Baseball: Tuck, Larson, Edson lead Arcadia to 3-1 win


ARCADIA — Jonathan Larson connected on a 1-2 pitch for a two-run triple, giving Garrett Tuck all the runs he would need to lead the Apaches to a solid 3-1 Pacific League victory Friday night in front of a standing-room only crowd at Arcadia High.

Tuck pitched six innings, stuck out seven and allowed one unearned run on four hits, and it was his sacrifice fly in the third inning that gave Arcadia (13-3, 5-0) a 1-0 lead.

“He was waiting for this,” Arcadia coach Nick Lemas said. “There was a different look in his eye. He came focused and hit his spots.”

KJ Edson picked up his first save of the season when he struck out the first batter he faced. He struck out the third batter and got the last out on a grounder. Tuck didn’t have to search far for motivation.

“They beat us in football and they beat us in basketball,” he said. “We just said wait until baseball, and we were able to do that tonight.”

It seemed as if the Apaches would cruise to the victory and Tuck would record the shutout, but Crescenta Valley (11-5, 3-2) wouldn’t go down without a fight in the seventh.

The Falcons loaded the bases after Kyle Pomeroy got to third after two consecutive Arcadia errors. Tyler Pollak reached first base after a strikeout, wild pitch and Edward Lee singled to center to represent the tying run.

“I knew if I got in trouble they’d get my back,” Tuck said. “Jon’s been hitting real well and that hit was big, and KJ did his thing.”

Edson showed he was in midseason form after getting Crescenta Valley’s Cole Currie to strikeout to record the first out. Elliott Surrey reached first on another Apache error, allowing Pomeroy to score the Falcons’ lone run.

Arcadia 3, Crescenta Valley 1

Crescenta Valley 000 000 1 – 1 4 3
Arcadia 001 002 X – 4 8 4

Troy Mulcahey and Troy Prasertsit; Garrett Tuck, KJ Edson (7) and Chris Lucas.

3B: Jonathan Larson (A). 2B: Kyle Pomeroy (CV). SO: Mulcahey (CV) 13; Tuck (Arc) 7. W: Tuck (4-2). L: Mulcahey (2-2). Sv: Edson (1)

Records: Crescenta Valley 11-5, 3-2; Arcadia 13-3, 5-0

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  • pacific fan

    great game. Apaches looked fenominal. nice picture btw

  • Realist

    If Tuck pitches like he did tonight, Arcadia will be very tough to beat. Not to mention Edson out of that bullpen is lights out. Great all around game for the Apaches.

  • apache parent

    If Jonathan Larson is not athlete of the week then there is something wrong. He went 2 for 4 monday with 5 rbis and a grand slam, he went 3 for 4 tonight with 2 rbis and a huge two run triple in the 6th.

  • Apache rooter

    Good game last night, glad that that Coach Phil outcoach the Arcadia coach, like someone said would happen yesterday. It was a sloppy game, too many errors in the field. If CV had some of there players that left the program, they might have won. He’s overrated and the team is also. Arcadia is in the drivers seat, but in the playoffs, I don’t think so!

  • Anonymous

    The Apaches can celebrate this weekend. Not so much for winning a big game, but instead for something we haven’t seen the coach do since joining Arcadia. Lemas actually pulled one of his favorite players and pinch-hit a stronger player. Lemas actually put aside the obvious favoritism he’s had for a particular player and looked to his bench. For years he’s allowed so much wasted talent to sit on the bench while he plays his favorites. Game after game, year after year his favorites have brought the team down and contributed directly to losses. Perhaps Arcadia will make it this season after all. They just got past a major hurdle.

  • Anonymous

    I have been watching High School Baseball for years. As a retired coach and parent, I just still can’t get over how parents can attack a coach who is doing a very good job with a young team. Coach Lemas has his team playing well. Parents need to remember that Little League is over. Your days of getting the mandatory playing time are over. As a coach I could not stand parents telling me how good their kid was in Little League or Pony. I hate to break it to those parents that fall into that “group”. Get over it! Every coach has favorites. It’s called the ones who stand out. The ones you are gonna win with or loose with. Bottom line is I hear this happing in every program. But parents put your ego aside and stop trying to sell your kids as Players, It’s varsity baseball not little league. I have spent enough time watching Arcadia over the last couple seasons, as well as C.V. and Monrovia, and those coaching staffs win and loose with “Their Guys”. Thats baseball and thats what any good coach would do. Lemas, is young and seems to be into his team. From my view, Lemas knows what his team can, and can’t do.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the comment about the hurdle. You can not just watch the game. You have to know the stats. You can’t play favorites and allow players game time that don’t produce. Not if you want to win. If you study the statistics you’ll agree the team has just jumped a major hurdle. Now let’s move on and be positive. Keep up the good work Nick, the assistant coaches and all the players.

  • Greeper

    These people with Anonymous post are nothing but cowards, if you truly want to express your opinion then show some courage and put your name to it. Lemas you’ve done a great job with these kids, truly these people that are criticizing what you’ve done are meaningless. They’ll move on and soon be forgotten. We used to hear this stuff all the time when I played for and coached with Meiers. It was always from the parent of a kid who never started or was cut. We just laughed it off and watched them wallow in their mediocrity. Ignore the internet thugs and keep doing what you’re doing!!! Good Luck with the rest of the season Apaches!!!

  • Another Anonymous

    A defender of Lemas posted a few days ago that the job of a coach is more than just wins and losses. There are life lessons taught in sports. The world outside of the San Gabriel Valley – and especially outside of Arcadia – is cold and cruel where only the strong survive. Some of you have obviously never had to compete in the real world so this will fall on deaf ears. The lessons taught by Lemas or any other coach who fail to let competition dictate who plays will be carried by the impressionable minds that they have been charged to mold – both good and bad. Lemas is an absolute failure in this department. There is no competition on this team. It is Lemass decision as coach who to play. It is the ADs decision whether Lemas should be allowed back next year. Life has consequences.

    Someone posted that Lemas keeps running out the same kids who continue to fail. After 60 PAs and an avg hovering around .125 with two more strikeouts last night in crucial situations, Lemas finally pinch hit for his favorite kid with a kid who has had little to no chances so far this season- and he didnt strike out. In fact, the game was won by this move. You dont produce, you dont play. Goes for the kids. Goes for the coach.

  • Greeper

    Another Anonymous said:

    And yet another coward! See Nick they have no guts. By the way we’re just having fun with this we already know who you are, that’s the best part of this whole thing šŸ™‚

  • Another Anonymous

    Only Lemas or his goon would find this funny. Hope you have as much fun with the next round.

  • reality dude

    The blog is hilarious. Larry begging for his kid to be ‘player of the week’ and Lou begging for more playing time for his kid. Let it go guys. LIttle League is in the past. The coach gets to pick his lineup and at 13-3 you shouldn’t complain. Look at the bright side, their not playing for (snort) Parisi.

  • apache parent

    I am definatley not Larry, but I have watched this kid dominate at the plate all year this year and think he deserves to be player of the week. Trust me Larry doesnt have to beg for anything for his kid with the year he is having.

  • Realist

    reality dude-

    Do you really think that Jonathan Larson’s dad is whining about “player of the week?” Somebody just made a point that Jonathan deserved it. I mean after all the kid is hitting .490 in league and .700 overall. Is there someone else that you think deserves it? Trust me, no one needs to “beg” anyone with those kind of numbers. Don’t be a douche.

  • tcchamps

    Air it all out girls. Nothing better than a confidence booster. Miguel, please put up a new blog so the Apaches can MF TC more and lay off the 13 -1 Coach. Other than the lost to Alhambra, Northview, and Glendora playing down to their level, they are having a great season. Big win the other night. Congrats.

  • Anonymous


    While everyone knows Jonathan Larson is having a great year, he is not hitting .700 overall. His overall average is .491.

  • tcchamps

    Ooops, sorry girls, 13-3. Damm good record.

  • Apache Joe

    I know Larry Larson and he would be the absolutely LAST PERSON ON EARTH TO LOOK/WRITE on this blog. That is ridiculous for anyone to ever call him out. He is one of the most gentlemanly people on this planet. Get a clue Reality Dude.

  • greeper

    Anonymous thank you for proving our point. Also, some of you critics might want to think about who’s sitting next to you at these games. We can hear everything you’re complaining about. Then you attempt to post anonymously on the net, just classic!

  • Your all idiots…

    All you people that comment on these blogs have no life and don’t no anything about baseball… The reason coaches have favorites is because those are the kids that come out to practice and work their butts off day in and day out… all you parents should come out and watch your kid practice… i bet the ones that are not playing are screwing around during practice and not caring… How could you guys come on here and complain about a coach that is 13-3? Like someone said this isn’t little league anymore… And you should never talk about Larry Larson in that manner, he is the man

  • Realist

    Your all idiots-

    Your exactly right, the kids that work the hardest are not only going to be the best players, but they are going to be the best athletes. I guarantee you the person than made those comments about Larry was Andy Smoley. All Andy does is sit out in the outfield and bad mouth Arcadia. God only knows why he still comes around. No one can hate on Lemas, he is clearly doing a great job.

  • andy smoley

    hey realist, this is my first post on this blog. you have really crossed a line. you are a liar. i’m calling you out to repeat your accusations to my face.i never see scumbags like you ever helping the program in any way. parents and coaches who do help know what my sons and i have done to help out arcadia baseball from little league through high school. retract your lies know where i’ll be. right where i’ve been the last eight years.

  • Anonymous

    Why are Arcadia people turning on each other…were all on the same team and our one family.

  • Knows the Game

    Everyone take a deep breath and sing 3 verses of “Kumbaya”. We are on a roll, let’s enjoy it.
    I know Larry and he knows Andy didn’t say that about him or his son. Andy has done more for the program than anyone in the past 8 years. Remember, “A house divided falls…” Let’s not be that house. Okay,here we go, 1,2,3, “Kumbaya my Lord, Kumbaya…..”

  • I think all of you should sit back and enjoy this season. The only problem with this team is all you outsiders and parents whinning, complaining and bitching. Know the game before you speak. Last year’s team had the talent but also had egos and clicks within the team. I enjoy watching this year’s team with the unity they have for each other. There are no superstars, just plain chemistry that works.
    As for the coaches they are doing an exceptional job making sure this team stays focus. Remember we lost 12 seniors and Lemas is trying to find the right balance for each game to meet the ultimate goal of winnning. Before the game and between innings take a close look at the team’s enthusiasm, spirit and support they have for one another.

  • Dick Schofield

    You People that get on this blog and bad mouth coaches and add your take on why a team lost is absurd. But now someone wants to take it further and call out parents like Larry Larson & Andy Smoley, now your brutal. Grow up. Get off you duff and come by the field and see how come it looks so nice. Andy Smoley is a class act. If So REALIST why don’t you step and see what Andy does Arcadia High everyday. Better yet why don’t you start cutting the outfield & infield grass. Why don’t you come out in the fall and see that he is coaching YOUR kid and giving his time to teach the kids. You people that throw stones and live in a glass house will get yours one day. But to go after a great guy like Andy is just sad. Don’t hide behind a computer screen REALIST. Better yet grow some balls and do it face to face.