Girls Basketball: Monrovia’s Basil Woodruff served his second of a two-game suspension tonight; final decision about direction of the program to be decided Thursday.

Monrovia High girls basketball coach Basil Woodruff served the second of a two-game suspension tonight against South Pasadena in Rio Hondo League action. He was suspended after an alleged altercation with a referee after last week’s overtime loss at San Marino resulted in his ejection by the officials. An ejection calls for an automatic postgame suspension, but Monrovia officials implemented an additional one-game suspension, and are still reviewing the incident before deciding whether further action is necessary, Monrovia principal Darvin Jackson said. “I’m going to have a follow-up meeting with him and ask where he is at this point, and the progress of what I have asked him to do, and we will make the final decision as to where our program is going,” Jackson said. Junior Diaz served as interim coach for the Wildcats. A full report in Thursday’s Star-News.

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  • SuperCat

    He was defending his player! There was a hard foul and he wanted a flagrant call. There is no reason to fire a coach over protecting one of his girls. That said, he isn’t the nicest person I’ve ever met. Haha!

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