Football: Better late than never, right Temple City?

Aram Tolegian reports Temple City is expected to name former Pasadena coach Mike McFarland its next head coach following school board approval at a meeting Wednesday night, according to a source. McFarland will replace Anthony White, who resigned after one season to become head coach at Buena Park. McFarland was 5-5 in his lone season at Pasadena.

Aram’s take: I thought McFarland was at Pasadena longer than just one season. But that’s what it says on CalPreps. Anyway, if this gets confirmed by the board then the Rams will have their man just in time to still have a decent spring. There’s no doubt this process has taken a toll on the team. To what extent, I have no idea. TC isn’t really place kids transfer out of, but you never know. As for McFarland, he seemed to be starting some good at PHS, so it’s probably a good hire, especially this late in the game. Now the question is WHAT THE HECK DOES PHS DO?

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