Hey La Salle, think you can stop Amat soccer’s unbeaten streak? I’m there, will let you know what happened later … Playoff pairings on Sunday

The Bishop Amat girls soccer team (24-0-1) takes on La Salle today at 3:30 p.m., in hopes of completing an undefeated regular season heading into the D-4 playoffs next week. With Miguel off, I’m covering it and will report back later, though we know what the outcome’s gonna be :). For all of you who want to talk soccer heading into Sunday’s pairings announcements, here’s your chance. BTW, what happened to those great Arcadia teams, the ones with Brittany Klein, Aarti Jain, Ashley Nick, etc, etc. I know the FSHA team is all world, but I’m not sure they could have touched those Arcadia teams. And what’s going on with La Salle, how far have they fallen since Kasey Johnson led them to a title? Or the Rio Hondo League, there was a time when La Canada, South Pas, San Marino and even Monrovia were chasing CIF titles. Heck, even I remember when Pasadena Poly was the king in town. Boy how times have changed. At least St. Francis is still St. Francis.

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    Thanks for posting this! I am sure that the Baseball folks will be happy to have soccer off their thread! 🙂 Do you have the inside line to have the pairings before CIF releases them on Monday?
    Thanks again,

    Steve Lesse
    Alverno Soccer

  • Apache Joe

    Those Arcadia teams from 96-2004 were incredible. At one point, Arcadia girls was ranked #3 in the country. Brittany Klein was amazing! She is now playing professional women’s soccer. I know Ashley Nick was pursuing it, I never heard how she ended up.

  • FredJ

    I don’t Steve, the defending champs at Alverno will have to wait :), Apache Joe, though Arcadia never won a title because they were in D-1 an D-2 most of those years, those were the best teams the area ever had, even better than some of the area’s CIF champs that won in lower divisions. I forget which year, but when Klein was a senior, that was the best team I ever covered, though they were upset in the semifinals, losing the mudbowl at City Hall. If you look back, they probably had six to seven that went on to play D-1, just incredible.


    While you are at the La Salle game today ask Edgar (La Salle coach) about his new coaching job for a good scoop.

    Steve Lesse
    Alverno Soccer


    Brittany has been playing some amazing soccer over the last year: she started all 20 games and tallied the number 1 minutes played for her WPS team the Chicago Red Stars; she also scored the game winning goal for the US U-23 National team in their game vs. England!

    Steve L.

  • Anonymous


    1. La Caada (21-3)

    Already clinched league title

    2. Pasadena Poly (17-3)

    Stumbled against Chadwick

    3. Flintridge Prep (18-6)

    Still could win Prep title

    4. Alhambra (19-4)

    Plays at Keppel on Friday

    5. La Salle (16-7)

    Lancers need to win out

    6. Rosemead (17-4)

    Ready to sweep league

    7. Muir (15-7)

    Can close out Pacific

    8. Pasadena (13-10)

    Big win over Crescenta Valley

    9. Keppel (11-13)

    Seeking revenge vs. Alhambra

    10. South Pasadena (12-12)

    Could finish in second place

    February 10, 2010 9:28 AM



    Pasadena (18-6)

    Rare loss last week in league

    2. La Caada (19-5)

    Earned share of league crown

    3. Renaissance Acad. (16-8)

    Ranked No. 1 in Division 5A

    4. Flintridge Prep (16-6)

    Routed by Pasadena Poly

    5. Pasadena Poly (18-4)

    Wohl, Merryman lead way

    6. Arcadia (14-11)

    Three wins to stay in fourth

    7. La Salle (17-8)

    Lost to St. Monica on Monday

    8. Keppel (19-5)

    Got the best of Montebello

    9. Temple City (10-8)

    Trying to hold on for second

    10. Maranatha (16-9)

    On a 3-game winning streak

  • Fred!

    Fred, great article as usual. Thanks for covering Pasadena!

  • Anonymous

    Girls Soccer Area Update said:
    Hey Miguel:
    How about a couple of area top ten lists for winter sports?
    It has been over a month (Just about the entire league season!) since you posted any top ten soccer list, boy’s or Girl’s!

    Steve Lesse
    Alverno Soccer

  • Anonymous

    Oh man… I remember when Arcadia was a BEAST. No one could touch them from like 98 – 03. It seemed like every year they were stacked at every position and had at least 5 ODP starters. But they never could win a CIF championship, sometimes even losing in the 1st or 2nd round of playoffs. Reminds me a lot of the current FSHA program.

    A lot of players from those Arcadia teams went on to have successful careers at D1 schools.

    I also remember when La Canada and South Pas used to dominate in the late 90’s… what happened?

  • ThatGuy

    La salle girls soccer will lose first round this year. Count on it.

  • ThatGuy.

    I told you La Salle Would lose in the first round. That team was a disgrace. All around from coaches to players. The La Salle coaches didnt even want to shake hands. Then the La Salle girls making comments like “that team didnt deserve to win they are not even that good” well if any La Salle girls are reading this. You lost to a team that you say you were better than. So what does that make you? Plus when you are in a shootout the object is to kick the ball away from the opposing keeper. You not only did it once but twice. So who deserves to win the game. Losers have fun with your offseason

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