• FF

    That was quick…..heard Jones might take over from SG?

  • Anonymous

    That’s the best news ever for TC Football! Hate to say this TCHS, but that’s what you get when you bring in a kid to do a mans job!!! This guy was horrible, didn’t know anything about coaching, just a lot of hoopla, he was more of a cheerleader than a Head Coach! Let’s go Rams, lets get our tradition back on track!

  • true

    Anonymous- TC has not been good for over 30 years. 2 years ago was a fluke. best thing white could have done was take care of himself and family and get out before more of u wacked out Temple City people think you are good enough to win Cif. Tc has the wosrt fans in the area

  • Anonymous

    sounds like one of the assistants realized he may have to return to telemarketing

  • J.T.

    I agree with both of you.

    1st – TC is way over rated, the RHL (SP, LC, SM, TC) are all weak except Monrovia. Even Monrovia could be considered weak because they are in the RHL.

    2nd – Anthony White, I have to say was a very crappy coach. From watching some of the games, you can tell this guy was never prepared! Anonymous put it perfectly, “he was more of a cheerleader than a head coach”.

    3rd – I feel bad for Buena Park, because they will find out first hand what a crappy coach they hired!

    So let’s all follow next years W’s and L’s for (BuenaPark) or Points For and Points Against. If I am wrong, I will be the first to apologize!

  • Anonymous

    Future Ram Applicants please take note why the lambs cannot hold on to any coaches Mooney to Backus to White You will receive no support Apply at your own risk

  • Goldenarm


    guess I must be one of those “wosrt” fans of Tc you are talkin about.

    your statement “tc has not been good for 30 years” is a sheer hatin sandwich, topped with a slice of grey matter – the one you obviously skipped first time through the buffet line.
    mR tRUE – HERE IS THE TRUTH…just recent, I ain’t talkin Hitchcock or single-bar facemasks either.
    2001- 11-1 RHL CHAMP
    2002- 8-4
    2003- 8-2 RHL CHAMP
    2004- 8-2
    2005 – 8-4 RHL CHAMP
    2006 – 10-2 RHL CHAMP
    In recent times, there
    ain’t no shame in losing to Bishop Diego or Paraclete.

    Yeah the RHL is not the powerhouse of any division, but TC and Monrovia always seem to slap down one or two of the whiners every year…still I don’t expect the critics to change and it don’t much matter anyway.

    The program has tremendous community support and a loyal, returning fan base who fill the stands every season. The booster club is a fundraising machine for the kids – it is a good place to play ball and get an education.

  • Goldenarm


    some truth lies in your disclaimer

  • Reno Hightower

    According to Reno’s sources over at the South Kern County Gazette, the TCHS Rams won a CIF football playoff this season. WHAT? You say it was that other football? Futbol? Soccer? Temple City? Shut TFU! Reno apologizes for any mistake reported here (unlike that Miguelito dude).

  • 1836

    Hey White,

    on your way to BP, bring me a Cutty and Water…huh!?


  • pacific league

    What do you guys think about Chris Long over at Hoover? He might be a great fit. Hell he got Hoover to compete this year. When was the last time Hoover played Pasadena tough 21 – 13 and Arcadia 35 – 28 and they have no talent what so ever!

  • tcchamps

    Just another Lost Sailor. Who will get us out of the Doldrums?

  • Apache Joe

    Chris Long is a hell of a coach and a good man. He would be a great hire for TC.

  • tcchamps

    Hey Reno Whats your take on this, Id ask GA, but in he is still in gracious mode. Dude interviews, promises the second coming of Christ, Dude bails. I remember when I was in college, actually no I dont, but I believe that they said, you should hop jobs early in your career to establish better pay standard. With that said, I dont believe that applied to handling Students? For Christ sake, if you have bigger aspirations in life, knock yourself out. Dont be screwing our kids with your empty promises. I dont even have a kid that plays football, but to tell you the truth, Im a little pissed. No wonder Max Ruckle was second team, Dude didnt care. Perhaps Dude couldnt handle tradition, RamRodders.. If you want to screw TC fine, but dont screw our kids. Move on down the road, chase your dreams, and dont screw the BP kids you pos.

  • Nervo

    Now the looming question…do all the changes to tradition stay? or is it back to Thursday nights at the boat with a team meeting after, Wednesday night practices under the lights, and the ‘earn your horns as a team’?

  • Goldenarm


    The Wed night practices, Thurs night scarf and bond, Friday game were like a circadian rhythm built into Ram player DNA. It all worked too.

    EVERYTHING about practice and how things flew was different this year. Where things go from here is wholly dependent on who they hire. My guess is any coach NOT a TC alum will further dismantle tradition, and go where his football mind takes him.

    This year it was all Eagle Rock this and Rosemead that, and wild stories about Tommy Bullock, Desmond Reed, Soumak and others just ain’t being told no mo.
    I guess that is to be expected.

    I place both blame and responsibility for righting this situation not with Anthony White, but with the BIG 3 behind this “NEW DIRECTION”, those who orchestrated Backus’ dismissal, grabbed the steering and turned the Ram bus down the dirt road we now are traveling on.

    They gambled – and our kids lost.

    Gracious mode?

  • Goldenarm

    My suspicion is they already have a new head coach in their sights, he is one of the Eagle Rockers.

    There will not be a long search this time around, that would require energy, commitment and thought – none of which is in abundance at the TC admin level, at least when it comes to the football program.

    If you want a return of TC tradition:
    A few scenarios, most all but impossible, that would keep TC tradition alive….

    1)elevate the jv staff to co-head coaches for varsity
    You dreaming of 6 power? Trust me, here it comes.

    2)Add 3 stories atop the snack bar and house Backus on the top floor. Fire those in the admin who dislike the bald one and give him back the keys to the City. He is already on Campus teaching anyway, knows the players and …..nevermind, never gonna happen!

    3) Ask the Hitchcock family for a drop of ol’ Bob’s DNA, and start growing a coach. Deformed or not, make sure we got somebody Hitchcockian with a hat and whistle on the sideline by October.

    4) Assign an interview team of tcchamps, Reno, Someone Who Knows, The Stang Fan and Chkyrself to monitor the interview and candidate consideration process. Please guys – find us a winner.

  • Anonymous

    Rumor has it that Lopez & camerano have already agreed to join White at Buena Park, so if you want to see 6 power, make sure you stop by Knotts on your way to the high school.Rumor also has it that Cable would like to run the offseason program.

  • Rams Fan

    I must apologige for what Im about to say but here it goes…
    All you boosters, alumni, etc… Are you kidding by what your saying? The district, the school, hires who they believe can get the job done, good or bad, not the “Boosters, Alumni, or the Fans” Unless you are signing his “check” your just a fan! You all talk about tradition this, tradition that, run the “6 power” or just run the ball, run the ball, run the ball! A good coach will come in and run what he thinks is right! If the talent on the team is QB and WR then guess what, he’ll throw the ball, if the talent is a few goood RB, beefy lineman then he’ll run the ball. In this day and age if you don’t adapt to what the team can do, your left behind!
    We all know they are not going to bring back Mooney, Backus (maybe) but not seeing that either. Let’s stop living in the past (how great it was) and step into the future, whatever that might be and support whoever that will be and not drill them and question them on everything that they do. If any of you “CAN” then you should step up and apply for the job. If not, then just be a “FAN”

  • Anonymous

    Rams Fan,
    I think that the reason everyone questioned White is not because of tradition but because he did not do what you just stated, assess the situation and make a sound conclusion given that tc had 4 returning o-linemen & a running back that rushed for 1600 yds. Instead he featured the o around a talented qb that didnt play his jr year. I dont think anyone would have given White such a hard time if he focused the offense around the group that he had returning, 6 power or not.The traditionalists, boosters, & ramrodders good or bad, want to see whats best for tc & like it or not, every tc coach has and will have to deal with that. Soumak, Difi, Mooney and Backus all did, why should White have been any different? Your right though, the next coach will have to look at the cupboard and make a sound choice based on whats there, only difference is, where White had something to work with and went a different direction, the new coach will have to start from scratch.

  • Wonka

    Just recieved confirmation Lopez is staying at TC. Why doesn’t the school try to keep him around? He is very well liked by the kids, parents and fans. He also played there and has an idea about the tradition.

  • chongger

    hire coach Chonky McChonkchonk!

  • Goldenarm


    you did a fine job covering the head coach search last time – hope you can do the same this time

  • Parent

    Been out of town, got back yesterday and saw all this! Two months ago, right before our banquet, I heard through a friend of mine from the Fullerton district about Anthony White. I called up AD Van De Veere and asked him about what I had heard and he said, No, that’s not true and White is our coach! Day before the story broke my son came home and said they were told by their coach that his leaving, I called up Van De Veere again and he said, there just rumors? Guess this guy had been planning on leaving all along. If any of you are friends with Van De Veere ask him about my conversation with him and confirm!

  • New York

    I wonder how Tip Sanders would do at TC? Everyone always says that he is a hard driving disciplinarian who likes running the ball.

  • RealFan

    Parent you are lying. I know both the players you speak of. you are lying.

  • MidValley

    TC fans be careful. You are getting as bad as the LA fans. Get a young guy in there and let him grow into the job. Many of you were on Whites a** the minute he accepted the job. What he should do. What he shouldn’t do. After game one people were calling for his head. Support the program and give the guy 2-3 years. If not I promise you will find yourself quickly in the same situation as LA. Longtime coach leaves, young guy gets a shot, fans all over him because he is not the “old” guy, young guy gets let go and now no one wants to coach at that school. Be honest… What is so attractive about being the TC HC? Horrible administration. FACT. Boys AD has his own agenda. FACT. Your fans have a hugely over-inflated sense of entitlement. FACT. None of you are (or probably ever have been)coordinators. Yet you think stopping by practice once a week and being in the stands on Friday nights has earned you an honorary headset. You are in a league with a perennial power that has a better talent pool. FACT. That said TC’s fanbase is an awesome power. They fundraise like no other, they are hyper-involved, they do everything you could ask of a group of fans. And athletically TC is still getting some really good kids. I have no doubt if you work together on the things you can control (support) and quit arguing about the things you can’t control (Admin.) TC will be back as strong as ever.

  • New York

    I’m not so sure that the formula for success is “hiring a young guy and letting him grow into the job.” I’m not saying that is a bad idea, but the history of the TC program suggests a different criteria for success.

    DiFiori: Was the DC at Bishop Amat (CIF Champs in 1995) prior to taking over Temple City in 1996. DiFiori at least had been a successful coordinator and had a strong enough resolve to establish continuity.

    Mooney: Mooney had been Offensive Coordinator and then Head Coach at San Marino prior to taking over Temple City. Plus Mooney had studied under Bill Maloney at San Marino. Maloney is a legendary high school coach. I was actually surprised that Mooney was not named TC’s head coach earlier.

    Backus: Long-time Temple City Assistant. Knew the program inside and out. Loyal to the school. Wasn’t he an assistant dating back to the Soumakian years?

    Take a look at Monrovia: This is Maddox’ first head coaching assignment, but he had been a long-time assistant at a good program (West Covina) and had learned the ropes from mentors Maggiorie and Bogan. Maddox had been OC and DC at WestCo. Maddox track record of staying and advancing at WestCo for 10 years demonstrated focus, commitment and loyalty.

    TC’s decision to hire Coach White was a bit of a gamble on a young, energetic (likely talented) emerging coach. However, his track record of bouncing around should have been a red flag IF Temple City wanted a coach to establish some continuity. Also, had Coach White ever been an Offensive or Defensive coordinator?

    The Rio Hondo League will probably have trouble attracting candidates who are quality, experienced head coaches. However, it has a track record of attracting quality, experienced assistant coaches. TC should comb through the solid programs around the valley and find a seasoned Coordinator who wants a shot at being a head coach.

  • Parent

    Real Fan

    I am lying??? Really??? One of us is and I know it’s not me. Did you call Van De Veere and ask about my conversation??? I dought it! You say, “You know both the players I speak of”…. hmmm…??? That’s odd I never spoke of any 2 players… Just what my son said to me and what a friend of mine from Fullerton District said, so please keep your BS to yourself and enjoy Buena Park! To be frank, you sound like you might be…Guess who everybody???

  • 78 CIF Champl

    The team of 78 was the last great team!!!

    13 – 0 RHL Champs, CIF Champs!!!

    Hitchcock was the greatest!!!!

    The team of 78 was the greatest!!!!

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