Softball: La Salle’s Forillo targets career strikeout record

La Salle senior Allie Forillo is on pace to break Kathleen Salvo’s career strikeout record of 566. Salvo pitched for La Salle from 2001-2004. Forillo is currently sitting on 563 strikeouts. She pitches today against Mary Star at LDS at 3:15 p.m.

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  • rclancy

    Go Allie! This will be a tremendous accomplishment. What is the over/under on how many batters this will take?

  • rclancy

    I only saw 4 innings of the game today, but Allie was pitching great! She struck out the first 4 batters she faced to break the record and then kept on mowing them down. Congratulations Allie – Fantastic!

  • rclancy

    La Salle 6 – Mary Star 1
    Forillo had 14 K’s

  • Anonymous

    SP 8 Poly 3

  • Looking Back

    I can remember watching Allie and my son perform together at the Christmas show at Highland Oaks all those many years ago. Time truly does fly. “In the end it’s just the blink of an eye.”(Jackson Browne) Congratulations young lady, you deserve every accolade you have received, and I know there will be plenty more down the line!

  • Don Young

    I’m so proud of you Allie! Seems like yesterday you were marching around Foothills Middle School (smile and all). In my 10 years of teaching u fall into that elite group of students who make my job a rewarding experience. Glad to see you are doing so well!

  • SJC

    A BIG old shout out from our family to you, Allie!


    The Cox Family

  • Pacific League Rules

    Must be nice to play in the La Salle League and Rio Hondo League. Try playing with the better teams!

  • It’s All So Interesting

    Pacific League Rules you are very rude. A young lady just accomplished something awesome and you choose to trash talk???? Get a life!

  • chkyrslf


    That must have felt good coming out after a couple of beers on a Friday evening. As an Arcadia fan it must have felt good beating a D6 program in a close game. It is not often that a D6 team over looks a D3 team.

    Considering the fact that there are no teams from your league who are CIF ranked this year and let me see, the fact that Arcadia lost to Temple City, La Canada (CIF ranked#2), and Monrovia ( CIF #9) (All Rio Hondo League Teams) and also lost to Poly (D4) and Maranatha (D6), it is probably not the time to talk crap. La Salle is the only area team you have beaten. Glendale, Hoover, Burroughs, , Muir, and Pasadena are not good teams by any stretch and all of those teams have played you close, Burbank and Crescenta Valley are typically solid programs, but even they would say that they are struggling this year.

    Humbleness may serve you better right now. You asked for it.

  • chkyrslf

    Go Allie!

  • The Commish

    Whatever Happened to Honest Scorekeeping:

    I don’t know what game the Arcadia scorekeeper was watching last night, but to report a line score of 9 runs, 17 hits, to go with 0 errors for La Salle in the Star News is irresponsible. La Salle commited at least 7 errors (they reported 8 on MaxPreps).

    Has anyone else noticed coaches/scorekeepers trying to inflate their team’s statistics?

  • Realist


    You sound like you are an angry La Salle fan that can’t believe that he/she just lost to a mediocre at best Arcadia team. Don’t try to make it sound like the RHL is anything special for beating up on Arcadia. But at the end of the day, Arcadia beat La Salle. And all I’ve heard from La Salle parents are excuses. Like how errors killed them and they couldn’t get the big hit. Well i got news for you people, Arcadia made errors too, La Salle just didn’t capitalize. Every good sports team capitalizes on the oppositions errors. La Salle didn’t, and thats why they went home with the L. And it doesn’t matter what division you are in if you are a private school. Any premium athlete no matter where he/she lives can go to a private school. So the division doesn’t matter. So don’t try to pull all those stats out and act like your smart.

  • Setting the record straight

    First and foremost I want give credit where credit is due for Allie. She is a great pitcher and La Salle is lucky to have her.

    To what happened honest scorekeeping:

    About the scorekeeping the paper said that both teams had no errors- Which to anyone watching the game knew that both teams made errors. Arcadia hasnt put in their stats on maxpreps yet which I am sure will reflect the truthful errors. Bottom line Arcadia beat La Salle…..

    Arcadia is a young team and as in every rebuilding year there will be good games and bad. However after reading chckyrslf’s post and research there are key aspects that need to be considered to support Arcadia going back into the top ten.

    La Canada (CIF ranked#2), lost 1-0
    Monrovia ( CIF #9), lost by 1 run in the bottom of the seventh
    Maranatha (D6), lost by 1 run
    Beat La Salle 9-7

  • gimme that keyboard

    Realist, don’t be ridiculous. This article was about Allie breaking her school’s strikeout record. One of the Arcadia parents felt the need to heckle her about that on this blog; chky reacted to that. Why, you think it is appropriate for adults to heckle teenage girls because they lost a game?

  • chkyrslf


    Thanks for pointing that out to the “Realist.” Maybe that’ll teach him/her to read the posts prior to my comment.

    Don’t forget the 8-2 Temple City loss as well.

  • Truth Be Told

    It is funny that people get so worked up about the Top 10.

    Reality is that there are huge differences in the levels of softball play in this area and individual stats have little legitimacy because of that.

    Congratulations to the LaSalle pitcher for breaking your schools K record. But all the discussion about whether it is a significant accomplishment or not is just plain silly. Certainly it is a significant individual achievement and congratulations are very deserved, however, albeit in a broad scope personal achievements are most meaningful to the extent they support the ultimate achievement of the ultimate goals of the team. Likewise, personal achievements that meaningfully support the ultimate success of the team vs. good competition is the most legitimate indicator of who are the best and most talented players.

    What should be celebrated are the team accomplishments anyway, not individual statistical accomplishments in and area where there are huge differences in the level of play. The coaches that understand this, their teams are destine for the greatest success. Also, where there are glaring scorekeeping discrepancies which make that stats discussion silly too.

    The best players lead and support their teammates with both on and off the field presence and genuinely have little concern about individually manipulated stats.

    I always find it funny (maybe “sad” is a better way to describe it) about what is scored:

    – a hit to inflate a hitter’s batting average

    – an error or pass ball to inflate a pitcher’s earned run average

    I love the ground ball through an infielder’s legs and then through an outfielder’s legs that is scored a homerun.

    By the way, it is incorrect to score pass balls and wild pitches as “errors”. They are not errors, pass balls do effect unearned runs, and wild pitches do effect earned runs. However, neither are scored as errors in correct scorekeeping. Not sure if its intentional or just plain ignorance, but teams that bolster individual player stats with contrived scorekeeping is way more prevalent than youd like.

    Also, saw the LaSalle – Arcadia game … neither team should really feel bragging rights from that particular game are in order. Truth be told:

    fielding, especially at the critical infield positions, by both teams was awful

    pitching by both teams was very inconsistent at best and none of the pitchers exhibited pitching command or team leadership which are inherent traits of truly great pitchers.

    Looked more like a sloppy rec game.

    Arcadia did capitalize on the sloppiness more than LaSalle, which indicates one team may be better coached than the other, but to suggest bragging rights are in order because, “we sucked less” is classless.

    Top 10 inclusion, or ones place within that Top 10, is of absolutely no significance and means nothing. Nor do the individual statistical accomplishments mean a whole lot, especially in an environment of spotty competition or contrived scorekeeping.

    The true accomplishment is derived from team accomplishment in CIF playoffs and that is what is truly meaningful and should be celebrated. Mid-game individual celebrations in this environment just don’t seem right. The only meaningful celebrations for great athletes and great coaches is when they can walk off the field of play together as teammates arm-in-arm as champions.

    The team (and their coaches) that seem to get that best is the La Canada team. The only thing that seems to matter to that team is playing well against the best competition they can find and winning their share with solid team play against the best competition. For example, they have two good pitchers that split their time and seem to recognize that they are far stronger as a pair than as individuals with padded individual stats. The team accomplishments with the La Canada team are never overshadowed with individual accolades. I believe that makes that team the only team as having legitimate #1 status in our area. Most importantly, the kids are gaining an incredible experience and that coach deserves so much credit for fostering that environment. Thats what coaching is all about!!!

  • Anonymous

    Any idea why La Salle’s shortstop did not play in the field (only DP’d) in the Arcadia game? Is she injured?

  • Realist

    gimme the keyboard-

    I was not taking anyone’s side. I think Allie is a great pitcher. I’m not taking anything away from her or heckling her. I simply responded to the negative comments that chkyrslf posted. But there were also grown men from La Salle bagging on Arcadia players during the game. I just told him the facts. I’m just saying that it goes both ways with the heckling, it’s not only Arcadia parents. Trust me. The La Salle parents do the same thing. So maybe chkyrslf needs to check him self before he starts running his mouth.

  • chkyrslf

    Go Allie!

    OK Realist,

    Now you have gone too far. How Dare you criticize me?… Just kidding, but really you can not look at my comments as negative, they only responded to the accusations and the gnarly approach of “Pacific League Rules.” You may want to read the two posts again before you defend him so much. I can assure you that I am not an “angry LaSalle Fan” as you accused. I merely pointed out some facts in response to PLR and said he should stay humble considering the circumstances. Arcadia can prove everyone and everything wrong by finishing strong, and I wish that for every team, but in the mean time an aggressive approach through comments on the blog by egotistical parents should be discouraged by the reasonable.

  • chkyrslf

    Go Allie!

    OK Realist,

    Now you have gone too far. How Dare you criticize me?… Just kidding, but really you can not look at my comments as negative, they only responded to the accusations and the gnarly approach of “Pacific League Rules.” You may want to read the two posts again before you defend him so much. I can assure you that I am not an “angry LaSalle Fan” as you accused. I merely pointed out some facts in response to PLR and said he should stay humble considering the circumstances. Arcadia can prove everyone and everything wrong by finishing strong, and I wish that for every team, but in the mean time an aggressive approach through comments on the blog by egotistical parents should be discouraged by the reasonable.

  • Anonymous

    Must be nice to play in the Arcadia league. There are, count’em, three teams with no wins at all, not in league and not out of league!

  • Realist


    Im just trying to say that all parents are going to be the same way when they have a child playing. There was parents from both sides doing the same thing at the game. They just all get caught up in the competition. And La Salle/Arcadia is a rivalry. So you can’t blame the fans for getting into this one.


    Really? I’m left speechless due to your stupidity. I can’t believe you are even comparing the teams Arcadia plays with the teams La Salle plays. Sure there are three winless teams in the Pacific League. But check out some of the compition La Salle gets to play, Boron, Marshall, Apple Valley, and Mary Star of the Sea. Are you kidding me? Theres four automatic wins. Wait, they also play a school called St. Bernard. Thats 5 automatic wins. Well 6 because they play Mary Star of the Sea twice. I cant belive you would even try to compare schedules.

  • chkyrslf


    I get that but I never commented on that. It just doesn’t make sense to bash everyone around you to make yourself look better like PLR. And when it is done in a way that cant be justified, such as suggesting that certain leagues are weak when you have lost to almost everyone in that league, it doesn’t help your teams cause and makes you vulnerable to criticism. I was critical of La Salle’s ranking early in the year and feel that they have benefitted from being moved down to D6, but that doesn’t mean that I do not respect them. I try to be objective and the PLR comments were very subjective and wrong, so I stuck it to him with the truth.

  • SftballChick

    I think everyone that reads these blogs needs to grow up and act like adults!
    Allie Forillo is one of my best and closest friends and this was to congratulate her.
    All anyone does on here is talk smack about another team and praise their own team. Grow up and learn to be positive, you should all know how to act like adults and give credit to a young girl for this accomplishment.
    Half of these comments have to do about 2 parents who think their team is better then the other. Only about 8 comments mentioned a “Congrats to Forillo” in the comment.
    You all have no right to bag on the Prep League or Rio Hondo league. Every year teams change, seniors leave, coaches get replaced and freshman are brought to the team. Yes, La Canada has been in the top the past 3 years but before that they struggled. San Marino and Monrovia used to be weaker squads and are now proving to be one of the 2 stronger teams as well.
    I think these blogs need to be for one thing and one thing only. To praise the high school athletes in the area, that’s what it is really for.
    Miguel never trash talks another team or athletes, its always the parents that do the trash talking. To be frank the attitude of the game has changed this year and all I can say is the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  • “Stupidity” (formerly Anonymous)

    “Realist”, amusing as it is to see you flailing around, if you’d actually read the comments, you’d have noticed that not a single one was written by a La Salle fan.

    Personally, my association is with the Prep league. And, oh, Prep League 2 – Pacifica League 0.

  • chkyrslf

    Go Allie!

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