Boys Soccer: Pasadena meets Duarte in wild-card round Tuesday; St. Francis hits the road, meets West Torrance.


Alhambra (Almont at-large) at Tustin (Century at-large)
La Salle (Del Rey at-large) at Morningside (Ocean 3)
Pasadena (Pacific at-large) at Duarte (Montview 3)
Bolsa Grande (Garden Grove at-large) at South Pasadena (Rio Hondo 3)
Monrovia (Rio Hondo at-large) at Pacific (San Andreas at-large)


St. Francis (Mission 4) at West Torrance (Bay 1)
Muir (Pacific 2) at Hueneme (Pacific View 2
Perris (Sunbelt 3) at La Canada (Rio Hondo 1)
St. Genevieve (Santa Fe 2) at Temple City (Rio Hondo 2)
San Jacinto (Mountain Pass 1) at Maranatha (Alpha 1)
Barstow (Desert Sky 3) at Pasadena Poly

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  • sfhs89

    My alma mater has a very difficult task at hand this Thursday. West is 18-1-3 and has 14 seniors on their team. Hoping for the best, but think we’ll be overwhelmed.

  • typical

    From Riley, to the football team, to the soccer team. There are other schools in the area.

    Nothing against SF – but sickened by the bias attitude and lack of any coverage of many of the small schools.

    Cannot wait till the Outlook goes online with a sports section.

  • highschoolsoccer

    Pasadena 1-0 Duarte.

    Pasadena now has to face a tough Pacifica/Oxnard on Thursday.

    Lets go Dena!!

  • Hippity Hoppity

    Give us your opinion… what on earth happened to Monrovia this year? Returning first team all CIF player in Ibanez, and they couldn’t do better than 4th in Rio Hondo??? Gotta be bad coaching.

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