National Signing Day is coming. Where are you headed?

The highly-celebrated National Signing Day is Wednesday, Feb. 3. We are closely following Dietrich Riley of St. Francis and where he’ll end up playing next season. My money’s on UCLA, though Notre Dame, LSU and USC are very much in the running. But we know Riley’s not the only player signing this Wednesday. This is a call out to all coaches and athletic directors who know of an athlete signing Wednesday. If so, be sure to e-mail me at and let me know. We want to include your athlete in our Signing Day story so please let us know!

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  • goteamgo

    All Camino Real League Football –

    Some of us bloggers have requested All Camino Real league and All Prep league football selections from last season. Since the PSN never reported the All Camino Real League football selections this season, I took notes during the La Salle Football awards lunch so at least the Lancers making all-league could be recognized like the players in the other leagues. I am not a reporter, I did my best to listen, and if I made a mistake I apologize – I am not a reporter.

    1st Team
    Mike Alexander
    Kishon Sanders
    Antoine peterson
    Nate Ziomek
    Andy Pankow

    2nd Team
    Chris Alvarado
    Mike Novell
    Mickey Sumner
    Daniel Gately

    I heard Mark Danhausen’s name, but I wasn’t sure if it was 1st team, 2nd team, or PSN all area.

    Mike Alexander (the best player the Star News never saw play this last season) was also named MVP of the Camino Real league, and 1st Team All CIF.

    To answer the next question, I am not related to any of the names above.

    Miguel – you are welcome.

  • prep league fan


    Nice work. Thanks for the list of players. I have the list of Flintridge Prep players that made All-Prep League.

    1st Team

    Conor Dubin SR-LB

    2nd Team

    Kory Hamane Soph-WR
    Jordy Manker-Jr-OL
    Chris Wirthlin-Soph-DB
    Eric Kazangian-Jr-LB

  • goteamgo

    Also, on 1/11/2010, the CIF released the All-CIF Football teams. Here is a link to the CIF website – click on “Football 11”:

    Once again, I scooped the Star News.

  • LSHS

    Nice work goteamgo. I wasnt able to make the banquet, but glad to hear someone finally posted these players. Wow, Mike Alexander got MVP of the Camino Real League, 1st team all league, 1st team all area, 1st team all cif!!! That is so cool, I have met Michael a few times and this couldnt happen to a Better Kid. Can not wait to hear where he is headed next year. Oh, and I found his youtube highlight film, , if you cant open it just go to #1 Michael Alexander and it will come up…WHAT A YEAR!!!

  • Goldenarm

    Congratulations to all those kids mentioned and thanks to goteamgo for being a persistent bastard (no offense meant) and getting their names in print.

    Alexander was an impressive athlete, and lucky for TC, was forced to change into a QB’s shoes, not his natural or most effective place to line up. Nonetheless he played hard and well and rarely if ever, left the field that night I believe.
    Kishon got too few touches when we played, not sure why.
    Whether we defended well or he was just under utilized.

  • goteamgo

    GA –

    No offense taken (hey, “inglorious basterd” sounds better thant “persistent bastard” but Tarantino took that one.)

    I followed my son from freshman to senior in the La Salle program, and just wanted to make sure those he played with got recognition in the local paper(or at least on the blog.) In the TC game, Alexander was used as a wildcat QB, so he did not pass much – Sanders was probably underutilized against TC; I think he made all-league because he did force some teams to alter their game plans (as did Alexander).

    LSHS –

    What is more impressive with Mike Alexander making all CIF, was that he made all-CIF in the Northwest division – the division which includes Oaks Christian, Serra, Cathedral, etc.

  • blue and gold

    Anyone from muir get any offers?

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