Baseball: Temple City withstands pressure, wins 3-2


Temple City found a way to withstand Monrovia’s string of chances to record a 3-2 Rio Hondo League victory at Monrovia High. Temple City (11-6-1, 7-1) didn’t succumb to pressure when Monrovia (13-2, 6-1) loaded the bases in the sixth with no outs. It didn’t matter that Wildcats opened the inning with two consecutive singles from Jairo Jiore and Robert Nakamura, followed by Adrian Velasco’s RBI single up the middle to cut the lead to 3-2. Temple City’s Calvin Copping threw a wild pitch to advance the runners and then walked Justin De La Nuez to load the bases, seemingly giving Monrovia the opportunity it had been waiting for. But a fielder’s choice to home saved a run, and Justin Smith ran down Nakamura on a squeeze before Copping struck out the next batter to end the threat. Temple City’s Brandon Pultz hit a home run to center to break a scoreless tie, and Monrovia’s Aaron Murphree connected on a 1-0 count for a home run to center to tie it. Temple City’s Julian Jarrard allowed two runs on seven hits and struck out five to pickup his fourth win. Copping got all three batters in the seventh to ground out to record his first save. He scored in the sixth to break a 1-1 tie and Alec Vigil’s RBI single scored Dusty Sanderson to make it 3-1. Temple City catcher Jonah Jarrard made made it known that running on him wasn’t an option. He picked off Monrovia’s Nick Bueno at third in the first and then Velasco in the second. Jonah did it again in the fifth when he got Bueno at third, this after he doubled down the third-base line.

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  • New York

    Seems like a lot of outs made between 3rd and homeplate.

  • MOORS!!!

    Wow, seems like the cats are human afterall. i dont come on here to say i told you so, but, I told cat fans to keep it quiet. if you Monrovians were a bit humble many people wouldnt have much to say about this. same as the moors losing to Bell Gardens. luckily we stay classy and humble and dont rant ans rave. (the beltran and saldate fans are bandwagons, so dont go there). goodluck the rest of the season!

    “stay HUMBLE my firends!

    GO MOORS!!!

  • Knows the Game

    Congrats to TC for beating a very good Monrovia team. As much as the East Valley and the OC get all the credit as baseball hot beds, we have some kids here in the WSGV that can play! The races are heating up and these next 4 weeks should be a blast! Good luck to All!

    PS Does Pasadena play CV today?

  • Anonymous

    Pasadena plays CV Monday after their AD screwed up by not getting umps yesterday…..

  • Goldenarm

    The Rams have a very good team, which 90% of people did not acknowledge a few months back.

    This win is no fluke and TC has no real marquee player who stands above all the rest. It is a group of hard workers, a couple multi-sport athletes, a pinch of youth and together a real desire to win games and compete.
    Some of these kids who played football had to listen while coaches said they had not worked hard enough to deserve beating San Marino / La Canada and going to the CIF playoffs.
    Hopefully a great win like this will erase that taste of bullshit forever. Our kids were not the problem.

    Pultz is a beast at the plate, line drive hitter extroardinare. Take pride in picking off Bueno, cuz he can fly. Nice job – words and photos Miguel.

  • featherhead

    Great job Rammers! This team gets better everytime they step over the lines. Lots of guys making contributions makes winning easier. Way to pull them together Coach.

  • Knows the Game

    I beg to differ. Dusty Sanderson is a marquee player, trust me I know the game.

  • Goldenarm

    no argument from me – great kid, inside and out.

    My point was their success is rooted in cohesion….and hard work, not one pitcher or monster bat.

  • in the bleachers

    The worst words to say are I told you so.. Just tacky..
    It was a good game. TC deserved the win.. they played a better game. But you can bet those Cats will come back mad as h*** and kick some booty the next four weeks. they are what the 4 time defending Rio Hondo League Champs they want it again and will fight for it..

    Maybe you did say something right in your comment…Be humble.. It is something we should all practice…the only Humble ones out there are the boys playing the game.

    So keep being humble and Classy Moor!! keep being a shinning example to the rest of us..

  • Apaches Only

    Way to go Rams!! Keep playing like that and the league is yours. Nice way to shut down those little kitty cats!

  • MOORS!!!

    In the bleechers:

    at no point do i recall being arrogant or “tacky”. obviously The cats fans got the picture and arent talking so much except you. without a doubt i agree with you, the most humble are the kids. win or lose they go out there the next day and practice hard. But there is no possible way i broke my words of being humble.

    it does get quite annoying hearing what nonsense cat fans have to say here and there. maybe you guys have the same bandwagon fans like the moors do and maybe thats were the arrogant comments come from, and if so, i can stand up and apologize for that. once again, i posted all season, good luck to the cats represent our area well in your division and we’ll do the same!

    GO MOORS!!!

  • Anonymous

    Temple City is playing some good baseball right now but they have won there last three games by only one run.

    A win is a win but if they keep it up they may not pull it off next time.

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