Signing Day is approaching, but where is Dietrich going?

Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly and two of his assistants strolled into the packed St. Francis gym last week when the Knights basketball team hosted Mission League foe Crespi. They were there to woo Dietrich Riley, a four-star coveted recruit with over a dozen Division I offers. It didn’t matter that Riley isn’t a starter on the basketball team or that he played little to no minutes. Kelly and his staff wanted to show him how important a recruit he was, and they wanted him bad. After the game, Riley, his mom and some family members met with Kelly for about an hour, and talked about Notre Dame’s prestigious alumni association, among other things.

Riley’s scheduled to make a trip to Ole Miss on Jan. 29 and has one official trip left to USC before the Feb. 3 signing day. Riley is still stinging from Florida giving him the silent treatment, according to the Orlando Sentinel. There are other variables one must consider before pinpointing where Riley may end up.

Tennessee was in pursuit a while back, but since then there’s been little to no news about Lane Kiffin pushing for Riley to commit to the Vols. Of course a lot has happened since: Kiffin’s unceremonious departure from Tennessee and his new gig at USC. Pete Carroll’s departure to Seattle surely will affect Riley’s thought process for committing to USC, too, and there’s Loyola’s Anthony Barr giving a verbal to UCLA. He’s friends with Riley, and that could persuade Riley to jump on the Bruin wagon. It was said that Barr was all but headed to Notre Dame. So much for that theory. The guess here is, come Feb. 3, Riley will stay local and pick UCLA.

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  • sf football

    he should g to ole miss

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see – USC? UCLA? Florida? Notre Dame? LSU? Tennessee?

    My son just got through the college application process – I wish he had the same problems and worries choosing a school that Mr. Riley has – I guarantee you, no one from Notre Dame has stopped by to visit us (USC did ask us to visit – it was called a “campus tour”)!!!

    Let’s keep it in perspective –

  • Follow the trend

    Washington will dominate the Pac-10 once again.
    That is where I would recommend but they may not be interested in him.

  • Angel Bec

    Annonymous Said:

    Seeing that Mr. Riley was raised by a single mom who worked 2-3 jobs to get him to where he is – plus the hard work that he put in to get to where his is … how blessed he is that he has choices.

    Honestly can one article be written about him without haters coming out?

    Best of luck to your son wherever he ends up …

  • SGV Mom

    I concur with Angel Bec. I wish him the best of luck. He is a good kid and works hard. Not every high school athlete is going to be offered a scholarship, mine wasn’t but I don’t have hard feelings.

  • Anonymous

    Sarkisian and UW are interested….They may have joined the race too late though.

  • Coach C

    Anonymous(I mean monrovia fan),
    Give it a rest already!!!

  • Anonymous is Right

    Bow Down to Washington!! …..or go there…play with the best QB in the country and be part of next dominant team in the Pac-10!!

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