Baseball: There’s plenty of action to choose from today

It’s time for a little more tournament action. The Apache Invitational begins today, and our Keith Lair will be there to cover the first two games pitting St. Francis vs. Temple City at 10 a.m. and La Salle vs. California at 1 p.m. All games are at Arcadia High. Glendora takes on University High of Irvine at 4 p.m. and the day concludes with Arcadia taking on San Dimas at 7 p.m. Maranatha and San Marino square off at 12 p.m. in a doubleheader. The second game is slated for 3 p.m. and both games are at Jackie Robinson Park.

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  • Anonymous

    Anyone know when Covey is throwing today?

  • Anonymous

    He’s not.

  • tcchamps

    A lot of shaking down on shakedown street.

  • roberthunter

    …You just got to poke around…Gabby 11 Kepplers 4 in first round action of St Paul AA action

  • Archangel

    Did anyone else notice how Arcadia put St. Francis AND Glendora in the same pool?

    That way one eliminates the other by the 3rd game no matter what!

    At least Monrovia wasn’t afraid to put St. Francis in the same pool that they were playing in their tourney.

    It could Back-fire though, because if Arcadia loses one game before the final round, they’re gonna get either Glendora or St. Francis for the 3rd place game and then they have 2 losses instead of 1

  • Tom S

    Just left Robinson field. Maranatha up 14 to 4 over San Marino going into the top of the 7th, 1st game. Covey not pitching today. Threw a complete game Thursday with a win over Calvery Chapel

  • tcchamps


    TC took care of St. Francis. Don’t tell me this town ain’t got no heart.

  • Anonymous

    Okay and whats your point??? Arcadia has La salle and San Dimas, which are always good teams.

    Besides St. Francis lost to temple City today.

  • Archangel


    TC beating St. Francis is Freakin Awesome!

    I can’t wait for the details to come out.

    Kinda cool how my original question might get answered!

    Does TC get the #1 Ranking now by beating St. Francis?

    If they stick with the system they have been using who knows..

    If they can win a few more they gotta jump up to #2 or #3 at least.

  • Archangel


    I made my point! Arcadia purposely put St. Francis and Glendora in the same pool, if you don’t understand what that means ask a grownup.

  • Anonymous

    At the end of the day things shape up like this…

    1. Monrovia (12-1)
    2. Alhambra (11-1)
    3 Temple City (6-6)
    4. St. Francis (7-5 )
    5. Arcadia (8-2)
    6. Pasadena (8-3)
    7. La Salle (5-5
    8. Maranatha (7-6)
    9. Pasadena Poly (6-2)
    10. San Marino (7-8)

  • Sam32

    Alhambra over silverado (victorville) 12-3 in St. Paul tournament. Go Moors!

  • The Lance

    You guys are forgetting La Salle beat TC soundly about a month ago! It was 8-0 going into the 6th inning when la salle gave up 3 runs. I think La Salle SF and TC are all good teams and I think they are better than arcadia.

  • Anonymous

    maranatha beats san marino 14-4 but 2nd game SM beats maranatha 9-7

  • Realist

    The Lance-

    Well bud, I hate to break it to you, but Arcadia has already beaten Temple City. And they are a far superior team to La Salle. Who does La Salle have??? They have no great players. Arcadia has KJ Edson, Garret Tuck, Brandon Benson, Jonathan Larson, Jon Tom and the list goes on. There is not even a contest. And SF has 5 losses… so how good can they be? Arcadia is the best team in the area and I’ve seen a lot of teams in the area play.

  • pacific

    Why is everyone hating on arcadia. Has anyone seen them play since after the northview game, they have been absolutely unstoppable.They continued it by beating defending cif champion san dimas.

  • Big Baseball Fanatic

    Beating San Dimas this year will be the best opportunity for everyone. They are in a re-building phase and probably will not do as well.

    As far as Temple City goes it’s like they always say.
    “The best team doesn’t always win” “The Team that plays best that day does” TC has lost a couple of games they shouldn’t but unless you’ve actually played St. Francis. you should just keep quiet!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Miguel, TC beats SF and you write about Agajanian getting tossed? Really? How about some details from the game of the day? How did TC pull it off?

  • anonymous

    monrovia did not put st. francis in their pool of their tournament. they played in the semis of the elks tournament. get your facts straight Archangel. The pools for the apache invitational are even.

  • RHL

    It just goes to show that on any given day a RHL team will unfog your shades. St. Francis is good but not unbeatable by any means. Baseball is a team sport and when you think that one or two players are dominant, think again.

  • For the Love of the GAME

    I’ll share this, this season has just barely begun and there’s a long way to go. There will a lot more baseball played and I am sure that it will get even more exciting….I LOVE THIS GAME!!!

  • Archangel


    Monrovia and St. Francis did meet in the Semi-Finals, of (Pool-A)

    Just like Arcadia met Alhambra in (Pool-B) Both Teams are from the SAME Pool.

    The same applies to your Invitational. The only time Arcadia would have to play St. Francis or Glendora would be if they made it to the final round.

    It’s good strategy to help themselves get to the final round but looks kinda weak.

  • Anonymous

    SF didn’t have 5 of their starters playing when they lost to TC in the 7th. TC pulled it off, but don’t start saying SF isn’t good. I’m sure they will come back strong tomorrow

  • Realist


    They may not have had 5 of their starter in but they had their ace on the hill. Don’t go making excuses for SF as to why they lost. Its a private school they can go recruit recruit players, therefore they should have a deep bench.

  • Goldenarm

    Big Baseball Fanatic,

    Thanks for bringing both sanity and knowledge about TC beating SF.

    When you have some skills and work really, really hard…days will come when opportunity sits before you…without the work and preparation you will not succeed…but with a twist and a turn here or there, some confidence and determination…the “any given day” suddenly becomes your day.

    It does not matter much to me who TC has lost to. The Rams have lost some REAL close contests for a variety of reasons. What matters is they are getting better`, and jelling in some aspects of their game.
    Great job Rams!

    Sad to say I missed the game due to 10.5 hrs OT on
    Saturday. That sucked.

  • Slugo

    To Realist:

    St. Francis DOES NOT RECRUIT! But, thanks for the compliment by implying that SF players are such studs they were asked to play baseball for the school. However, it is a far cry from the truth. These boys attend SF for the education, not the baseball program. The school just happens to provide a good education and have a good baseball team. It is a hard working team with alot of heart. So, MOVE ON and GET OVER IT! It is getting old!

    No excuses about the loss to TC. SF was leading until the bottom of the 7th. Ethan Bramschreiber struggled on the mound and TC took advantage of it. That’s baseball. Just don’t count SF out just yet!

  • featherhead

    big-boy baseball tournament;

    local favorites PHS and SoPas were whipped on Saturday in the Northview event further solidifying the ESGV claims of superiority (although SPas had a real tough spot w/ DBar and Bonita).

    now if it would stop raining…

  • From Fred’s Blog

    Northview Tournament
    Saturday’s Games

    Los Altos 4 Covina 3
    Los Altos 9 Pasadena 0
    Covina 8 Pasadena 6
    Charter Oak 11 Ontario Christian 4
    Charter Oak 2 Walnut 0
    Bonita 11 South Pasadena 0
    Diamond Bar 10 South Pasadena 1
    Bonita 10 Diamond Bar 9
    Northview 16 Ontario Christian 7
    Walnut 8 Northview 6

    Ouch not a good day for teams with Pasadena in name.

  • Realist


    I know plenty of kids that have been in contact with coaches before they apply to SF. Don’t insult my intelligence.