Baseball: Monrovia, Alhambra vying for the No. 1 spot; What games do you want to see covered this week?

St. Francis (6-4, 0-2) lost 13-3 and 1-0 to Crespi in the Mission League opener last week. The top-ranked Knights also lost to Saugus and Crescenta Valley the previoius week, bringing their losing streak to four. Not exactly what I anticipated after St. Francis breezed through the Elks Tournament. We’ll get another chance at St. Francis taking on local talent when it takes part of the Apache Invitational next week, but for now it’s not only about winning to stay atop the rankings, but also about proving it can compete in the Mission. The first score was lopsided, and the Knights bounced back (?) with a respectable 1-0 loss. Did we mention St. Francis lost to Saugus (7-3) and Crescenta Valley (3-3)? Does this mean St. Francis will be dethroned come Tuesday afternoon when the rankings are posted on the blog? To be fair, St. Francis lost to a Crespi team ranked No. 1 in the CIF-Southern Section Division 2 coaches’ poll. But did we mention they lost to Saugus and Crescenta Valley? The only teams that have a chance at taking the top spot is Monrovia (10-1, 4-0) and Alhambra (9-1, 3-0). I know, St. Francis beat both Monrovia (8-3) and Alhambra (9-1) in the Elks Tournament, but is that enough to claim the title of “Best Area Team”? Perhaps. But since the Elks Tournament, St. Francis, as mentioned before, is on a four-game losing streak, while the Wildcats are on a seven-game winning streak and the Moors on a five-game winning streak. Reason enough for one of the teams to takeover the No. 1 spot? Perhaps. But who?

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  • Anonymous

    St Francis may have lost the last four games, but if your question is who is the best team in the area, you have to give it to them. How can you put Alhambra or Monrovia above them? St Francis completely dominated over those two teams. If you look at game to game competition, St Francis’s schedule has gotten much harder while Monrovia and Alhambra’s has gotten easier. If they played each other again, you would have the same outcome…St. Francis is still the best in the San Gabriel Valley.

  • highschoolbaseballfan

    i think pasadena should jump up from 8 to at least 5.

  • Anonymous

    I believe any team can beat another on that day.
    That’s why Baseball plays a Series of 5 or 7 .

    If Alhambra or Monrovia Played St. Francis in a best of 7 they would most likely lose.

    I would have to say they are the most talented TEAM in our area.

    But are they really from our area? The School resides here but where do all the players live?

    How many actually live in La Canada or the SGV for that matter?

    I believe the kids that stay and play at the Schools where every kid on the team isn’t an All-Star but just worked extra hard to get it done as team from the same home town are the true area #1’s

  • lil’ baseball fanatic

    arcadia- wait?!?! who..cares lol

    other than that monrovia already beat alhambra
    so obviously monrovia is #1
    straight drop!!

  • Anonymous

    The best out of 7??? St Francis would win…all day, all KNIGHT long, baby!!!

  • Realist

    lil baseball Fanatic-

    Your DUMB! Monrovia plays a FAR easier schedule than Arcadia. Arcadia is a better team than Monrovia. I am shocked that Monrovia is still ahead of Arcadia in the polls. But Miguel has a hard on for Monrovia. Thats why he has them ahead of Arcadia.

  • Anonymous


    It’s probably the videos on You Tube of Arcadia getting Shock and Awed by the Cats back in February.

    The beating by Alhambra and the Shutout by Northview.

    It’s just not their year I thing the Dawgs got it!

  • d-mgee

    Pasadena needs to be moved to the top three, they are 7-2 and just beat Burbank who returned the their whole team who beat Arcadia twice last year. They also had the best showing against St.Francis.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares about 2 and 3 thats all monrovia is st. francis is much better then monrovia. St. francis plays tough teams and monrovia plays temple city if you really think about it. St. Francis still #1.

  • Baseball Vet

    Monrovia, Alhambra, St Francis its all the same…. If St Francis does not win games, they can not be number one. Who’s to say they play better teams? Name recognition is overated. There are years where the best players come out of smaller schools. Look at Maranatha’s pitcher? That’s a small school. If there ace is pitching, they could beat any school in CIF…. what about bishop amat, south hills, etc..these schools could beat 1A teams all day. They are all good teams……St Francis is not dominate enough, to say that they could beat Monrovia or Alhambra cn regular basis because they are not winning on regular basis. #1 teams find a way to win ball games… People, are just bias and don’t know how baseball works. They got hot, now they are cold….it’s baseball. 1.Monrovia 2.Alhambra 3.Arcadia 4.St Francis 5.Maranatha 6.Pasadena after that who cares.

  • anynomous

    alhambra should be number one
    monrovias pitching is not as dominant as alhambras who have two returning all cif pitchers in beltran and saldate.
    monrovias pitching has been decent not solid like alhambras.
    st francis just proves that they cannot win in their league!

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding!

    Monrovia pitching has 4 complete game shutouts!

    And is 12th in SS for Team ERA 1.36 while

    Alhambra is 37th pitching against teams like San Gabriel C’mon…

  • anonymous 2

    The problem with your theory is that Monrovia beat Alhambra.

  • MOORS!!!

    I might be missing something here, but when did monrovia play Alhambra? People keep saying Monrovia beat Alhambra. record shows that Alhambra’s only loss was to St. Francis.

    and please dont say winter ball games, if so, they’re scrimmages. everyone plays in those. bench players and starters.

  • Anonymous


    You’re probably right Cats and Alhambra played just before season started and got the “W”

    We don’t count those games but my guess is the kids that played in them do (on both sides) I’m sure Alhambra beat the Cats a time or two last Summer as well…


    saldate and beltran anyday over murphee and calver !

  • MOORS!!!

    just to clarify that was not me ranting and raving about saldate and beltran. I do think all three of those pitchers are amongst the top in the area though.


    Your right the kids do probably see it that way. But we as mature people and true baseball fans, know all that matters is the development of all the players during summer and winter ball.

  • lil’ baseball fanatic

    Realist- if im dumb then you must be RETARDED!!!!
    if arcadia is the better team why did the cats beat arcadia smart guy?

    idiots these days

  • Anonymous
  • stop


  • Realist

    Lil baseball fanatic-

    Monrovia beat Arcadia in a SCRIMMAGE!!!!! And Arcadia also beat Monrovia in Winterball. So stop being stupid. Monrovia plays no compitition, so how are they a better team than Arcadia? Monrovia woulnd’t make the playoffs in the Pacific League.

  • baseball scout

    only decent guys on that team is de la nuez and bueno

    please dont be talkin about winterball games! i went to that arcadia -monrovia game
    none impressed me

    I agree, probably the best 1- 2 in the area in saldate and beltran, Ive seen both pitch numeroous times and can compete with any team. saldate probably the best hitter on that team.
    Murphee can pitch but not as dominant as these too. Calver is a scrappy pitcher and after that who else?

    I know talent when i see it guys

  • Anonymous

    Cats played Pasadena too and they were much better than Arcadia.

  • Archangel


    C’mon Murphree throws harder, has more strike-outs and hits better,has nearly as many RBI’s as those Alhambra boys combined, and is a Home-Run threat every time he steps to the plate!

    Cats hit off Beltran and Saldate without any problem.

    As far as the Arcadia game you must have been at a different one. The game I was at had numerous hits including 2 Home-Runs and a Grand-Slam off of Tuck!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t have to hype kids with ability.

  • MOORS!!!


    the only problem i have with that youtube video you posted is that i saw about 4 or 5 different pitchers for the moors. once again because its an exhibition game, a coach strives for all pitchers to get work in a game sutuation where it doesnt matter if its a win or loss. How is any young pitcher supposed to get into any type of rhythm after only an inning and a half? lets not get carried away and say the “cats” are a better team because you played an exhibition game against four alhambra rookie pitchers.

  • a real scout

    Alhambra is over-rated. Arcadia doesn’t have enough sticks to get deep into playoffs. Maranatha is screwed when Covey is not pitching. Monrovia = inconsistent hitting. La Salle = no go to ace. St. Francis = don’t have enough for their league.

  • Realist

    a real scout-

    Arcadia has at least 6 solid hitters. their 1-6 hitters can all get on base. Just look what they did against Burroughs.

  • Anonymous

    This thread is dead! Moving on..

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