Football: Is it too early for a football poll? ‘Course not!

Aram Tolegian put out his list of the all-encompassing SGV Top 25. So from St. Francis to Bonita down to Diamond Bar and back across to La Habra, this is everybody, the very best of the very best. Among our area schools making the cut are St. Francis (No. 7), Muir (No. 9) and Monrovia (No. 12).

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    FOOTBALL is a year round sport. Kids are hitting the weights and we’ll have passing leagues soon. NFL has the draft too so there is always some fun football action. Is it too soon to get the SGV football schedules printed??

  • C Dawg

    May wanna try checking in on Calpreps every so often.

  • Yes

    Fine, but seriously Mig, can you at least attempt to cover some Track or Swim?

    This is why my parents canceled their subscription and why the Outlook is blowing you all out of the water.

    They cover all the sports.

    A High School Football/Track Athlete

  • Goldenarm


    Por favor, give TC a call and find out what the deal is on hiring a new head coach

    Candidate pool???

    everybody is gone, including a couple good underclassmen who decided TC is not the place to be for football right now….some of us saw this coming and it could be the beginning of a long, long stay in hell

  • Anonymous

    Rumor has it that Backus is coming back…what a joke! After you slap a kid, you get canned and then they bring u back! Nice district, lol

  • bob

    Goldenarm- who is TC?

  • RAMS2010


    The job wasn’t posted until late this week or even early next week. Heard some names but most might be rumors. The district has made this very difficult for whomever they choose. It is clear that the powers that be are not interested in the football program. It will be late April before someone is named. I can confirm 2 maybe 3 starters from last year are leaving to other schools. I’m positive the happenings at SM in the last couple of days will also affect the possible candidates for the TC job. I would like to know who is at TC now running the off season? Is White still teaching at TC? Doesn’t Spring FB start in a couple of weeks?


    Pasadena Dogs are playing La Salle, Catherdral & LA Westchester in pre-season this next season. Should be fun!


    Pasadena Dogs are playing La Salle (away), Cathedral & LA Westchester in pre-season. Should be fun!

  • Anonymous


    As far as I could tell the other day, football is off the grid at TC.

    When RB was ousted, the needledick threesome behind it pushed TC down a road that is looking really black right now…who can they possibly hire with the small carrot they have to dangle?

    Here is a toast to all of us who smelled this dung heap well before it ripened and begun to stink up the place. Damn I love the program – thank God for the one year we did have.

  • formerram

    Anonymous- backus is not coming back. it’s not even an option…………
    as far as who is running the off season, it’s coach gable. he was on RB staff and white made him the frosh H.C last year.

  • Green/Gold Dude

    Re: the 4/26/10 post that Backus slapped a kid. WRONG! Get your facts straight. Yes, Backus did something wrong but slapping a kid wasn’t it. That incident was totally separate from football. The administration (King, Herrington, Van DeVeere) wished to go in a different direction and let go a sucessful coach who during his time at TC help win 4 RHL titles, 14 playoff appearances, 8 quarterfinal appearances, and 2 semifinal appearances because of personal reasons/vendetta. The program will now go into an ice age of several years. Ask any coach in the SGV and find out their opinion of Backus? Very respected.

  • Goldenarm

    Green/Gold Dude,

    You are right and wrong. At first “sources” from TC did in fact, state the “hands on” incident was part of the reason for the suspension (and later termination of Backus).)
    Weeks later came a wave of other statements – comments suggesting he resign “gracefully” and similar bullshit, then emphasis on his use of profanity. Headlining the profanity complaint – the Mead halftime locker room roast job Backus layed on his Rams -all of whom to this day would probably say they deserved it, after a horrible 1st half against Sumler and the Mead. Apparently this rant was “overheard” by a parent who probably is at home right now, using an abacus, still tring to count the F bombs. A complaint apparently followed. What they were doing near the locker room, who knows, but profanity, testosterone, and mad emotion all live there – and visitors pass by at their own risk. It is not a place of diplomacy, or unbridled kindness and peace toward fellow man.

    Anyway – word is only coach Cable remains. I’ve always liked Cable, he is smart and learns quickly and listens to people. He did a great job during Backus’ suspension…particularly working with Conora and the D before the Azusa game. On the Wed before Azusa , he and N Conora had a long one on one in the grandstands. Not sure what was said, but Nick played the game of his life against Azusa. I don’t think Cable knows the TC run attack quite as well as Lopez/Camerano, but he is guy I hope TC keeps around. He is good for the kids.

    Even if offered the position (in an alternative universe maybe) RB would not take it. He has already survived one cancer.


  • Goldenarm

    regarding the SM head coach job

    Mooney had that “I need a new challenge” look in his eye awhile back when interviewed by MVN. I got the feeling this might mean that MM would be looking to jump a level and coach Saturday ball somewhere. He has the resume, he has the ability and he has the connects – if that is what he wants to do. I really believed this would be his last season at SM and in the SGV.

    That is until last year’s TC/SM game. The Titans honored seniors at halftime and MM had the same look he had when coaching at TC – as his players paraded by and shook his hand. The look of “we are going somewhere together” and “stick by me and we will succeed” gleam in his eye. Mooney can motivate and kids simply become better players when he runs the show. He connects with people and had most of TC shoveling coal on his train back in the day…until the rug flung out and he caught a ride down Huntington Drive.

    Like Aram, I am not sure Mooney grabs the HC job. If he does…SM gets better, finds missing pieces and schedules better opponents preleague…and very quickly becomes a consistent contender in the RHL. Mooney is that good. They should have anchored his ass at TC and the Rams would be riding a different boat as we speak.

  • Green/Gold Dude


    Regarding the 1/2 time outburst @ the Rosemead game you speak of; it was an assistant, not Backus, that administered the tongue lashing. Yet, it happened under Backus’ watch, so he was held accountable along with other trumped up accusations brought forth by the three headed nimrod of TCHS.

  • New York

    Wasn’t Backus granted tenure as an English teacher shortly after his dismissal as head football coach? Unfit to coach but fit for the classroom? Goldenarm, is there any irony here?

    TC Admin should eat crow. Come out with a statement about growth and objectives having been met during the past year and then announce Backus as the head coach. Of course, why would Backus accept the position? Probably because he is loyal to Temple City football and it hurts him to see the program in decline.

  • New York

    By the way, didn’t Vice President Biden recently drop some F-bombs? Maybe Backus should get a position with the Administration šŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Oh boy…. Really tired about hearing about TC BS, lol, Mooney and Backus, bla bla bla, ok they were and are good coaches but lets not forget that it’s still the RHL, the worst in the valley!!!

  • Goldenarm

    MV could hold his own with language, and RB had a better illustration when he let loose at La Salle along the far sideline…on a kid I will leave nameless. None of it is a problem in my view anyway.

    New York
    I don’t how you manage to find the truth vein from so far away, but in reality, (and my opinion) nothing could be better for the program at this late stage than the scenario you mention. Ironic, unlikely, impossible and ludicrious…possibly all of the above. But to salvage another season which is already heading toward mediocrity or worse..placing someone in charge who knows what to do – ABSOLUTELY MUST HAPPEN.

    No one is supporting the program right now….New York, can you even believe that? Who would have thought this would be the standing of the TC program at this time 2 years ago??? The program was buzzing after a semi’s appearance, and a hard fought 2 quarter’s against the Clete. Then boom the bottom falls out.

    While schools like PHS and La Canada have found life and spirit in “new direction”, the Rams have swallowed nothing but poison from it. Perhaps because “new direction” was never the true impetus for the coaching change to begin with.


  • New York

    Is there any chance that your AD steps in as HC? Wasn’t he under consideration when Mooney left and prior to Backus getting the assignment?

    Are you exaggerating the situation that “no one” is supporting the program? There must be a ton of old-timers who are plenty frustrated right now.

    You know, TC had a down year in 1995 and then brought in DiFiori and TC had a huge turnaround season immediately. I’m not sure how early in the year MDF signed on, though. He had just come off a CIF championship season with Amat, I beleive as D-Coordinator. I seem to remember he scrapped the Soumakian Wing-T in favor for a Veer package that was very effective.

    I could not figure out why MDF was named HC at the time, though, and not Mooney who had been OC at San Marino. MDF was certainly qualified, but I thought Mooney was as well plus he had a tie into TC. One season later Mooney was SM’s HC.

    Anonymous March 29, 2010 12:18 PM,
    Please introduce any school or coach you would like to discuss rather than telling us about those whom you are tired of reading about. Not sure what you expect on a WSGV discussion board. There are plenty of teams and coaches. I’m curious to read about those you support.

  • Goldenarm


    No exaggeration.
    We have one man left standing. Coach Cable, freshman head coach last year.

    All 15-17 varsity coaches from last year…..dust in the wind.

  • New York

    I’m sorry to hear that. As a Monrovia backer, I actually am upset to see TC football in this situation. It is bad for Monrovia football, the RHL and WSGV. I hope you all can right the ship ASAP. Maybe parents of graduating players can help. Part of a problem is sometimes that once a kid finishes his senior season then his/her parents are no longer involved.

  • Philly B.

    Man, seemed like Ive missed alot. I knew a little bit about T.C. and their hunt for a head coach but I thought it’d be found by now. And whats going on with mooney and SM??? Somebody please feel me in. I feel that if T.C. doesnt fix things quick, Like new york said it will be bad for the RHL, WSGV, and for monrovia. The T.C./monrovia game, has always been the game of the week, for as long as I can remember. I wonder if it will now????

  • Completely understand what your stance in this matter. Although I would disagree on some of the finer details, I think you did an awesome job explaining it. Sure beats having to research it on my own. Thanks

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