All Mission League Football: Posthuma, Riley lead way


Most Valuable Player School Height Weight Year
Malcolm Marable Alemany 5’9″ 170 12

Most Valuable Offensive
Justin Posthuma St. Francis 6’2″ 200 12
Brando Tessar Chaminade 6’1″ 195 12

Most Valuable Defensive
Dietrich Riley St. Francis 6’1″ 205 12

Most Valuable Lineman
David Chirikian St. Francis 6’0″ 230 12
Akeem Gonzalez Alemany 6’3″ 230 11

Offensive Line
Akeem Gonzalez Alemany 6’3″ 230 11
Sergio Figueroa Alemany 6’1″ 230 11
Patrick Carroll St. Francis 6’5″ 270 11
Matt Miller Chaminade 5’11” 240 12
Cameron St. George St. Francis 5’11” 205 12

Wide Receivers
Brando Tessar Chaminade 6’1″ 195 12
Travis Talianko St. Francis 6’1″ 190 10
Sean Haynes Alemany 6’2″ 185 12
Kevin Lenik Alemany 6’3″ 210 12

Malcolm Marable Alemany 5’9″ 170 12
Justin Posthuma St. Francis 6’2″ 200 12
Vernon Adams Alemany 5’11” 170 11

Martin Meza Alemany 6’1″ 175 11
Ian Sternau St. Francis 5’10” 170 11


Defensive Line
David Chirikian St. Francis 6’0″ 230 12
AndrewNairin Chaminade 6’3″ 207 12
Rabbaanee Williams Alemany 5’9″ 180 12

Chris Cabrera St. Francis 6’0″ 195 12
Anthony Espinosa Alemany 5’9″ 200 12
Jesse Sampson Alemany 6’0″ 180 11
Kory Crichton Chaminade 6’0″ 220 12

Defensive Backs
Dietrich Riley St. Francis 6’1″ 205 12
Deron Smith Alemany 5’9″ 170 10
Ryan Jenkins St. Francis 5’9″ 140 11
Matt Markey Chaminade 5’11” 190 12
Chike Mbanefo Alemany 5’9″ 180 12
Kevin Romo St. Paul 5’9″ 148 10

Matt Goudis Chaminade 6’0″ 160 11



Offensive Line
Nathan Romo Chaminade 6’0″ 250 12
Sean Rubalcalva St. Paul 6’3″ 246 12
Rick Garcia St. Paul 6’0″ 238 11
Joe Aguilar St. Francis 6’1″ 265 12
Taylor Hindy Chaminade 6’3″ 300 10

Wide Receivers
Tyler Carrillo St. Paul 5’11” 176 10
Shane Drezdowski Alemany 6’2″ 180 11
Brendan McKinney Chaminade 6’4″ 185 10
Ian Hamilton St. Francis 6’4″ 185 11

Cory Bess Chaminade 5’10” 155 12
Drake Griffin St. Paul 5’9″ 204 11
Austin Nieves St. Francis 5’10” 165 12


Defensive Line
Tim Gonzalez St. Paul 6’0″ 215 12
Stephan Ray Chaminade 6’2″ 215 12
Georgio Chirikian St. Francis 5’11” 205 12
Kyle De Vaughn Alemany 5’10 230 10

Daniel Trejo St. Paul 6’0″ 212 12
Michael Melnick St. Francis 6’0″ 195 11
Tyler Dabevich Alemany 5’11” 175 11
Ryan MacAleenan St. Francis 6’2″ 185 10

Defensive Backs
Anthony Daniels Chaminade 5’8″ 155 12
Richie Maloof St. Francis 5’9″ 170 11
Greg McPhearson Alemany 6’2″ 180 12
Jared Morales St. Paul 5’11” 167 12

Matt Manzano St. Paul 5’10” 178 12

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  • Congratulations to the Swordsman and players from St. Francis, Alemany,and Chaminade who got league recognition. St. Paul never recovered from many injuries, but there’s always next season, Unfortunately, many underclassman got a rude awakening playing against D1 schools, but these kids never stop trying. I feel year round football burned out these kids,and too much time away from the class made some ineligible. Coaches forget these kids are scholar athletes. My kids play ball too, but class comes first. There’s life after football and life moves on. Merry Christmas to all!

  • SFhs’99

    Why is Riley the POY when he only scored 2 TDs in the last 6 games? It should have gone to Justin. Everyone on the team knows that Posthuma was the main reason for the teams’ success.

  • Will

    Congratulations to all the guys who were selected.

    One question.

    I don’t see how WR Jamal McClerkin of Chaminade was left off the team. He had 9 catches for 170 yds and 2 TD’s in league games. What did St Francis Ian Hamilton do for the season or in league? Not that Ian may not be a good WR but come on you need to produce more than 3 catches for 36 yards 0 TD’s in league games to make all league.

    It seems very hard to justify that selection.

  • stpaul head

    how does riley get most valuable for defense when he only played two league games? he was all hype and still is,this whole voting was politics and it will always be like that..congrats to everyone who made the teams..i just feel that to be honored with all league recognition the player should play every game..because there is someone next in line who worked their tail off

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