Baseball: Arcadia, PHS could share lead in league after Friday night’s showdown, gotta take care of business, though, with Burbank, CV on Tuesday.

This is how Arcadia ended its season last year. Will it end like this again? The road won’t be easy …

Pasadena and Arcadia can’t look too far ahead to their highly anticipated game Friday night at Arcadia High. Arcadia (13-3, 5-0) visits Burbank (9-8, 2-2) in the first of two meetings while Crescenta Valley (11-5, 3-2) visits Pasadena (10-7, 4-1). Both games are slated for 3:30 p.m. It was just last season when the Bulldogs considered finishing in the top-4 as a successful season. Things have considerably changed under second-year coach Mike Parisi. Pasadena very well could vie for the league championship, and his players know it. “If we want to contend for a league title we’re going to have to step up against two of the best teams in the Pacific League,” Parisi said. “I know we’re going to be prepared.” The Bulldogs are not deterred by the fact they’re coming off an 0-4 performance in the Northview Tournament and that their last league contest — a 17-1 win over Muir — was 11 days ago. “We learned a lot from that Northview Tournament,” Parisi said. “When we got to play the East San Gabriel Valley teams I found out what players can handle pressure situations and what players can’t. This upcoming schedule doesn’t favor us by any means.” Arcadia’s upcoming schedule may also be a bump on the road. The Apaches, who have played 13 of their 16 games this season at home, play six of their last eight games remaining on the road. Arcadia is 2-1 on the road with wins over Temple City (6-1) and Hoover (10-2) and a loss to Alhambra (5-4).

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  • Anonymous

    Actually, Arcadia ended its season with a first round loss to a third place team in the playoffs.

  • Wait

    Pasadena lost to burroughs 8 to 1.I dont know what you are talking about miguel phs is not undefeated.

  • Anonymous

    are you even fit to be reporting. lay off the crack

  • Miguel Melendez

    Good call. Pasadena doesn’t have its schedule updated. I corrected the graph.

  • Loves the Game

    People Miguel is exactly right. If Arcadia loses tomorrow and PHS wins then they would both be 4-1, and tied in first place heading into Friday nights game. He’s doing a great job, leave him alone!

  • Amused Reader

    This is why it’s a joke that coaches can’t keep their records up and stats like Fred Robledo at the Tribune blog complains about. The coaches don’t want records kept so if Miguel goes by what they say then Miguel is wrong. Why bother covering teams that don’t have pride enough to keep their records straight?

  • CDawg

    Problem solved: Whoever has control of the respective maxpreps accounts forgot to include (checkmark) Burroughs as a league opponent when entering the friggin schedule whenever that was n r too chonksey to fixx it so there. nuff said LETS ALL MOVE ON AND WATCH SOME GREAT GAMES, SHALNT WE NOT?

  • Duriel Carr-Ellis

    I am so happy for my Alumni (PHS) class of 77. Of course I am pulling for the baseball team. They have a great coach, who has turn the program around tremendously.
    D. Carr-Ellis

  • wai said

    Burbank is 3 and 2, beat Burroughs 1 to 0, get it straight

  • not cool

    dear coach, you are a classless person. be respectful and let mistakes in the past be in the past. he has turned a new leaf and you need to respect the man for it. just because he is going to beat your team is no reason to talk crap about the man. he is doing a good job at pasadena and whatever, if anything, he did in the past is gone, so get over yourself and don’t act you have never made a mistake in your life.

  • greeper

    as for what Coach posted and was apparently deleted, was the truth, but this blog probably isn’t the place for it. If Mike has turned over a new leaf then great for him and I do hope it is the case. I ‘ve known Mike along time so I hope he has truly changed! I know he’s made mistakes, but he’s an ex-Apache and I am pulling for him to do well, just not vs. the Apache’s.. Playball boys.

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