Girls Soccer: Arcadia, Pasadena Poly, Maranatha open playoffs at home in wild-card round of CIF-SS Playoffs


Palmdale (Golden at-large) at Arcadia (Pacific 3)
Mayfield (Prep at-large) at Beverly Hills (Ocean 3)
Bellflower (Suburban at-large) at Pasadena Poly (Prep 3)
La Reina (Tri Valley 4) at Maranatha (Olympic 3)


Brea Olinda (Century 3) at Flintridge Sacred Heart (Mission 1)
Estancia (Orange Coast 2) vs. Flintridge Prep (Prep 2) at Glendale Sports Complex
South Pasadena (Rio Hondo 3) at Cerritos Valley Christian (Olympic 1)
La Reina-Maranatha winner at San Marino (Rio Hondo 1)
La Canada (Rio Hondo 2) at Oak Park (Tri Valley 2)
Ramona Convent (Sunshine 3) at Paloma Valley (Sunblet 2)
Azusa (Montview 2) at San Gabriel Mission (Horizon 2)
Alverno (Horizon 1) bye

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    Go get em’ Maranatha!

  • Hey Miguel

    Why did you delete my post with corrected playoff schedule?
    Your list has a few errors:

    1) FSHA is Mission 2 not 1 (read Keith’s story)

    2) These teams are Division 3 NOT Divison 2:
    Estancia (Orange Coast 2) vs. Flintridge Prep (Prep 2) at Glendale Sports Complex

    3) You left out La Salle:
    Division 4 La Salle (Del Rey #3)@ Pacifica / Oxnard (Pacific View #1)


    Steve L.

  • Tom S

    Maranatha gets by La Reina 1-0
    Plays at San Marino Friday


    Arcadia 2 Palmdale 0
    Arcadia @ Defending Champs Saugus on Friday

    Pasadena Poly 2 Bellflower 1
    Poly @ #2 seed Troy on Friday

    La Reina 1 Mayfield 0

    Good luck to all Pasadena area teams!

    Steve L.

  • Anonymous

    Estancia beat Flintridge Prep in PK’s 4-2

  • Good Game

    Estancia 4
    Flintridge Prep 2

    Went to Penalty Kicks

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