Softball: La Caada sits atop the new top 10 rankings

1. La Caada (4-0) — How could you not justify the Spartans atop the rankings? Great pitching (O’Leary/Cox) and great offensive production (Edwards) easily makes them the area’s dominant team in the area. There are some questions about La Caada’s youth, but at this junction (so early in the season) it is my belief that we got our answer of which area team will dominate, and the Spartans did exactly that in the Duarte Tournament. Anna Edwards was fun to watch last year, but you look at what she did in the Duarte Tournament regardless of opponent, and you have to be taken aback at her heavy swing. She went 9-for-11 with 13 RBIs, three home runs and seven runs scored.

2. San Gabriel Mission (3-0) — We didn’t have the Pioneers in our top 10 preseason rankings, but you can’t ignore what they’ve done in three games, allowing just four runs. San Gabriel on Tuesday beat Maranatha, 3-2. Nicole Holguin had six strikeouts, two walks and pitched 6 2/3 innings. She gave up a two-run double in the top of the 7th inning. She struck out the next better looking.

3. La Salle (2-2) — The Lancers had a shaky start to the season. The 6-2 loss to L.A. Marshall is a quality loss. La Salle went on to beat Flintridge Prep 26-0 (what is this, football?) and lost to South Hills 6-4 before beating Marshall Fundamental 6-4. It’s not exactly the kind of results we were anticipating, but to the Lancers’ defense this still is a very early season.

4. Marnatha (1-1) — The Minutemen will get a chance to bounce back early when they host Arcadia on Wednesday. Maranatha also lost to L.A. Marshall, and got a win over a weak Banning team. There still is some concern in the pitching and fielding department.

5. Monrovia (4-1) — The Wildcats have two shutouts so far this season. If their pitching comes together we could see the darkhorse in the Rio Hondo League. We’ll know a lot more after Monrovia opens the season against South Pasadena.

6. Temple City (2-2) — It’s too early to tell where Temple City is. The Rams beat South Pasadena and Arcadia, solid wins by all accounts. The loss to Arroyo is an iffy loss and losing 4-1 to Schurr might explain why we’re high on Temple City.

7. South Pasadena (2-2) — The young Tigers squad still is finding their form. It can be their strong suit and just as well can be their weakness. South Pasadena plays Schurr today and opens the season against Monrovia on Friday.

8. San Marino (1-1) — Word from some coaches and parents in the know say Michelle Floyd, a 6-foot-3 freshman, is the real deal. The Titans lost only 1-0 to L.A. Marshall, beat Alhambra 10-3 on Monday and currently are playing in the Lincoln Tournament.

9. Mayfield (2-1) — With Katie Clancy in the circle the Cubs always have a chance at a W. The rest is where we may have some questions. We may get some answers when Mayfield plays Maranatha, South Pasadena and Flintridge Sacred Heart.

10. Arcadia (3-3) — The Apaches visit Maranatha on Wednesday. There’s a lot of potential on this Arcadia tea, but errors prove to be too much to recover from and limited hitting will slow down Arcadia.

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  • Anonymous

    SP 4-3 over Schurr

  • SJC

    La Canada V. West Ranch in a Doubleheader:

    La Canada 0 – West Ranch 3
    La Canada 3 – West Ranch 2 (8 innings)

    West Ranch is a quality D1 School – great games to watch.

  • chkyrslf

    New picture please.

  • Prep fan

    Flintridge Sacred Heart @ Flintridge Prep, 2 – 1. Could have gone either way.

  • rclancy

    Disappointed that you dropped Mayfield from #5 to #9. Their 1 loss was to a very good hitting Div III team (Gahr). I am not sure they should be #5 but I also don’t think they should be #9. I guess time will tell.

  • ahs fan

    Miguel, I think you really missed the mark on Arcadia’s rating. A tough 1-0 loss to La Canada your well deserved number one and another tough game against Monrovia. They also beat LA Marshall which some of your higher ranked teams (ie La Salle) lost to.


    Can you please explain how Arcadia dropped in the ratings when they actually BEAT LA Marshall which seemed to be your measuring stick. I mean La Salle, Marantha and San Marino all LOST to them but seem to rise in the rankings. Also Arcadia had a tough 1-0 lost to your #1 La Canada (which I agree with). I think you really missed the boat on this one.

  • chkyrslf


    Arcadia is 3-3 and lost to three RHL teams in the top 10 and you are still in the top 10, I wouldn’t scream too loud. (By the way capital letters are screaming)


    You may have the best argument, and time will tell because you have the schedule this year to prove it.

  • Setting the record straight

    Miguel, April Fools day is 15 days away. How can you even rank Teams when you don’t see them? Mission scrimmage Mayfield it wasn’t even close. Mayfield use 3 pitchers and only gave up one hit. And Nicole felt like she was in the army.(shelled) Mission 5-2 over Westridge. Maranatha, Talk to the coach. He has no pitching period. Oh! yea April FOOLS!

  • chkyrslf


    Please do not try and use scrimmages as barometers, we have been through this before. The games don’t count, you can’t keep score, and you never know who is playing when. According to maxpreps Mission beat Westridge 5-0. Mayfield has many opportunities to show that they belong near the top. They have a lot to be proud of where they are. OH and by the way, nice job calling out the pitchers from Maranantha.

    I think I would have a couple of different things in the top 10 but overall a good job by Miguel early in the season. Most of the teams in the mix have a path to getting it done.

    The RHL is a nightmare league and it appears everyone will be chasing La Canada.


    the rankings should be called “PRE” season as it is only pre season as most coaches are jostling their players and positions around and alota coaches even bring up frosh and jv players and put them in game situations… so I agree with “setting the record straight” let the real games begin and then do some ranking!!!

  • chkyrslf

    Well if you “GEARWRENCH” know and “STRS” knows that it is pre-season and the regular season is the real barometer, can’t you just view the current top 10 in the way you describe and deal with it? Imagine if after all of these years of having top 10’s from the start of the season, Miguel chose not to do it. How much crap would he get then? At least he is doing his homework and using logic and names which is already better than it has been for a long time. If your team is not #1 and you think they should be, win your league and CIF and you will leave no doubt.

    CIF is releasing a top 10 for each division every week, even during pre-season.

  • SJC

    La Canada 11 – 1 over Harvard Westlake

  • chkyrslf

    I had a feeling that was going to happen.

  • chkyrslf


  • Miguel Melendez

    Maranatha 4, Arcadia 3. Annie Sommers with a solo shot in the first, trailed 3-2 til the sixth when Maranatha scored two runs. Natalie Moreno got the side out in two grounders and a fly for the win. Great game!

  • ms cif

    Don’t for one minute think these are “pre seasons” game. they are non-league games. when it comes tournament time, these results DO MATTER in CIF playoff seedings both for the sectionals and beyond. trust me, these games count !!!

  • I find it difficult to believe everything that is written here is all true. Maybe some of you should look to do some more research before you comment on here in future!

  • ColeyColkenFan

    Damn Nick You Regulate;D

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