All-CIF Southeast Division: Charter Oak sweeps awards

All CIF-Southern Section Southeast Division
Offensive player of the year: Adam Muema, Charter Oak, Sr.
Defensive player of the year: Keith Smith, Charter Oak, Sr.
Coach of the year: Lou Farrar, Charter Oak

QB — Gus Viramontes, Diamond Ranch, Sr.
RB — Amari Staten, Diamond Ranch, Sr.
RB — Dalton Williams, Burbank Burroughs, Sr.
RB — Ulises Ochoa, Burbank, Jr.
RB — Terris Jones, California, Sr.
RB — Nick Castillo, Schurr, Sr.
OL — Daniel Reyes, Charter Oak, Sr.
OL — Any Orozco, Charter Oak, Jr.
OL — Sam Campbell, Crescenta Valley, Sr.
OL — Taylor Beyer, California, Sr.
OL — Richard Tejada, West Covina, Sr.
OL — Cody Goss, South Hills, Sr.
OL — Albert Perez, Schurr, Jr.
WR — Dennis Rufus, Charter Oak, Jr.
WR — Ormani Duncan, Muir, Jr.
WR — Cameron Oliver, Santa Fe, Sr.
WR — Ify Umodu, South Hills, Sr.
WR — Carlos Arrendondo, Schurr, Sr.
PK — Tyler Hadden, California, Sr.
AP — Geoffrey Vaughns, South Hills, Sr.

DB — A.J. Powell, Charter Oak, Sr.
DB — Brandon Golden, Charter Oak, Sr.
DB — Elisha Henley, Diamond Ranch, Sr.
DB — Jarron Williams, Muir, Sr.
DB — Josh Onovughe, Rowland, Sr.
DB — Nathan Ayon, Schurr, Sr.
LB — Leon Youngblood, Charter Oak, Sr.
LB — Charlie Hosea, Burbank Burroughs, Sr.
LB — Ryan Seidler, Burbank, Jr.
LB — Andrew Jackson, Santa Fe, Sr.
LB — Rayes Barrera, South Hills, Sr.
DL — Garrett Clapper, Charter Oak, Sr.
DL — Charlie Avila, Charter Oak, Sr.
DL — James Arriola, California, Sr.
DL — Alec Griffin, South Hills, Sr.
DL — Steven David, Rowland, Sr.
DL — Mark Avila, Schurr, Sr.
DL– Justin Mayorga, Burbank Burroughs, Sr.
P — Robert Poage, Charter Oak, Sr.

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  • Realist

    I love how no SG player in on the list šŸ™‚ Hope none of them are on the All-Area list. Go Spartans!!!

  • sg football

    the only reason your spartan kids got on the team is because ur coaches robbed the sg kids again for the 2nd straight year!

  • fan.

    sg will probably have 1 or 2 kids on the all area list because everyone how great sg is!! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

    i crack myself up. =] they suck

  • this is true

    Mark Covarrubias was the highest vote getter @ DB in the almont league but somehow nathan ayon got on thanks schurr its not about the kids it’s about your kids

  • Apache Joe

    Lagace should’ve been on this. He got jipped.


    sg football fan, you act like sg does not do the same. That is the only way the are relevant

  • truth aka phil

    They don’t.

  • Confused???

    Why so much hate toward SG? I just don’t get why people hate on SG’s program so much. From what I understand they run a great program and have class act coaches. I’m just a little confused with all the negitive comments and bashing that goes on. I guess you guys know something I don’t!

  • Baddawg1
  • daf**k?

    just tell me why aint any dena kids on

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