Boys Basketball: PHS, La Salle, St. Francis, Maranatha win big; La Caada, Keppel squeeze into the 2nd round.


Keppel at Norwalk
Pasadena at Ayala
La Canada at Campbell Hall
Bishop Amat at St. Francis
La Salle at Maranatha
Pasadena Poly at Crossroads/Santa Monica
Renaissance Academy at Chadwick
Rio Hondo Prep at California Lutheran
Public Safety Academy at AGBU


Pacifica 64, Arcadia 37
Keppel 58, West Valley 50
Pasadena 96, Culver City 68
Campbell Hall 70, Rosemead 50
La Canada 53, Brea Olinda 52
Pacifica 89, Temple City 58
Cathedral 55, Monrovia 46
Price 87, South Pasadena 45
St. Francis 76, Gabrielino 44
La Salle 75, Blair 53
Maranatha 59, Kern Valley 38
Oaks Christian 79, Muir 58
Santa Ana Calvary Chapel 76, San Marino 54
Pasadena Poly 67, Calvary Murrieta 42
Santa Clara 46, Flintridge Prep 44
Bell-Jeff 75, San Gabriel Academy 51
Rio Hondo Prep 74, Maricopa 23

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  • stogie man

    Who won Arcadia at Oxnard yesterday???

  • Tom S

    La Salle at Maranatha tomorrow night, 7:00.
    Man. the gym will be rocking and I’m looking forward to a great local rival schools game.

  • Basketball Junkie said


    What Happened to Flintridge Prep. Getting beat at Home by Santa Clara is probably one of the biggest upsets so far in the playoofs. Getting beat by a At – Large Team is not a good showing . I really thought they would go farther.

    LaCanada and Campbell Hall should be a good second Round Game.Hoffman is one of the better coaches in this area and should have his team well prepared for Campbell Hall.

    I see Pasadena destroyed Culver City, should be a tighter game against Ayala, but the Bulldogs will come out with a 10-15 point win.Toyama will be the key for this team throughout the playoffs, he is probably one of the top players in this area, if not the best Guard in the area.Big plus for this team is they know how to win on the road and have played tough competition.

  • 81

    Flintridge Prep was overrated teh entire season whereas Santa Clara played a really tough schedule and also had a lot to play for with I believe their coach having died recently.

  • MHS Supporter

    Tom S-
    It should be fun. I heard that La Salle is pretty darn good and I think they have more height. It will take a great deal of hard work and a lot of fan support for Maranatha to win this game but there is hope!
    Go Minutemen!!

  • Miguel Melendez

    This is going to be an awesome game! I’ll be there. Who’s bringing the Tri tip?

  • Big Guy

    The Flintridge Prep game was not a huge upset. Santa Clara was the 4th place team out of the tri-valley league that was won by 3A Oak Park and 4A Oaks Christian. They are the only 5AA team in that tough league. They took Oak Park to the limit losing 48-45 on 2/10. Their record was not indicative of a true 9-15 team. Cleary the CIF seeding group did a poor job of matchups as lower seeded teams in that bracket drew softer opening games than the 4th seeded Prep. 5th seeded Pasadena Poly blew out their draw. If I am not mistaken all the Prep League teams made the playoffs and won their 1st round games. Prep got a bit hosed by the CIF (other teams did as well) and this can not be called a huge upset just an unsually tough 1st round game for a 4 seed.

  • Tom S

    Sorry Miguel, no tri tip tomorrow at MHS. No time to get it together. Snack shack will be open but nothing for a healthy guy like you would want.
    Oh, great boy’s soccer game at MHS today. Minutemen won in overtime. To bad the referees didn’t know the playoff rules.

  • Ram Historian

    Can you say SPANKED? LC wins by one point and the rest of the RHL loses 5 games by an average of 25 points per game. Wow…

  • Anonymous

    I think Prep has had some late season injuries to deal with. They should have handled Santa Clara.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Flintridge Prep Fan,

    Should’a, Could’a, Would’a–you sound like a Texas Longhorn fan! Injuries are part of the game-deal with it.

  • Anonymous

    First not a Prep fan. These small schools are not that deep – they lose a player or two and they are done. That being said Prep still would have won the Rio Hondo League without a loss and beat every team in the area except Pasadena.

  • LOL at Flintridge Prep

    FP fan are you saying they would have beat Renaissance? Only thing that matters is how you do in the playoffs and FLintridge is OUT! LOL

  • Anonymous

    I did not go to the Prep game, but how did Santa Clara hold K. Smith to just 1 point?

    Santa Clara was a tough draw for Prep, but in the playoffs, you either win or go home.

  • bsk fan

    The house will be rockin at Maranatha tonight.

    The question is, can Marantha stop the inside game of La Salle? Also, Maranatha score most of their points from the outside. The team that plays closer to the basket usually wins tight games. La Salle has a better inside game, I am taking La Salle by 8.

  • Anonymous

    “That being said Prep still would have won the Rio Hondo League without a loss and beat every team in the area except Pasadena”

    Are you kidding me? You guys lost to Pasadena Poly by 20! Pasadena Poly lost to La Salle. Tell your coach to beef up the schedule before talking like that, your team has one player and that’s it! No way you beat La Canada, Keppel, Crecenta Valley, Arcadia, Renaissance or La Salle.

  • Basketball Junkie

    To Big Guy,

    Santa Clara lost to Malibu and tied with Malibu in League.Prep beat some very good teams in the Pre- season and should have beaten this mediocre team by at least 10-15 points. Prep did not get hosed, Santa Clara wasn’t ranked and the coaches vote during the season who should be in the top 16 and I never saw Santa Clara.They were one of the last teams to get in the playoffs, don’t get me wrong Santa Clara has been good in the past but not this year. You got to play who is in front of you and not make excuses, Prep season ended on a very sour note to say the least.

    I also agree with the above post about small schools not having depth but Prep on paper should have won, holding Smith to 1 point is pretty surprising , I am shocked that Ohara did not have his guys ready to beat a unranked team in the first round.

    As far as Prep winning the Rio Hondo League you forgot about LC and some other decent teams in the league. Prep does not have the depth to win the Rio Hondo. They would finish in the upper Half of that League.

    Prep and Renaissance would be a good game.

  • Big Guy

    BBal Junkie

    I agree with you that Prep should have beaten Santa Clara. My point was that this was not some crappy 9-15 team. This was a team that played in tough league with schools in higher divisions. Its like in horse racing when a horse takes a drop in class, they tend to run better against cheaper horses. Santa Clara was taking a drop in class from the level they were playing at during the league season. They figured to be better placed in that playoff division. Not a huge upset at all. Just a very tough draw for a 4 seed.

  • james

    The game between santa clara and flintridge prep was not an upset but it clearly shouldn’t have been. The game was horribly reffed. WIth numerious questionable calls on boths tean with a majority of the calls against prep. In one case a player was tripped and clearly was fouled and the ref called a travel. CIF could also be blamed for their lose due to the difficulty of the team they played. Santa Clara is in a tough league and should have played lower ranked team. I find it odd that every team in the prep league won their first round game when prep clearly should have been given a less challenging team

  • prep fan

    To Anonymous

    Are you kidding me? You guys lost to Pasadena Poly by 20! Pasadena Poly lost to La Salle.

    FYI – Prep beat La Salle @ La Salle on 1/30/10
    Prep beat Poly at home 1/16/10
    Poly lost to Rio Hondo Prep at home 1/23/10

  • james

    Ok but prep still won league prep should have gotten the team poly played or some other team CIF really screwed them this year

  • Basketball Junkie

    To all of you that have responded to the Prep responses, blame the coaches in the division not C.I.F.Prep played a NON-RANKED TEAM . They may have come fron a tougher league, but they were not considered one of the top 16 teams in the division.

    The last time I checked any team that was a top 5 seed and lost to a unseeded team in the first round was a HUGE UPSET.

  • Anonymous

    but CIF knew the level of difficulty of the league that santa clara came from. With this knowledge they should have scheduled them against a lower ranked opponent

  • Anonymous

    George Toyama for POY!

  • Anonymous

    Anon 7:38,
    I think you forgot that Prep beat La Salle with no problem late in the season even with injuries and Prep would beat RA by 30. Poly lost by 1 to Rio early in the season and then beat them by 23. Rio is still playing as is Poly. Prep just got put in the wrong division.

  • Big Guy

    Santa Clara goes to the Quarterfinals. Does anyone still think this was an unranked crappy 9-15 team. These teams that drop into lower division playoffs after playing tougher competition in the regular season must be better accounted for in order to create a proper playoff draw.

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