Football: Which team is No. 1 when final poll publishes?

The dust has settled and the CIF-Southern Section playoffs are over. You’ve seen and read about the teams making impressive runs in these last playoffs.

St. Francis was short from making the semifinals in the Western Division as was San Marino in the Mid Valley Division. Both teams at some point were leading against their quarterfinal opponents but let the win slip away.

What about Muir? Talk about playing your hearts out and surprising the heck out of everyone, except me of course. Charter Oak was on the brink of elimination in the first round of the Southeast Division playoffs. One play. That’s it. If Muir converts the two-point conversion there would be no back-to-back championships and a fifth CIF ring for the guy they call “The Don” — Charter Oak coach Lou Farrar. You have to wonder what kind of season the Mustangs would have had if they had played like that all year long. Instead, Muir was a bit of an enigma and there was no telling which team was going to show up. This much we know: Muir will be one of the top young guns next year along with Arcadia.

You know about Monrovia’s undefeated season during its run up to the Mid Valley Division finals against No. 2 seed San Dimas. Rio Hondo Prep was no different, taking its 13-0 record and No. 1 seed into the Northeast Division finals against No. 2 seed Linfield Christian. That being said, we will be releasing our final top 10 rankings on Christmas Day, also the day our All-Area team publishes.

So I ask, which team belongs at No. 1?

To be honest, the only teams in contention for the top spot is St. Francis and Monrovia. Muir had a nice late-season run, but the inconsistency leading up to the Pacific League finale rules the Mustangs out of contention.

Don’t you hate the hypothetical questions — Who wins in a Monrovia vs. St. Francis matchup?

Ultimately the winner would truly decide the area’s No. 1 team. They’re not slated to play next year and there’s little to zero assurances they’ll meet in Week 0 next year. That said, I still think Monrovia would not only give St. Francis a run for its money but beat the Golden Knights in a close game.

That St. Francis plays in the tough Mission League and Western Division is irrelevant when the question is asked. Irrelevant? Yes. Because Monrovia’s just as talented overall with insane speed and depth. I know, I know. Monrovia lost in the finals against San Dimas, and I know you St. Francis pundits are saying “They couldn’t beat San Dimas, how can they claim to beat St. Francis, which plays in a much tougher division”. …. Well, that’s why every argument for and against each team is subjective, and we’ll never truly know which team is better. For now, you make the argument.

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  • Anonymous

    how would you know how well they matchup? youve been to one st. francis game which was against notre dame, one of the nations top programs. you really dont know your sh**

  • Miguel Melendez

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you, too!

  • unbiased

    @anon.. lol dude.. why dont u cry some more

  • Goldenarm

    I guess it is a good question to stir the pot with.
    Were I a dad to a RHP or Monrovia player I would probably be feelin pretty good about now. Though neither got the crown, they both made some positive memories and fought their asses off.
    Monrovia being held to 7 points is a heartbreaker and a feather in the hat of SD ‘s Zernickow and the DC over there…not to mention the kids who played so well. In a rematch, my left testicle would go on Monrovia to win…but what does it matter….it’s done.
    Still, the undefeated run and the declawing of Paraclete in particular, was something that should keep the Cats proud over the long haul.

    I fully expect Monrovia to become better defensively each year the Maddox philosopy grows deeper roots. The free flow offense will show some tweaks next year. I would bet money Maddox already is rolling around in his sleep figuring that out right now. Look for less of the repeat runs to nowhere that appear like a training film stuck on rewind. More use of the field, more touches…but then more of what worked as well.

    My prediction is Coach White at TC will realize a big, beast fullback is a good thing to have first in the hole…and some variation of a power attack will resurface at TC. The spread will be back, but Coach White in his gut likes to run, and I am talking a real run game where you challenge your lineman to do their job, get downfield and run atop the other jerseys – then invest the time and play calling to see if those lineman have the huevos to move people outta the way. Oh yeah..start that by getting the line back in a 3 point instead of a “I am ready to pass block mode”…

  • Tom S

    You have to give it to Monrovia

  • Coach C

    Who cares who is #1 now!!!

  • illest

    Monrovia. They deserve it. Pretty decent schedule and made the deepest run in the playoffs. Sf is good and i think they would win in a game, but i would give the nod to monrovia based on thier performance throughout the season.

  • LSHS

    One of Mikey Alexander’s highlight films from this season…

    If you cant open it just go to youtube and put in #1 Michael Alexander. Pretty amazing highlight film…Sure hope this kid made first team all area. Played as good as anyone in the area!!!

  • The Stang Fan

    Final Top Tens are the ones that count….kind of. After all, they don’t really answer anything, but they do bring the season to an official end.

    Monrovia put together the best season with a great run to the final, and had a really good team. The knock on them is their schedule of course. Though they “beat whoever was placed in front of them” the reality is a couple of teams would have done the same with the same schedule.

    SF probably had the better team, and would beat the Cats IMO. They certainly would’ve gone undefeated like Monrovia had they played the same schedule.

    Those are the ONLY options for the top 2 teams. Like the ESGV with the Amat vs. CO argument, I have to go with the “better” TEAM and I believe SF should be #1.

    As far as my boys are concerned, as I said ALL YEAR long, they would beat ALL of the teams Miguel had at the 3-10 spots, and they proved it with the near-upset of the Southeastern division champs Charter Oak. They were certainly an enigma this year, but they were very young and lost 3 league games by a total of 11 points. Next year will be different. Very, very, different. I SWEAR I can’t wait…

    Happy Holidays!

  • fb fan

    The star news needs a bettter sports guy. Miguel is the wort reporter that the star news has had. He is a band guy who doesn’t know anything about sports. Time to get someone else in there. The SGV deserves better.

  • New York

    I’m more interested in what programs are doing now to address the fact that the WSGV came away from the playoffs empty-handed this year. I’m confident that Coach Maddox has Monrovia doing what’s necessary. The pre-season schedule will provide a good test every week. There is a ton of work to do in the off-season, though.

    Merry Christmas.

  • Drama

    fb fan said: “Miguel is the wort reporter that the star news has had.”

    WORT: a liquid, produced from malt and hot water, which can be fermented to make beer or ale, or fermented and distilled to make whiskey.

    Yeah, that sounds like Miguel!

  • Pacguy

    I just seen that kid from alhambra on front page of congrats to the kid and would like to find out where he commits.I seen him against burbank he’s a talented kid and im quite sure he will do well at the next level.

  • Anonymous

    Miguel is an idiot when it comes to sports lets face it