Baseball: Murphree, Bueno lead Monrovia to 1-0 victory; South Pasadena stuns La Caada, 8-3, to wreak havoc; San Marino does its job, beats Blair, 15-5 to go 6-7.


Monrovia’s Aaron Murphree got his 10th win of the season giving up eight hits and recording eight strikeouts in six and 2/3 innings to lead the Wildcats to a 1-0 win over Temple City on Thursday afternoon at Temple City High. Chris Calver got the save and the Wildcats (18-3, 11-1) almost certainly secured their fifth straight Rio Hondo League title. Leadoff batter Nick Bueno singled in the first and scored two batters later on a Robert Nakamura ground out up the middle. Calvin Copping went the distance for Temple City (14-8-1, 10-3). The sophomore also struck out eight batters and allowed six hits. The Rams couldn’t capitalize with two on and two outs in the bottom of the seventh. Temple City left 10 runners stranded.

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  • chkyrslf

    SP FAN,

    Not so much a stunner that SP beat LC. They beat them 12-3 earlier in the year.

  • Steve Nebraska

    The Shut-out by Murphree and Company was impressive but doubly so versus a team that scored in every game this year, and had a few 7th Inning comebacks for wins.

    Temple City has Loads! of young talent and will probably be the team to beat for the next few years.

    Congrats to both for a great season and make us proud in CIF

  • Anonymous

    Murphree is not that good. he plays in a terrible league. he throw only 83-85 with an average slider. he is nothing special thats why he is not going anywhere. Everybody has forgotten bout bramschreiber at st francis. he has been carving up mission league hitters all year. playing the best in so cal. if he had a decent offense then he would be 8-2 or even 9-1. watch one of his games to see impressive

  • Anonymous123

    Come Anonymous, you could do better than that. Give this guy his props, I’m sure even the real St. Francis fans wouldn’t even agree with you on that silly assesment of Murphee. You are making a complete fool of yourself with yoiur correspondance on this blog. Save that BS for football season. By the way he is being scouted by several colleges. Meanwhile your sitting your big butt on the coach trying to tear the man down.

  • Steve Nebraska


    We haven’t forgotten about Bramshreiber or St. Francis

    They were the pitcher and Team that Temple City had one of the comeback wins I spoke of against.

    As far as the Rio Hondo League, it is what it is!

    At least our kids play for the city they live in.

  • Outsider

    Hey SP fan,

    Don’t act like you don’t know why it was a stunner. because the last time you faced that kid from LC you lost and got 2 hits. You got him on an off day and you hit him well. If you don’t think that was a stunner than blog next year after you face him and he’s pitching at 100%.

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