Baseball: Let’s clear up what happened in Elks Tourny

There’s been a lot of “he said, she said” as to why Arcadia and Monrovia didn’t play in the third-place game of the Elks Tournament. I wondered about it, too, and thought if they played it would have made for a really good game. It didn’t happen, and there is a reason to it. Arcadia expressed interest in moving the time to 3 p.m. at Monrovia. The Wildcats declined. Arcadia suggested moving it to 7 p.m. at Arcadia. The Wildcats declined. “We had some kids who were going to take the SATs,” Arcadia coach Nick Lemas said. “I wanted to play the best team out there, and Monrovia was the best team available. But we weren’t able to get our whole team. What’s the point if I don’t have my guys. I don’t think the kids should have been punished for taking the SATs.” Jeff Kim and Haram Park were two of the kids taking the SATs that morning, and Kim was salted to pitch in the third-place game. “I think the fans and kids would have enjoyed it,” Lemas said. “We got Pasadena Poly, who is a quality opponent, so it all worked out.” Monrovia also had some kids taking the SATs, but despite that there was no sense in moving the time of the game for a few players, given the schedule is made out since November and game officials are told ahead of time the final Saturday games are played at 11 a.m. “If you have a team like St. Francis or Arcadia or somebody else that can play at night, they ask us if we can move it and if the officials say yes, then they can move the game,” Monrovia co-head coach Brad Blackmore said. “Once Arcadia lost and we lost, we’re playing (Arcadia) at our place at 11 a.m.” So, because Monrovia is one of three host teams (Temple City and Alhambra are the others) the game is at Monrovia at 11 a.m. by default. There’s no budging there. Monrovia felt it didn’t have to move the game, no less its site. Both coaches agreed that at this point if they couldn’t come up with a resolution, then both teams would play teams that were available for their schedules. Monrovia played and beat Western Christian and Arcadia played and beat Pasadena Poly. Both teams got their fifth game in and worked their pitchers before the start of league. Monrovia opens Friday at home against South Pas. Arcadia opens on the 23rd at Hoover.

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  • featherhead

    …but the Oliver Stone Bx2F had y’all hating on the Apache for dodging a stupid consolation game. Thanks for setting the record straight cuz “we” knew better.

  • Don


    This is a great blog.

    Now, maybe you can get Robledo to find out why the Glendora bracketologists changed Northview’s final game from a re-match with Bonita to a consolation game with Charter Oak.

  • Anonymous

    That is pretty weak, move the game! You run the tournament and I can only assume the umpires would have been open to a change. Didn’t change it based on the principal of it being your home game = laughable. I understand not going to Arcadia but a 3:00 start rather than an 11:00 start?

  • tcchamps

    Can we deduct that Coach had no confidence in the rest of his guys?

  • BigFatFan

    Miguel, thanks for getting the backstory on this one. looks like Monrovia refused to budge on this one. but at least we got the scoop. thanks again.

  • bottom line

    Sounds like tournament directors and coaches are still in winterball mode. Play the games when they are supposed to be played, at the times they are slated for, and with the players that are available. Just wondering why this only happened to Arcadia and Monrovia. Don’t the other schools have SAT’s?

  • Prep Fan

    Bottom Line:

    Yes, the other schools do have SAT’s. Arcadia and Poly were able to find umpires at 3:00 since they wanted to avoid the SAT conflict for their players while Monrovia and Western Christian played when they did because they were willing to have kids either miss the SAT or play without them.

    The whole idea about not being able to find an official is a red herring, Arcadia and Poly were clearly able to do it and late changes happen all the time.

    As a neutral observer, Arcadia asking to move the time to 3:00 seems like a very reasonable request. I am not sure why they would be avoiding a full strength Arcadia team.

  • Big Baseball Fanatic

    Feather-Brained as usual you are wrong!

    If you read my post, what happened was Arcadia wanted to change the time and/or place of the game and could not play unless Monrovia agreed. “ARCADIA DECLINED” to play the game at the scheduled place and time not Monrovia, that was their choice.

    Also those are Coaches decisions not Players who were
    looking forward to another double-digit score-fest off Arcadia Pitching.

    On a side note- Do you even have a kid on a team or do you just criticize those who have a valid stake in the game.

    We really don’t need another blogger that just spews out negative posts regardless of what team.

  • featherhead

    Sticks and stones lethargist…and I’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever know about the game

  • RHL fan

    It looks like Arcadia has no confidence in their other kids! Hey my son has a dental appointment on Friday. We need to re-schedule the league opener!!!

  • Soeone who knows

    The whole thing about officials this time of year is bunk. Most youth leagues are just starting or have not yet opened up and any HS umpire who works youth ball will gladly give that away to work a HS game, especially of that caliber.

    One thing, SATs are taken throughout the year and only the first few Saturdays in the season and around Spring Break are Saturday games a problem. Those kids could have scheduled their SATs for May 1, June 5 (not a good day if you make the CIF Finals), or earlier in the school year before the regular season starts.

  • Prep Fan too

    Prep Fan: Maybe it’s because Monrovia already whipped a full strength Arcadia team a couple of weeks ago.

  • How about

    Re-working your pitching rotation according to the schedule. Did the Arcadia coach only find out about the SATs last week?

  • CatsFan

    Miguel: One thing that your story seem to have missed is that maybe some of the Monrovia players and their families already had other plans for Saturday afternoon.

  • Griff

    Wasn’t it refreshing to read the story about the La Caada-Poly game that Nathan Cambridge wrote today? Coaches clearly respecting each other, praising the opposing players, focusing on playing good baseball, etc. How one wishes the contributors to this blog would show the same class and refrain from criticizing coaches’ decision and arguing about who’s ducking whom.

  • tcchamps


    Come on people now
    smile on your brother
    Everybody get together
    try to love one another right now

    Youngbloods 1969

    Man your a blast from the past. Keep it up.

  • Tim Peterson

    TC Champs- Rockin the youngbloods…I like it. You still into the Dead?

  • Merci pour ce tres bon article. J’espere que d’autres suivront.

  • goteamgo

    While yes, the players could have scheduled the SAT’s on May 5 and June 1, high school counselors recommend that they take the March test first; for many students this is the first time they take the SAT. Taking the March exam allows them to gauge themselves, and allows two more times to retake the test before the summer.

  • bottom line

    Take the SAT, spend time with your family, do what you need to do. It’s up to the coach to fill in the blanks. Remember, it’s a team sport – no one player wins or loses the game for you. Play the team you draw at the time and place it is slated for. Game time -11:00 at Monrovia High School. Monrovia and Arcadia should be embarassed creating this blog. And that’s the bottom line.

  • New York

    The real travesty is that a greater number of the students were not taking the SAT now, during the pre-season with an opportunity to retake it later in the year. Remember, colleges combine your best scores from each time you take the exam.

    tcchamps: “deduce” would be the word to use. (Kids, keep that in mind if that sentence structure appears within the verbal section of the SAT or the GMAT further down the road.) Although, I certainly appreciate the Freudian slip and your use of “deduct,” as we are in the middle of tax season…don’t forget to file by April 15…

  • tcchamps

    Thanks NY

    Guess you can deduce I scored low in that part of the SAT. Tim – Yeah. I still throw on an odd bootleg now and again.

  • gimme that keyboard

    If the tournament organization took academic achievement seriously, they could easily have made sure not to schedule any games during the SAT time slot. It’s just one morning. Any school scheduled for that slot would have the same problem; the only difference is how essential their juniors are to the team.

    But then, CIF SS has been known to schedule playoff games during national AP exams.

  • greeper

    Give me a break Blackmore shouldn’t have been so stubborn, by the way Brad you still owe me 50.00 from about 20 years ago I haven’t forgotten.

  • Big Baseball Fanatic

    Cats defeat Tigers 2-0 game was close right to the end.

    Sr. Aaron Murphree Pitched a Complete Game Shut-out

    closing out the 7th Inning by striking out the side.

    Tigers are for real and greatly improved since last year

    Anthony D’Oro kept the Cats off-balance for 6 Innings

    with off-speed, and breaking pitches, that had the batters confused.

    Cats travel to SoPas Monday for what should be another close game.

  • Traitor

    Thoust knoweth who ye are, one of ye…

  • C The Dawgger

    complete scores report for mon to thu, taken down from maxpreps…

    Thu 3/18
    League contests
    Bonita 7, Charter Oak 1 (Miramonte)
    Flintridge Prep 9, Chadwick 8 (Prep)
    South Hills 7, West Covina 0 (San Antonio)
    Walnut 4, Rowland 1 (San Antonio)

    Yucaipa 6, Burbank 4 (Lancer Classic – Tucson, AZ)

    Bishop Amat 7, Chatsworth 1
    Los Altos 19, Norwalk 1
    Duarte 12, San Gabriel 5
    Calvary Chapel Downey 12, Rio Hondo Prep 1
    Webb 9, Pilgrim 4

    Shootout score
    Eastside Christian 29, Boys Republic 19

    Wed 3/17
    League contest
    Bishop Amat 8, La Salle 3 (Del Rey)

    Gladstone 19, San Marino 4
    Monrovia 13, Kalani Hawaii 1
    Pasadena Poly 6, La Canada 5
    Whittier 4, Schurr 2
    Firebaugh 5, Bassett 4
    Ganesha 2, Marshall Pasadena 1 (8 inn. walkoff)
    DOUBLEHEADER — Gm#1 St Francis 9, Saugus 2 & Gm#2 Saugus 2, St Francis 1

    Shootout score
    Crespi 19, Cleveland 10

    Tue 3/16
    League contests
    Nogales 6, West Covina 1 (San Antonio)
    Flintridge Prep 6, Chadwick 3 (Prep)
    Pasadena Poly 12, Webb 0 (5 inn.) (Prep)
    Maranatha 8, Village Christian 5 (Alpha)

    BASEBALL SMUDGEPOT Bonita 7, San Dimas 3
    BASEBALL BRANDING IRON Walnut 12, Diamond Bar 11 (9 inn. walkoff)

    Damien 17, Rancho Cucamonga 3 (Don Lugo)
    Canyon Del Oro (Tucson, AZ) 5, Burroughs (Burbank, CA) 1 (Lancer Classic – Tucson, AZ)
    Burbank 3, Redlands East Valley 1 (Lancer Classic – Tucson, AZ)
    Covina 5, Valley View 2 (Brian Hamilton Tourn. – Chino HS)

    DOUBLEHEADER — Gm #1 Alhambra 10, Kalani Hawaii 3 & Gm#2 Alhambra 12, Kalani Hawaii 2
    Monrovia 15, Sultana 2
    Los Altos 8, California 6 (played at USC Dedeaux Field)
    Northview 5, Arcadia 0
    Sierra Vista 2, Arroyo 1
    Montebello 8, El Rancho 4
    San Pedro 10, Wilson (Hacienda Heights) 5
    Diamond Ranch 11, Pomona 5
    Bell Gardens 10, Bosco Tech 6
    Rio Hondo Prep 11, La Verne Lutheran 1 (5 inn.)
    Bassett 13, Mark Keppel 7

    Mon 3/15
    Arroyo 6, Ontario Christian 5 (Brian Hamilton Tourn. – Chino HS)
    Burbank 17, Rincon (Tucson AZ) 4 (Lancer Classic – Tucson, AZ)
    Burroughs (Burbank) 9, Verdigris (Claremore, Oklahoma) 3 (Lancer Classic – Tucson, AZ)

    Blair 9, Cantwell 0
    La Canada 8, Azusa 5
    Baldwin Park 9, Gabrielino 4
    Gladstone 6, Rosemead 3
    Bell Gardens 8, Norwalk 7
    DOUBLEHEADER — Gm#1 La Serna 9, La Habra 8 & Gm #2 La Habra 8, La Serna 6

  • Someone who knows

    Regarding scheduling:

    You have several things that can’t be changed one is ETS’s dates for their testing and the CIF-SS rather short 10 week period for a season and the individual leagues to schedule their games.

    ETS has several opportunities throughout the school year for students to take their exams. Obviously, if you play Spring sports, scheduling your exam in early March would be poor planning when taking one before your season starts or the previous fall may be more appropriate.

    The CIF-SS has allowed their first games to be the first week of March (Sometimes starting the last day of February when that was a Friday) for years and those opening tournament like the Arcadia Elks, are scheduled to finish before many leagues must start their games, because most schools play 12-16 League games. The CIF-SS allows only 20 scheduled games, but doubleheaders count as one game and tournaments are counted as two and most teams are guaranteed anywhere from three to five games depending on the tourney’s size.

    As for the CIF Playoffs, the season ends mid-May and playoffs start right away. They have 32 team brackets for each of the seven divisions and this coincides with Finals at many (but not all)schools, and each district and all the various private schools are free to set up their own calendars, so is the CIF-SS supposed to schedule their playoffs in late June?

    Once again, the various coaching staffs need to keep up on which students would need to take exams and remind them to take them before their season of sport begins. For example, I would not expect a football player to schedule fall exams, but to take them the previous spring or during the winter term, and so on. For whatever reason if they must, then that team must play without those players.

    Injuries, family emergencies, weather, school events, exams, and academic eligibility are all part of life of the student athlete and their respective teams. Deal with it, play your schedule, and take care of business on and off the field is all that these programs can do with the various restrictions. What works for one program, may not work for another.

    Saying this, Arcadia and Monrovia ought to find a way to play a regular season game each year, it would draw a huge crowd and would be a great local non-league rivalry.

  • featherhead

    After I put my eyeballs back in their sockets from your volumonous post, the culmination makes a lot of sense. What doesn’t make sense is all of the prattle (thanks mainly to the “pedestrian” opinion of the lethargist) about a meaningless consolation game NOT happening. Now, ROLL ON YOU BEARS!

  • Big Baseball Fanatic


    Are you still chewing on that BS! LOL

    I already moved on to looking at My Cats on the Sports Page after their Complete Game Shut-Out of SoPas.

    If you actually had a team! You wouldn’t still be crying about something that didn’t even happen to you..

    P.S. The only thing pedestrian around here is your inane opinion. (Laughing Uncontolably here)..

  • featherhead

    congratulations to the kids (not you)- you make this way too ez (thanks for the chuckles)
    btw…have you learned the difference between an infield fly and a ground ball to third?

  • Big Baseball Fanatic


    My mild amusement at your weak attempts at cerebral humor has waned,and now it’s just sad…

    Go give your Grandma her nightly spongebath, and go back to talking to your cats you lonely old man.

  • tcchamps


    Can you post another blog so these girls can clear up what happened? I’m rubber your glue…..

  • For the Love of the GAME

    I am going to refrain from saying anything about who’s ranked what until we get into April; then we’ll have something to talk about. I want to say something about Miguel’s write up on Maranatha, “Minutemen have had it tough”…nah, I will not stoop.

    Anyone know who won the SF CV game on Saturday?

  • For the Love of the GAME

    Looks like there will be a new Top Team in the area this week, but who cares….SF lost two of it’s last three, lost to CV 10 – 6….I think I said in a previous post, who cares what you ranked now, it’s all about how you finish the season / league…

    Rank’em Miguel….I am waiting to see this one, you gonna put La Salle up in the mix cause they beat Maranatha? Not saying I would support that, but hey, it wouldn’t shock me or anything with all the prior ranked teams…

  • Archangel

    Below left are listed local teams with their original

    Star News Ranking and their current records.

    On the right are possible ranking changes.

    No. 1 Maranatha (3-5) No. 1 St.Francis (6-2)

    No. 2 Monrovia (7-1) No. 2 Monrovia (7-1)

    No. 3 St. Francis (6-2) No. 3 Alhambra (7-1)

    No. 4 Arcadia (4-2) No. 4 Maranatha (3-5)

    No. 5 Alhambra (7-1) No. 5 Arcadia (4-2)

    No. 6 Temple City (3-3) No. 6 Pasadena (4-1)

    No. 7 La Salle (4-4) No. 7 South Pas (4-2)

    No. 8 Gabrielino (1-6) No. 8 La Salle (4-4)

    No. 9 San Marino (5-4) No. 9 Pasadena Poly (5-2)

    No. 10 Pasadena (4-1) No.10 Temple City (3-3)

    NR Pasadena Poly (3-2) NR San Marino (5-4)

    NR South Pasadena (4-1) NR Gabrielino (1-6)

  • stang believer

    Pasadena to win or come in second in Pacific league. Stangs should be a bit better and have struggled but people/media/ others dont even ask how they r doing.Unfair to kids who r really trying. Their coach is going to have to get em going, everytime I drive by he is out their putin work. Many kids working hard to become STUDENT-athletes.Back in the day the paper covered local HS’s but now seems to be interested in schools east of rosemead, west of windsor.

  • BigFatFan

    Miguel, the star news did a nice write-up on the Maranatha side of the La Salle doubleheader this past weekend. But what about the other LOCAL team, La Salle? there was barely a mention of La Salle in the article. it sounded like the story was written for the Maranatha student newspaper, focused soley on Covey. afterall, La Salle actually split the doubleheader with Maranatha, that seems worthy of providing some write-up about La Salle in the story. If the Star News wants to increase readership, then you need to spread the love around on these stories and stop focusing on Monrovia, St. Francis and one or two more teams.

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