Softball: You decide the top 10 rankings, what games would you like to see covered this week?

Sure, La Caada had a hiccup early last week but bounced back nicely with a solid win over South Pasadena under the lights. There’s no argument in removing La Caada from the No. 1 spot when the new rankings are released Wednesday (posted Tuesday afternoon here). But what about the rest of the teams? Will San Marino give La Caada a run for its money? Also, what games would you like to see covered this week?

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  • Anonymous

    La Canada
    La Salle
    San Marino
    San Gabriel
    South Pasadena
    Temple City

  • rclancy

    Here is what I see on the schedule (I definitely missed some games, so please add):

    Mon –
    Village Christian vs. Alhambra

    Tue –
    Monrovia vs. San Marino
    Temple City vs. South Pas
    Immaculate Heart vs. Mission
    Burroughs vs. Pasadena
    Rio Hondo Prep vs. Mayfield

    Wed –
    Marshall vs. Maranatha
    Mayfield vs. Pasadena Poly
    Golden Valley vs. La Canada
    Providence vs. Ramona Convent

  • poor judgment

    class act, that diaz is. lose against good teams run up scores against bad ones


    San Marino vs. La Canada. hands down. looking forward to Michelle Floyd and the Titans giving La Canada a good matchup.


    SM vs. Monrovia

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