home Depot Center. Also incredible job by Crenshaw (in a losing effort) against the NFL-like Concord De La Salle. Like Charlie Daniels said ” The South is Gonna Do It Again”!!!

  • A fly on the wall…..

    Regarding the Mid-Valley Division realignment…

    I know that the laughable staff down at Valley Christian appealed to CIF asking that the Olympic be moved down to a lower division. They stated they “can’t compete” in the Mid-Valley. Kind of funny, because they’re the biggest team (size wise) in the Olympic year in and year out. While the Olympic is an odd mix with the other leagues, I think they’re fine. Paraclete won the championship in 08. Both Paraclete and Valley lost in the quarterfinals while Whittier Christian went down in the semis this year. So the we can’t compete excuse is a joke.

    What it really comes down to is Valley’s twisted way of trying to win. They don’t want to earn anything. They want to go down a division because they don’t know how to get better. It’s no ones fault but their own that they don’t win. So they rather beat up on hapless teams in a lower division that they have no business playing.

    Here’s a funnier nugget of information that came my way a couple of days ago too….it just goes to show what a bunch of cowards they are. First they head up an initiative – which worked – to get Paraclete kicked out of the Olympic. Then they took the league out of the conference, forcing the Spirits to go down to the Alpha League. But the coach turned around and stated that Valley didn’t mind playing Paraclete in the playoffs but not in league. Why? Because there is a higher probability that they won’t face them. Their logic is twisted.

    The bottom line is that head coach Erick Streeleman is a retard. He doesn’t know how to coach and doesn’t know how to build a program. I understand wanting to win and building a positive environment but….to dodge real competition and go beat up on other schools like a bullying is a joke in itself.

    So, the Olympic should stay in my opinion…especially with the Natha ties now. As for moving the Almont in, I say yes if the Mid-Valley gets rid of the Montview League. I mean, that’s a league – outside of Azusa – that just can’t compete.

  • Goldenarm

    valley christian beat la canada to a pulp 45-0 and lost to san dimas 37-14.
    I am not up to speed on any realignment ideas or notions, but those two scores could indicate valley christian is fairly well situated as far as competition. Two of their 4 losses were to cypress and st maggies – pretty respectable foes.
    Maybe Paraclete’s CIF success is something vc wants and wants it now….anything additional you know on realignments and movement please share.






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  • Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers,

  • Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers,

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  • Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few years I’ve settled down to one line of players. Why? Because I was happy to discover how well-designed and fun to use the underappreciated (and widely mocked) Zunes are.

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