First Gilbert Arenas, now a Keppel kid, what gives?

My boy Jonathan Abrams at The New York Times writes about Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards getting suspended after a decision to bring several guns into the Wizards’ locker room and then later display them in what he called a misguided joke. Abrams goes on to write that NBA Commissioner David Stern was not at all amused by Tuesday night’s antics and suspended Arenas indefinitely rather than wait for investigations of the gun matter to be completed by law enforcement authorities. And just yesterday, we hear about a Keppel student who was arrested after allegedly bringing two handguns to school. The discovery occurred shortly after 1:25 p.m. at Keppel High during a routine check by a drug- and gun-sniffing dog, police and Alhambra Unified School District officials said. The assistant principal searched the student’s backpack and found an unloaded .44-caliber revolver, the sergeant said. School officials detained the boy until police arrived. While searching the student, police found an additional handgun concealed in his waistband, Black said. The second gun, a .38-caliber semiautomatic handgun, was loaded. What is going on here? Why on Earth would someone think it’s a good idea to bring a gun to a place where there’s no reason to need one. It’s mind boggling to think what the thought process might be when something like this happens. Thankfully nobody was hurt in these two incidents.

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  • anon

    protection. and probably gangbangers….. i mean it is mpk.

  • Don Chonkolerro

    If gun control advocates had their way, regular joes like us who work 40 hours a week to pay the rent bills food, raising the family, etc – will have nothing to defend themselves with but their bare hands and anything they can find to throw at the chonkolerro. Gun control is SHAM, if it ran its course full speed, only the thugs bloods crips MS13 18th street LBC et al will control the pistols and use em at will against us…IPSO MUTHA****ING FACTOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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