Star-Jibber: It’s time to start thinking Player of the Year in baseball and softball. We’ll do All-Area nominations next week, but for now let’s discuss the area’s top honor.

In softball today, Mayfield travels to Lancaster to play a tough, and I mean very tough, La Reina team ranked No. 1 in the CIF-Southern Section Division 3 Coaches’ Poll. Speaking of Players of the Year, here’s an update on former Flintridge Sacred Heart star and Star-News Player of the Year Jessica Ferri. She hit Harvard’s lone run to tie the first game against Cornell in the best-of-3 Ivy League playoffs for a chance to advance to the NCAA Playoffs. The series is split and the third and deciding game is today at 9:30 a.m. PST. Below are some highlights that include Ferri’s RBI single.

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  • SJC

    Softball – you have to take a hard look at Anna Edwards. She has played flawless ball all year long.

  • bobby gray

    RHL SB – With 2 games left for each team, I’d pick San Marino’s pitcher Michelle Floyd. Even though she’s only a frosh, and needs to develop a better changeup, she turned around a fourth place team that lost its best hitter from last year. In conference, San Marino has allowed only 1 run in 5 games and 2 runs once, while the last 4 have been shutouts. La Canada’s Lauren O’Leary has been very good, but Floyd does the job without a backup, especially of the high caliber of LC’s Lauren Cox (who has a terrific changeup).

    For position player (and as a leader), La Canada’s Anna Edwards is the best I’ve seen. I’m glad we get another year to watch her. But Floyd got the better of her in their most recent meeting.

    I don’t know how you pick across leagues to get to a single player for the area. I have trouble keeping up with one league.

  • softball fan

    LC’s Anna Edwards is in a class all by herself. She is a great hitter, fielder, and leader. The young lady has an amazing attitude. She is the best in the Rio Hondo League.

  • chkyrslf

    It really is the year of pitchers and short stops. You have about 4-5 pitchers that will be D1 players and you have at least three short stops who will be D1 players. Here is my list of nominees that i would have for players of the year (in no particular order):


    Lauren O Leary (La Canada)
    Lauren Cox (La Canada)
    Michelle Floyd (San Marino)
    Katie Clancy (Mayfield)
    Allie Forillo (La Salle)
    Kenzie Grimes (Arcadia)
    Cory Williams (Monrovia)

    Position Players:

    Shelby Gogreve (South Pasadena) (SS)
    Anna Edwards (La Canada) (SS)
    Alexis Watanabe (San Marino) (SS/2B)
    Jessica Loicano (Also a pitcher) (Temple City) (1B/3B/P)
    Kelly Williams (Monrovia) (C)
    Sterling Shuster (La Salle) (SS)
    Blair Barchan (Arcadia)
    Annie Sommers (Maranantha) (SS)
    Meghan Latta (Poly) SS)

    *Some of the teams need to fill in missing stats (preferably with what actually happened)

  • The Lance

    I cant wait for the all area awards Miguel! I hope you dont overlook Catcher James Harmon from La Salle High school AGAIN! last year he hit .361 and this year he is at .333. He is by far the best defensive catcher in the area and is almost a sure-in as a first team All League catcher in the Del Rey league. He is also on his way to playing D2 baseball next year and is the heart and soul of that La Salle baseball team! When you make your decisions miguel please look at everyone you can becuase there are great players that often get overlooked!

  • Also Anonymous

    A bit unorthodoxed, but I would nominate the entire Arcadia Baseball squad for the honor of “Player of the Year.” Their pitching, that goes 8 deep with a team ERA of 1.53, is unmatched – – and they have had just enough hitting to squeak by. It looks like they will go undefeated in league, a rare feat.

  • Anonymous

    imagine if Arcadia had Ryan Arechiga playing? That kid throws 98 mph. too bad he doesnt have the grades. Too bad the gym is more important

  • RHL


  • Anonymous

    Dylan Covey, hands down. The kid brings it faster than anyone around. He’s considered the 3rd best high school pitcher in the nation… how do you not give it to him? I know people hate on him… but he is LEGIT.

  • another softball fan

    Don’t forget about Shelby Gogreve, she lived up to her billing as the best short stop in the area with the top fielding percentage of all short stops while carrying the majority of the offense for her team. She is right there in a class by herself and she is a senior. The funny thing is that she and Anna Edwards will be seeing each other for three years in the Big Ten.

  • Ryan Arechiga

    yah i throw 98 and im a super amazing southpaw and i play first base too
    No big deal i rake too

  • 4Bagger

    There’s Dylan Covey, and then there’s a bunch of really good ballplayers. Since you are only asking about player of the year, and not All-Area, he’s it.

  • RHL fan

    The Lance:
    Best catcher in the area? You might want to go see Adrian Velasco of Monrovia. He is by far the best defensive catcher and he can hit with power.

  • Anonymous

    How can anyone make an intelligent choice without knowing the criteria to use to make a choice?

    Is it stats only?

    Is it the best all-around player?

    Is it Pitching or hitting or both?

    What if you have a kid that hit .600 but never stole a base or pitched a single inning?

    Or does everyone get together “pretend” to have an opinion, give it to Covey and get on with their day?

    How about some info!

  • Realist

    How about Jonathan Larson. The kid has hit close to .500 all year and he has played 5 different positions in the field. not to mention his .1000 fielding percentage. He is the best “all around” player. I understand Covey is a dominant player. But if we are talking all around ball player its gotta be Larson.

  • Knows The Game

    This year it’s Co-Players of the Year. Arcadia’s “Bread and Butter” (To Qoute You) Garrett Tuck and Jonathan Larson.

  • SGV Softball Fan

    The Rio Hondo League fans have been fortunate this year to have witnessed a number of great players, all of which would be deserving of being Player of the Year. The short list has to include San Marino’s pitcher Michelle Floyd. Not only does she lead the league in ERA, Strikeouts and Wins Floyd also is a big threat at the plate. She is in the league’s top 5 in batting average, and OB Percentage and has one home run.

    She has lead her team to an 11-1 mark for the past 12 games including pitching 4 straight shut outs. In addition, Floyd has thrown two no hitters including a perfect game! She is a fierce competitor and by all accounts a terrific teammate. And she is only a freshman!

  • Knows the game too

    Aaron Murphree – 10 wins and hitting over .400!!!

  • RHL Stud

    Catcher of the year?? that kid from la salle is nothin special…
    Adrian Velasco from monrovia hits for power and is incredible behind the plate, can block anything..
    hittting about 423. and thrown about 8 runners out this kid is legit and only a junior…

  • Del Rey

    The catcher from La Salle will not be 1st team all league. Jerry McClanahan will be the first team catcher and from I understand he was league MVP last year. Who is the Velasco kid being recruited by? What is is summer/fall team?

  • RHL stud

    Recruits may want to look at velasco solid catcher and discipline not only behind the plate but at the plate..
    Recruiters check him out fast, it will be a welcome to bring him on the team!!

  • Anonymous

    For the best defensive catcher, it is Chris Lucas from Arcadia by far. Does not have an error and has thrown out 11 out of 15 runners trying to steal on him.

    Adrian Velasco has an error and has only thrown out 6 of 13 trying to steal on him.

  • Tom S

    For baseball there’s only one to consider.
    Dylan Covey

  • Anonymous

    When the Stats are updated, you will actually have O’Leary tied for wins and Cox leading ERA.

    You may want to compare each of the pitchers against common opponents and you will have your eyes opened. Playing upper division teams changes the outcome in a fairly significant manner. That favors the stats of San Marino somewhat unfairly.

    Floyd throws hard but doesn’t really pitch. O’Leary and Cox throw hard AND pitch.

  • Anonymous

    La Canada has not yet entered stats for either the San Marino game, where two unearned runs were scored, or the South Pas game which was a shut out. When those are finally entered, the stats for Cox and O’Leary will improve.

  • anonymous

    A catcher that you have to DH for???

  • Anonymous

    If you actually read my thread, I did not say he was the best catcher. I said the best DEFENSIVE catcher. I was actually responding to RHL fan.

  • Anonymous

    If you actually read my thread, I did not say he was the best catcher. I said the best DEFENSIVE catcher. I was actually responding to RHL fan.

  • Anonymous

    for softball stop talking about the stats for the pitchers because everyone plays different compitition. I think people should look and the player and how they play. Also I think not just pitcher should be considered for the past couple of years a pitcher has been chosen. Yes they strike people out but other people help them out as well and make them look like a stud.

  • The Lance

    What are you talking about?
    Del Rey your an idot they take 2 or 3 from every position so James Harmon from La Salle will definately be on the 1st team. Harmon has thrown out 16-21 runners attempting to steal and 5 of those were against Bishop Amat when Jerry McClanahan in all three games I saw against la salle throw out 0-4 runners. James works harder than any kid ive seen and thats why he is playing at the next level. The Rio Hondo League is weak so anyone above average should hit .400 so the monrovia catcher isnt anything special…

  • bottom line

    The Lance.
    I have to agree with you. Harmon has the best catching skills in the area. And his bat has gotten stronger toward the end of the season. He is definitely worthy of consideration.

  • Anonymous

    The Lance

    LaSalle is a under .500 team and couldn’t beat Monrovia on their best day,stop deluding yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Annie Sommers is a solid player, but freshman SS Amy Zeronian at Marshall leads her in Alpha League (and overall) play in every category except Runs. She’s homered twice against Maranatha. Let’s not forget the smaller schools – they have some talent too.

  • bottom line

    You must have been in a hole two years ago when LaSalle beat Monrovia. And that was when Monrovia was in the finals. Monrovia will not schedule LaSalle for fear of adding an L to their loss column. Monrovia has the best team in the RHL but that’s it. They wouldn’t make 4th place in the Del Ray League.

  • RHL fan

    LaSalle fans: Please don’t kid yourselves. DelRey is a 2 team league and that’s it. And still you guys don’t belong there. My son played with most of your players in little league and pony and NO, Monrovia isn’t afraid of you guys. I know exactly what kind of talent you guys have over there and believe me it’s nothing to fear. I hope your team starts playing better and be a little bit more respectable in your league.

  • Anonymous

    Children, stay on point. We are discussing who deserves to be Player of the Year in Baseball and Softball.

    With respect to softball I would consider the following:

    Non pitcher – Anna Edwards, Shelby Gogreve, Alexis Watanabe

    Pitcher – Michelle Floyd, Lauren Cox, Lauren O’leary.

  • Anonymous

    The softball player of the year for the past 3 years have all been pitchers.

    2009 – Jess Ferri, Flintridge Sacred Heart
    2008 – Michelle Escamilla, Alverno
    2007 – Jenna Rodriguez, Arcadia

    However, although all great pitchers, all three we’re also great batters and team leaders too. Each single-handedly were the very most valuable players to their respective teams not just as pitchers but in almost every measure. Also, each of these players had an amazing presence on the field and were fierce competitors. Each was a clear cut choice as player of the year due to their play in a multiple of areas.

    This season there are many great players, but in my opinion, there isn’t a pitcher of the same stature of these 3.

    To me the clear cut choice for the 2010 player of the year is shortstop Shelby Gogreve.

  • Softball Fan

    Why do you consider Shelby Gogreve when South Pasadena is dead last in the League?

    Quote from Anonymous: To me the clear cut choice for the 2010 player of the year is shortstop Shelby Gogreve.

  • Anonymous

    Because she is that good and has been that good for four years.

  • Anonymous

    Shelby is a baller and she is clearly the best senior in the area. Whenever she plays she always puts the team first, then herself. She is a true leader and put up great numbers in her senior campaign and should be rewarded for all of her hard work and effort, not the lack of talent of the rest of her team.

    Miguel, you should consider having a player of the year and a pitcher of the year because there is just too much talent in the area this year.

  • Anonymous


    .457 average
    32 hits
    9 doubles
    5 triple
    3 HR
    Fielding .941
    Errors 6
    K’S 5
    OBP .513
    SLG .857
    BB 7
    HBP 1
    RBI 22


    .569 Avg.
    41 Hits
    7 doubles
    1 triple
    9 HR
    Fielding ?
    K’s 4
    OBP .644
    SLG 1.069
    BB 12
    HBP 3
    RBI 30

    Looks pretty convincing to me.

  • tcchamps

    Hey Anon:

    I’m out of tune with Softball, but if your taking same league, same division, same competition, Slam Dunk. The other gal is pretty bad ass too.

  • Anonymous


    L. Cox
    A. Forillo
    L. O’Leary
    K. Clancy
    M. Floyd
    K. Grimes
    C. Parker

    In that order.

  • chkyrslf

    There is a whole lot of anon going on.

  • SJC

    LOL – too close to home for me. Staying out of the discussion but got an email about it.

  • chkyrslf


    Did you notice that in the stat comparison, there were no defensive stats for Edwards? Edwards is a heck of a player, offensively and defensively, but the amount of plays that Gogreve has had to make gives her the defensive edge in my book, and she is a senior. The last place thing is a problem. One thing that also makes a difference is that Gogreve had to face LaCanada’s pitching and Edwards didn’t and Gogreve didn’t get to face her own pitching. If you aren’t counting defensive stats then you would also have to add Watanabe and Sommers to the short list, but I think that defensive efficiency has to go into the equation.

  • Prep fan

    Softball. Anonymous and chky: what pitching statistics could you possibly be using to include Cory Williams (Monrovia), Kenzie Grimes (Arcadia), and Charley Parker (Rio Hondo Prep), yet exclude Denise Van Der Goot (Flintridge Prep)? She has a (by far) better ERA, better strikeout percentage, and better BB percentage.

  • Anonymous

    Prep Fan, Do you consider the Flintridge Prep. pitcher of the same level as the other top pitchers in the area?

  • Prep fan

    Not the same as the top three (Cox, O’Leary, Floyd). But in the top six, yes (after Clancy and Forillo). Statistics back that up, and Prep plays in the same league as Clancy and Parker, so why ignore the stats?

  • chkyrslf

    Prep fan,

    The main problem with me classifying Van der Goot with these players is that I have not seen her pitch this year. I only listed the players that I have seen and was familiar with. Not to mention that FP only accounts for 99 innings out of nearly 200 pitched over the course of the season. It says that she only pitched in 11 games in the season, how can I judge by that.

  • Prep fan

    Last chance to see her, tomorrow (Thu May 13), 4:30 at Prep (vs Poly).

  • RHL Champs

    when la salle beat monrovia in 2008 (two years ago) that team didnt go to the finals. they went to the finals in 06 and 07. get your facts straight before you come on here saying that monrovia is scared. nobady is afraid of La sally

  • san marino & la salle are garb

    lets see la sally face calver then talk and mack play a game without blowing the umps

  • Anonymous

    chkyrslf: Prep’s and Van Der Goot’s statistics aren’t as incomplete as you seem to think. (200 innings? You must be kidding. La Canada has the most, with 156.)

    Prep did not include stats for their games in the Duarte tournament (their first four games). I think because they decided to treat them as scrimmages, maybe after the infamous 26-0 game (where they went with a different pitcher). I think Prep played 22 innings in that tournament, and Van Der Goot probably pitched 15. All other games are accounted for in the statistics.

    So Van Der Goot pitched 71+15 innings. You had no trouble judging Grimes with 80 innings and no other statistics. For that matter, everybody’s top three includes Cox with only 57 innings.

  • Anonymous

    They can treat them however they like, but the Flintridge Prep games in Duarte were NOT scrimages. There is no way anyone would consider the FP pitchers on the same list with the other 5.

  • chkyrslf

    Prep Fan,

    I did calculate the numbers wrong for the amount of innings to be accounted for, but there are still plenty missing. Certainly enough to effect an era. I have still not seen her and unfortunately wont be able to make the Poly game. You mention Grimes, and I have seen her pitch twice, and as freshman and she is pretty darn solid. You yourself could not compare Van der Goot to Cox, so don’t do it now. The whole scrimmage thing is wrong and I do not like the way they handled those stats and it doesn’t help her cause. But, the truth is that what I think means nothing, as a matter of fact it might hurt her in terms of awards. Anyway, She is now officially on my list.

  • SJC

    Innings pitched for Cox have not been entered into the Stats for Temple City and no pitching stats for San Marino game.

  • chkyrslf

    While you are here SJC, Whats up with La Canada putting up no fielding stats?

  • SJC


    I honestly don’t know – especially since we’ve played some pretty darn good defense and the errors have not been in size.

  • chkyrslf

    Yeah, to me that bugs, because it easy to assume things one way or another and even if the stats are put in at the end of the year, that avoids scrutiny. And if you do it that way, why? Every year I have done a comparison of players at the end of the year combining offensive and defensive skills to help determine who are the most complete players. This year it is going to be difficult with the #1 team not showing their numbers.

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