Girls Soccer: Flintridge Sacred Heart shows who’s boss


What was supposed to be a nonleague showdown was anything but, as Flintridge Sacred Heart (11-1-2) showed why it belongs on top and considered an elite girls soccer program with 6-1 victory over Alverno (9-4-3) this past weekend. The game was initially scheduled to be played last Monday but pouring rain flooded Glendale College’s field. For the record, I did not go to the game. In fact, I was out of town. But looking at the scores and how the game went about it was obvious to see Flintridge Sacred Heart is the superior team. It looked as if the game was going to be a tight one, but the Tologs broke the second half open with three goals in a span of six minutes early in the second half. The Tologs led at the half, 1-0. Jessica Capra scored the lone goal for the Jaguars, the CIF-SS Division 7 champions. A lot was being made of last year’s rankings and which team was the better team. Alverno had a CIF championship to dangle over FSHA but the Tologs had the tougher schedule of any team in the WSGV and played in a much higher division. Flintridge won the nonleague meeting last year, 1-0, but this year proved to be much too strong to handle. The Tologs this year outshot Alverno, 37-7. The competition will get much tougher today when FSHA takes on Mission League rival Harvard-Westlake tonight at 5 at Glendale Sports Complex.

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  • Soccer Watcher

    Let there be a lesson learned that if you are going to run up a score by ridiculous numbers and lambast teams that are mostly made up of recreation players (and there is nothing wrong with that) be careful when you come up against a team that walks the walk and talks the talk.

    Hopefully Alverno will have learned a very good lesson from this. Kudos to Lesse for admitting that they got “outplayed”

    There is no comparison between the two teams. None.

  • ThisIsSparta

    No big surprise here. Alverno tried to take their long ball game and two fast club forwards against a solid defense and couldn’t do a thing. The scoreboard showed a blowout, but it could have easily been 10-0

    Division 7 is glorified rec soccer and Alverno has premier, former premier and gold level players along with a supporting cast of Silver players going up against small catholic-school-AYSO teams every week…running up the score and then trying to defend itself with some weak “well we talked to them and they said it was OK to embarrass us” speach.

    Here is a lesson if you want one…today at the LC vs. Blair game. Bilowitz pulled most of his starters toward the end of the first half…then started pulling players off the field when the score hit 7-0 LC was playing with 8 against a full Blair side for almost the last 20 minutes of the game.

    In case you missed it Mr. Lesse, that is sportsmanship

  • Bob Anon

    Go look on La Canada girls’ soccer page on MaxPreps… it shows Blair beating La Canada 1-0.

    That kind of contradicts you, ThisIsSparta. Bilowitz should post scores/schedule on MaxPreps like boys’ coach does.

  • ThisIsSparta

    Bob….I was there. It was 9-0 LC. LC hasn’t lost a game since 12/15

    I wish he would post scores too, but Louie doesn’t care what you or I think.

  • Bob Anon


    Thanks for clarification. Still wish Louie would post the darn scores, or get the boys’ coach to…

    Looks like LC is rounding into form, hope they keep it up.

  • Soccer Lady

    Miguel, FSHA didn’t play Alverno last season no less scrape by with a 1-0 win.
    They did play ESPN Fab 50 Harvard Westlake (#16) on Monday, defeating the CIF Division 2 # 1 ranked team by a 2-0 score.

  • Angel Bec

    Possibly FSHA is on track to repeat as Missions Champions again? Beating HW is always impressive. Go Tologs and best of luck to all teams in all divisions.

  • Soccer Fan

    I completely agree with ThisISSparta. What is so obnoxious is how Alverno’s Lesse spins his team’s wins and losses and then allows them to run up incredibly high scores against the very weak competition in Division 7. All of this spinning is a way to get more ink in this newspaper and promote his team so they stay in the Star-News top 10 soccer rankings.
    Lessee actually claims that other coaches in the SGV refuse to put Alverno on their schedules because they are “afraid” to play them. That statement is utterly false. Westridge played against them this season.Any other non-Division 7 team should not be “afraid” either.
    Lack of sportsmanship and lack of honesty equals classlessness.

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